Episode 155

translated by hephylax

edited by Globe


Previously on Hand aufs Herz


Doctor: He's sleeping. But his condition has stabilized. That's very good.

Bea: Can we see him?

Doctor: Yes, but just for a minute and only one person.

Bea: I'll go...

Helena: I'll go.


Helena: I am his wife.

Doctor: Fine.


Frau Krawczyk: Frau Vogel told me that the bus had to swerve to avoid another vehicle. If it hadn't been for this speeder the accident would never have happened and Frau Lohmann and Herr Götting would still be alive.





[Pestalozzi, school office/teachers' corridor]


Ben is listening while hiding behind the wall.

Frau Jäger: One can only hope, that the police will find the driver of the sports car quickly. So that he will be held accountable for what he's done.

Frau Krawczyk: Two people are dead. I don't believe there's a rightful punishment for that.

Ben is flash-backing to the race and the crash he never saw. He's about to announce his presence to the two women but Ronnie yanks him back.

Ronnie: Hey. What the fuck?!

Ben: Didn't you listen? It's our fault. We have to tell them.

Ronnie: Hey. Bullshit. How is it our fault that Götting crashed into the bus?

Ben: God, the bus was standing at a right angle because of us. Because we were racing down the road like idiots.

Ronnie: But it could have just as well driven on, damn it! So don't stress out! The accident wasn't our fault. We only were at the same place a short time before. That's all. You arent able to undo anything, anyway.

Good. I was hoping you wouldn't be quite that stupid. Come on, we're getting something to eat. You want something too?



[Pestalozzi, school yard]


Sophie: Hey. Did Ben find out anything from Frau Krawczyk?

Ronnie: She was busy. So he went to the hospital. Hey, don't worry so much. If anyone else had been badly hurt they would have told us. Keeping them in the hospital is just a precaution, I'm sure. Listen, I gotta go. See you tomorrow? Hm? Right?

Sophie: Hey, Ronnie, wait a moment. Well, Ben did completely lose it after that race because you were almost in an accident with a bus and... that wasn't the STAG's bus, was it? Ah fuck, Ronnie.

Ronnie: Well, we were going rather fast and the bus had to slam on the brakes. Well, and then it was sitting there a little inconveniently. Shortly after that, Götting must have come and... probably hit them head on. Though Krawczyk thinks it's our fault...

Sophie: Krawczyk knows that you were there?

Ronnie: No, of course not. She only heard that the bus got cut off by a sports car and told that to Jäger.



[Shiloh - "Strong Enough To Cry"]




Ben runs to Bea who is sitting in the waiting area.

Ben: Bea.

Bea: Ben.

They hug.

Ben: I just heard about it at school. How are you?

Bea: It's just a scratch. But Herr Götting and Frau Lohmann, they...

Ben: I know. Frau Krawczyk let all the students know and cancelled school for today. How are the others?

Bea: The others only have abrasions. Luzi's arm was hurt but that doesn't seem to be too serious. Timo has a concussion and will have to submit to a few more tests. (And we don't mention poor shocked Emma at all because how bad could she really feel with Nurse Hartmann to look out for her. Oooo, images...)

Ben: But he will recover, won't he?

Bea: I believe so.

Ben: Thank god. Do you want me to drive you home?

Bea: I have to stay here. (Thats where Helena is, after all.)

Ben: But you said yourself that everyones alright. Timo is a tough guy. A concussion wont keep him down for long.

Bea: It's not that. Michael...

Ben: What?

Bea: Uh, he... he collapsed. He had internal bleeding. He had to have emergency surgery. Now he's in the ICU. The surgery went well, but ... he's still in critical condition.



[Hospital, ICU]


Michael is lying in bed unconscious and with a tube down his throat. (Bright side: at least, there's no way he can talk now.)

Helena is watching him and the machines he's on (and for a moment it looks like she's thinking of squeezing the tube to interrupt the cheating rat bastard's flow of oxygen; but maybe that's just me.)

A tear runs down her face and she reaches out to hold his hand. (And hey, I never realized. Helena has rather short-cut fingernails. Just saying.) 



[Pestalozzi, school yard]


Sophie: Lohmann and Götting are dead.

Ronnie: Yes, I know. And that sucks, but it's not our fault. So let's just forget about the race and not talk about it with anybody, alright?

Sophie: You're probably right.

Ronnie: I am right. Besides, we all know that car racing is illegal. If the three of us don't want to get into trouble, we really should keep our mouths shut.

Sophie: I won't tell anyone.

Ronnie: Because then wed all be in for it.

Sophie: You can trust me. I won't tell anyone.



[Hospital room]


Luzi: Is the headache getting worse?

Timo: I still can't believe what happened. I mean, after all, two of our teachers died. And we could have died too.

Luzi: I know.

Timo: Its insane. One minute everything is perfect and then... bam! Nothing is like it was before. Heh, he did everything right.

Luzi: Who?

Timo: Well, Hotte.

Luzi: Hotte?

Timo: Yes. I don't know what made me think of him just now, but... we always made fun of him because he dropped out of school to go to Vegas. But really, it's the only right thing he could have done. Making his dreams come true before it's too late.

Luzi: True. Seems Hotte wasn't really that out there.

Timo: Say, ahhhh... (he pulls out his cell phone) have you already seen his new pictures? From Las Vegas, which he uploaded on his blog?

Luzi: Oh man, all those lights from all those hotels and the casinos - its mind-boggling. The whole city is an illusion.

Timo: It must be incredible to experience all of it.

Luzi: Especially when you've fallen completely in love again after one week.

Timo: Boah, when I read that, all I could think was: typical Hotte.

Luzi: Oh yeah.

Knock knock. A nurse comes in.

Timo: Hello.

Nurse: Well? It looks like you're feeling better?

Timo: Yes, the dizziness is much better but I think I could use a trip to the cafeteria.

Nurse: You stay put. A concussion is no laughing matter.

Luzi: I'll make sure that he stays put. Promise.

Nurse: Great. The doctor will be by soon to take another look at you, hm?

Timo: Thanks. (to Luzi) You'll make sure?

Luzi: Of course. You'll have to recover quickly or we'll never make it to Vegas to see Hotte.



[Hospital, waiting area]


Bea: You know what the worst thing is? For a moment I thought, we could have died. Wow, we were really lucky. And in the next moment the car crashed into us. If it hadn't been for this damned sports car. He just passed by the other one and stayed in our lane. Michael had no choice but to brake and jerk the wheel around.

Ben: I'm sorry.

Bea: I keep wondering if I could have done something... been faster... but Götting's car showed up a scant minute later. We were in shock and we had to make sure that nobody got hurt.

Ben: Bea, it's not your fault.

Bea: I should have kept my eye on the road. I really should have made sure that everyone was wearing their seat belts. There was no time.

Ben: Now you listen to me. You didn't do anything wrong. None of you did. I have to tell you something.

Helena comes out of the ICU. Bea forgets about Ben, jumps up and rushes towards her dream woman.

Bea: How is he? Is he awake?

Helena shakes her head.



[Hospital room]


Luzi is holding Timo's hand.

Knock knock. The door opens and Emma peeks in.

Timo: Emma, hey!

(Luzi's expression tells us that she has once again inserted a self-righteous stick up her ass. I didn't like it during the revolution and I sure as hell don't like it directed at Emma now.)

Emma: I hope I'm not bothering you.

Timo: No way.

Emma: I just wanted to check on Timo but I can come back later if you two want to be alone.

Timo: Well, if you've got some sweets you're welcome to stay.

Emma: No sweets but I brought you our songs.

She hands him an mp3 player.

Timo: Ah, cool. That's even better. Thanks.

Luzi: Concerning the music you should ask the doctor first, since your concussion is pretty bad.

Emma: I didn't know that. I'm sorry.

Luzi: How would you since you disappeared so quickly yesterday.

Timo: Which was completely okay because I would leave here immediately too if I could.

Luzi: Sorry, I'm a little stressed. I've been here all night. Okay, how are you?

Emma: I'm okay.

Luzi: That's not how it looked yesterday. You were in shock, weren't you?

Emma: No idea what that was. Everything was so far away and I couldn't move.

Luzi: I noticed.

Emma: I'm sorry. I... I wanted to help you but I just couldn't.

Luzi: Yeah, well, it's too late to change things anyway. (Shut up, Luzi!)

Emma: Yes, that's true. Well, I have to get going.

Timo: Thanks.

Emma: Welcome. Bye.

And Emma leaves.

Timo: Was that necessary?

Luzi: I just wanted to know what was up with her yesterday. I really could have used her help and so could have you.

Timo: Yes, but some people just deal with this kind of situation in a different way. And I think that she was scared to death.





Emma has fled into a park and flashes back to the tune of Christine Aguilera's "The Voice Within"



Bea: Emma! Emma! Could you help Luzi? Emma?

Luzi: Emma, do something!

Luzi: Emma! Emma, where is your cell phone? Emma!

Timo: What's wrong with her?

Luzi: She isn't reacting.




[Hospital, waiting area]


Ben comes back with two coffees.

Ben: Coffee?

Bea: (shakes her head) Thanks.

Ben: You?

Helena: Thanks.

Ben: How is Herr Heisig?

Bea: His condition is stable but critical.

Ben: Did the doctor say when he will wake up again?

Helena: They don't want to make a prognosis. Michael lost too much blood. We just have to hope that he'll regain consciousness soon.

Bea: I have to go to him.

Helena: You can't.

Bea: But when he hears my voice... maybe then he'll wake up.

Helena: I know it's hard for you but Michael really needs his rest now. And you should go home and rest too. You were in the accident too after all.

Ben: I think she's right.

Bea: But I can't leave Michael alone now.

Helena: He isn't. I'll stay with him.

Ben: I could drive you.

Bea: Alright. You'll let me know as soon as there's any change.

Helena: But of course.

They start to walk out.

Bea: You wanted to tell me something.

Ben: It wasn't that important. Get some rest first, we'll talk later.



[Beschenko home]


Luzi comes home.

Luzi: Mom?! (She finds a note on the mirror) Sweetheart, I've gone grocery shopping. The brownies for Timo are on the table. Mama

The doorbell rings. And what do you know, it's Jenny! Yay!

Luzi: Jenny.

(Yes, Jenny. I know, Luzi. I'm pretty stoked myself.)

Jenny: Hey Luzi. Can I come in? I really have to talk to you.

Luzi: Sure.

Jenny: How are you?

Luzi: Okay.

Jenny: What about your arm?

Luzi: Ah, it's not as bad as it looks. It's only a contusion. And the sling is just a precaution, really. What's up?

Jenny: It's about Emma.

Luzi: What about her?

Jenny: That's what I want to know. She hasn't said more than three sentences to me. And when I try to talk about the accident she immediately shuts down. That's why I wanted to ask you since you were there. Did anything happen to her that she doesn't want to talk about?

Luzi: Well, it was rather strange.

Jenny: What?

Luzi: Emma didn't respond at all after the accident - to anything. And that's how it stayed. Later, I told her to call 911 but... she didn't even do that, even though her cell phone was in her jacket pocket.

Jenny: She didn't respond at all?

Luzi: She was in shock. So it wasn't her fault, and I know that now too. But while in the situation I... I was almost mad at her. We really could have used her help. I mean, this was life and death. And she's just sitting there doing nothing. (Bitch-slap her, Jenny!) And earlier with Timo in the hospital, she wanted to apologize to me and I cut her off rather nastily but... Well, that's why I wanted to call her... and apologize to her.

Jenny: Well, I've been speculating that she was feeling guilty about something... but of course, I didn't know why. Now I get it.

Luzi: Well, maybe you should just talk to each other again. And when you see her, tell her that I'm sorry, will you?

Jenny: Gladly. If I find her.





Emma is sitting in the back of the Chulos. She gets a call from Jenny but doesn't answer it.



[Vogel home, Bea's room]


Bea: Thanks. Not just for driving me home... for being there for me.

Ben: My pleasure. You look tired.

Bea: I don't know if I can sleep.

Ben: I could stay...

Bea: What?

Ben: If you need anything you can call me at any time; you know that.

Bea: Yes, I know that.

Miriam comes in.

Miriam: My god, Bea. I'm so glad you're here.

They hug.

Ben: I better go. Have a nice evening.

Bea: Thanks, Ben.

Miriam: Was he also in the accident?

Bea: No. He was at the hospital. He only drove me home.

Miriam: And it's about time you finally came home.

Bea: I would have preferred to stay there. Michael hasn't woken up yet. But the doctors say that he's in stable condition. He's no longer critical.

They hug again.



[Hospital, ICU]


Helena is standing at Michael's bedside. The doctor looks on from the outside. He obviously doesn't have anything better to do, like performing the necessary tests on Timo. Michael starts to come to.

Michael: Bea. Bea. Bea.

Helena: I'm here. Everything will be alright.

Helena is not amused. (If the doctor weren't there to witness it, now she really would interrupt the flow of oxygen to his brain by suffocating him with a pillow. Doctor! We urgently need you three buildings over and 20 floors up. Please come at once.)




[Vogel home, Bea's room]


Bea: I'm trying to stop thinking, but it's not working. The images just... won't go away. I was with Alexandra when she died. She... she laid her head on my lap. The entire time I was thinking, if she would just hang on. If she would just hang on until the ambulance arrived... then everything would be okay. But... it took too long. Alexandra knew it. It was... it was a strange situation. She looked at me... her look... and... and then she told me... that she was sorry... and that she wanted to reconcile with me. She wanted to reconcile and... then she died.

Miriam: But you had the chance to talk things out. And the most important thing is that you stayed with her. That helped her.

Bea: I just wish we... we could have started over. And if I imagine that Michael will [] too...

Miriam: But he won't! Hey, sweetie, look at me. Nothing happened to you, nothing happened to Lara. And Michael will get better too. Okay?

Bea: I want to see him.

Miriam: I know.





Emma is still sitting in her place, when Jenny comes in and scans the room.

Jenny: Hey. I was at your place. Well, when you weren't there I thought I'd try here.

Emma: And here I am.

Jenny: I was worried about you.

Jenny puts her hand on Emma's knee.

Emma: You didn't have to.

Emma puts her hand on Jenny's hand. (Awww.)

Jenny: Of course I have to. You're my girlfriend. It's my job.

Emma: I'm not doing so good.

Jenny: Luzi asked me to say hello.

Emma: You talked to Luzi?

Jenny: Yes, I had to. I mean, you completely shut down.

Emma: Did she tell you what I did? Or better, what I didn't do?

Jenny: Well, she said that you were in shock, a rather severe one, and that you couldn't respond.

Emma: I wanted to help Luzi. I really wanted to but I couldn't.





Bea: Doctor! Could you tell me where to find Herr Heisig?

Doctor: No, I'm sorry.

Bea: Nurse! Can you tell me how Herr Heisig is doing?

Nurse: His condition has improved a little. He regained consciousness for a short time earlier, but now he's asleep again.

Bea: That's great. Thank you.

Nurse: Welcome.

Bea: Is his wife still with him?

Nurse: No, Frau Heisig already left.

Bea: Left!? (So I won't get to see her. Bummer.) But she was planning on staying with him all day.

Nurse: I assume she'll be back later.

Bea: But... if she left, I could...

Nurse: I'm sorry, but I can't allow that. Frau Heisig bared any visits.

Bea: What?!

Nurse: There's nothing I can do. As his wife she has that right. And she gave strict instructions that only family members are allowed into the room.

Bea: But the two of them are separated. I am his girlfriend.

Nurse: Like I said, I'm sorry.



[Pestalozzi, principal's office]


Bea storms into the office without knocking. Of course.

Helena: This isn't a good time right now, Frau Vogel.

Bea: You know exactly why I'm here. I just came from the hospital. I'm not allowed to see Michael, and the nurse said that you arranged for that.

Helena: Michael needs his rest. That's why I think it's best if he has no further visitors for the time being: except family members, of course.

Bea: Helena, what the heck? You two aren't together anymore.

Helena: But I'm still his wife, (If he ends up permanently impaired and unable to work, I have to support him with my income. No way!) ... and that's what I'm going to stay. So, do us both a favor and keep away from him.