Jemma Episode Clips

Where have you come to?


This is a corner with translations for the clips, which the SAT.1 Homepage generously hosts officially. The clips they host. This site is unofficial. Anyways, where was I?


Well, first, choose one of our clip subpages. A click on the picture will take you to the official clip, on the official site. There you go! A video! Jemma! Making lovey dovey eyes at each other! Kissing! Fighting!


You don't speak German? Well, this page is supposed to help you out: A click onto the flag will take you to the designated language and text spoken in the clip.


This corner will probably be taken down, when the Hand aufs Herz people will have managed to sub the eps, or if they should demand it.  If neither happens, we'll just add to our collection of clips and languages. The more the merrier.


Welcome to Jemma World! The German chapter welcomes you! We hope you have a good time!



Hier findet Ihr in der Übersicht alle Jemmaclips, die SAT1 zur Verfügung gestellt hat.

Eine EIGENE Jemma Sparte auf der Hand aufs Herz Website. Gleichberechtigt neben dem eigentichen Hauptpaar Ben und Bea. Klickt auf die Episode und Ihr werdet direkt auf die SAT1 Seite weitergeleitet.