Kosmar's Corner: Kasia plays Olivia Kosmar in "Anna und die Liebe"


Wow, things happen quickly! After the end of HaHe we can welcome Kasia on our screens already from October 2011 on. She reinforces the cast of the 4th season of “Anna und die Liebe” (AudL), a telenovela of the former HaHe-broadcaster Sat1.

 As Olivia Kosmar she enacts a freelance photographer and self-assured power woman – attractive, impulsive, talented and ambitious. Though she’s engaged, she now and then is on the make on her trips round the world. Kasia was very enthusiastic about the profile of her role and she’s looking forward to the new production (more in the AudL interview).

Good luck and enjoy LIVing, Kasia!


Wow, das ging schnell! Nach dem Aus von HaHe können wir Kasia bereits ab Oktober 2011 wieder auf unseren Bildschirmen begrüßen. Sie verstärkt den Cast der 4. Staffel von „Anna und die Liebe“ (AudL), einer Telenovela auf dem ehemaligen HaHe-Sender Sat1.

Als Olivia Kosmar spielt sie eine freischaffende Fotografin und selbstwusste Powerfrau – attraktiv, impulsiv, talentiert und ehrgeizig. Zwar ist sie verlobt, doch auf ihren Reisen um die Welt gönnt sie sich durchaus das ein oder andere Abenteuer. Von ihrem Rollenprofil war Kasia sofort begeistert und freut sich sehr auf die neue Produktion (mehr im AudL-Interview).

Toi-toi-toi und enjoy LIVing, Kasia!

In a nutshell / Auf einen Blick

The new Kasia / ©Kasia Borek
The new Kasia / ©Kasia Borek

Name: Olivia Kosmar

Date of First Appearance: 21st of Oktober 2011

Where: Sat1, German TV channel, on its show: " Anna und die Liebe" (Anna and Love) and no, I have no clue who Anna is,either.

Internet:  to be announced

Relationship status: Engaged (to a man)

Her Fiancee: Luca, played by Manuel Cortez

Why?: Kasia's new role, and we kind of swore some kind of oath in blood in the moonlight at midnight, that w e'd follow her,wherever she'd go.

Well, that and we're happy for her, have Jemma separation anxiety and just want to give her our cheerleader support.

Good news: Petra Bodenbach, Jemma's writer, has joined her there as well!


Not to spoil you unawares, you'll find spoilers, episode preview texts and pics, here


Für alle Neugierigen: Spoiler-Texte und Bilder findet ihr hier.


Kasia has given an Interview for "AudL" on how she feels about Hand aufs Herz, Jemma fans and her new role Olivia Kosmar. You find this text and further information and statements in our section Interviews.


Kasia hat ein Interview für "AudL" gegeben, wie sie über Hand auf Herz denkt, über Jemma Fans und ihre neue Rolle Olivia Kosmar. Diesen Text sowie weitere Infos und Statements findet ihr in unserer Rubrik Interviews.


Regrettably the AudL-episodes on the Sat 1 turned out to be geoblocked. For all international Jemma-fans the following information: Amidola did write some recaps about the series.


Wie sich leider herausgestellt hat, sind die AudL-Folgen auf der Sat1-Website geoblocked. Für alle internationalen Jemma-Fans gibt es aber eine Nachricht: Amidola hat einige Recaps zur Serie geschrieben.


AudL Shipper Comics

We can’t help doing it… And we don’t want to either. Which “true love couples” you can discover at AudL, you’ll get to know on the page AudL Shipper Comics.


Wir können es einfach nicht lassen … Und wir wollen es auch gar nicht. Welche „wahren Liebespaare“ es noch bei AudL zu entdecken gibt, erfahrt ihr auf der Seite AudL Shipper Comics.


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  • #1

    amidola (Mittwoch, 14 September 2011 21:38)

    Btw, I totally love how matter of factly "Jemma" is used in this interview..and as a recognizable topic of discussion, too!

  • #2

    Nynke (Mittwoch, 14 September 2011 22:38)

    You can say a lot about Sat1 -and we have- but they've been awesome about this storyline and recognized the importance of it and the love for it. They unblocked the videos so everybody in the world could see it. Which was huge. I love that they recognize that Jemma was an important part of Kasia's career if not Sat1 history. And i love that she has a big lesbian following of which they naturally hope will follow her to AudL.

  • #3

    Tineke W (Donnerstag, 15 September 2011 09:24)

    At first I want to thank you for all the work you have done for the Jemma fans!! Really great :-) I also like that you follow Kasia her career and that you create a Kosmar's corner :)))I am very curious about the developments of Olivia. I hope I can follow the episodes, because at this moment I can not. I keep getting an error when I use the site of sat1 to look at the episodes. It is not allowed in other countries:-( So I hope that sat1 unblock these episodes also....

  • #4

    San (Donnerstag, 15 September 2011 20:51)

    Ooo, a new "risk"? Sounds intriguing!

  • #5

    tamu13 (Donnerstag, 15 September 2011 21:55)

    aauuuuuuuuu (oath in blood in the moonlight at midnight :)

  • #6

    Clijsters3 (Montag, 19 September 2011 12:33)

    Danke for making this corner on Kasia's new role. Hope I can see her playing Olivia.

  • #7

    Conchi (Mittwoch, 21 September 2011 01:09)

    Uau! what a makeover Kasia has done!!!

  • #8

    naruhasashi (Dienstag, 11 Oktober 2011 23:52)

    hi..!! excellent interview...i know kasia is going to shine..!!but do you think that they are going to unblocked again the webside? because here in southamerica we can't see anna und liebe...T_T and we'll like to see kasia..!! =D

  • #9

    Lolo (Dienstag, 18 Oktober 2011)

    OMG! I am speechless about Kasia's new look. Nothing like sweet Emma! I do hope to get to see her. We dont have access to AudL in US either. Hope that changes on Oct 21st! Can't wait... :-)

  • #10

    Lolo (Freitag, 21 Oktober 2011 23:21)

    I just tried to watch Kasia on AudL and it is geoblocked.:-(

  • #11

    Tintin (Samstag, 22 Oktober 2011 08:31)

    Can't watch it here =(

  • #12

    yani (Freitag, 06 Januar 2012 16:44)

    I love kasia :) , i can´t watch kasia on audl ,but i happy just follow she by facebook :)