Save HaHe: Welcome to the Giant Wave!

"It's interesting to see how a "job" changes your whole life so deeply. I'm really glad I had the chance to be a part of such a great experience and I want say THANK YOU for all your engagement and your passion.", Franciska Friede said in her blog.


And these words mirror the feelings of everybody. Everybody's life was changed and we are all vey proud to be part of this Hand aufs Herz family. We tried everything - but unfortunately we lost this battle. But we will never loose the fun which we all had with Jenny and Emma, Bea and Helena , sorry Ben and Bea. And all the people we  made friends with throughout this time.


 Heart Letters were written....


....and even a BIG Chain Letter. Every fan could write a letter or mail about why he/she loves HaHe and why it has to go on. Die whole Chain Letter was 40m long and had a weight of 1,3 kilogramm.

Chain letter
Chain letter

One of the biggest Fan-Campaigns was the Oregano Mission.That was the idea: You remember Jenny replacing Ronnie's dope with Oregano? Does it bang, too? So put some Oregano in an envelope and send it to Sat.1. Oregano and HaHe are THE GOOD STUFF!

Even Kasia sent Oregano to Sat1.


Kasia Borek (Blog): "YEEEEAAAAHHHH! I sent a Oregano Letter to SAT.1 too!!!! So. :))))))) uiuiuiuiui, this is fun!!!"


And Dennis said on FB: … And off into the bag the oregano goes.

And we flashmobbed them ...

click the pic to get to the virtual Flashmob
click the pic to get to the virtual Flashmob

The Flashmobs took place at the 16th of July 2011 in Berlin, Mannheim and Cologne. The Flashmobbers were dancing to the HaHe-Songs "Fuck you", "Think", "Survior" und singing "Talkin' about a revolution" and "Dreams". And of course there were soap bubbles!


Some HaHe actors showed up in Berlin: Amelie Plass-Link (Lara Vogel), Frederic Heidorn (Ronnie Peters), Kim-Sarah Brandts (Helena Schmidt-Heisig), Mathias Kofler (Sebastian Heisig) and Barbara Sotelsek (Karin Beschenko).


Barbara said on her BlogIt was a very well done event. Am very glad that I was there…the fans made history as well :)


Kasia mentioned on hers: My Flashmob Freaks! Indeed, I am sick, but Barbara was so nice as to bring your presents by. And I couldn't help but say thanks from the bottom of my heart today already. I'm at a loss for words for the great things I've gotten. I've already felt better after. You're giving me a lot of strength!! I am so curious-tell how the flashmobs went and don't forget: You're the best!!!!!!
Your grateful Kasia ;)))))

All the actors said thanx to the fans!

Lucy on FB: Am completely impressed by your wave of protest,  all those ideas!! Oregano campaign :) &Flashmob!, appeals and letters for HaHe! Your fighting spirit is impressive – Jenny applauds!


Kasia on FB: Thanks, people! (…) I really really really appreciate your efforts in fighting for HaH ;) and who knows, HaH made the impossible possible, so why shouldn’t you be able to do the same! It’s the will that counts! I’m proud of you!!!!!!! I really appreciate your support!!!!! Millions of Hugs to all of you out there!


Frederic on FB: this point I would like to thank every single fan of Hand-aufs-Herz. You are really the greatest. Everything you have managed to accomplish recently; awesome. We all had a great time and are super proud of you. Thanks ♥


Christopher on FB: No other German series has fans as cool as Hand aufs Herz. I’m incredibly impressed and so proud to be a part of all of this.


Selina on FB: I’m so terribly sorry and I hurt just as much!! … Thanks for your support, for being there!!


Barbara on FB: Hello, my dears! You fought bravely and had great ideas and I thank you for it! You are great fans! …


Vanessa on FB: To all dear fans: Thank you a thousand times for your support. Keep on..


Caroline on FB: (...) I continue to be completely impressed by your awesome efforts, the great photos, videos etc!


and last not least Franciska who tries to answer nearly every question on her FB site nearly every day. Never seen that before.