Episode 184



[Previously on Hand aufs Herz]


Sophie:Emma was feeling really shitty, okay?

Ronnie: Even so, I don’t know what kind of retards did this. And if you don’t believe me you can piss off.


Sophie takes out her mobile phone.


Ronnie:And what’s that going to be?

Sophie:I’m calling Emma.


Something rings in Ronnie’s pocket.


Sophie:Why do you have Emma’s cell phone?

Ronnie:I’ve got nothing to do with it. You have to believe me.

Sophie:You are lying. Like always when your head is on the line. Exactly like the thing with Ben.

But you know something? I’m going to clear that up. Right now.

Ronnie:You don’t have the guts.

Sophie:Yes, I do. I’ll go to the police and tell them the truth. About the race,about the accident and about you.






[Pestalozzi, in the hallway]

Ronnie: Hey, wait just a moment!

Sophie: Take your hands off me!

Ronnie: Sophie. It is just a basted misunderstanding.

Okay, I admit. I was there.

But it is totally different from what you think.

I came by accidentally.

Sophie: And why didn´t you do anything?

Ronnie: I did. But I thought the guys were only making fun.

Sophie: FUN??? Four guys who threaten a girl?

Ronnie: When I realized what was going on, I made it clear to the guys that they should f*** off.

Sophie: And why do you have Emma’s mobile?

Ronnie: I stole it from these guys. I wanted to give it back to her today.

Hey, sweetheart. Don´t you get it???

I´m the good guy in this. I protected Emma.

Sophie: Really, well done. I´m going to the police.

You can forget about your alibi for the accident.



[Pestalozzi, auditorium]

Luzi:Are they crazy? Why am I not allowed to perform with you in public?

They can´t do that.

Caro: You have an exclusive contract. Exclusive with Raumzeit.

It´s onely logical

Luzi: Of course you wouldn´t have a problem with that.

Caro: Sorry, it´s a record deal.

Luzi: No, you're wrong. It´s about Stag.

Caro: Mhhh. A performance with Stag or your very own LP?

That´s a really difficult decision!!!

Bodo: They want to make a Star out of you. That´s why they don´t want you to sing with others.

That´s my what I'm thinking.

Bea: Well, singing is okay but she is not allowed to perform with us in public anymore.

Caro: Public is public.

Bea: But no one will mind if you rehearse with us.

Caro: And what use would these rehearsals be?

Who will sing Luzi´s part in the performances?

Luzi: Okay, I´m calling this off.

Bea: Luzi, don´t throw everything away now.

Luzi: I won´t let them forbid Stag to me.

Bea: Maybe it was a misunderstanding?

Try and talk to Frank Peters again.

Caro: Frank is a professional. He doesn´t put something like this in the contract for no reason.

Luzi: I went through every paragraph in this shitty contract with Stefan Bergmann.

And he said, that he has never seen such a fair contract.

Bea: So, no need to worry,

Caro: Stefan isn´t an attorney. He works in a credit institution.

Luzi: OKAY, CARO. You know everything. But can you just shut up??? I´m staying!!!

Bea: Cool.

Luzi: I´m at the label tomorrow and then I'll clarify that.




Stefan:Listen to me Ben. They are done with the survey of the accident now.

The only thing important right now, is that you make a good impression.

Do you understand?

Ben: YES, how oftten do I have to repeat myself?

Stefan: Nobody has asked you to crawl into someone's ass.

You're my son. A Bergmann and we don´t crawl and beg.

But I want you to pull yourself together. Show your good side.

Be friendly, clever. Be charming..
I mean, you can do that.

Whenever it´s about women, you don´t have a problem with that at all.

Ben: Yes. Can we go now???

Stefan: Yes, now I have to take care of your report.

Ben: Dad...

Stefan: I know




Bea:Then let’s start. Luzi, is everything ok?

Luzi:Everything’s fine.

Bea:Then come.

Luzi:Man, F**K! No contract in the world can forbid me to sing with my friends, right? Ok, that had to get out. Now I can start, too.

(STAG sings Lovefool)




Bea: Mrs Jäger? Could you please do me a little favor?

Mrs Jäger:It would be my pleasure.If it’s a big one, too.

Bea:I havve to go and I urgently need those copies by tomorrow.

Mrs Jäger:I’ll put them on your shelf.

Bea:Thank you very much!

Mrs Jäger:By the way, what are you doing here? Weren’t you going to attend the hearing of Ben Bergmann?

Bea:Hm, something else came up.

Mrs Jäger:Terrible story. Do you know how it went?

Bea:No, unfortunately I don’t know anything.

Mrs Jäger:I was just wondering because you are Ben’s counselor.

Bea:Uh, as I said, I know nothing. Thanks for the copies. I’ve got to go.

(Michael approaches, Bea leaves)

Michael:Yes, Ingrid, I also have something that needs to be copied.

Mrs Jäger:It’s actually none of my business…

Michael:The both of us are trying to avoid each other at the moment.

Mrs Jäger:I rather have the impression that you should talk and work this out.

Michael:We’ve been thinking about that already. But unfortunately it’s still too early for it.

Mrs Jäger:It doesn’t get better by waiting…trust me!

Michael:Yes, Ingrid, you’re right as always. Thank you!


(Michael follows Bea and Ben is watching them)


Michael:Bea, wait please! I think an apology for last night is due.

Bea:From me, too.

Michael:The fact, that we argue because Ben Bergmann is destroying a class room, is really idiotic.

Bea:I think so, too.

Michael:What about catching up on that evening and starting over with planning things for Venice?

Bea:Good idea.

Michael:Good. When?

Bea:I don’t have any time today. I’m meeting Miriam. Sebastian will watch some football and we’re going to do a girls’ night.

Michael:And I’m going to watch some football with Sebastian. We’ll do the guys’ night. (They laugh)Then maybe, uhm…


Michael:Tomorrow? Promise?


Michael:See you.

Bea:See you.


Ben:(alone)How many more times will you allow him to make a fool out of you?



[At RaumZeit Records]

Ronnie tries to call Sophie.


Ronnie:Dammit, pick up now!

Sophie’s voicemail:Hello, it’s Sophie. Message after the peep. Peep.

Ronnie:Hi, Sophie. It’s Ronnie. Why aren’t you picking up? Hey, you have to believe me. The thing with Emma…I really just wanted to help her. Don’t let me down now! (He hangs up) Damn bitch!

(Frank enters the office)

Frank:Hey! Trouble?

Ronnie:You’re back already?

Frank:Ronnie, what’s going on?

Ronnie:Nothing! (Frank takes Ronnie’s phone)Hey, what is this shi.t supposed to mean?

Frank:I just really have no desire for surprises after you had a drug party here last week. (He takes a look at Ronnie’s phone)Who is Sophie? Isn’t that the one you were partying with here?

(Frank throws the phone back to Ronnie)

Ronnie:We just argued and now she won’t call me anymore. That’s all.

Frank:(sceptical)That’s all? Ronnie, I’m not believing a f**king word you are saying

Ronnie:I just have some relationship stress, ok? Seriously! Dude, I’m totally crazy about Sophie. And she is breaking my heart! Man, I could cry!

Frank:Ronnie, ithat's a huge lie! So what have you done now??

(Frank’s phone rings)

Ronnie:Ok, I’ve got to go!

Frank:(He answers the phone)Hello? (To Ronnie who is leaving)Ronnie, wait! (To the phone again)Sorry! Hello, Marie! How are you?



[Pestalozzi, principal’s office]

Knocking on the door

Stefan Bergmann:Am I interrupting?

Helena:Of course not. What can I do for you?

StefanYou could do me a favour.

Helena:Here and now? Stefan.

StefanI’m sure you have gotten mail today from the Public Prosecutor’s Office.

Helena:Regarding the expert opinion fof your son. I was just about to initiate that.

StefanGood. Then I’m right on time.

Helena:On time? For what?

StefanI would like to make some suggestions with regards to content.

Helena:Well, well. You want me to sugar-coat an official document so your son can get off with a slap on the wrist. Isn’t this a punishable offence?

StefanYou know, Ben takes responsibility for his actions. I think he deserve a favourable report.

Helena:Hm. Ben Bergmann is an asset to the Pestalozzi School, with exemplary character and impeccable conduct. Something like this?

StefanHelena, I couldn’t have phrased it better myself.

Helena:OK. I will pass it on.


[Michael’s apartment]

Helena:Won’t you ask me to come in? (Don't she's a Vampire!!)

Michael:The last time you showed up here with official papers, the evening didn’t end well.

Helena:Didn't end well? But we had mind-blowing sex. I thought our night together isn't a problem anymore between you and Bea.

Michael:It isn’t.

Helena:Yes. You did confess your infidelity after all and I’m sure she gives you credit for you honesty.

Michael:Let’s stop this, Helena. My provoked confession was nothing more than an admittedly brilliant move on your part to split Bea and me up, but you have failed just as brilliantly.

Helena:If you think so. Let’s get down to business. The court has asked for an express expert opinion about Ben Bergmann.

Michael:Great. What has that got to do with me?

Helena:You are going to write this report.

Michael:I surely will not.

Helena:Yes you will, and by tomorrow morning, at that. By that time, it will have to be given to the judge.

Michael:No. You’ll have to find another idiot, I have plans already.

Helena:I’m afraid, I’ll have to insist. You have looked after him the last few weeks and your word as vice-principal won’t be questioned.

Michael:Yes well, vice-principal Heisig says no.

Helena:Unfortunate. You were my first choice.


Helena:Then, I’ll have to have somebody else write the report who knows Ben well.

Michael:You want Bea to write it.

Helena:Of course. Bea has devotedly cared for Ben and looked after him.

Michael:Fine. Give it to me ! I’ll write your damned report. At least that way the guy wiill get what he deserves.

Helena:Don’t you dare. There will be not one negative word.


[Bea’s apartment]

Miriam:Our men should watch football together more often. We haven’t had a girls’ night in ages.

Bea:I was this close to cancelling.


Bea:I did have a date for an evening of reconciliation with Michael.

Miriam:Wouldn’t that have been more important?

Bea:We’ll do it tomorrow.

Bea:Basically, everything has been settled, already. Michael was jealous because of Ben.

Miriam:And? Did he have a reason for that?

Bea:No. He knows I want to be with him. He also knows that Ben matters to me.

Miriam:Matters to you?

Bea:Ben and me… that would never work.

Miriam:Yes, because he is your student.

Bea:Because he is my student, because he demolishes classrooms, because he wants to run away with me. He is such a hothead and much too young. Michael and I, we have our difficulties but that’s different. We’ll work it out. We have been through a lot together, I can’t just throw that away. We are working on our relationship. I have a good feeling. I love him, after all.

Miriam:Say, did you listen to yourself just now?

Bea:Okay, maybe I should fight for him a little.

Miriam:Yes, if that’s what you want, then you should do that.

Bea:You know something? We’ll go out later and then I’ll show him that I’m fighting for him.

Miriam:Well then, you should pretty yourself up, young lady.



Sophie is sitting at the bar. Her mobile rings.

Sophie:Wow. An SMS at this hour!.

SMS message:Pick up already. I didn’t do anything to Emma, I’m not that mean. Let’s meet up. I have to see you. I miss you. Ronnie

Ben comes up to the bar.

Ben:Hey! A gin.


Ben:All alone. Where’s your wonderful boyfriend?

Sophie:We had a fight.

Ben gets his drink.

Bento the barkeeper: Thanks.

Bento Sophie: You don’t say.

Sophie:Ben, I’m sorry that I gave an alibi to Ronnie and that you have to pay for the accident all on your own.

Ben:It’s too late now anyway.s

Sophie:Has there already been a verdict?

Ben:I’ll know tomorrow.

Sophie:I made a mistake.

Ben:Well, sucks to hang around with the wrong people.

Sophie:I trusted him… despite everything.

Ben:Shows how much you can be mistaken.

Sophie:He was there for me when I didn’t have anyone else.

Ben:Being alone sucks. To the barkeeper:Hey, I’ll take another one.

Sophie:Me too.

Barkeeper:You won’t get any more drinks from me. You can have a Coke.

Sophie:What kind of shit is this?

Barkeeper:The last time, you toppled from the barstool. We had to call an ambulance.

Sophie:I don’t believe this.

Barkeeper:Go home. I’m serious.

Sophie:You know something? You can kiss my ass.






Ben:(to the bartender) Another one.


[Michael’s apartement]

(Sebastian is watching a soccer match while Michael is working on his report about Ben for the court)


Sebastian:(shouting at the tv) Man, take it! Take it! No! I can’t believe it! (to Michael) The purpose of a soccer evening is actually to yell at the tv together! Why are you doing that NOW??

Michael:Because I don’t want to pull an all-nighter doing it! That’s why!

Sebastian:(at the tv)Ahh..Yes, yes, yes! Ahhh!

Michael: (typing the report)So…The student Ben Bergmann is…

Sebastian:…a guy who is spoiling every single soccer evening.

Michael:I would like to write that, but that's not possible because this report has to be all positive.

Sebastian:Then write that he is a good boy. Done!

Michael:And the thing with the swimming pool? Burglary…party…devastation? All these things that were caused by him!?

Sebastian:He is also very engaged in extracurricular activities.

Michael:He had to attend my consultation-hours because of this. But he almost never showed up.

Sebastian:Well, he’s flexible when it comes to organizing his duties at school.

Michael:And that he has demolished half of a classroom?

Sebastian:He shows effort and creativity in designing classrooms.

Michael:I’m stuck with this. The problem is that I can get little Bergmann into jail with this report. And I would just love to let him rot in there.

Sebastian:Then why don’t you just do it? Then you would at least have finished faster.




Miriam:The match doesn’t seem to be over yet. I haven’t seen Michael and Sebastian yet. What about a drink at the bar?

Bea:I said I want to fight for my relationship, so I also can wait a little, hm?

Bea:Hey, what’s going on?


(Ben sitting at the bar)

Ben:(to the bartender)Master, another one like this…ok, not ‘master’…I just wanted to be polite.


Miriam:(to Bea)Just ignore him. The hearing must have been terrible.


Ben:(to the bartender)You know what? Nobody can mix as well as you! From now on I’ll call you mixing-master.

Bartender:It’s enough now, buddy! I’ll get you a cab.

Ben:No, you won’t! And I’m NOT your buddy either!


Miriam:Bea, Ben’s hearing is not your problem!

Bea:He’s totally thrown off the track!

Miriam:So what? It’s his life! Just stay out of it.

Bea:I let him down at the hearing today. I have to take care of him now. I’ll take him home.

Miriam:And what am I supposed to tell Michael when he arrives?

Bea:Nothing. Please.


Ben:Bea! The sun is rising!



Bea:You’re drunk!


Bea:I’ll take you home now!

Ben:You want to come to my place? I wouldn’t mind!

Bea:It’s anything but ‘ wanting to’.




Ben: Damn door.

Bea:Be quiet!

Ben:(shouting) Hello???...There’s nobody here.

Bea:Well it’s better that nobody sees you like this.

Ben:Do you want a Grappa(Italian schnaps)? The good stuff?. We have some here somewhere.

Bea:No, thanks.

Bea:Ben, is it that bad?

Ben:It’s hell.

Bea:What happened at the hearing?

Ben:Well, nothing. Everything has been delayed until tomorrow.

Bea:You have to go back there again tomorrow?

Ben:They want to see if I’m a good boy. Actually I AM a good boy.

Bea:Ben, your future will depend on that day tomorrow!

Ben:Who cares?

Bea:I won’t allow you to let yourself down.


Bea forces Ben to take different kinds of hang-over remedies and then puts him fully clothed under a cold shower.
Ben:Woa! Cold!
Bea:I'm so sorry. It's necessary.
Ben:Bea, I'm awake. Are you trying to kill me?
Bea:It's going to get warmer in a moment
She turns on the warm water. Then they make out in the shower.