Preview Clips Episodes 204-214

This week we decided to only do transcripts for clips including Jenny or Emma. If you still would like the transcripts for all preview clips, please let us know.


25.07.2011 - Episode 204 - Relative Probability

Episode 204
Episode 204

Bea:Good morning,everyone.I hope you're ready for the next step in the wide field of probability theorems.

Jenny:Rather improbable,hm?

Bea:Last period, we have studied a method to calculate the probabilities that are linked to selectional processes. Can someone tell me what that method is called? Emma?

Emma:Uhm, tree diagram.

Bea:Correct. The problem often arises,that only those results are of interest if there is one factor b...(chalk breaks) Can someone tell me what the question would be for this causality? Ben?

Ben: I would say "How big the probablility is for A occuring, given that B has already occured..

Bea:Exactly, that B has occured.. Please turn your books to page 51. I made worksheets for this. Could someone please distribute them?


28.07.2011 - Episode 207 - Help for Timo

Episode 207
Episode 207

Emma:What are you reading?

Luzi:Uh, marketing stuff from the label..talent builing,etc...Oh,God, now I'm already talking like that,too..

Emma:I hope you're not mad cause we..

Luzi: ..kicked me out...It's alright.You were probably right.

Emma:I know that you didn't do the donation for  PR reasons.

Luzi:How is he?I mean Timo.Is he at least happy, that he can stay?

Emma:Uhm,yes! I think so.No idea...I..I think he wants to quit STAG.

Luzi:What?Why that?

Emma:Cause rehearsal went pretty shitty the other day...and his voice isn't back to normal either yet. (New Emma is potty mouth Emma...)

Luzi:Well,  he has to practice!

Emma:I know!But he's as stubborn as a mule!

I think that he's going to need someone to help him.


Emma nods

Luzi:Emma,I don't know.

Jenny:Emma, may I have a minute?

Emma:Of course.

Luzi:I have to go Geography.I'll try and talk to him.


Luzi: Thanks


28.07.2011 - Episode 207 - Partied too much

Episode 207
Episode 207

Sophie squeals

Jenny:Sophie? Hey Sophie! What did you take? Shall I take you home?

Sophie: Cool.

Jenny:Ok, you partied too much. Come on, I'm going to take you home with me! (YES! I mean no, No,that's wrong,nooo!Ahem.)


29.07.2011 - Episode 208 - Missed Warmth

Episode 208
Episode 208

Jenny: Ok..come on..sit down..good.. *tucks her in* Ok.. I'll get a warm water bottle ready for you,hm?

Sophie:No! Will you hold me? I missed you so much... Mama. Don't leave me by myself anymore..

Jenny: Everything is going to be alright,Sophie,it's going to be over soon, the stuff just has to get out of your system. Get some sleep, and everything will turn out alright.

*Her phone rings..It's Emma.*


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  • #1

    angie (Samstag, 23 Juli 2011 06:19)

    I have a feeling we may get to know the reason Jenny left London this week (or the next)...

  • #2

    Clijsters 3 (Samstag, 23 Juli 2011 11:47)

    I love Jenny and Emma's expression in the first preview clip when Emma manages to get the answer right, it's like they're both in shock - what a lucky guess!

  • #3

    Liz (Mittwoch, 27 Juli 2011 01:18)

    Angle, I think you are right. It is so dificult to wait every week to know what they are saying with English I get so excited to know what is happening. WOW...Emma's face is not too happy pertaining to finding Sophia in Jenny's bed the next day from Chulos. Wait... the club and at school the next day...what did Ronnie (Jerk face) say to EMMA????? I cannot wait to know. I guess that Ronnie is messing with Emma's emotions and trying to get her to think there is something between Sophia and Jenny. That is my guess anyway. What did Jenny say to Emma at the club just before Emma left up-set???? Oh there is so much to find out. This is

    Liz :o) From USA

01.08.2011 - Folge 209 - Drug Intoxication

Episode 209
Episode 209

Jenny is sitting on her bed having a flashback of her drug time.

Drug guy: Come on, honey.


02.08.2011 - Folge 210 - The Next Trip

Episode 210
Episode 210

The next morning, Sophie is sitting on Jenny's bed, phoning Ronnie, while Jenny comes in with fresh covers for her bed. 

Sophie: Wow, that's extreme. No, I'll come by later, but I'll go home first. See you later.

Jenny: Was that Ronnie?

Sophie: Yeah, why? 

Jenny: You don't get it, do you? Did you even listen to me?

Sophie: Yes, you were on drugs and now you're clean. That's cool, you know.

Jenny: And what about you? Are you looking forward to the next trip?

Sophie: I am no Junkie.

Jenny: Not yet.

Sophie: Jenny, What you experienced is really extreme, but I'm fine, okay?

Jenny: Of course you're fine. As long as Ronnie keeps calling you, keeping you in the believe that you're important to him. And he's getting you drugs.

Sophie: You have no idea what's between Ronnie and me.

Jenny: Right. Still I'm wondering why he wasn't here last night. Sophie, Ronnie only has an interest in you as long as you're to any use for him. Beside that he gives a shit about you.

Sophie: Ronnie loves me. I know that. And I love him. Just keep out of my life.

Jenny: Sophie, please.

Sophie: I know what I'm doing. And I really don't need a drug counselor.


03.08.2011 - Folge 211 - The Deal

Episode 211
Episode 211

(Jenny is going for a jog around school grounds and overhears and oversees all of this)

Ronnie: Dude, keep cool!

Crook: No, prob, if you're keeping to our deal.  Hand over the coke, and everything will be alright.

Ronnie: Hello? Who didn't keep to the deal? You were suppossed to beat my brother into hospital worthiness,instead, you're getting your own clock cleaned.

Crook:  Nobody could have guessed, that some wannabe Bruce Willis was gonna show up, so, come on now, deal is deal, hand it over.

Ronnie: Okay, but if the cops get you, I'm out of it.You don't even know who I am,k?

Crook: No prob, the cops aren't gonna get us.We're not on file.(How are they not??) Thanks, again, always a pleasure to be making good business.


03.08.2011 - Folge 211 - A Friend Of Mine

Episode 211
Episode 211

Jenny: The (party??) was okay, but Ronnie and Sophie were there, too.

Emma: Jenny, it's really sweet that you want to help Sophie, but maybe she doesn't want that. 

Jenny: Well, should I just have watched and done nothing or what? I hate guys like Ronnie.

Emma: I'm able to understand that, but still..

Jenny: Emma, I knew too many guys like him in my life and girls like Sophie, too.

Emma: So?

Jenny: Well, I once knew a girl who, who was like Sophie. It all started out like it did for her. First it was partying, yeaah, and then came the big downfall.

Emma: A friend of yours?

Jenny: Yeah, something like that.

Emma: Is she...?

Jenny: No. No, thankfully not. But it was really close to that.

Emma: And how is she today?

Jenny: She's well again. But only because she had people who helped her. It was really close for her, believe me, but...  Sophie has no one who watches out for her.

Emma: Shall I get us a coffee?

Jenny: I'd love that.

Emma:  Okay.


04.08.2011 - Folge 212 - Supply

Episode 212
Episode 212

Ronnie:You got the cash?

(Hands chemistry book over to a student..)

Sophie: And,business going well?

Ronnie: What?

Sophie: Well, you just sold some.

Ronnie: A chemistry book.

Sophie: With dope inside.

Ronnie: Nonsense.

Sophie: Hey.I could really use something..the day started out really badly.

Ronnie: Dude, you're going on my last nerve!

Sophie: I'm writing an Englisch exam in a few and a Biology test tomorrow..I won't be making  it without.

Ronnie: Hey, relax, calm down!

Sophie: I got into a fight with my mom on the phone earlier...

Ronnie: So what? She's gone anyways, or did she cancel your money?

Sophie: No.

Ronnie: Well, then everything's totally cool..

Sophie: Hey, I..I could really use some comfort..I'm your girlfriend!

Ronnie: You're really getting on my nerves. 

Sophie:It doesn't have to be much.

Ronnie: Forget it.

Sophie: Whom else should I ask? You promised to be there for me!

Ronnie: Okay, okay, but shut up now and don't keep wailing around.

Sophie: No problem.

(Ronnie sees Jenny and Emma and gets up)

Sophie: What is it now?

Ronnie: I've got nothing anymore..all sold out..

Sophie: You're not being serious,are you?

Ronnie: He is.

Sophie: I don't believe you..

Ronnie: Dude, are you out of it?

Sophie: You promised!!

Ronnie: Dude, I'm all out, got that? Finito, is that clear?!

Sophie: Ronnie!

Ronnie: Dude, don't get on my friggin nerves (cojones)!

Sophie: Ronnie!

Ronnie: Say, don't you get it? Get out of here!Fuck off!


05.08.2011 - Folge 213 - Teen Star in Hong Kong

Episode 213
Episode 213

Sophie: Jenny didn't say that.

Ronnie: Or did you have a blackout again?

Sophie: Hey, I wasn't high then, okay?!

Ronnie: Yeah, right. Okay, London. But when exactly?

Sophie: I have no idea.

Ronnie: Sorry but only having your story doesn't help me at all. I need facts. Evidence.

Sophie: Hey, I don't know, it probably was when she was a superstar, or shortly after.

Ronnie: She was a superstar?

Sophie: Yes, Jenny was a teen star in Hong Kong. Being in the charts and everything. What was her name again? Uh,..Little Heart.

(Ronnie googles her)

Ronnie: Not really, right?

Sophie: It's pretty extreme, huh?

(She touches his shoulder)

Ronnie: Hey, leave me for a second. I just want Jenny to leave us alone for good. So I have to jog her memory a bit.

Sophie: What does she want from you anyway?

(He sighs and we go into a flashback of hot and angry Jenny.)

Jenny: Because I picked up on you sending thugs on your own brother. If you want me to keep this to myself, you better leave Sophie alone. If I see you near her once again, I'll rat you out.


Ronnie: Nothing you need to bother your beautiful head about. Hey, do you need anything before you leave? Little pick me up?

Sophie: Well, do you have anything?


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  • #1

    Carol (Samstag, 30 Juli 2011 01:49)

    really sad the fighting,but i think(in fact I Wish)that everything will be solved soon... and they will be happy forever!!!

  • #2

    San (Samstag, 30 Juli 2011 08:21)

    Oh, Sophie, what happened to your backbone???

    WARNING: First clip may cause seizures due to XBECU (eXtreme Blue Eye Close-ups)

  • #3

    Clijsters3 (Samstag, 30 Juli 2011 11:10)

    Thanks for the warning San, I needed it. I don't know why but I love the fact it shows Jenny making the bed, well putting a cover on the pillow.

  • #4

    angie (Sonntag, 31 Juli 2011)

    Emma, I'll be more than happy to see you run for the "Best Girlfriend of the Year" award when Ronnie's devilish actions hurt Jenny!