Episode 150

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Ep 150 or "Not?"
Ep 150 or "Not?"







(air date: 05-06-2011 Sat.1)

Ben can't believe that Ronnie is going to his school now too after Ronnie won his Mustang in an illegal race and left Ben and Luzi behind with a stolen car. Ben is angry and wants his car back, so that Ronnie offers him a second chance. Timo witnesses the exchange and wonders about what race they are talking and why Ronnie calls Luzi Ben's girlfriend (For your information: Luzi drove with Ben and after they ran away from the police Luzi and Ben kissed.) Timo is angry with Ben for endangering Luzi - his girlfriend. Ben goes home to get the keys of his father's sports car, but is caught and doesn't get them. Ronnie steals another car for him to take part in the race.


Alexandra sees her plan through to serve justice to the ones responsible for her sister's death (Franziska - the one who lay under the volleyball field). She kidnapped Jens (Bea's+Alexandra's sister's ex boyfriend in school) , who witnessed the murderer of Franziska and kept silent about it for all those years and now was prematurely released from prison. Since she is missing at school Julian gets worried, knowing how troubled she was before because of the release of Jens and Mrs. Klein (Sophie's mother who also witnessed the murder). Julian calls Alexandra and hears Jens in the background calling for help, he begs Alexandra to not do anything stupid and let Jens go. He apologizes to have been so dismissive to her before, but Alexandra says he's the only one who always was by her side, she loves him but there's no other way anymore. She hangs up. Julian locates Alexandra with a fancy software through her cellphone. Alexandra cuffs Jens to the backseat of the car in an garage, she let's the motor run, placing a brick on the gas, so that the garage and car will run full of smoke. Jens says that this is not the way she'll find peace and Alexandra agrees. Peace she will not find until she spoke with Bea, she says. She leaves him there, while Julian races to get to her and stop her from killing Jens.


Emma and Jenny own Bodo a favor after he caught them kissing and promises not to tell anyone about it. He tells them that he likes Lara and asks them if they could do anything about that. They take Lara into their middle and try to persuade her to join STAG again while trying to get to know what she thinks about Bodo. Lara says he's her personal stalker and lets them know she will never come back to STAG as long as he is there.


Since being in the auditorium already and being completely afflicted with her love for Emma, Jenny spontaneously decides to join STAG. Bea is happy, so is Emma and smiles the happiest of all smiles. Bea tells the STAG that they are invited to an interview on a radio show which caught attention of them after their performance in 'Sister Act' - the interview being on the same day.


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