Preview Clips Episodes 175-184

This week we decided to only do transcripts for clips including Jenny or Emma. If you still would like the transcripts for all preview clips, please let us know!


14.06.2011 - Episode 175 -  Everyone should see us!!

Episode 175
Episode 175

(Door slams,they draw apart)

Jenny: False alarm ... What is it?
Emma: I'm sick of this.
Jenny: Of me?
Emma: Noooo! Of hiding.. Everytime we..we kiss my heart beats like crazy..and if it stops every time I hear a sound just because I panic cause someone could see us..that's just not normal!

Jenny: May be none too healthy..but it's normal.

(husky I think it's great when you have palpitations out of excitement...
Emma: This thing with you..something like that has never happened to me's really great..I'm in love with you! And I don't want to hide it anymore! I want for everyone to see!
Jenny (husky):Then come here.

They kiss again.

(note of your translatress..I'm having sweats and palpitations,too..geez..I need some frozen chocofresh)


15.06.2011 - Episode 176 - Spontaneous schoolyard concert

Episode 176
Episode 176

(Caro and Luzi enter the auditorium)
Caro: Subtle is the Keyword. Black Kajal, Dramatic Leisures, I thought we only emphasize
the lips. Cherry red? Sometimes less is more.

Luzi: Ah, and this comming from you?

(Bodo and Emma enter the auditorium)
Bodo: And if you tell only the AG at first? As a test balloon? We're a team.

Emma: Yes, that was my original plan. Then ... we get at least no stupid patter. Well, except perhaps by Caro.
: I do not think so. And if she does, she will soon find out that she runs against walls with it.

Emma: Then we don´t have to hide at least. As long as we are among us. Jenny, I've got something considered.

(Bea enters the auditorium)
Bea: Hi folks. For today there is a small change of plan. I've been thinking, we show the rest of the Pestalozzi school how much we've improved. And give a little, spontaneous concert in the courtyard.

Emma: How? Now?
Bea: Yes, in the big break. Just one song.
Emma: But all the students are out there and listen to us.
Bea: That was the plan. Luzi, you've surely nothing against a few dry runs right?

Jenny: Hey, we will rock the house and the yard. You don´t have to fear.
Emma: Therefore perhaps not...


16.06.2011 - Episode 177 - Victim of the Giant Wave

Episode 177
Episode 177

Emma:I caught you completely off guard, didn’t I? I could have at least asked you if I can kiss you in front of everyone!
Jenny gives Emma a kiss.
Emma: What was that for?
Jenny: I gave you a kiss; spontaneously. Should I have asked you beforehand? 
Emma: I had a long conversation with Timo and he really gave me some courage.
Jenny: You told him?
Emma: No. He simply convinced me that it’s nonsense to procrastinate. And later, when we stood there and sang together...everything was just suddenly crystal clear to me. It was like a giant wave that comes in shore and carries you away to  the ocean.I..I couldn't desist..I simply had to do it.

Jenny: And I was the victim of your giant wave.
(they giggle and laugh)

Emma: Come on. You know what I mean.
Jenny: Sure, your  passion  tore you away. But,no, I want you to know what it really was that you did. That wasn’t some force of nature. That was you. You're the one responsible for everyone knowing about us now...with all consequences.

Emma: I feel great.

Jenny: It's alright then.


17.06.2011 - Episode 178 - That easy?

Episode 178
Episode 178

Emma: Thank you for driving me, I would have been late otherwise.

Ben: And you're going to do the announcement for the dance marathon.

Emma:Yes, they were looking for someone and I work there anyways, so I thought to myself, why not?

Ben:The new Emma?


Ben:Aren't you the one who had exam panic?

Emma:Yes,I was afraid of a lot of things.

Ben:Well, then a few things have changed.Your performance was incredible.

Emma: You think?

Ben:That you and Jenny came out in the middle of the schoolyard,respect.

Emma:Yeah..well, actually we have been together for quite a while already,but I never dared to really talk about it.

Ben:But that works pretty well now.

Emma:Yes, I never would have thought that I'd be so happy and free! That was the most important step in my life..Even if some people don't approve..

Ben:Nonsense, who wouldn't approve?

Emma: There are a lot of  morons..they even sullied my locker..but I don't effin's their problem if they're small minded and dumb..not mine.

Ben:I'll remember that. I'm a fan of the new Emma.

Emma:But it probably wasn't easy for you to turn yourself in to the police,either...

Ben:No, but I had no choice.

Emma: But you did.You could have simply acted as though nothing had happened.

Ben:But then I would have hated myself for the rest of my life..and honestly, I don't feel free and happy exactly,now either..What I did, I will never be able to undo...

Emma:I can understand that..but to tear yourself up about this, is useless..You're facing up to it now..and you weren't the only one was an accident!

Ben:And that coming from were in it.

Emma.Yes, and it was the most horrible thing that has ever happened to me.But it has happened..and what I learned from it was that you have to face up to your feelings and listen to your heart.And f*** what the others say!

Ben:Sounds easier than it really is.

Emma:I was surprised about how easy it actually is. But I have to go now.See you tomorrow.




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    showler (Sonntag, 12 Juni 2011 18:05)


    Are you telling me that we finally get a Jemma-centric week of stories again and I have to wait till Tuesday to see the first episode?

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    angie (Sonntag, 12 Juni 2011 19:17)

    Definitely a week worth waiting for! Thanks~

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    Rui Auxillia (Sonntag, 12 Juni 2011 20:51)

    Thank you for the transcript, and if it is not too much of a bother, could you please provide the transcript also in German? The dialogues makes really good practice on learning German by listening, haha, and my listening skill is still slow ... So, really appreciate it if you can give the transcript of what they really speak on German :)

    *thumbs up*

    -Btw, watching these awesome Jemma scenes after a long draught of Jemmaness is definitely not good for Jemma fans health, hahaha-

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    ruthio (Sonntag, 12 Juni 2011 23:25)

    thank you :) i like her confiding in bodo scene <3
    is there much in emmas scene at the hospital with timo (176)? or is that just about Luzi really?

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    Amanda (Montag, 13 Juni 2011 03:15)

    This week will be great. Waiting for it. thanks for the transcription

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    Clijsters3 (Montag, 13 Juni 2011 09:55)

    Thanks very much for the transcript can't believe we're so close to Jemma week.

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    thank U so much!

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    Danke nochmals für das Transkript in Deutsch, du bist toll!!! :D

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    Sarah K (Mittwoch, 15 Juni 2011 13:50)

    Thank you so much! You've made it so me, a person who took Spanish all throughout school, can understand and watch the brilliant story of these two characters.

22.06.2011 - Episode 181 - Dangerous Guy

Episode 181
Episode 181

Jenny: Hey.

Sophie: Hey. Two vodkas with OJ,please.

Jenny: How's it going with Ronnie?

Sophie: Good. Why?

Jenny: Because... because he is using you. Don't you notice?

Sophie: He is not using me. And why do you care anyways?

Jenny: Because I want to help you.

Sophie: I don't need your help.

Jenny: Yes, you do. Guys like Ronnie are dangerous.

Ronnie: Well, it seems like you know what you are talking about. Lesbinarian. Love the word, Lesbinarian. But she is right, I am dangerous. Especially at full moon: I grow fur and eat little children. Keep the change.


23.06.2011 - Episode 182 - A bodyguard for Jenny

Episode 182 - Clip 1
Episode 182 - Clip 1

Bea: I thought we ought to try something new. That way our newbies have the chance to try themselves.
Caro: Great. Thank you very much.
Bea: My pleasure.
Bodo: Ms Vogel, I saw a few dance-moves on TV yesterday. Maybe we could integrate those?
Bea: Good idea. Show me!
Jenny: Hey, why are you looking so serious?
Emma: What if Ronnie is being serious and will take revenge on you?
Jenny: Then he'll get his ass kicked.
Emma: It's not funny. This guy is crazy.
Jenny: This guy just has a big mouth.
Emma: Do you remember,how he beat up Ben? And he was also the one who started the car race and you know how that ended.
Jenny: Okay. In the future I promise to be more careful and to stay away from him. Happy?
Emma: No, I'd rather hire you a bodyguard.
Jenny: You're so cute.
Bea: Good, we will try it. But right now, we'll sing. I'll play the piano and you start when you're ready, okay?


Episode 183 - Attack on Emma

Episode 182 - Clip4
Episode 182 - Clip4

Emma: Hey! What do you want from me?

24.06.2011 - Episode 183 - Poor Emma

Episode 184
Episode 184

Jenny: Emma, pick up the phone!  PICK UP! Where are you? This is totally crazy, I got a video of you. Who'd do something like that? Why would they do that? I´ll call the police.
Sophie: Wait, Wait, Wait. Do you see that?
Jenny: No, what is it?
Sophie: The church! I know where the church is!


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    Bern (Sonntag, 19 Juni 2011 03:27)

    I just finished watching ep 178 and went over here to see what will happen with Michael after that ending. LOL

    Then I see that the first one is 181. And I got confused as to why. Then I understood. Oh well. So I guess this means I won't be seeing any Jemma until Wednesday huh?

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    Robyn (Montag, 20 Juni 2011 19:53)

    Just wanted to say I really appreciate the translations for the full episodes, including the preview clips. It must be a lot of work, so if something has to go, let it be the preview clips. It's great understanding all the story lines, though.

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    angie (Dienstag, 21 Juni 2011 21:13)

    Thanks for the clips & translations, as always!!! :)
    The last one gave me a fright!! Hope Jenny saves Emma in time~!!!