Episode 209

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Episode 209
Episode 209








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  • #1

    Lapetiteinternationale (Montag, 01 August 2011 21:59)

    Turn of events, It looks like our beloved Jenny has a dirty past (hmmm... I wonder, could this be the mysterious reason why she left London? well if it's not, it sure will be hard to beat).

    Loving the turn of events, shows a weaker side of her making her all the more perfect. Now, she should spill the beans to Emma before Sophie accidentally does (isn't it always an accident that reveals the best plots?).

  • #2

    Lapetiteinternationale (Montag, 01 August 2011 22:01)

    Ahem one last comment, Jenny should get a bonus for wearing that bathrobe.

  • #3

    Bri (Dienstag, 02 August 2011 01:03)

    I totally agree that she should get a bonus. I would like to get more glimpses into Jenny's past

  • #4

    Conchi (Dienstag, 02 August 2011 01:53)

    Oh, Jesus! our lovely Jenny involved in drug stuff?...these scriptwriters!!!
    Thanks to this website for all your work translating dialogues and keeping us updated about Jemma's story.

  • #5

    San (Dienstag, 02 August 2011 07:24)

    The scene on the stairs was great! I almost thought they would break out in a TiBette FU! FU! hitting hugging thing. But I guess it's good it didn't go there. Anyway, is anyone else troubled by Jenny's tendency for rough man-woman sex? The scene with Ben, way back when, was intense. Perhaps, it is a product from her coke days. Interesting nonetheless.

    Who wants to guess the reason Jenny was only in New York for a brief time? I might be wrong, but I think that's where it hit the fan.

  • #6

    Andi (Dienstag, 02 August 2011 10:38)

    Ever since she was worried about Sophie's drugproblems, or pissed off about Ronnie's shitty drug business, it was almost obvious that she had been involved with drugs as well in her past. So, it wasn't that much of a surprise, so what I'm really interested in are the reasons: what happened that made her turn to drugs? Furthermore, I'm eager to wait Emma's reaction when this comes to surface!!!

    Oh and about making out under the influence of drugs while you are (probably) underaged... It can be considered as (its so hard to write this word down when Jenny is involved :((() rape... because you are not really aware of what's going on around you.

  • #7

    dropkick (Dienstag, 02 August 2011 11:19)

    Ung, these episodes are heartbreaking.

  • #8

    showler (Dienstag, 02 August 2011 16:48)

    Emma was way wrong on this one.

    And I gotta say, as much as I'm going to miss this show, I'm not going to miss the worst video streaming software I've ever had to deal with.

  • #9

    klara (Dienstag, 02 August 2011 18:33)

    Oh my God, what's the problem with Jenny???Why she just can talk to Emma about what HAPPENED in her past?Yes, Emma is a bit of impulsive,but she loves Jenny!!all this misunderstandings will end badly.

    Hey Andi or anyone who knows, where's mentioned that Jenny was raped? that is Hard.

  • #10

    Andi (Mittwoch, 03 August 2011 11:34)

    klara: It wasn't mentioned. It's only MY opinion, this is how I interpreted the flashback scene. Because there was this much more older guy, who was having sex with a girl who was being highly drugged. And I can understand that Jenny is afraid, because it's not that easy telling the most important person in your life that you were so high so many times, that you let men do what they wanted with you, basically... It's hard indeed. She is afraid, because Emma only knows this Jenny, and not the drug-addicted Jenny who she was, and the past can affect so easily the present.

  • #11

    klara (Mittwoch, 03 August 2011 15:42)

    Thank you so much Andi,
    I agree everything that you said, it's really heartbreaking think about that horrible past,but In my opinion (in fact I wanna believe it)that Emma has a really big love for her and could forgive what happened.
    The most important is Jenny's clean NOW

    p.s:sorry about the long coments...
    Peace and love for you!!