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Kommentare: 13
  • #1

    showler (Mittwoch, 15 Juni 2011 18:50)

    Image currently links to 175, not 176

  • #2

    jemmatranslations (Mittwoch, 15 Juni 2011 19:20)

    Now it should be working! Sorry guys!!

  • #3

    showler (Mittwoch, 15 Juni 2011 19:23)

    Apologies, but we seem to be missing English translations for after the second commercial break.

  • #4

    showler (Mittwoch, 15 Juni 2011 19:38)

    The episode itself. Brilliant.

    I have no idea how Caro pulled the trick with the shirt. Did she learn magic from Hotte, because that was impressive. I suspect our kind translator is letting a bit of Caro/Luzi shipping slip into the descriptions though :)

    Kaisa really shone in this episode. Every emotion possible in under twenty minutes, I think. The ending was glorious, provided another clip for the Jemma section, proved that wind-swept hair really suits Emma, bumped Emma up the "hottie list" for the school at least two dozen places, and was hilarious because Luzi, Bodo and Caro were all looking the wrong way and have no idea what they missed.

  • #5

    dropkick (Donnerstag, 16 Juni 2011 07:22)

    Best cliffhanger ever.

  • #6

    Clijsters3 (Donnerstag, 16 Juni 2011 10:49)

    One of the best episodes I've seen of HaH. I'm loving the Luzi and Caro double act, but of course nothing can compete with Jemma. They stole the show with the best ending ever. The looks they give each other just makes it so believable. Can't wait for today's epidode.

  • #7

    hidemenow (Donnerstag, 16 Juni 2011 11:03)

    holy shiz my heart was pounding so hard i felt like i was in Emma's shoes ready to make the biggest decision in my life.

    i have to say i actually quite liked the omionous music when they kissed, this could seriously backfire like in real life, it's not all rainbows and butterflys. I like that people were suprised and shocked, I hope that the next episode will also have a realistic (but still happy!) ending to the cliffhanger!

  • #8

    showler (Donnerstag, 16 Juni 2011 15:34)

    I just really want the next episode to start at the exact moment this one left off, so we can see Luzi, Bodo and Caro wondering what everyone is mumbling about and then turning around to see what they missed.

  • #9

    Yvette (Donnerstag, 16 Juni 2011 17:20)

    I absolutely loved this episode. From the moment Jenny was toying with Emma by the stairs with no public kissing to the Lovefool rendition. I'm actually liking the overall show - not just the Jemma.

    I was extremely giddy when she lifted her up mid dance - it was so cute. It felt natural how they gravitate towards each other. Then the kiss came - and here I thought it couldn't get any better.

  • #10

    Jerri (Donnerstag, 16 Juni 2011 17:59)

    I loved this episode and I agree with everything everyone has written above. I would only add this. I love how Jenny is so patient with Emma, not demanding that she 'come out' and not making a big deal out of it. The most important thing in the world to her is that they are together and the rest is just incidental. I love that maturity and how its rubbed off on Emma.

  • #11

    candise (Donnerstag, 16 Juni 2011 18:16)

    LOVE. Thanks so much for the translations!

  • #12

    Scottish FI (Freitag, 17 Juni 2011 22:36)

    Fantastic ! kasia really showed what a great actor she is - incredible.

  • #13

    kateypie (Samstag, 18 Juni 2011 08:27)