Episode 155

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Ben realizes that his apprehensions turn out to be true.  He is shocked and tells Ronnie they have to step up, but Ronnie talks him out of it. Ben hurries to the hospital to see how Bea (and the others) are. Bea tells him everyone is fine except Michael. Bea recounts the accident to Ben and wonders if she could have done something to prevent it. Ben is about to tell her that it was his fault, but they are disturbed by Helena. Ben brings Bea home. At home Miriam takes care of Bea. Bea recounts Alexandra dying in her lap to Miriam. She cries and grieves, telling Miriam what a special situation it was since Alexandra wanted them to reconcile and then died. She fears Michael to die, too.


Helena was allowed in Michael's room (her being his wife). She is hurt and angry when he says Bea's name as he drifts into consciousness for a moment. She tells the hospital staff that no one but her and his family are allowed to see him. When Bea finds out she's angry since Bea is his girlfriend.


Sophie is worried about her friends of the STAG since she knows from Ms. Krawczyk/Jäger that they were in the accident with the bus and are now in the hospital. She counts one and one together and asks Ronnie if they caused the accident. He admits it to her and explains the situation. He says that to not get into trouble they have to keep it a secret, Sophie agrees after he doubted if he could trust her.


Timo and Luzi talk about Hotte and Timo says he did the right thing, trying to fulfill his dreams before it is too late. He shows Luzi pictures of Las Vegas which Hotte send him. Also they talk about his big love which he found in the first week.


Emma visits Timo, having to talk to someone to get the mess in her head in the right order again. She gives him a mp3player filled with their songs, probably because of her guilty conscious, since she wasn't able to help them at the accident. Luzi is mad at Emma since she didn't help and also quickly left the hospital without telling her while she had to go through the endless hours of waiting. Timo says that it was okay that she left, he would have wanted to get out of the hospital as quick as possible, too. Luzi notices that she was being unfair, but it's too late, Emma was hit by her comment pretty hard. She apologizes and leaves as quickly as possible to run out in the park to catch some fresh air. After Emma left Timo asks Luzi if she had to do that, because he thinks Emma was really scared and is having problems to deal with the situation.


When Luzi comes home Jenny rings at her door. She asks her if she can tell her what's wrong with Emma, since she's closing herself off to her. Luzi tells her about the shock Emma was in and that she didn't react and didn't help them. She says she was angry at her, but now she's sorry and wants to call her to say sorry. Jenny promises her to tell Emma she's sorry if she finds her.


Emma searched herself a place to be alone in a mass of people - Chulos, apparently having no better place to go. Jenny finds her, telling her she worried about her. Emma says she didn't have to, making Jenny reply 'Of course I did. I'm your girlfriend. It's my job.' Emma admits she isn't doing good and Jenny tells her that Luzi is sorry.


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