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Episode 225
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  • #1

    Ammy (Dienstag, 23 August 2011 19:19)

    *LOUD THUNK as my body hits the floor due to fainting*

  • #2

    Metric07 (Dienstag, 23 August 2011 19:36)

    Who is cutting all these damn onions!? That was pure evil, to go from such happiness and adorableness to....*sigh*

  • #3

    Anns (Dienstag, 23 August 2011 19:51)

    Chocolate will never be the same again. 'Girl from Ipanema' is going to be stuck in my head forever. Marry me Kasia Borek?

  • #4

    San (Dienstag, 23 August 2011 19:58)

    @Anns "Girl from Ipanema" is always in my head. Only, now the image of Miss Piggy eating potato chips by the pool has thankfully been replaced by something MUCH better :)

    I only can say WOW! The writer giveth before they taketh.

  • #5

    Anns (Dienstag, 23 August 2011 20:05)

    @San Luckily I have never been exposed to The Muppets as it has never been on air in my country (at least to my knowledge). Jemma+Ipanema is much more pleasant combination.

  • #6

    Lolo (Dienstag, 23 August 2011 20:18)

    Awesome choice, specially for me for being from Ipanema! Wow, loved this episode (up until the end that is...). Couldn't they have given Jemma the whole day to just be and only get the bad news in tomorrow's episode. They deserved it and so did we after all we endured this week!

  • #7

    Clare (Dienstag, 23 August 2011 20:24)

    Ahhh trying to get into the chat but it just says "connecting" and nothing seems to happen. Any ideas?

  • #8

    clare (Dienstag, 23 August 2011 20:52)

    Oh, it turns out I can't log into the chat from my computer at work. Imagine that? They don't want me spending my work time chatting about the awesomeness that is Jemma! Next time there's a chat I should just go home "sick" :P

  • #9

    Aud33 (Dienstag, 23 August 2011 21:48)

    Jemma had my car rocking during lunch today...wait...that was actually an earthquake here on the east coast. I was so captivated it didn't phase me a bit.

  • #10

    angie (Dienstag, 23 August 2011 21:56)

    @Aud33, for me, the earthquake timing responded to Jenny's tragic loss. Hope everyone who experienced it is ok.

  • #11

    Lapetiteinternationale (Dienstag, 23 August 2011 22:37)

    Dear Miss Editor (Ahem or maybe Mrs? Or Ms?)

    Your comments for today's (yesterday's) episode are genius. I may be slightly exaggerating, what kind of woman would I be if I didn't?!

    But back to you, most days your rather amusing but today you were particularly entertaining. *takes a breath of air* SO thank you for that.


  • #12

    Kirsty (Dienstag, 23 August 2011 22:39)

    I think I am slightly traumatized tonight, Such amazing Jemma-ness at the start of the episode then to be kicked like that at the end. Poor Jenny.
    On a side note, I am working my way through the first DVD box set just now, very slowly, with my dictionary, as there's no frickin' subtitles! And, while I will always edge closer to the Lucy side of Jemma, tonight I realised how much physically Emma has changed and become so beautiful- not just the geeky kid at the start of the series,now a seriously sexy young woman.More of Kasia is leaking out into Emma..

  • #13

    usadoc36 (Mittwoch, 24 August 2011 00:23)

    Just think if it had not been for Emma and Ben Jenny would have been on the plane to. Even worse if it hadn’t been for A**hole Ronnie Jenny's parents wouldn't have come and wouldn't have been on the plane either. I'm just praying they won't turn Jenny back into a drug addict because of this tragedy

  • #14

    Devil may cry (Mittwoch, 24 August 2011 01:12)

    Holy cow! This is sexier than their First Time!

  • #15

    Eyelesstrees (Mittwoch, 24 August 2011 01:36)

    Just brilliant. The looks Jenny and Emma give each other - seriously hot and seriously in love!

    As ever, thank you so much for the translation. If we'd had season 2 I reckon my German could have become pretty good!

  • #16

    tamu13 (Mittwoch, 24 August 2011 02:10)

    emma's new shoes :p
    @usadoc36.. agreed.. definitely it's all Ronnie's fault!!

  • #17

    wf (Mittwoch, 24 August 2011 03:04)

    wow. any meditative breath i did today were undone.

  • #18

    Conchi (Mittwoch, 24 August 2011 03:11)

    Damn writers! they know exactly how to make us suffer!!! poor Jenny, it's too sad!

    By the way, what beautiful light-blue eyes she has!!! Jesus!!!...

  • #19

    shareher (Mittwoch, 24 August 2011 03:12)

    Wow...ok so yes, tragedy, but before the end that was seriously the most gorgeous thing ever to happen.

  • #20

    Wired (Mittwoch, 24 August 2011 03:20)

    Wow! that was amazing!

    I had to wait to go home to watch this because I knew there would be seriously great Jemma scenes and screaming at work just isn't appropriate! Firstly I want to say I'm so glad that at least the writers gave Jemma time to re-connect again after nearly loosing one another. On a lot of soap operas I know that many storylines just jump to the next tragedy very quickly and that's it. Especially for the lesbian couples (if there is one). BUT they had a wonderful loving time together until...the call. Second how cute/sexy are Lucy and Kasia together? @Devil may cry you ar right! That was sexier then their first time!! The looks they give each other are hot and so full of love! It was so wonderful! Lucy and Kasia have amazing chemistry together! Then all of a sudden...the call and that's it for the loving. Thank you HaH for one last super loving scene between them and Petra you are a goddess! Now I can't wait for Lucy's amazing acting from love to devastation. Much <3!!!!

  • #21

    Conchi (Mittwoch, 24 August 2011 03:30)

    Sorry, when is the tv-series going to end up? I know it will be in September, but what day?
    Thank you...

  • #22

    KBee (Mittwoch, 24 August 2011 04:48)

    OK, I've got my scissors out... don't mind me... I'm... umph... just clipping off.. that last scene. Is that so wrong?

    Yikes! I am not made for soaps! Wish we could have stayed in Jemma happyland for a few more days. So, so, so good yesterday and today. Kasia and Lucy are amazing.

  • #23

    San (Mittwoch, 24 August 2011 06:59)

    Dancing, lead taking, hip swiveling, shimmying, twirling, finger licking, new shoes wearing... my head's spinning. I'm just going to ignore all that other stuff for right now.

    However, Emma, when you get a chance while consoling your bereaved girlfriend, you could switch out those ratty blue jeans for the jean collage pair. I mean they are there. But only if you have the time, of course.

  • #24

    Kirsty (Mittwoch, 24 August 2011 07:02)

    @Conchi I think it finishes on Monday 5th. :(
    Can't believe in a couple of weeks this will all be over. So glad they have given us such awesome Jemma scenes like last night's though. The chemistry between them is off the scale, it's more than just acting. It's trusting who you are acting with and letting yourself completely go into the part and giving them the confidence to do the same. Lucy and Kasia are two of the best actresses I've ever seen.It wasn't like watching two actresses play lesbians last night, it was like spying on two girls who are deeply in love with each other..(sigh) And for that we have to thank them, and Petra and the rest for giving them the chance to do that..
    Spin-off anyone?? Tie-in DVD??

  • #25

    jemmatranslations (Mittwoch, 24 August 2011 07:15)

    @ Kirsty Last 2 episodes will air on Friday 02.09.11

  • #26

    Kirsty (Mittwoch, 24 August 2011 08:07)

    Oh! Didn't realise that, thanks. Guess it makes more sense to finish on a Friday.

  • #27

    sleepy (Mittwoch, 24 August 2011 08:43)

    Delurking to say a big thank you for all of the translations! I'm really going to miss the hilarious commentary and discussion on new episodes, and the very appropriate warnings (thank you for the reminders to breathe today). What a roller coaster. I hope we get to see Emma and Jenny have at least a little bit of happiness again before the end of the last episode.

  • #28

    Clijsters3 (Mittwoch, 24 August 2011 10:18)

    HaH have surpassed themselves, I salute you. I love that Jenny said Emma Muller twice in the episode it's so cute. For me it's the eye contact they have with each other, a simple thing but hard to make it believable and Lucy and Kasia do it so well you forget it's a soap and lose yourself in them, like what @Kirsty said above. It was nice to see them back where they used to work together, brought back good memories lacheln, lacheln, lacheln! and bad ones alarm system anyone? Least they had happiness for a few hours, I really hope Emma can help Jenny through this.

    Also great dialogue "you are the woman of my dreams" "this is the best day of my life". Oh and was it national twirl day or something? Loved the dancing especially when they were in hold together.

  • #29

    Kirsty (Mittwoch, 24 August 2011 11:25)

    @Clijsters3 lol National Twirl Day, every country should have one of those- how much fun would that be!

  • #30

    Andi (Mittwoch, 24 August 2011 12:46)

    No one has mentioned that "And to make this clear, today I am leading." quote yet?! Which was awfully sexy coming from Emma's mouth!

    Oh and to make this clear... I couldnt make myself stare at the computer when they were on screen (seriously), because If I had done that, my eyes couldn't have taken it and my heart would have burst into flames from such cuteness and sexiness...

  • #31

    Tintin (Mittwoch, 24 August 2011 15:12)

    Emma has new shoes yehey! :)

  • #32

    San (Mittwoch, 24 August 2011 15:40)

    Ha @Clijsters3 I kept thinking, don't forget to turn off the alarm :)

  • #33

    Emily (Mittwoch, 24 August 2011 16:06)

    Lucy and Kasia are excellent actresses.I loved this episode but the end was so cruel for Jenny. At least let her has one best day in her life after all the Ronnie drug things. Why don't let her had the news after few days at least. Sad..

  • #34

    Susan (Mittwoch, 24 August 2011 16:10)

    Why the end...Couldn't they have given Jemma the whole day to just be together and happy after all this long...

  • #35

    AmyLnnLee (Mittwoch, 24 August 2011 17:09)

    Such a great episode..full of jemma scenes..you can just see how deep is their love! Oh just seeing jenny kissing emmas hand..gratefulness..tenderness..wow..boy this girls can act! Emma now is your turn to help Jenny through this.. I wish only that Jemma happiness could lasted longer!

  • #36

    hoppetosse (Mittwoch, 24 August 2011 17:22)

    @Susan + all others who asked that - I agree! Sometimes I don't understand Soaps. Why they have to rush through so much excitement and things happening. You nearly can't enjoy it (the good or the bad) - it's gone so fast - already before you've taken it really in.If they would take it a bit slower they might have more content for another season(if there is one) + the stories wouldn't get that weird after some time. I saw that Producers at Work have put up a webseries - which seems to be a spin off of "Anna + die Liebe" - grrrr... why didn't they do a Jemma spin-off???
    @Andi: yeah!! I loooved the "And to make this clear, today I am leading." of Emma too. It's so cool to see her so determined ... yes... it was sexy. And a sentence like this in a soap - well Petra Bodenbach is topping herself here ... again!!! :D

  • #37

    Lolo (Mittwoch, 24 August 2011 17:40)

    Kirsty, how did you order the DVSs? I thought we couldn't get them here in the US...

  • #38

    Lolo (Mittwoch, 24 August 2011 17:41)

    Meant to say DVDs...

  • #39

    San (Mittwoch, 24 August 2011 18:03)

    @Lolo You can order the DVDs at http://www.amazon.de/. They'll ship to the US.

  • #40

    Kirsty (Mittwoch, 24 August 2011 18:21)

    @Lolo What @San said...And if you are registered with Amazon already (in my case amazon uk) German Amazon will already have your details, just log-in. Mine were delivered in 2 days- brilliant.

  • #41

    tamu13 (Mittwoch, 24 August 2011 18:32)

    a polite 'making out' scene >.<

  • #42

    Marie-Helene (Donnerstag, 25 August 2011 02:19)

    @hoppetosse "I saw that Producers at Work have put up a webseries - which seems to be a spin off of "Anna + die Liebe" - grrrr... why didn't they do a Jemma spin-off???" VERY VERY interesting hoppetosse, I didn't know that...Maybe we need to make them know that we are very interested by a Hahe spin-off with Jemma and the STAG???

  • #43

    Randy (Donnerstag, 25 August 2011 16:00)

    WOW! Check out Emma's sexy swagger as she tells Jenny "And to make this clear, today I am leading." And these two fit together so smoothly when dancing. It's beautiful to watch . . .repeatedly.

  • #44

    hoppe (Freitag, 26 August 2011 02:01)

    @Marie-Helene: yeah! maybe... I told them already, but maybe if a lot of us do? dunno... but... Producers at work are founded by SAT1/SevenOne if I remember right... so I dunno if there's really a big difference. There must be a way to lure Petra Bodenbach into taking that adventure ;)
    uhm, here is the page of PaW: http://www.producersatwork.de/index.php?site_id=258&lang=de
    It say under the pic: Content: "Sebastian König, actor from „Anna und die Liebe“ has big plans. He wants the leading role in the popular SAT1-Telenovela. To push Jeannette Biedermann from her throne, he'll stop at nothing." You'll find a link to the webseries as well.... but it's quite stupid... at least for my taste.. watched webisode 100... with our old Mr. Götting in it! LOL :D

  • #45

    Melanie Polson (Samstag, 27 August 2011 07:17)

    I am new to Jemma but at first it was the music clips on youtube i was looking for the Drops of Jupiter video so i clicked onto it and was amazed with their voices all of them. Well then other videos appeared seeing that these two reminded me of part of my past I fell in love with them. Seeing this show and some other shows with couples like Spashley and Tibette and now Jemma they really do touch someones heart it fills a gap for many. So may I say to Jenny and Emma(who are my favorite couple ever) even if I only speak English. Jemma your chemistry is unbelievable it makes me miss what i once had..........There is a BIG audience out there who no doubt need these shows they really dont realize what there doing by stopping these shows.....Keep Jemma on the air....Love these ladies... Melanie from Indiana(America)