Episode 216

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Episode 216
Episode 216







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  • #1

    Anns (Mittwoch, 10 August 2011 21:00)

    Best episode ever.

  • #2

    Ammy (Mittwoch, 10 August 2011 22:32)

    3 syllables to describe this episode: Ah-Maze-Balls!!!!

    The acting of Kasia and Lucy is at it's best ever in this episode...I even forgot to breathe a couple of times during their scenes and almost passed out.

    The only bad part about this episode is being so caught up in the intensity of the Jemma scenes only to have it abruptly cut to inconsequential scenes...AKA everyone else not Jenny and Emma, and I like some of the other story lines. It was just hard to be torn away from something I was so invested in at that moment.

  • #3

    Andi (Mittwoch, 10 August 2011 22:33)

    Just when you think this whole series coulnd't be more overwhelming, they make it again, and just throw this amazing episode right into your face!
    The Ingrid twist was the awesomest thing ever, until the Jemma "Traumfrau-du bist meine Jenny" scene, which just kicked all the awesomest things down from the podium and buried under the volleyball court with an awesome Xena's scream.

  • #4

    Carol (Mittwoch, 10 August 2011 22:36)

    Amazing episode,but there's something that I didn't like, on the last scene Jenny doesn't seemed to be worried about going to rehab in Ireland..WHY???Emma is devasted but Jenny seems to be ok,My God!!!!what's her problem?

  • #5

    Claudia (Mittwoch, 10 August 2011 23:15)

    I don't think Jenny's not worried, she's acting defeated. She's obviously been through a lot with her parents and believes she knows what will happen, and thinks she cannot change it. Funny though, having dealt with drug addicts a lot, the recovering ones who act all defeated are generally the ones who are managing their problems. The ones who kick and scream their denials generally are covering up a relapse.

  • #6

    Eyelesstrees (Donnerstag, 11 August 2011 00:33)

    Off. The. Charts.

    The whole thing: acting; writing; directing; translations (thank you!)

    If 'Anyone But Me' has had 10 million views can you imagine the commercial potential of a Jemma webseries?!

  • #7

    Renee (Donnerstag, 11 August 2011 00:37)

    This episode was sooo awesome! Thanks for the translations!

  • #8

    Alex (Donnerstag, 11 August 2011 01:33)

    Thanks for all your hard work on this website, I really appreciate it! I agree with everyone else, great episode!

  • #9

    Conchi (Donnerstag, 11 August 2011 01:51)

    Yeah, great acting from our girls and I insist, can anybody kill that bloody Ronnie please?

  • #10

    Carol (Donnerstag, 11 August 2011 02:01)

    Well, I still love all the cuteness but I miss their kisses!!
    Recovering kisses would be wonderful,just saying...

  • #11

    Conchi (Donnerstag, 11 August 2011 02:01)

    "You’re right. I have no idea. I don’t know what it’s like to be on drugs. And I don’t know how to get out of it again, either. I…I once tried not to eat sweets for a month."

    I love Emma's naivety...

  • #12

    Conchi (Donnerstag, 11 August 2011 02:05)

    Yeah, I miss their kisses too...

  • #13

    Metric07 (Donnerstag, 11 August 2011 04:09)

    Emma comparing drug addiction/withdrawal to trying to stay away from sweets for a month was insanely adorable. Crying and defeated Jenny is indeed a heartbreaking thing to witness but I'm loving the take charge Emma that's slowly beginning to emerge. Ahh this episode was such an emotional rollercoaster. The writing and acting in this show continues to blow me away. Also, as always, thanks so much for the translations :) The sidenotes always make me chuckle, I love those.

  • #14

    Marie-Helene (Donnerstag, 11 August 2011 04:51)

    Amazing episode indeed. I loved the images and music editing in the bathroom scene, very well done. And Lucy was outstanding in this episode, excellent acting from Kasia as well.

    Eyelestrees: "If 'Anyone But Me' has had 10 million views can you imagine the commercial potential of a Jemma webseries?!" When I read this news today on the AfterEllen website, I had the same thought. But I think the very best would be that Sixx decides to make a spin-off from HaHe in focusing more on the Jemma storyline, the STAG and the students lives in a one hour once a week format. With a web access (pay by view or paid subscription).

  • #15

    San (Donnerstag, 11 August 2011 05:28)

    Great episode! I echo what everyone has said above.

    Does anyone else feel left out now that Emma knows EVERYTHING?! Sure, we knew about Jenny's drug problem before her, but that doesn't mean we can't hear all about London and before. *annoyed sigh* *pout* I blame Bea.

  • #16

    Casandra (Donnerstag, 11 August 2011 14:28)

    Great episode. Wow! Emma is so patient. I like her naivety too.

  • #17

    angie (Donnerstag, 11 August 2011 18:51)

    Thank you, wonderful translatresses!! This ep was superb with great acting, story line and funny inserted creepy-Michael image! ;)
    Nothing can compare to the Jemma phenomenon!!

  • #18

    Clijsters3 (Freitag, 12 August 2011 12:48)

    Pure brilliance! Superb acting from Jemma and Emma is so lovely with Jenny they are very lucky to have one another. I want to watch these scenes over and over again.