Shorties: Kurzfilme von Franci

Kind(er) Hmm hmm - A short film / Kurzfilm

Franci’s new video should really be submitted to the shortfest circuit...or at least become a sitcom (corner protectors included hmm hmm)

Kinder, Kinder …dieses Video sollte auf Kurzfilmfestivals laufen. Zumindest würden wir uns jetzt doch ne Sitcom wünschen … inklusive Kantenschoner … hmm hmm.


L: Yes...first, thank you for inviting us. Um, we've been together for a long time now, and we've been thinking that the next step would be for us to adopt a child.

F: Two. Two children. Hmm hmm.

L: First one, right?

F: Two children. Two children are very good for each other. They can help each other. Yes, I read that. Hmm hmm.

L: Yes, so as I was saying, we would like to adopt a child.

F: Two children. Hmm hmm.

L: We also have a large house and a large garden.

F: We do not have a pond. Our garden is absolutely secure. Hmm hmm.

L: Our garden is safe, furthermore we are also very concerned about safety.

F: We have done the crawl test. The crawl test. Hmm hmm.

L: We have done the crawl test. We have also, um, covered all of the outlets in our house with the socket protectors....

F: We have corner protectors. Corner protectors. Hmm hmm.

L: ...Socket protectors have been installed. We also have corner protectors, and um, also on the drawers we have latches attached so that you cannot simply pull them out, because, um, there are knives in there....

F: We do not have knives. No knives. Hmm hmm.

L: Yes, then, we also have....

F: We have a dog. We have a dog. Dogs are very good for children's development. Yes, I read that. Hmm hmm.

L: Yes, so we have a dog....

F: Dogs also reduce the risk of, uh, allergies in children. I also read that. Hmm hmm.

L: Where did you read that?!

F: In a study. I put the study on your desk for you to read. Hmm hmm.

L: Yes, we have a dog to play with, and of course the child could always play with the dog.

F: Dogs are very loyal friends. Very loyal friends. Hmm hmm.

L: Loyalty is very important to us.

F: We have no problems. No problems. Hmm hmm.

L: No, we have no problems. No problems. Additionally, respect and tolerance are very important to us, and....

F: We are very tolerant. Very tolerant. Hmm hmm....

L: Right. So we are very tolerant, and therefore it would not matter to us what color the child.....

F: Our home is very brightly decorated. BRIGHTLY. Hmm hmm.


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    Kykky (Mittwoch, 24 September 2014 19:46)

    Thank you very much for your translation ! And yes the vid is so funny !!