Episode 16

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Episode 16
Episode 16







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  • #1

    Libellule (Samstag, 15 Oktober 2011 23:39)

    I love the last screenshot; looking forward to know the context of it!

  • #2

    Susan (Mittwoch, 26 Oktober 2011 06:42)

    Me too. Awaiting for the English translation.

  • #3

    tamu13 (Mittwoch, 26 Oktober 2011 06:56)

    one of STAG best performance I think.. like the dance, like the song

  • #4

    Emily (Mittwoch, 26 Oktober 2011 11:53)


    May I know why there is no more comments after #1000 at Room 234?
    Which forum have they moved to?


  • #5

    tamu13 (Donnerstag, 27 Oktober 2011 17:36)

    hi Emily ;)
    yes, unfortunately we can't read comments after 1000, its technical matter and JI.org has made a forum for us.. register first, then u can see others already there :)
    or if u want another forum, visit www.room234.jimdo.com

  • #6

    Emily (Freitag, 28 Oktober 2011 08:33)

    hi tamu13 ;)

    Danke for the information.

  • #7

    JK (Donnerstag, 10 November 2011 16:12)

    No rush, of course. I just hope you haven't given up on the English translations. This American fan has the first set of DVDs and really appreciates your efforts. The show would not be the same without the translations. Danke.

  • #8

    amidola (Sonntag, 08 Januar 2012 02:23)

    The translations of DVD Box 1 will continue shortly, almost done with DVD Box 3:-)