Episode 208

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Episode 208
Episode 208








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  • #1

    Ammy (Freitag, 29 Juli 2011 23:21)

    Wow! It's becoming quite an interesting plotline for the girls I can't wait to see how it develops. Dang, It's going to be a long weekend..... :( ....is it bad when you're actually wishing it be monday already? LoL!

    Jenny in that robe?!? TWO THUMBS WAAAAAAAAAAY UP!!!!

  • #2

    San (Samstag, 30 Juli 2011 08:36)

    Thank god for Preview Clips! Just enough to get ya through the weekend.

    Can we discuss the Blue Jean Collage Art Installation? That's a seriously freaky focal point to the room. (visual aid in translation made it more disturbing - a perfectly good pair of pants!)

  • #3

    Clijsters3 (Samstag, 30 Juli 2011 10:57)

    What an ending, I hate misunderstandings like that it gets me all worked up! I really hope Emma lets Jenny explain.

    As for the abstract collage ??? what! I really don't get it, but I love your visual aid.

  • #4

    Eyelesstrees (Samstag, 30 Juli 2011 14:55)

    Lucy said she wished Jenny could learn to be less impulsive - no wonder! Was I the only person shouting at Jenny to pick up the phone?!

    Kasia's version of 'Save me' was great. Does anyone know why Sat1 didn't sort out a deal with iTunes? (and 'because they have no idea how to make lots of money out of the internet/digital media' is not the answer I'm looking for!)

  • #5

    Kirsty (Samstag, 30 Juli 2011 17:46)

    Woah, Lucy in the bath robe! And Jenny's face through the stairs.... jaw definitely on floor. How on earth can they stop this show?!? Not looking forward to seeing poor, sad Emma on monday, and whatever Ronnie is going to do to Jenny.

  • #6

    TheWeyrd1 (Samstag, 30 Juli 2011 23:28)

    I knew out was gonna happen that way! And those jeans...I think I need a pair! I agree with Eyelesstrees about the iTunes...

  • #7

    amidola (Sonntag, 31 Juli 2011 00:39)

    You know..the jeans..I would have understood the plaid shirt in a "I FINALLY got her out of it" trophy case manner..but the jeans..Denim as decoration in the room of the girl of the perpetual leggings,mysterious..very mysterious,indeed..Maybe it's a historic fashion statement? Love the little Emma heart shaped picture in the collage,though:-)

  • #8

    dropkick (Sonntag, 31 Juli 2011 10:16)

    Since others have already pointed out the endless mystery that is Jenny Hartman's aesthetic sense, I'd just like to acknowledge that Bea's new mission in life is to work under Helena. Directly under Helena. unf.

  • #9

    showler (Montag, 01 August 2011 04:34)

    If Emma assumes that Jenny took advantage of a high Sophie, I'll be very disappointed in her. That's well beyond jealousy.

  • #10

    Lapetiteinternationale (Montag, 01 August 2011 12:15)

    It's a soap, the indignity of catching your gf with another girl is a classic. Now, brace yourselves for: Emma totally repulsed, her ears miraculously scotched taped together when Jenny makes a weak attempt at explaining. Emma will stomp out in rage (and maybe some tears) while Jenny will just stay frozenly mute, her thoughts seemingly trying to catch up with what just happened.

    Now the good news is: they will eventually (and with that I mean in the next two episodes) make up and by then we hopefully FINALLY again will enjoy some Jemma, minus all the drama. (at least for another episode)