Episode 16

Translated by Carrie edited by amidola/sones



(Previously on Hand aufs Herz)


[Pestalozzi, Michael’s office]

Michael: We are not ready yet.

Ben:Oh yes, I'm ready!

Michael: It's your future.



[Pestalozzi, auditorium]

Bea: Ben!

Ben:Why should I discuss my life with this guy? With him of all people.

Michael: I would propose that we take care of this outside.

Ben:We have nothing to take care of!

Michael: I think we do! And we should also take this down a notch.

Ben:Don' touch me!

Michael: Hey...

Ben:And shut up, you asshole!

Ben tries to punch Michael, but misses him…and finds himself lying on the floor.

Technical knockout in round 1!

Julian and the TV guy coming in…





[Pestalozzi, auditorium]


Julian: I did warn you. The AG is still in its discovery phase. May I now introduce our beach volleyball-team?

Bea: Uh,we just had a little incident. These things can happen. Ehm, but for the event tomorrow we are well-prepared. Bea Vogel.

TV guy: Hello. But I think Mr Götting is right. It’s better that we cancel it.

Bea: Our students have really worked hard for this!

TV guy:I am willing to believe that, but...

Julian: I can confirm that they have. Yet we also have the responsibility to protect these young people from too much pressure, and the pressure here seems to be quite high to me. Excuse us.

Bea:Thank you Ben.



[Pestalozzi, entrance]


Luzi: Oh man, I thought we were finally going to get to show everyone what we can do!

Emma: We were really good!

Luzi: Yes, until the bigwig appeared.

Hotte: What is Ben’s problem with Heisig?

Emma: I did hear that he's his coach.

Luzi: That is sometimes necessary… but this time, I think it is more of a ‘Man’ thing.

Emma: What, like a size comparison?

Luzi: I could imagine that. Ben isn't ugly and Heisig also has what it takes.

Emma: And men always need to measure!

Hotte: Emma Muller! You astonish me….You talk about us as if we were animals!

Emma: We are talking about men, not about you!


Bea:Hey! Michael, wait! Concerning Ben's behavior, I'm sorry!

Michael: It's not your fault.

Bea:Yes, it is, because it happened at my lesson. I feel kind of responsible, and I'm really sorry.

Michael: You mustn't.

Bea: Will you report Ben?

Michael: Yes. I will report him and I want to report him.

Bea: But then he will be kicked out.

Michael: Yes, he will be kicked out. Tell me why do you defend him. He just screws everything up for you!

Bea: Yes, I know.

Michael: I can handle it when he provokes me during coaching, but.. that he's getting violent, that's going too far! What else should I do?

(Bea's phone is ringing)

Bea: Let’s talk about this in private, ok? Just a minute please! Yes? (at the phone)Miri?

Miriam: (at the phone) Bea, it’s good that I reached you.

Bea: Yes...Miri

Miriam: (at the phone) Sebastian asked me out for coffee, but he doesn't know that I'm married. And now I don’t know what to do! What should I do?

Bea: Miri, this is a bad time. Later, okay?



Missy Elliot - "One Minute Man"



[Pestalozzi, principal’s office]


Gabriele: What is that supposed to mean? I specifically asked for a report on the STAG.

Bea: Ah, It doesn't work for organisational reasons.

Gabriele: Then organize it in a way that works!

Ingrid: Sorry! Something has been delivered for you.

Bea:A packet?

Ingrid: Something like that.

Gabriele:Yes, go finish attending to your mail! I have to prepare for my interview anyway. If it doesn't fail for organisational reasons.

Ingrid: Are you very nervous?

Gabriele: It takes more than an interview with the regional TV station to ruffle me!

Ingrid: That’s a very health attitude! But anyway, be careful with the coffee. You shouldn't drink too much! That’s not good for anyone! especially this high-percentage mixture...

Gabriele: What are you trying to tell me by saying that, Ingrid?

Ingrid: Nothing! I just want you to feel good! (leaving the office)

Ingrid: Today just isn't her day!

Bea:You can say that again!

Ingrid: I was talking about Ms. Krawczyk!

You have problems too?

Bea:How are they saying it these days – a challenge! It just would be nice if something actually worked.

Ingrid: What has happened?

Bea:This TV Guy! He wants to report about the Beach Volley Ball Team instead of the STAG.

Ingrid: Is Alexandra behind it?

Bea:To be honest, no!

Ingrid: Mr Götting?

Bea:A A bit, but in fact, the AG has done this to themselves. At least one member of it. But I don't want to bother you with my complaints.

Ingrid: Ach, you aren’t disturbing me!

Bea:So, now we will see about that! What is it you have there, in that package hidden behind you?

Ingrid: A secret admirer?

Bea:I don't think so.

Ingrid: I would have nothing against an admirer sending me packages at school...or flowers!

Who would!!! You don't bring me flowers

Anyway... I hope you like the gift, and that your day gets better!

(Bea opens the packet and looks at a bumper bar)






[At the bakery]


Sebastian: He wanted to hit you? I would have liked to see that!

Michael: It wasn’t that funny!

Sebastian: And? Do you want to report him?

Michael: I don’t know yet.

Sebastian: Sorry?

Michael: I said I don’t know yet.

Sebastian: Yes, yes. I got that. But nevertheless I don’t understand it.

Michael: You don’t need to, right?

Sebastian: Look at me.

Michael: Ok, I won't report him. Are you satisfied?

Sebastian: If only there were such cool teachers in my day!

Michael: There were, but there were also very bad students - such as you, dear brother.

Sebastian: Dear half-brother! And? Even so, I have made something of myself!

Michael: Yes, I see that! Have fun counting bottles this evening! Arrogance is my name!

Sebastian: Have fun with Ben! Oh yes, and tell your colleague that she should give her sweet friend my regards.

Michael: Oh come on, you think that everyone woman who smiles nicely at you is sweet!

Sebastian: Not all, only the pretty ones. And Miriam is a grenade.




[Pestalozzi, schoolyard]


Luzi: (driving along on her bike)Morning asshole!

Caro: Thank you. I really thought that you honestly wanted to be with the losers, but now I get it.

Ben:What did you get?

Caro: That you wanted to help us by throwing your tantrum! I mean, beach volleyball DOES cut a better figure than riding the Subway.

Ben: Tell me, you think I did this on purpose?

Caro:I think you should call me sometime! Maybe I can return the favour!




[Pestalozzi, at the kiosk]


Waiter: I have a coke for you!

Timo: You bought me a drink?

Waiter: Oh, not me! (shows to Sophie)

Timo: Thank you, but I’d rather pay!

Waiter: What do you mean?

Sophie: Hey Timo! Just wait a minute!

Timo: Why? Caro might see us!

Sophie: I’m sorry that I didn’t tell her that we are together.

Timo: Oh, we are?

Sophie: I didn’t want to slap your face. I just didn’t know what to do when you kissed right in front of her!

Timo: Then think hard about it!



[Pestalozzi, Michael’s office]


Now we shift to the Western modus: High noon or Once upon a time in the west - the final showdown - YouTube


Ben: Are you bracing yourself for your sermon?

Michael: I am waiting for you to explain that incident to me.

Ben: Right! So that you have something nice to write in your report!?!

Michael: No Mr. Bergmann, you have it completely wrong. My job isn’t it to write reports. My job is it to understand you. But in order for me to do that you have to tell me something.

(talking nothing) I have time.



[Pestalozzi, in front of the ]


Ingrid: Piet! Mr. Vogel!

Piet: Mrs. Jaeger! For you always Piet! How are you?

Ingrid: Thank you, I am well. And how are you?

Piet: Could be worse.

Ingrid: Are you here because of Lara?

Piet: No, no, I am looking for my sister. Where is Bea?

Bea:There you are!

Piet: Ohh, isn’t she beautiful?

Bea:He isn’t talking about me. Whatever gave you the idea to send this here?

Piet: Oh, you know exactly how Miri gets... always snapping at me if I order something for the Bully!

Bea:Yes, because you spend more time with the Bully than with her!

Piet: But it’s for her!


Piet: Yes, we have always wanted to travel from the North Cape to Gibraltar, and I haven’t lost sight of that dream.

Bea:But you’ve lost sight of Miri.

Piet: How do you know that?

Bea:Because I talk to her! And anyway, if it’s only about travelling, what are all bells and whistles for?!?

Piet: Uh, a car needs a bumper bar?

Bea:And a disco ball?

Piet: Äh, pf, yes, it was just, eh...beautiful!

Bea:You see! That’s exactly what I mean! Your “overtime hours…!” Miri figured out a long time ago that you've been working on the Bully during that time! Be careful or you will regret it!

Piet: You want to give me relationship advice? Of all people? When you walk away from every guy?!?

(Piet taking his things and running away – which man wants to hear such advices!)

Bea:Piet! Hey!



Thirty Seconds to Mars - "Search and Destroy"



[Pestalozzi, near the kiosk – sofas!!!]


Timo: Do you know what it is?

Luzi: It was once ice cream.

Timo:That…is a strawberry-ice-soup! You always gave it to me when you messed things up...and, Okay, that wasn’t that often, but I always forgave you.

Luzi: Hey, we were six then. Now we are adults. Well, I am at least.

Timo: I am too. From now on. Promise!

Luzi: It’s just been too much lately. First you leave me in the lurch with this swimming pool bill; and then you pretend not to be together with Sophie. And when I asked you about it, you talked about cell phones as if I am that dumb…

Timo: Do you know what this is? (pulling out some mini-chocolate bars, you know those square – practical – good? Or in German Quadratisch - praktisch - gut!

Luzi: Yes. You always gave me that when youmessed things up, but I just won’t have it!

Timo: What if I swear on Scout’s honor? If I swear that I won’t lie anymore?

Luzi: Then you lie! And you are still a child!

(Timo looking at Luzi)

Luzi: Gosh! It’s not fair! Even with 7 bars! But we don’t do that blood-brother thing, right?

Timo: Mmmm.....




[Pestalozzi, at the lockers]


Bea coming downstairs…and your translatress is floating „Back to the future“ of episode 114 with Jenny coming downstairs and Emma at the lockers – and they are talking and then their first…Cut!

Ah, okay, ep. 16, no Jenny, no Emma – sigh - but Ben at the lockers.


Bea:Here you are! It looks as if you are trying to hide!

Ben: It's about the math test?

Bea:Drop the act!

Ben: It’s all Heisig’s fault!

Bea: I can imagine why you went after him, but that’s not the point now!

Ben: But?

Bea:I want you to pull yourself together. This thing between us is history… (is it the so-called living history???)And if you are half the adult that you pretend to be, you should at least understand that! You said that you know what the STAG means to the others. Luzi, for example. She doesn’t have a rich Daddy, nor a fancy car. She’s not taking everything as it passes her by, she only has a good voice. You said that you wanted to join because you love music… and now? You’ve ruined it for everyone.

Ben: What should I do?

Bea: Don’t take yourself so seriously… I am going to rehearsal now, and you are not coming. Do you understand?


[Pestalozzi, auditorium]


The STAG practises their choreography – with Hotte and Emma, but who are those other guys?

Bea:Okay! And…Five – six – seven - eight! Good!

(Timo and Luzi are coming in)

Luzi: Hey.

Hotte:Hey Timo, how cool is that? Are you going to join us again?

Timo:Well, now that you’re having trouble I can’t leave you in the lurch!

Emma: I think this is totally cool! And she’s laughing!!!


(Announcement )

Ingrid:Attention please! This is an announcement for the STAG. Because of the bad weather the auditorium is required for the filming crew to finish shooting the Beach Volleyball Team. Please vacate the auditorium immediately! I repeat: Please vacate the auditorium immediately!


Bea:That can’t be true!

Emma: Hey!

Luzi:Ey, man they spoil everything!

Hotte:First our appearance goes busy…

Emma: …and then they take away the auditorium?

(Alexandra and the beach volleyball chicks come in)

Alexandra:Now, if you please! The announcement was loud enough, right?

Caro: Yes, we are training here for TV, right?

Bea:How can you sleep at night?

Alexandra: What do you want! Pity?

Bea:This isn’t about me!

Alexandra: Yes, it’s about my girls and the platform they deserve! Nobody invited your ‘musicians crew’ to torpedo my team.

Okay girls, put the chairs away, hang up the net, then break into groups of two and ‘Fake-Block!’


Timo:We shouldn’t put up with all of this!

Luzi: Oh please, and what will you do to stand up against Lohmann?


Bea: Let’s see…



[Piet’s appartement]


(Miriam in front of the mirror)


Lara:Where are you going?


Lara: Yeah, well…spiffed up as you are – with lipstick and so?

Miriam:I just felt like making myself look pretty. I have had this dress for two years and have never put it on. The same with my golden glitter top. Somehow there has never been the right opportunity - and presto, sequins are out of fashion again!

Lara:Well yeah, but maybe you’re a bit too old for the golden glitter top. Thank you Lara – that’s what a mother wants to hear! GGGRRRRRR!

Miriam:Oh no, here we go again! You know that I am a lot younger than your friend’s mothers, right?

Lara: Well yeah, but you are still too old for the top!

Miriam:Because you want to have it!


Miriam:But you are too young for it!

Lara: Nonsense!

Miriam:Have you you already eaten something?

Lara:Yes Mom, I ate the cheese sandwiches I made this morning! I may be young, but I’m not three anymore!

Miriam:I’m just saying! Maybe some fruit or something like that.

Lara: Good idea! You look really good. You should do that more often! Yes, good girl! That’s what you have to tell your mother!

Miriam:But old!

Lara:No! Just sexy!

Miriam:Thank you!



Jesse McCartney - "Up"



[Pestalozzi, auditorium]


Alexandra:You've arrived at just the right time! My girls are in top form!

TV guy: As I see not just your girls!

Gabriele:What’s this all about? Sports or a fashion show?!

Alexandra: It’s about beach volleyball! And that requires adequate uniforms.

Gabriele:And you think that’s adequate?

Alexandra: Mrs. Krawczyk! The girls are sweating, and sometimes they also run! Here a burka would be rather obstructive!

Gabriele:A burka, yes, that's exactly what I expected!

Julian: My ladies, shouldn't we focus on something other than the little things? Like the filming? Gabriele:Yes, we should!



[At the Chulos]


Miriam:Sebastian! Hello!

Guy:We are closed.

Miriam:I have a date, with Sebastian.

Guy: Ah, you're too late. He just left with another woman.



[Pestalozzi, auditorium]


TV guy: Are you ready?

Alexandra:Okay. Caro and Sophie play the first set against Vicky and Rike.

TV guy: We are ready, just start when you want and I will follow your lead.

Alexandra: Just give the signal.I like it when men know what to do.

Julian:Well, then everything is said and we can finally start.


Bea appears on the stage.

Bea:May I disturb you for a moment? Hello! We aren’t cheer-leaders, but we thought it would be nice to support our volleyball team musically. Okay? Hit it!


Appearance of the STAG: "Evacuate the Dancefloor" (Cascada )

- and the reward at 19:20!!!!Look!


And „Thumbs“ up of Gabriele!


Hope you enjoyed!