Episode 14

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Episode 14
Episode 14







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    Cat (Samstag, 08 Oktober 2011 10:53)

    A little note for the english translator... "die Hosen runterlassen" is a common saying! Ben is making a joke! Die Hosen herunterlassen=to lay bare. To say the truth. Ben told Bea that he's able to play the piano, but he gets bored if he has to play alone every day, and Bea wants to know if that's true or not.

    Something like:
    - Bea: Ben, what about you? (but she's thinking: Let's see if he's really able to play or if he just told me a lot of bullshits to get the chance to stay with me.)

    - Ben: You want me to lay bare (but he's thinking: You would like to see me naked again, he!!)

    - Bea: I just want you to show what you've got. Only musically.


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    hoppe (Montag, 10 Oktober 2011 14:56)

    well, just came by for your funny sidenotes ;)
    loved the "Timo is sitting on the Jemma Coming Out Monument," ;)))) it should be added to the Jemma words project, don't you think?

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    San (Dienstag, 11 Oktober 2011 11:48)

    @hoppe It's been included now. Take a look :)

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    coffeebean (Mittwoch, 12 Oktober 2011 21:15)

    Oh. My. God. Please tell me Oli P. isn't singing "Flugzeuge im Bauch" in this episode. I thought I erased the memory of that interpretation successfully over the years, but now it's coming all back. :(

    Haven't seen these early episodes yet (waiting for my DVDs), but I'm looking forward to seeing all those mirror scenes and little details that remind us of later episodes...

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    JK (Mittwoch, 12 Oktober 2011 21:36)

    Just wanted to say again how much your American fans appreciate the translations to go with our DVDs. Still don't understand why another German soap didn't hire both Lucy and Kasia and continue their story. From a marketing perspective, they threw away buckets of money that crazy Jemma fans would have spent on future DVDs, CDs, and anything Jemma!

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    Qbonbon (Donnerstag, 19 Januar 2012 17:30)

    The episode 14's srt file not up yet? Just asking