Interviews with Lucy Scherer

Rosalie & Co. (July 2011)

Interview with Lucy Scherer


With Rosalie & Co., Lucy talked about her role as Jenny, the “Jemma” hype, and the differences between a musical and a TV production.





Here for you the English version of the interview, that Alice of Heutemalkreativ could conduct with Lucy. Thanks Alice! Who’d like to read the original, can do it on her blog.

Hier für euch die englische Fassung des Interviews, das Alice von Heutemalkreativ mit Lucy führen konnte. Danke, Alice! Wer das Original lesen möchte, kann dies auf ihrem Blog.




How would you describe yourself?

“Chaoskrawallhenne”(Pretty much untranslatable  but a literal “chaotic riot-chicken”)


What is the best thing in a day for you?

When I’m surrounded by good spirits and I have achieved and I´ve had a good chat


What makes you happy?

Sun, laugh, food, music, friends, animals, nature


What is one thing you cannot live without anymore?

My iPhone


Do you have a particular habit or quirk that you want to share with us?

In the supermarket I often need a lot of time to decide what goes into my basket


What is your wish for your future?

Health- people with whom I can grown


Your favorite color is: blue

Your favorite animal is: squirrels, butterflies, meerkats, elephants, dogs, cats

Your favorite type of clothing is: Carrie Bradshaw´s wardrobe

Your favorite music is: today “God  & me” by Kristin Chenoweth

Your favorite book at the moment is: The script of the day

Your favorite movie is: Wie im Himmel ( Like in heaven)

Your favorite Play and/or Musical is: „Sommernachtstraum“ (a midsummer night´s  dream),Wicked


Drama, education, etc


Why did you want to be a musical actress?  Were you inspired by a person or something else?

My love of dancing – singing +  acting did not allow for anything other than studying musical


What characteristics and skills should one have to become a musical actor/tress?

Spontaneity, discipline, love of performing, need to move, extrovert,  interest in various personalities


What is the most fascinating part of your job?

The moment everyone feels the “sparkle”


What role would you love to play?



What has been your best role so far?





What is special about Rebecca to you?

To be on stage almost continuously whilst listening a lot


How many shows did you play per week?



If you have played a double show at the weekend, what did you do between the shows?

Eat – walked a around the theatre  –  put my feet up


Were there any mishaps during the show that you remember immediately and what were they?

I forgot my gloves ones + and left the scene briefly to get them. Jan was puzzled for a moment. :)


How often have you flown up the stairs? – Were you injured?

Hardly ever … but I had bruises most of the time


Meanwhile you have already played in some musicals. With Helena Blöcker for example you have jointly completed the degree at the Universität der Künste and then you played together in several productions. Did you stay in contakt between other engangements?

Yes – it is fantastic to work with so great individuals.


Hand aufs Herz


What do you think about your time on Hand aufs Herz now? 

Like a roller coaster


Were there any challenges which you were afraid or doubtful of at the beginning of shooting Hand aufs Herz?

All the time – yes – the whole day


If you could have envisioned a future for your former role of Jenny Hartmann, what would it have been like? 

.. Good question ..  to travel around the world with Emma and to play our own music??  For example


Is there any particular scene during your time with Hand aufs Herz that you’d like to tell us about? 

To feel like part of the team.  It was nice to have found my place


When you think back to those days, what do you think of first?

On the old barrack  ..  our place to shoot




If you could have one wish, what would it be?

To never loose the love


If you could be a superhero, what would be your skill / s?

I could fly  +  I couldmake myself invisible +  I could breath bubbles :)


In another interview, you said that you would choose to be a flamingo, if you were an animal. But you are known as a lively musical actress. How does that fit together?

The color pink


In almost every interview you mentioned that good food is very important for you. Therefore, we would like to know if you can cook and if you enjoy doing so. How would you describe your cooking?

Yes twice – it runs in the family. Good food is quality of live + Ihave to look after my health so that I stay fit


At the beginning of Rebecca the role of the “I” is very cautious and only at the end of the musical she grows into a confident young woman who fights for her love. If you had the opportunity to bring some skills or something else of “Glinda” from the musical “Wicked-Die Hexen von Oz” to “I”, what would it be?

I would like to do an “Catfight” with Mrs. Danvers


In another interview, you mentioned that you would like to play in an movie or something similar. What would you prefer? To play in a series or in a movie?

Anything that offers the chance to grow further


You need more stuff? There is a further interview of Heutemalkreativ with Lucy in our SdL-Interview-section.


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