Episode 150

Translated by Thuy Van

Edited by Sones


Previously on Hand aufs Herz


Alexandra is threatening Jens Mierbach with a gun while sitting in a car.


Jens: And now?


Alexandra: Go!


Ben: You brought back my car, man! Thanks!


Ronnie: Your car? It’s mine now, isn’t it? I won yesterday.  Starting today I’ll be attending this school, too. It’s nice.




[Pestalozzi, school yard]


Ben: That’s a bad joke, right? (to Sophie) He’s not seriously going to attend this school.


Ronnie: Do you have a problem with that?


Ben: You bet I do! You don’t belong in the Pestalozzi, you belong in jail!  Now listen, you big mouth, if you don’t want to get in trouble, you’d better give back my car keys now!


(Ben and Ronnie start to push each other.)


Luzi: (to Sophie): You didn’t really spend the night with this freak, did you?


Sophie: And why do you care?


(Luzi scoffs and backs up, already seeing that Sophie is lost.)


Ronnie: You lost the race. So the Mustang is mine. A deal is a deal.


Ben: But it wasn’t a fair deal! If I had won you would have given me a stolen car!


Ronnie: Relax, you didn’t win anyway, so everything is fine, right? And at least you’re able to gaze at my car every morning now, too. That way saying good-bye won’t hurt too much, hm? (to Sophie) Come on.


Ben: Hey, we’re not done yet!


(Sohpie and Ronnie walk away, Ben goes to follow but Luzi stops him.)


Luzi: Come on! It won’t help anyway!  Let him go.


Ben: I certainly won’t! Not until I’ll get my car back!


(Stubborn as always, Ben goes after Ronnie.)



[In a car]


Jens is driving while being held at gunpoint by Alexandra.


Jens: Alexandra, I can understand how you must feel right now. If I could turn back time…


Alexandra: Save it! It won’t bring Francisca back to life, and you’re still guilty!


Jens: Where are you taking me anyway?


Alexandra: You’ll see soon enough. We’re almost there.


Jens: I won’t do this any longer. I’m going to stop right now and get out of this damn car!


Alexandra: Keep going or I’ll shoot.


Jens: If you shoot me now we’ll hit a roadside ditch, and then you’ll be as dead as I will be.


Alexandra: If you knew how much I give a shit…



[Pestalozzi, school yard]


Ben grabs Ronnie by his shoulder.


Ronnie: Apparently your brain is as slow as your driving skills. That baby is mine!


Sophie: (to Ronnie) Alright, obviously this is going to take a while. When you’ve finished you’d better go to Ms Jäger, the secretary. She will tell you where your classes are. I’ll be going now.


Ronnie:You know what? I’ll join you.


(Ben pulls him back again.)


Ben: No, you won’t…The keys.


Ronnie: You won’t give up, will you? Ok, I don’t want to be mean. I’ll give you another chance.


Ben: What do you mean…chance?


Ronnie: You can win back your car, but for that we’re going to have another race.


Luzi: Hey, you’re not going to let yourself fall for that bullshit again, are you?


Ben: If I can get back my Mustang that way…


Ronnie: Do you want to try your luck with a mountain bike this time? Or do you have something else with more hp?


(Timo is watching them from afar. )


Ben: You will see. This time you’re only going to see my tail lights.


Luzi: You can’t do that! Come on, you can’t be serious!


(Ben holds up a hand to shut Luzi up…)


Ronnie: Smart girl. See, not even your girlfriend thinks you can win.


(Timo comes closer and overhears the conversation.)


Ronnie: Maybe you should let her do the race instead. (He leaves)


Timo: Can anybody tell me what race he was talking about and why he thought you were Ben’s girlfriend?  Hello, I’m talking to you!


(Ben and Luzi look at each other nervously but don’t answer.)



[Pestalozzi, hallway/ school office]


Bea: It’s just a regional radio station, but they heard about our performance in Hamburg and now they want to have an interview.


Michael: So they are going to send a team here?


Bea: No, we’re supposed to go to the station…and maybe sing a song.


Michael: Ah…and probably become famous on the radio.


Mrs Jäger: Good morning.


Bea: Morning.


Mrs Jäger: Do you possibly know if Ms Lohmann has come in yet?


Bea: No, I have no idea.


Michael: Neither do I.


(Michael and Bea leave)


Götting: Sorry, but she probably has a free period.


Mrs Jäger: (annoyed) No, she doesn’t! Her class is waiting downstairs unsupervised, and there is a new student who she, as a tutor, should have had to brief….a Ronnie Peters, so I had to bring him to his class.


Götting: Ah, I just remembered that Ms Lohmann mentioned a toothache yesterday. Maybe it got worse overnight and she went to the dentist.


Mrs Jäger: She really could have let me know.


(Mrs Jäger huffs and leaves the school office, and a worried looking Götting.)


/* Flashback


Götting: And there is still the trial. They will both surely get the punishment they deserve.


Alexandra: Punishment they deserved There is no punishment that will be enough for what they did! No sentence in the world will bring my sister back to life!


Götting: Let justice do their work and try to forget about all of this.


Alexandra: You want me to forget about my sister?


Götting: I didn’t mean it that way!


Alexandra: Yes, you did! But you didn’t know Francisca! You don’t give a damn about her, and you don’t want to deal with this damn issue any longer!


Flashback */


(Götting takes out his cell and tries to call Alexandra.)



[Pestalozzi, Auditorium]


Emma: (looking flustered) And that’s the story of the musical, and after they have sung the song they kiss. Like in a happy ending, if you know what I mean.


Bodo: Aha. Happy ending. You…and Jenny.

Emma: Yes! I mean, no! Of course not! Uhm, it’s just for reasons of arts! Uhm, it’s a stage kiss!


Bodo: But it looked pretty damn real.


Jenny: It seems we were very good.


Bodo: Of course, but I didn’t know that the musical was about two women.


Emma: Well it isn’t! (trying desperately to wriggle herself out of the embarrassment) Jenny was just…playing Timo’s part…for practice… because I wasn’t sure about the timings.


Bodo: (amused) Aha. Hm…unsure…


Jenny: He doesn’t believe us.


Emma: No?!


Bodo: Uh uh. But… I liked the story.


Jenny: Ok. Is there any chance that you could forget what you just saw?


(Bea comes in.)


Bea: Hey! Why are you looking at me like that? Did I just interrupt a secret meeting?


Bodo: Not at all! We were just wondering if the rehearsal was cancelled.


Emma: Uh, yes. Because nobody showed up.


Bea: Uhm.


Jenny: You don’t possibly know where the others are, do you?


Bea: I think they’ll come, but what are you doing here? Up until now we haven’t been able to get you interested in STAG.


Jenny: That’s right. Not until now. But.. I’ve changed my mind, and I’d

 like to be part of the STAG now…. So…I mean, if you don’t mind…I would like to join you.


Bea: Great! Welcome!


(Emma looks surprised but quite pleased while Jenny smiles at her shyly.)



[Pestalozzi, stairway]


Ben: After the race this asshole drove off with MY Mustang. And both of us (meaning Luzi and himself) almost got arrested because the car Ronnie drove in the race was stolen.


Timo: Dude, you really got screwed. Wait a second, did you just say that BOTH of you almost got arrested??


Ben: Hmm yes Luzi was there, too. That’s why Ronnie thought we were a couple.


Luzi: Which is total nonsense.


Ben: Exactly. Luzi only got into the car because she wanted to keep me from doing it.


Timo: And you still raced?!  Listen, if you are stupid enough to participate in illegal car races, then fine it’s your problem, ok?!  But if you drag my girlfriend into this…


Luzi: But it wasn’t all that kamikaze…


Timo: Well great! Then he didn’t hit a wall. So? But as he said, you almost got arrested!


Ben: Alright, fine. It was stupid, ok? Next time I’ll keep her out of it.


Luzi: Next time? You aren’t going to have another race, are you?


Ben: I’ve no idea! It’s not settled yet, anyway!  I’ve to get to chemistry class.


Luzi: Gosh, Ben! Seriously, no more races!


Timo: Just let him be!  You’d better promise me that you won’t put yourself in danger with him again!


Luzi: Yes, sure.


Timo: Luzi, I’m really scared for you! A world without Luzi Beschenko would be quite miserable.


(While Timo takes her hand Luzi gets a flashback of Ben and her kissing.)


Luzi: You really don’t have to worry about me. Promise!


(Luzi runs up the stairs, leaving a worried Timo behind.)



[Pestalozzi, Auditorium]


Emma: The interview will be this afternoon already?


Bea: Yes, I’ve already booked a bus.


(Luzi and Timo come in.)


Emma: We will be on the radio!


Luzi: Huh?


Emma: Yes, a radio station heard about our gig in Hamburg, and they want us all to sing live on a show.


Bodo: And this station wants everybody there who was also in Hamburg? So…


Bea: You, too. After all, you’ve become an official member and will join us, too, right?


Emma: (full of hope) And Jenny?


Jenny: Ah, Emma, that’s ok…..I don’t have time today. (Emma looks disappointed) But I’ll listen to you on the radio. I promise!  Now I’m going to sing even louder!...(to the others) Yes, because I would like to join the STAG, too. I mean, if nobody minds.


Luzi: Well, why not?


Bea: Of course, sure! Well then, let’s get started.



[Pestalozzi, hallway]


Götting and Alexandra are talking on the phone, while Alexandra is still keeping Jens Mierbach hostage in the car.


Alexandra: Julian?


Götting: Alexandra? Is that you? Where are you?  You have class now, I thought that something had happened to you!


Alexandra: I’m fine. Don’t worry.


Götting: Uhm, why aren’t you at school?


Alexandra: There is something I have to take care of.


Götting: Take care of…what?!


Jens: (yells to the phone) Help!  I’ve been kidnapped!


(Alexandra raises her gun and points it at Jens.)


Götting: What is going on there? Who was that? Alexandra!


Alexandra: It was the radio.


Jens: That’s not true! She has a gun!


Alexandra: (to Jens) Shut up, or…


Götting: Was that Jens Mierbach??  Alexandra, please don’t do anything stupid, ok?...Please let’s talk about it again. Do you hear me?


Alexandra: It’s too late for that now.


Götting: It’s not too late! Please, please Alexandra, let Jens go. It’s pointless to ruin your life, too.


Alexandra: All of that doesn’t matter anymore. I have to finish this!


Götting: Alexandra! Please don’t do that! I know how desperate you must be, and if you feel like I failed you or…


Alexandra: No, you are the only one who is always there for me.


Götting: Then please listen to me now, Alexandra!


Alexandra: Julian, I love you.


Götting: Of course. And I love you too, and that’s why…


(Alexandra has already hung up.)


Götting: Alexandra? Alexandra, are you still there? Alexandra!


(Götting is clearly VERY upset.)



[Pestalozzi, Auditorium]


(The STAG is having fun while singing Kool and the Gang’s “Celebration.”  Lots of great Jemma looks and dancing!! J )





[Bergmann Villa]


(Ben is sneaking up the stairs trying to take some car keys when Stefan shows up.)


Stefan: I knew you would come back home at some point.


(Ben secretly lets the keys slide into his pocket.)


Ben: Well, you know me the best. Here I am again.


Stefan: What is that? 


Ben: I don’t know what you are talking about.


Stefan: They keys…for my Roadster. What do you want to do with it?


Ben: Ah, that. Uhm, the Mustang is at the shop and I thought you wouldn’t mind if I borrow it. Only until tomorrow.


Stefan: And you didn’t think of asking?


Ben: I didn’t think you notice anyway.


Stefan: Ah, so you wanted to secretly take my car. You don’t want to live here anymore because you don’t like the way I live my life, but my roadster is good enough for you, huh?


(He holds out his hand expectantly.)


Ben: What?

Stefan: The keys!


Ben:  That’s great… Keep your damn car!  I don’t need you!


Stefan: Well that’s great!


(Ben storms out.)


[Pestalozzi, teachers’ room]


Götting is trying to track down Alexandra’s cell phone by typing in her number into a GPS tracking system.


Götting: (mumbling to himself) 5327050


Mrs Jäger: (from outside) Mr Götting!


Götting: (to his laptop) …”Searching for coordinates…” Come on! Show me where she is!


(Mrs Jäger comes in.)


Mrs Jäger: Ah, there you are. Why did Mr Deuss take over class 7b for you?


Götting: (still focused on his laptop) Because I asked him to.


Mrs Jäger: Are you aware that this kind of information has to be registered with the school office so that someone at least has some idea of where someone is, and when?


Götting: Well you do have the overview now, don’t you?


Mrs Jäger: But people are not making it very easy for me! First Ms Lohmann left, and now you’ve switched your lessons at your convenience?


Götting: You know what, Mrs Jäger? Right now I don’t give a sh*t about your urge to know about everything. You can’t even imagine!


(The program running on his laptop shows a result.)


Götting: Finally! (He writes down the coordinates and runs out.)


Mrs Jäger: Where are you going now?


(She takes a look at his laptop.)


Mrs Jäger: “Geo-Location…” What is that supposed to mean!?!





[Pestalozzi, Auditorium]


(STAG is still singing.)


Bea: Guys, you were great! Bodo, great intro!  When you are as great on the radio show as you were just now, we will be swamped by invitations!


Emma: Hopefully we’ll be able to even make sound with all the excitement then.


Timo: Come on, don’t worry. They will surely record the show…right?


Bea: Maybe it’s going to be live…Anyway, we’ll meet up at the bus later.


(Everybody is leaving the auditorium except for Emma, Jenny and Bodo.)


Emma: Bodo? Thanks for not telling the others. I mean about the kiss.


Bodo: It’s nobody’s business.


Jenny: Still, we owe you one.


Emma: So if we can somehow return the favor, you just need to ask.


Bodo: Uh, well actually….there is one thing.


Jenny: Yes?



[Pestalozzi, hallway]


Jenny: Of course he’s got a crush on her.


Emma: His ears turned really red (actually invisible under his wool cap) That’s kind of cute.


Jenny: Well let’s hope the girl of his dreams will think so, too.

(Jenny and Emma sit down on the couch on each side of Lara who has been listening to music, and they both yank the earbuds from her ears.)


Lara: Hey!


Emma: Have you heard? We’re going to be radio stars.


Lara: Uhm, are you referring to the local radio station? Yes I heard about that…But I’m not a member of STAG anymore.


Jenny: No, but you still have to come this afternoon. After all they want to hear about Hamburg from people who were actually there.


Emma: And maybe then you will feel like coming back!  Because we miss you!


Lara: I don’t think it’ll work.


Jenny: You mean because of the Volleyball club? Well I decided to do both.


Lara: You’re joining STAG?


Jenny: Yes. And it would be really great if you did, too. I mean, there won’t be any problems time-wise.


Lara: Yes, maybe, but… the timing is not really the problem.


Emma: But?


Lara: Well that guy, Bodo, has joined you now.


Emma: But he is really nice.


Lara: Nice? He is my personal stalker!  Well, alright I’ll think about this afternoon. My aunt would like me to come with you, too. But coming back to STAG while that fool is still there?... No, thanks!


(Jenny and Emma are about to give up but by looking at each other they silently decide to give it another shot.)



[Parking lot]


Ben: Hey!


Ronnie: What’s so urgent? We were supposed to meet in an hour.


Ben: It looks like we will have to delay our race.


Ronnie: Why? Do you still need to take driving lessons? Or.. Daddy didn’t give you the keys, huh? (He sees a nice car) Hey, we can solve this problem. What about this one, huh?  My motto always is “If you want something, then you should take it.”


Ben: Forget it!

Ronnie: I knew it. You’re scared, hm?


(Ronnie breaks into the car.)


Ronnie: Voila.



[Garage in a vacant area.]


Alexandra and Jens get out of the car while Alexandra is still holding Jens at gunpoint.

Jens: Alexandra, I don’t know what your plan is, but now would be the perfect moment to let me go.


Alexandra: Shut up and do what I tell you!


Jens: Seriously, I don’t want to criticize you. This is an exceptional situation, but I don’t think that you have considered…


Alexandra: Don’t you get it? Just shut up!


Jens: Or what?  You’ll shoot me?  You’re going to do it anyway!!   But I’m telling you, they will get you! This is premeditated murder!


Alexandra: Francisca is dead. That was murder! This is just retributive justice!


Jens: How often do I need to tell you? I didn’t kill your sister!


Alexandra: You covered for her killers, and you kept me in the dark for years! Now get in the car!


(Jens tries to walk away but gets hit by Alexandra and falls down.)


[On the streets]


Götting is on his way to where he has located Alexandra’s cell phone.




Alexandra ties Jens up to the back seat of the car.


Jens: What are you doing? Hey!


(Alexandra starts the car, and rigs it to stay on – putting a brick on the gas pedal to keep the engine revving.)


[On the streets]


Götting: (whispering) Please don’t.




Jens: Alexandra, please! I don’t want to die!


Alexandra: And neither did Francisca.


[On the streets]


Götting: Please don’t. Please, please, don’t.




Jens: Alexandra, please don’t do this. You’re not a murderer. Don’t make yourself guilty. Think about how much you suffered from your sister’s death.


Alexandra: I haven’t thought about anything else all these years, but this going to end now.


Jens: You don’t seriously think that you will find your peace by killing me, do you?!


Alexandra: No, I’ll only find my peace when I have spoken to Bea.


Jens: What are you going to do now?


Alexandra: It’s none of your business anymore. Adieu, Jens.


(Alexandra shuts the car door, with one of the windows open, and lets the car exhaust fill both the room and car.  She leaves through a side door as Jens begins to cough.)