Episode 96

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Episode 96
Episode 96







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    Katrine (Sonntag, 17 Juni 2012 15:48)

    I have gotten into the habit of watching the Hand aufs Herz-dvd's while cleaning my room or doing dishes. Then I have a great excuse for watching Jemma instead of reading for my exams because I have to do those practical things anyways - so why not Jemma it up a bit! Even though I do understand German and don't need translations that much I still LOVE LOVE LOVE to read your transcripts because of the funny comments. Then I have something to laugh about when I clean and do dishes, remembering your comments. You guys crack me up - so THANK YOU!

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    Kykky (Dienstag, 09 April 2013 08:25)

    "(But respect! For someone who said she wasn’t into sports and has only been on the team for what? A week? Two? That’s one hell of a promotion. I guess Alexandra recognized the awesomeness that is Jenny Hartmann./Jenny's a natural volleyball player.At 5'3”,too!)"

    U make me laugh so hard, girls. U are the best :)