Episode 184

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Kommentare: 18
  • #1

    Kay (Dienstag, 28 Juni 2011 18:08)

    I got all excited thinking the next episodes are up but alas not quite yet

  • #2

    Jennifer (Dienstag, 28 Juni 2011 18:32)

    Thank you for all the translations! You are all irreplacable!

  • #3

    Che (Dienstag, 28 Juni 2011 19:34)

    *patiently waiting for translation... ;)

  • #4

    Amanda (Dienstag, 28 Juni 2011 19:37)

    Thank you guys for the translation. You are the best! ; ]

  • #5

    jemmatranslations (Dienstag, 28 Juni 2011 19:46)

    Oh sorry guys! We are a little after time because of the sad news we all got yesterday!

  • #6

    Che (Dienstag, 28 Juni 2011 20:02)

    Yeah, that really sux.. why must all good things come to an end.. :(

  • #7

    Kay (Dienstag, 28 Juni 2011 21:41)

    Is very sad times :( By the way what happened to Hotte?

  • #8

    Jennifer (Dienstag, 28 Juni 2011 21:55)

    in real life i dont know, but i think he moved to Las Vegas on the show.... dont know why..

  • #9

    Kay (Dienstag, 28 Juni 2011 22:04)

    Oh right thanks :P I missed some episodes and was wondering where he'd suddenly disapeared!

  • #10

    Jennifer (Dienstag, 28 Juni 2011 22:12)

    No Problem :o) If anyone knows what the note Jenny wrote Emma in class said in 185, please let me know, i think i get it but i am not sure (maybe... I still love you much?) but the cursive writing has thrown me off....

  • #11

    Claudia (Dienstag, 28 Juni 2011 22:23)

    I think it says something like "i'll only kiss you at home" because she's weird all of a sudden about school.

  • #12

    Jennifer (Dienstag, 28 Juni 2011 22:56)

    Thank you!

  • #13

    zoe (Mittwoch, 29 Juni 2011 00:23)

    hey, where are the transcriptions for episode 184 and 185 :(

  • #14

    Flora (Mittwoch, 29 Juni 2011)

    @Kay - Hotte got into a magician's school in Las Vegas, and left soon after the strike. The scene where Timo walks in on Emma and Jenny kissing on the piano bench is right after Hotte has said goodbye, with the three of them - Jenny, Hotte and Emma - singing a tearful version of "Be Mine".

  • #15

    jemmatranslations (Mittwoch, 29 Juni 2011 01:39)

    Hi guys, sorry for the tardiness,that is what happens when you log half of the team away somewhere else!We'll be back up to par soon enough,though! Thanks for your patience!xoxo

  • #16

    Roberta (Mittwoch, 29 Juni 2011 19:11)

    What happens with Spanish translations?

  • #17

    jemmatranslations (Mittwoch, 29 Juni 2011 21:35)

    Spanish is on! Have fun!

  • #18

    Lapetiteinternationale (Montag, 04 Juli 2011 21:48)

    Thanks so much for the translations... Now ladies, the big question, when is Emma gonna loosen up?! Jenny has the patience of a cow (although we all agree she is far from being one). Screen writers, it's time the tables turn a little, not too much though, it's rather nice seeing a 'bad girl' like Jenny be such a sweetheart.