Translated by hephylax and amidola



Luzi: Are you hooking up with Sophie again?

Timo: No.


Luzi’s phone rings

Luzi: Hey Timo.

Timo: You’re so great.

Luzi: Where are you?

Timo: Sophie, I missed you so much.

Sophie: I missed you too, Timo.


Emma: Hotte? Someone’s shagging in the bathroom.

Hotte: Cool!




[Pestalozzi, school yard]


Luzi is close to tears.(If this were a comic, you'd see a giant elephant in a tutu play trampoline on her heart right now. Poor little Beschenko!)



[Pestalozzi, school toilet]


Sophie and Timo have finished but are still kissing.(Finally,I am getting the whole Sophie/Timo thing, they really are kind of cute and manage to make a bathroom session actually look sweet. Something that “Peaches” for example, never managed to do.)

Timo: Sophie, I’ve missed you so much.

Sophie: I’ve missed you too, Timo.


Sophie: Stop, now.

More kissing.

Sophie: Stop. Enough. Give me the door handle.(They unscrewed it from the door for some privacy, no sexy German word play at work here, no worries..although I must admit, it is a bit hard not to pun on the whole scenario...I'm just very glad to see someone else than Bea and Ben getting it on in the past tense.)



[Pestalozzi, outside the school toilet]


The mob, including Emma, Hotte and Caro, is still waiting for someone to come out. (They will have to wait for episode 176, though.)

Bea: Guys! There’s nothing to see here. (The real action happens in the attic/They have a windmachine up there?)

Caro: Nothing to see? The most embarrassing shagger-couple of the nation is going to emerge from there soon.

(You can practically see Bea going: Not possible, me and Ben are already out here, duh./Maybe she might also be having a premonition about herself and Michael? Poor Bea, nothing compares to Alexandra..we understand..)

Bea: Yes, but that appearance is going to happen without all of you.All of you will begoing outside for your break.Now.

Hotte: But we have bets going on.

Bea: Hotte!

Hotte: Yeah, alright.

The group leaves, only Ben lingers.

Bea: The show is over. For you too. Or do you need a special invite?

Ben: From you? With pleasure. Just tell me when and where.

Bea rolls her eyes and storms off. Ben smiles snottily to himself, obviously proud of his suave flirting. (I’d like to storm off as well, but then you wouldn’t get this translation, so I’ll have to settle with rolling my eyes./Maybe he is such an impersonification of hotness, that this is just so swoonworthy and we just don't get it?Naw.*rolls eyes*)


The door to the toilets slowly opens and Timo looks out.

Timo: I think we’re clear. Okay. – Where are you going?

Sophie: To join the others. Or else it’ll be a no-brainer that it was us. And Caro will know as well.

(How could they NOT know?)



[Pestalozzi, in front of the kiosk]


There’s a line waiting in front of the kiosk. Caro comes up and cuts in line before Ben./She actually shoves herself with her derriere right in front of him..what is this?Hormonal day at Pestalozzi?)

Caro: You don’t mind, do you?

Ben: If you are in that much of a hurry.

Caro: That depends. Sometimes I prefer it slow and intense. Last time was okay, though.

Ben: Thanks.

Caro: What? I have no problem with people knowing that we occasionally enjoy nature in the convertible together. No pressure. By the way, I'm not free on Saturday.

Ben: Pity. Me neither.

Caro: What about Sunday?

Ben: Ähm…no. I’ve forgotten something in the class room. Excuse me.

And he’s gone.

Woman who is manning the kiosk (janitor’s wife?): And the next one.

Caro: I’d like a coffee then, please.

(No milk and sugar, cause that'll be one bitter coffee..)


[Pestalozzi, big stairs]


Ben is once again lying in wait.

Ben: Frau Vogel? Could I talk to you for a second?

Bea: Not right now.

Ben: But it’s important. It’s about the test next week. I can’t get this multi rational function into my head.

Bea: First, it’s polynomial (Hephylax, I'm so impressed with your math translation skills, right now..).And if you can remember that two parallels are never going to touch each other, then you’ve already understood the most important part. (Math metaphors, be still my heart.)The rest we can talk about in class tomorrow.

Emma and Hotte come down the stairs.

Hotte: Frau Vogel said that the STAG would need at least 5 members in the long run.

Emma: Singing and dancing and you of all people want to go back to that?

Hotte: Well, it was fun.

Emma: Yes especially for the others. Think about your appearance in Caro’s video.

Hotte: Ach, everyone has already forgotten about that.

Emma: Well fine, then join up again. I don’t feel like getting dissed by her or becoming the laughing stock of the internet.

Hotte: Now stop that. You’re the only one who still talks about that.

Emma: Well, I’m out. (Not yet, Emma, but let’s work on that soon.) Being a social leper isn’t my thing.(Foreshadowing much?:-D

Ben: Did I hear that right? Your yodel club is on the line?

Hotte: Yes. Why?

Ben: No reason.



[The Vogel home]



Sebastian: If you want to, you can tell the future in it.

Miriam: And what does mine look like?

Sebastian: Rosy. With a touch of blue.

Miriam: And what does blue mean?

Sebastian: Well.(he tugs at his blue shirt)



Piet(in his mechanic’s overalls): Hey honey!

Miriam: Hey what’s up?

Piet: Well, since you’re already doing laundry…Here. (He places dirty socks on her pile)Bye.

Miriam: Mechanic! I would have some use for someone who is good with his hands right about now.

Piet: Oh no. Did the washing machine break down again?!

Miriam: No, it’s running smoothly. But you could take a look under my hood. (I don’t believe this…/I sincerely don't get why this box is rated for 6 year olds,while the next is PG 12..)

Piet: Okaaay. That means…you need a specialist.

He walks closer to her and they grin at each other. But then…

Piet: But I have to help Mehmet with another tour, you know.

Miriam: Oh Piet, you’re working the late shift. You just want to go to the garage.

Piet: Yes. But only for half an hour. Then, I’ll come back and show you my pipe wrench. (Strangely enough, this dirty talk does nothing for me. I’m probably just too uptight, is all. Or maybe Miriam and Piet are just as boring as Bean? Nah./I'm just still gay.And right about now, pretty glad about it,too..O_o)

Miriam: Alright. Then I’m just going to sit on the washing machine.

Piet: What did you say?

Miriam: Nothing.

Piet: Okay.

(That's probably why it gets broken so much..Piet is having an affair with his retro VW Bus, while Miriam is having one with the washing machine?..The joys of married life..anyways..)


[Pestalozzi, at the lockers]


Luzi: Well? Anything new come up?

Timo: No, why?

Luzi: Well, I thought it could be possible that you might want to tell me something. Just between friends.

Timo: How do you figure that?

Luzi: I just thought…because you don’t have time anymore and are always gone during the breaks.

Timo: I don’t understand what you are getting at right now.

Luzi: Doesn’t matter. It’s not important.

Timo: Okay. See you.

Hotte: Hey! I have big news.

Luzi: And I feel like puking.

Hotte: But it’s about the STAG. And that’s your baby.



[Pestalozzi, near/at the kiosk]


Sophie is texting Timo.She sees Caro coming up to the kiosk. (Déjà vu.) It’s temporarily closed with a note saying: I’ll be right back.

Caro: Och, men!

Sophie: I’m sure he’ll be back shortly.

Caro: Who?

Sophie: Well, the janitor, to open up the kiosk.

Caro: I’m not talking about Lucas, I’m talking about Ben,

Sophie: Ben? Ben “I’ve already hooked up with him but he doesn’t know it yet” Bergmann?

Caro: I’m starting to wonder what’s up with him.

Sophie: Maybe he’s gay.(Damnit, *wipes coffee from computer screen*)

Caro: I’ve told you about our thing in the car. He is soo not gay. (Well, Caro’s gaydar is legendary./I did think that he and Michael had a moment there,the other day..)

Sophie: But?

Caro: I think he has some problem. Of the Jekyll and Hyde variety. He shows up and flirts with me and then the next day he’s completely different. (Talk to Emma, she’s going to have the same problem, soon./Maybe it's the orange juice or the musli at the Bergmann mansion?)

Sophie: Maybe you are just not his type.

Caro: Me, not his type?! Who are you texting, anyway?

Sophie: Ähm… (luckily, Caro’s attention span is as legendary as her gaydar)

Caro: You know, I think, it’s just his game and he wants to see how long I’m going to persist.

Sophie: Maybe he’s just bored with you because you make it so easy for him. Now, I don’t want to say that you're cheap but…

Caro: Excuse me?! Did you just say cheap? (No, she said sheep, because that’s what Jenny is seeing at the moment when she’s looking out the window of the drug clinic./:-D)

Sophie: Did I say that? (I couldn’t have. I don’t know any Jenny./Jenny who? )



[Pestalozzi, in front ofbig stairs]


Bea: Ben?!

Hotte: Isn’t that incredible!?

Bea: You could say that. Herr Bergmann, could I talk to you for a moment?

Ben: I can’t right now. (Oh, how cute. Playing hard to get by parroting Bea’s own words. What are you, two???)

When Bea doesn’t show the proper response, e.g. running after him, but turns to leave he runs after her.

Ben: You don’t have to thank me.

Bea: Thank you?!

Ben: Yes. The STAG is going to get cancelled if you don’t get more members, right? So I’m making the sacrifice.

Bea: You are looking to be near me, and I don’t think that’s a good idea.

Ben: Completely wrong. I’m looking for creative distraction from a personal disappointment. Besides, music’s in my blood. I believe, that provides a pretty good basis.

Bea: Ben, it won’t work like that.

Ben: Bea, please! I…I'm dying if I don't play every day. I’m practicing every day on my own. And that sucks.

Bea: Don’t tell me lies.

Ben: I’m not lying. And I’ll prove it to you.

Bea leaves in a huff, Ben is already smiling that smile again that makes me want to punch him. Hm, maybe I should rewatch the episode where Ronnie beats him up. Vicarious violence, here I come./And there I just keep wanting to cut his hair!)



[Pestalozzi, school yard]


Timo is sitting on the Jemma Coming Out Monument, texting on his phone. Luzi comes up.

Luzi: Well? Everything okay with that thing?

Timo: Ah, I need a new cell phone.

Luzi: Yes, that’s very possible.

Timo: I finally want a phone with a touch screen, a really good camera and a flat-rate.

Luzi: Don’t forget about the basic functions.

Timo: Eh?

Luzi: Key lock and stuff.

Timo: Key lock?

Luzi: Key lock! Or else it might happen that you dial a number without really wanting to.

Timo: You’ve…

Luzi: Yes, I heard the live coverage.

Timo: Me and…

Luzi: Sophie?

Timo: Fuck! (Yep. That’s about what happened.)




[at the Vogelhaus]


Miriam (talking to a low cut shirt):So,what did I buy you for?


[Pestalozzi School yard]


Timo:But this has got nothing to do with our friendship!

Luzi: Not? And why are you lying to me then?

Timo:I didn't, well, not really. All I did was not tell you, that Sophie and I are a couple now.

Luzi: And why? Either you're a couple,or you're not!

Timo:Cause Caro hates me.

Luzi: Well, looks, like Sophie will have to decide, it's either you or Caro.

Timo:My God! Sophie and Caro have known each other forever. She is just waiting for the right moment to tell her!

Luzi:Sorry, but you're just really not getting it,are you (no he isn't but never mind me, carry on..)?

Sophie is ashamed of you, she is never going to tell Caro!

Timo: Why should Sophie be ashamed?

Luzi: Cause it's Sophie?Caro Eichkamp's best friend? The only thing that counts with them is the surface of things.

Timo: Stop putting her down her like that.

Luzi: I'm not putting her down, that's the way she is.

Timo: You know? I guess you're the one who's not getting something here. I love this girl, and whoever is not accepting that, is no friend of mine.

Luzi:Are you still coming to STAG?

Timo:I don't know, I guess I won't for a while.




Timo: Hi! Got a second?

Sophie: Hold on, I just need to finish copying this..

Timo:For Caro.

Sophie: What's giving you that idea?(Hee, she SO is!)

Timo:Well, good question, isn't it?

Sophie:What's wrong?

Timo:Why is Caro so important to you, that you can't tell her, that we're together? (Give me two seconds for a theory on that..)

Sophie: She's my best friend!I've explained it to you,remember? With Caro, you have to wait for the right moment..

Timo: One has to?

(They scurry behind the door, as Michael walks in, his phone ringing, he picks it up)


Michael: Of course I'm going to stay in the game here..even if I'm not really comfortable with it.

No, but seriously now, I guess I've lost what one would call investigative ambition by now...well, if you say so..alright..later..goodbye..


(in the meantime, Sophie and Timo have been busy making out, Michael exits)


Sophie: Come on, our little secret is a bit exciting, isn't it? is..but I would feel better, if she knew.

Sophie:I'm going to tell her the very next chance I get.

Timo:The very next?



[Choir room]



Bea: Luzi! Where's Timo?

Luzi:He's not going to come today.I know this sucks..but..

Bea:It 's a shame most of all, since you'll be the only one.I'm afraid, we'll have to cancel the AG for today.

Luzi:But can't just allow the AG to die like that, it's..

Bea: Luzi, what am I supposed to do?(Clear up your teen drama, so your dream boy and your scared friends will come back?Fix my own issues?)It's not up to me..

Ben(bounces in): Hey! Am I late?

Luzi:What? Now you want to join?

Ben:That's the plan.

Bea:Which will sadly not be fulfilled. We are understaffed.

Luzi:But why? You have practiced with Timo and myself,too.

Ben:There you..

Bea:That was an exception!


The others come walking in


Ben: Are we going to have to close due to overcrowding now?

Bea:Ben, one can't just come and go as one pleases, we are taking the AG very seriously.

Ben:Exactly. What I start, I finish (except for school, and basically everything else in my life..).




Piet sings, now,back in the day, when I was uh, slightly younger, the actor playing Piet(who was slightly younger,too) was a pop/rapstar (not.kidding) Oli P. you wouldn't be able to tell by this, anyways, you're not supposed to.


Piet: So how was I, Baby?

(no, they haven't gotten it on yet..)

Miriam: Aside from the singing..

Piet:True, I did improvise a bit, I have to admit..but it was good,no?

Miriam: Yes, totally, you're full of talents..

Piet ( I swear I'm not making the next few lines up..):I can, for example, sing naked, I can make a Döner (Kebab) and screw around on the car...speaking of screwing..have you seen the new seats?

Miriam:Yes.Pretty colorful.

Piet:Pretty colorful? That's all?Have you touched them? It's Hammer! They're fresh from Belgium!

Miriam:Say, can't you think about anything else but your stupid VW Bus (slangword is “bully”whyever..)You've been screwing around on that thing for months!

Piet:But it's going to start soon! The two of us, on a grand trip around Europe..

Miriam: But when, Piet?


And then the two of us will just start driving and will only stop where we like it, and when it's dark, and we'll see the stars..

Miriam:And then?



They start making out on the couch. Did I mention, that Piet is wearing a bathrobe only?

Lara comes in, I am beginning to get why they're complaining about so many of her classes getting canceled..uh, where was I, oh yes, traumaville:


Lara,outraged:You have no scruples whatsoever, do you!?

Piet:Hold it together, will you?

Lara:Well, it's true!One gets a total trauma from something like this!You're my parents!! And you're OLD! Ewww!


The parentals get dressed again.Poor Miriam. I think it's time to put the curtains in the washing machine...


[Pestalozzi Volleyball Field](I can't get over the fact, that this thing is in continuous use, by the way..)


Lohmann:Alright girls, let's go!




Sophie:The thing with Ben, yesterday..I'm sorry for having said that. I was just jealous. You can have any guy you want, you don't need to run after anyone.

Caro:Well, that's more of your specialty, isn't it? All I'm saying is:Timo Özgül.

Hotte, said, that you made out at Chulo's..

Sophie:At Chulo's?

Caro:No idea, so did you make out?

Sophie: What if?

Caro:Frau Lohmann!? Would it be ok for you if I'd play with Natalie today?


Lohmann:Ok, let's test the new combination! Natalie?

Caro:It's about the training camp. I need a partner for that, that I can rely on, and that brings full engagement.

Sophie: You can't do this!

Lohmann:Would you please go and sit down on the bench?



[Choir room]

Bea:Alright, volunteers first, who wants to begin?

Ben, what about you?

Ben: So you want me to get all naked. ( I cannot believe this conversation..I'm getting a trauma,too..what is it with the hormonal teenagers this ep?He literally say,”So you want me to take my pants down”..)

Bea: I want you to show what you've got..purely in the musical sense.

Ben:Any preferences?It's my pleasure to cater to your wishes.


Ben: Ok.


Ben plays a very artistic version of “If a Song Could Get Me You” on the piano


Bea: Well,ok.


[Back on the Volleyballcourt of Vengeance,strolling over to the Schoolyard of exposal]


Caro: Playing with Natalie was a total fail, how does she want to block the ball, if she can't manage to lift her ass up in the air?

Sophie: So we'll be playing together again, tomorrow?

Caro: We'll see.

Nodding in Timo's direction

Look at him and how he's staring over at us.. horny/needy.

Sophie.A bit.

Caro:Yeah, he hasn't been getting any in a while, you can tell.

Sophie:Come on.

Caro:Wait, looks like he wants to say something.


He reaches and kisses Sophie.

Sophie pushes him back and slaps him.

Sophie:Are you on drugs?


Well, this puts Timo walking in on Emma and Jenny pre-outing into a whole different perspective, doesn't it?

He was probably just relieved that Emma didn't slap Jenny..they used the very same base word”Notgeil” for horny/needy in that scene,too, when Jenny confronts Emma afterwards...Isn't this grand?

Aren't we glad we waded our way through all those dumb male pickup lines this ep?

I am. But I seriously need to wash my ears out with soap now. And put on a leggings.

Or I might just go back an ep, and replay, the “nice view” comment by Alexandra Lohmann, while she's sitting in the pews and checking out Bea cleaning the blackboard.

Ah, Hand aufs Herz, there's so much fun to be had with you :-D