Folge 176 - Outing auf dem Schulhof

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Stag performs Lovefool at the schoolyard
Stag performs Lovefool at the schoolyard

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  • #1

    Nico (Mittwoch, 15 Juni 2011 22:36)

    Missing the last sentence. Bea pronunciation is "Good luck" ;-)

  • #2

    showler (Donnerstag, 16 Juni 2011 00:54)

    There's a small continuity error during the kiss. You might not see it unless you watch the video twenty or thirty times in a row.

    I'd assume everyone here has seen it :)

  • #3

    Clijsters3 (Donnerstag, 16 Juni 2011 01:04)

    Love it! What a way to come out to the whole school. That was perfect, great song as well. Spotted the continuity error, but only after I read your comment Showler, so I didn't really spot it! Well done HaH.

  • #4

    Denise (Donnerstag, 16 Juni 2011 01:31)

    that was so cute. i giggled like a school girl when the kiss happened. silly me and my simple pleasures

  • #5

    Rebcca (Donnerstag, 16 Juni 2011 05:32)

    Wow just watching emma faces as she was walking up the books and then the flash backs so sweet. Perfect song for that moment..

  • #6

    honsei (Donnerstag, 16 Juni 2011 06:18)

    That continuity mistake isn't that small. Great scene, but the continuity gets to me (although I still watch it over and over and over).

  • #7

    Andy (Donnerstag, 16 Juni 2011 06:45)

    I'm with Honsei... that mistake wasn't that small!! But I enjoyed it (to much) anyways!!

    I thought I was the only one who giggled like a little girl when they kissed... guess that escene worth it!!!!!

    Can't wait to see the next episode!!!!

  • #8

    showler (Donnerstag, 16 Juni 2011 15:31)

    To be embarrassingly honest...I know the error was bigger than I suggested, but I wanted to make the joke about everyone here watching the clip twenty or thirty times in a I fudged things a bit.

  • #9

    Kai (Sonntag, 19 Juni 2011 05:21)

    Hey, hyperbole is always acceptable for a good joke, and that was a good joke...though it was really more like an unquestionable fact than anything. ;)

  • #10

    mycomputerisstuck (Dienstag, 21 Juni 2011 00:36)

    on repeat. this just makes me smile like a goofball. do i have to ever watch anything else??


176 - Outing auf dem Schulhof

Jenny: Wir schaffen dass, den Song performen wir wie im Schlaf.


Emma: Vielleicht, aber eigentlich wollte ich...


Bea: Dürfte ich eine Moment um ihre Aufmerksamkeit bitten. Wir haben eine kleine Überraschung.

         Die Stag performt... und zwar Lovefool von den Cardigans. Applaus bitte.


         Teu teu teu


176 - Saliendo al patio del colegio

Jenny: ¡Vamos, podemos hacerlo! ¡Podemos cantar la canción de nuestros sueños!

Emma: Sí, tal vez...¡pero yo ..!

Bea: ¿Podéis prestarme atención? ¡El STAG va a cantar Lovefool de The Cardigans!

176 - Faire son Coming out dans la cour d'école

Jenny: Allez viens, on peut le faire! On pourrait faire cette chanson dans notre sommeil!
Emma. Oui, peut être, mais je...
Bea: Puis-je demander votre attention à tous? Le groupe STAG va vous interpréter  Lovefool du groupe the Cardigans!

176 – Coming out στην αυλή του σχολείου (Coming out at the schoolyard)

Τζένη: Έλα, θα τα καταφέρουμε! Το τραγουδάμε ακόμα και στον ύπνο μας!

Έμμα: Ναι, ίσως… αλλά εγώ…!

Μπεα: Μπορώ να έχω την προσοχή σας? Οι STAG θα παίξουν! Lovefool από τους Cardigans.

Καλή επιτυχία!

176 – „Coming out” az iskolaudvaron

Jenny: Menni fog! Álmunkból felkeltve is tudjuk ezt a dalt!

Emma: Igen... talán... de én!

Bea: Egy kis figyelmet kérek! Van egy kis meglepetésünk! A STAG előadása következik a Lovefool című számmal a Cardigans-től!

176 – Menyatakan diri di halaman sekolah

Jenny: Ayolah, kita bisa lakukan ini! Kita bahkan bisa menyanyikan lagunya dalam tidur!

Emma. Ya, mungkin, tapi aku mau …

Bea: Boleh saya minta perhatiannya? STAG akan menampilkan lagu “Lovefool” dari “The Cardigans”!

176 - Coming out nel cortile della scuola


Jenny: Come on, we can do this! We could do the song in our sleep! Dai vieni, ce la faremo! Potremmo cantare questa canzone anche nel sonno!


Emma. Si' forse... ma io...!


Bea: Posso avere la vostra attenzione? Lo STAG si esibisce! Lovefool dei Cardigan!

          In bocca al lupo!

176 - 校庭のカミングアウト




Dai 176-ka ̄ kōtei no kaminguauto


Jenī:`Yoshi, dekiru yo! Kono uta o mō hyaku-kai yatta koto arukara'

Ema:`-Sō, tabun… demo… ano… atashi… !'

Bea:`Min'na chotto yoroshiidesho ka? STAG wa utatte imasu! Cardigans (kādiganzu) no Lovefool (rabu fūru)desu!'

176 - Uit de kast komen op de speelplaats

Jenny: "Kom op, we kunnen dit! We zouden dit liedje zelfs al slapend kunnen doen!"
Emma: "Ja, misschien... Maar ik..!"
Bea: "Mag ik alsjeblieft jullie aandacht? STAG gaat optreden! Lovefool van the Cardigans!"

176 - Comming out at the schoolyard


Jenny: Come on, we can do this! We could do the song in our sleep!


Emma. Yes, maybe... but I...!


Bea: May I ask for your attention? The STAG is performing! Lovefoolfrom the Cardigans!


       Good Luck!


176 - 在校園出櫃







176  - 在校园出柜





176 - Sortir de l’armari al pati de l’escola

Jenny: Vinga, ens en sortirem! Aquesta cançó ens la sabem de memòria.

Emma: Sí, potser sí, però jo....!
Bea: Atenció, sisplau. L’STAG cantarà la cançó Lovefool de Cardigans!
Bona sort!