Episode 15

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Episode 15
Episode 15








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    Libellule (Samstag, 15 Oktober 2011 23:33)

    4th screenshot:
    Which teenager in today life would cut himself an apple at school? Is it common practice in Germany? I find it amazing that Timo, being a teenager, would go for a fruit instead of junk food. :)

    6th screenshot:
    This wall confirms that they really have weird art pieces displayed everywhere at Pestalozzi...

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    amidola (Montag, 17 Oktober 2011 00:40)

    English is up, sorry for the delay, guys.xoxo

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    Libellule (Mittwoch, 19 Oktober 2011 05:14)

    Piet, really? The transmission of your VW/Bulli over a one-to-one evening with your wife? You should know better how rare are these opportunities when you're a parent. We say love makes one's blind, but apparently a Bulli too...