Episode 96

translated by hephylax, edited by amidola


Previously on Hand aufs Herz


Bea: Glas of wine? At my place?

Michael: Okay.


Bea: You have to be honest at all times. You mustn’t go behind the other’s back.

Äh, yes. I really didn’t mean to bend your ear about the marital problems of my brother.

Michael: Nono. I can understand that it’s something that bothers you. And if you don’t feel like company now (let’s go to Towers. Sorry, small Otalia shout-out/Squee!), I can leave you alone. See you.

Bea: See you.


Michael: I need to take it slow.

Sebastian: I think you should be honest. You have to tell Bea the truth,finally. About you and your wife.

(Yes,and show Bea a picture of her,so she can fall in love with Helena even before she shows up)




[Pestalozzi, hall]


Michael: Morning.

Bea: Morning.

Michael: I’m sorry I left so abruptly yesterday.

Bea: It’s okay. (I was trying to get rid of you anyway since you refuse to tell me about Hot Helena.)Though it was a little strange. Normally I’m the one with the weird departures.(Seriously,Michael, are you gay?Was that the something you are supposed to be telling me about?What straight guy would just up and leave if I've invited him over for “wine”?Wine, man..we didn't even mention coffee..)

Michael: Well, I’m obviously pretty good at that, too.

Bea: There is always a reason when one leaves abruptly. (Michael, how much more explicit does she have to be?)

Michael: Well, I…I have to tell you something. (All the while he’s playing with his “wedding ring on a necklace”-thingy in his hand./Subtle,subtle foreshadowing...but then, this is the math teacher who thinks Ben is smart..)I…ähm.

Götting: Ah, Frau Vogel, say, what happened yesterday? I’ve heard that your AG didn’t win the radio contest after all. And you were so sure.

Bea: Äh, yes. Jenny was simply better.(She was simply the best! Better than anyone...)

Götting: Yes, that’s what it looks like.

Bea: I have to get to class.

Michael: See you later.

Götting: Herr Heisig?

Michael: Herr Götting?

Götting: As far as I know, you’ve got classes now too.

Michael: It’s interesting that you know so much.

Götting: Have fun. (Whistling.)



[Pestalozzi, students’ lounge]


Timo and Luzi are sitting on one of the sofas, nestling at each other’s clothes.Emma comes over and plops down on the sofa across from them.

Timo: Hey.

Luzi: And what did Jenny say?

Emma: Not much.

Timo: What does that mean? Is she joining the AG or not?

Emma: No, she’s not joining the AG!

Luzi: Shit, why not?

Emma: Because she prefers to play volleyball.(Saying:She's on the other team.)

Luzi: Great…

Timo: Damn, she would have been perfect. Of course not as perfect as Luzi.

That earns him an adoring smile from Luzi which he returns.Even Emma notices this strange behaviour.

Emma: Did I miss something?

Luzi: Miss? No! Quatsch! Why?

Timo: And what about the prize money?

Emma: Well, what about it? The beach team gets it…for a court or something.

Hotte: Hey! Have you already heard that Jenny doesn’t want to join the STAG? And the prize money isn’t going to the AG either. The volleyball team gets it. And now guess what they are going to do with it. (to Emma)Don’t say a word.

Luzipretending to think about it: For a new volleyball court.

Hotte: You already told them.

Emma: Well, sorry that I didn’t wait for you.

Luti are nestling at each other’s clothesagain. Hotte nudges Emma to get her attention. Hard.

Emma: Ow! Well, I’ve already asked but allegedly there’s nothing going on.

Luzi and Timo realize that they are acting strangely.

Luzi: Well, great. Then the volleyball girls are probably happy as clams.


[Pestalozzi, locker room]


We see a cheering volleyball team, including Jenny and Caro.

Alexandra: Yes, it’s official. We are finally getting a new beach court. And we have Jenny to thank for that. Jenny did something yesterday that I expect from all of you. She showed initiative, she fought, and she won. And that’s what this is all about. This is an attitude, Caro, that I expect from every single player and especially from the captain.

Caro: I get it.

Alexandra: By now, we all know the situation you are in…you are pregnant, and at least that explains your increasingly poor performance as of late. But we can’t afford poor performances. We are professionals and that’s why Jenny is going to take over as team captain from Caro as of right now.

Caro understandably doesn’t like that and leaves. Jenny doesn’t look too pleased, either. (But respect! For someone who said she wasn’t into sports and has only been on the team for what? A week? Two? That’s one hell of a promotion. I guess Alexandra recognized the awesomeness that is Jenny Hartmann./Jenny's a natural volleyball player.At 5'3”,too!)



[Pestalozzi, school yard]


Ben: Caro? What happened?

Carocrying: Lohmann made Jenny the new team captain. I’m out.

Ben: What?

Caro: Yes.

Ben: I’m sorry.

Caro: She gave the prize money to the team; 10.000€ for a new court. Now Lohmann is totally enamoured with her and wants all of us to become like her. (Oh the possibilities ;-)She’s also a great volleyball player and now she’s been made captain, as well. And all of that only because I’m pregnant…and becoming ugly and fat and…

Ben: Hey…

Caro: Everyone is laughing at me. And I’m not even together with the father of my child anymore.

Ben: When is the next volleyball practice?

Caro: Why?

Ben: When!?

Caro: Now.


[Pestalozzi, locker room]

Ben walks into the girls’ locker room without knocking. (Jenny is not amused and defends her girls and her new domain from the invading male. Ben totally gets the Ronnie treatment.)

Ben: What gives!?

Jenny: Hey! This is the women’s locker room.

Ben: I don’t have a clue how things work in London, but here people think it’s really shitty if someone new comes in and just starts taking over everything.

Jenny: Ben…what do you want from me?

Ben: God, you’ve taken away Caro’s job as team captain and you’ve screwed the AG over by winning the prize money!! Even though you knew damn well that the AG really needed the money right now.

Jenny: Say, are you out of your mind? First of all, I didn’t take anything away from Caro; Lohmann gave me the job! You can’t really blame me for that!

Ben: Jenny, you could have said no!

Jenny: I’m not finished! Second, Caro doesn’t have the job anymore because soon she won’t be able to play anymore. And why won’t she be able to play anymore?! Right! Because you knocked her up. So stop blaming me. And third, I’ve won the radio contest fair and square. I can do whatever I want with the money. I don’t owe the STAG anything. Okay, was that it? Great, the girls and I want to change.

And Jenny pushes Ben outof the room and closes the door in his face.



[Vogel home]


Lara: Papa?

Piet: Lara. Why aren’t you at school?

Lara: Math got cancelled.(The teacher was late)

Piet: Do you want some hot chocolate?

Lara: How was dinner with Mama yesterday? – I’ve searched the internet. Some people are helped by couple’s therapy or something like that.

Piet: Lara…I don’t think that would help your mother and me.

Lara: But you don’t want a divorce.

Piet: What’s with “I don’t want a divorce”?

Lara: But that’s what you said.

Piet: Yes, but your mother wants a divorce and that’s why there's nothing I can do.

Lara: Of course you can do something about it. You just have to start fighting. But you are only sitting around not doing anything.

Piet: Lara, please sit down again. This has nothing to do with you. You will see both of us as often as before. For you nothing changes really.

Lara: You’re so stupid.



[Pestalozzi, teachers’ lounge]


Alexandra: The money isn't enough, after all.

Götting: But I thought Jennifer Hartmann won 10.000 with her warbling.(Now Jenny with The Warblers..there's a thought..)

Alexandra: She did.

Götting: This says 9.840…What? 2000€ for digging up the field?

Alexandra: 1.800. I know that it’s a lot but that’s how much construction workers cost.

Götting: I wonder why? Most of them don’t even have job training. Practically anybody can do this. I’ve read a story recently about a factory in China; they needed a new parking lot, 3000 parking spaces or something, completely paved. Do you know who built it?

Alexandra: You?

Götting: The workers. From the factory. 3000 people, one weekend, parking lot finished. And...a lot of money saved that would have gone to the construction workers.

Alexandra: And now you want to have those workers flown in here?

Götting: There's an idea. But I have better one.



[Bergmann villa, kitchen]


Ben is making a sandwich. Stefan comes in and sees him.



Caro: Ben isn't the father. You got me pregnant.



Ben: Oh, have you been standing there for long?

Stefan: Do you have a moment?

Ben: Sure, what's up?

Stefan: It's about Caro.

Ben: Forget it. We made our decision. We are going to keep the child.

Stefan: Ben, please be reasonable, for once in your life. You're still in school, you...

Ben: So? What does that have to do with the child?

Stefan: What does that have to do with the child?! That has everything to do with the child. Why do you have to be so blind? You don't even love the woman. You will regret it, I can promise you that.

Ben: Probably like you regretted having me.

Stefan: Oh nonsense, I never did. Apart from that, your mother and I were considerably older AND... we were married.

Ben: Though that didn't really do us much good. None of us.

Stefan: Ben, just forget your anger for a moment and...

Ben: I know your opinion and I don't care! Caro and I are going to have the child. Period. End of discussion.

Stefan: Good God, you don't even know if it's your child!!!



[Pestalozzi, Götting’s office]


Götting: Frau Vogel, I'm glad that you could come by so quickly.

Bea: Herr Götting, what is this about? I don't have much time.

Götting: It's about teamwork.

Bea: Our cooperation?

Götting: Indirectly, yes.

Bea: Herr Götting.

Götting: Of course. You don't have much time. You see, I know that you aren't the biggest fan regarding my new position as interim principal. But despite that, or maybe because of that, I would like to prove to you that there are approaches I’m pursuing that you would approve of too. And that's where the teamwork comes in. I'm talking about cooperation between two parties that haven't been too fond of each other in the past. I'm talking about your AG and the volleyball team.

Bea: Oh really?

Götting: You know that we just got the money for a new court?

Bea: From Jenny, yes, I know.

Götting: That’s right. And the ground where the new playing field is to be built has to…before the new one can be built…has to be dug up. And these excavations will be done by your STAG members. In teamwork.

Bea: With whom?

Götting: With each other.




[Bergmann villa]


Ben: What’s that supposed to mean?

Stefan: Who knows who else Caro was with after your break-up.

Ben: What kind of woman do you think Caro is? She isn’t the kind of woman who sleeps around.

Stefan: But she is the kind of woman who takes drastic measures if she thinks it’s necessary.

Ben: You don’t know her. Not everyone is as fucked up as you.



[Pestalozzi, teachers’ corridor]


Götting: Where are you off to in such a hurry?

Alexandra: I’ve been looking for you everywhere.

Götting: You were looking for me? Why?

Alexandra: Make an educated guess. Did you find a solution for my playing field?

Götting: I had a very productive talk with Bea Vogel, about cooperation.

Alexandra: And?

Götting: I just told you. Productive. Bea Vogel and her Singvögel (songbirds) are going to dig up your (sister. I know I’m mean)field. You’ll get your court, and it won’t cost me one cent.

Alexandra: So that’s how it is?

Götting: That’s how it is.

Alexandra drags him back insidehis office to tender her thanks.




[Music: Bryn Christopher – The Quest]

(Lesbian connection: This song was playing in the background when Callie and Erica had their first real kiss on Grey’s Anatomy)



[Lawyer’s office]


Piet and Miriam are sitting there waitingfor their divorce preliminaries.


Assistant: Herr …......... will be with you shortly.

Piet: Thanks.



[Pestalozzi, classroom]


Timo and Luzi are sitting in class passing notes.


[Pestalozzi, hall]


Michael is sitting around playing with his wedding ring.


Michael: I need to take it slow.

Sebastian: I think you should be honest. You finally have to tell Bea the truth. About you and your wife.



[Pestalozzi, teachers’ lounge]


Bea is sitting around.(I can’t be bothered to interpret why we are seeing her right now.)


[Pestalozzi, locker room]


Caro is sitting in the locker room while all around her life goes on.


[Bergmann villa, Ben’s room]


Ben is pacingand thinking.



Caro: And all of that only because I’m pregnant…and becoming ugly and fat…

Ben: Ach Caro.


Stefan: Ben, please be reasonable…for once in your life.

Ben: Caro and I are going to have the child. End of discussion.

Stefan: Good God, you don't even know if it's your child!


Caro: Everyone is laughing at me. And I’m not even together with the father of my child anymore.


Ben has come to a decision.



[Pestalozzi, locker room]


Caro is still sitting in there crying when there is a knock on the door. (I guess he was afraid of another row with Jenny.)

Ben: Hey, I’ve been looking for you.

Caro cries.

Ben: Come here. Hey…(He hugs her.)Caro, I’m going to tell you something now and I want you to listen carefully. You’re not ugly, you’re beautiful. And you aren’t fat in any way. You may be getting a round belly but that’s completely okay. Caro, you are pregnant, that’s how it’s supposed to be.

After my mother died, I was alone with my father the whole day. He always tried to impress on me that I had to become exactly like him. Ambitious, successful…all that shit. But if there is one thing I’ve learnt, it’s that I don’t want to become like him. And he taught me another thing…without really wanting to. A child needs its parents. Both of them. Let’s do this right. Together.

They kiss.



[Lawyer’s office]


(And because I’m not loathing the whole Piet/Miriam story enough already, they have to annoy me with untranslatable German law talk.)


Lawyer: Herr Vogel, Frau Vogel, you are here today because you want to petition for the divorce of your marriage. According to your statements, the marital relationship does not exist anymore. The shared existence has broken down. Are both of you in agreement? Herr Vogel?

Piet: What?

Lawyer: The information is correct?

Piet: Yes, of course.

Lawyer: Frau Vogel?

Miriam: Yes. The information is correct.

Lawyer: You agree on alimony, child custody, right of contact and access and pension rights adjustment… You have a daughter, is that right?

Miriam: Yes, Lara. She’s sixteen.

Lawyer: Under article §1564 - 1568 BGB (Bürgerliches Gesetzbuch=German Civil Code) and §133 – 150 Familienverfahrensgesetz (Family Procedure Law) a divorce has to be preceded by a year of separation, without which the marriage can’t be considered as failed. According to your statements this year of separation is already over.

With your signatures you confirm the fulfilment of the year of separation. Your records will then be handed over to the court.

He hands over the petition.Miriam signs and hands it over to Piet.



[Pestalozzi, class room]


Michael: Hey!

Bea: Hey.

Michael: Already finished with work?

Bea: Yes, thank God.(I just canceled all of my classes..)

Michael: That bad?

Bea: Ach, Götting. You know how he is.

Michael: Bea?

Bea: Speaking of…our favourite colleague interrupted us this morning…when you meant to tell me something.

Michael: Yes, I wanted to tell you something. I…äh…wanted to tell you that…wanted to tell you that I…

Again he’s holding the ring in his hands which are behind his back. And again he’s chickening out and starts kissing Bea.



[Lawyer’s office]


Piet: I’m sorry, I can’t do this. There was no year of separation.

Lawyer: I don’t quite understand.

Piet: We’ve only been separated for a few weeks.

Miriam: Piet.

Piet: Geez, Miriam, I just can’t do it. We fought, yes, and rather heatedly at that, and then we didn’t know what to do and started talking about divorce. But that was in the heat of the moment .We didn’t have a separation year. We can do this, as far as I’m concerned, and we’ll meet again here one year from now. But until then I won’t have a divorce. I want to fight for our marriage.