Episode 13

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    San (Freitag, 07 Oktober 2011 16:03)

    Wow! Gossip-addled, mob-frenzied Emma is not very attractive. Ruined my Emma buzz after so many eps without her! Thanks, *Jenny-mode* for bringing a little sense to this gross mis-characterization. I'm sure the writers could have used Lara for most of it.

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    amidola (Samstag, 08 Oktober 2011 01:53)

    I don't even think it's that much of a mischaracterization (even though, I must say, I am not objective;-) They're all a bunch of teenagers on wild hormones, and fall back on super childish behavior, occasionally. I think Emma is fine and ok and super eager, if it's not about her. The singing and stammering, that was all about her. Jenny is about her. But yeah, I think it's scary,too. But very teenager like. She grows up about a million years in the next 200 episodes or so..

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    San (Samstag, 08 Oktober 2011 21:02)

    @amidola I see your point. But I was so proud of her in ep 4 for not falling for the Caro Trap that I thought it would last forever :)

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    Libellule (Sonntag, 09 Oktober 2011 11:03)

    So Alexandra was having an affair the whole time? I thought she was officially with Gottig and it was known at the school. Got that wrong. So, who exactly is this Bob, that fiancé of hers?

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    Libellule (Sonntag, 09 Oktober 2011 11:14)

    Mmmm, what exactly Hotte and Emma have drawn in the middle of the guy pants? It looks like an ear... Was it why Emma referred to Van Gogh? Otherwise I'd advice them both to take some anatomic drawing classes. :p

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    Libellule (Sonntag, 09 Oktober 2011 11:30)

    Emma, Emma, Emma, tsss... It's like a desperate housewife thriving on gossips has taken over her body.
    And Timo? So disappointing.
    Fortunately we know how they all grow up as soon as Jenny enters the Pestalozzi picture (but please HaH, no more of this, I can't stand Emma being a regular teenager! ;p ).