Preview Clips Episodes 215-223

This week we decided to only do transcripts for clips including Jenny or Emma. If you still would like the transcripts for all preview clips, please let us know.


09.08.2011 - Episode 215 - Nasty Trap

Episode 215
Episode 215

Ronnie wants to take revenge on Jenny and mixes some drugs into her drink.

(At a party at RaumZeit Records)

Jenny: Is it still about the evening with Sophie?

Emma: No, it’s ok.

Jenny: Hey, I thought we’ve worked this out. I just wanted to help her.

Emma: Sure, it’s about your friend who had issues with drugs.

Jenny: Emma. Emma, I’m not into Sophie. I’m just into you.

Jenny leans in to kiss Emma but Emma won’t let her.

Jenny: What?

Emma: And what about Ronnie?

Jenny: There’s nothing.

Emma: Really nothing?

Jenny: Nothing at all. He’s just a pain in the ass. Well, like always, just forget about him.

Ronnie: Hey, Jack, come here. Just a second.

Ronnie takes a glass from the tray and pours some drugs into it.

Ronnie: (to Jack) Listen, This is for the left one over there. (he points at Jenny) Don’t tell her that it’s from me!

Sophie: How, I mean, how much have you poured into it?

Ronnie: Enough for a really awesome show. Relax!


09.08.2011 - Episode 215 - Dark Past

Episode 215
Episode 215

Emma gets to know Jenny’s past with drugs through a hint given by Ronnie

(At Pestalozzi, school yard)

Ronnie: Hey, Emma, are you waiting for Jenny?

Emma: Piss off!

Ronnie: (gives her a note) Uhm, take a look at this, it will be interesting for you. You’ll like it for sure.

Emma hesitates but still enters the link and sees a video showing Jenny taking cocaine.

Emma: Oh god, Jenny.


10.08.2011 - Episode 216 - Among Drugs

Episode 216
Episode 216

Jenny is struggling with the effects of drugs. Will she weather the relapse?

(At Pestalozzi, restroom)

Jenny is struggling with the effect of drugs. She tries to clear her mind with some water and leans against the wall.


11.08.2011 - Episode 217 - Drug Screening

Episode 217
Episode 217

Jenny has to attend drug screenings regularly due to her past. This could turn out to be a problem now.

(At Villa Bergmann)

Emma: Mr Bergmann, Jenny didn’t take any drugs.

Jenny: Emma!

Stefan: It’s ok! Tomorrow we will know whether Jenny took any drugs or not. You know, I promised her parents to take care of her while she’s staying here and to support her with her new beginning. And a monthly drug screening is a part of it. But if Jenny has nothing to hide, then you shouldn’t worry about it. Ok, now I would like to go on working.

Emma: But Jenny, I mean the screening…uhm…

Stefan: As I said, I would like to go on working.


12.08.2011 - Episode 218 - Emmas Plan B

Episode 218
Episode 218

Emma really wants to help Jenny. Will they find a way to manipulate the drug screening?

(At Pestalozzi, restroom)

Emma is checking every cabin. Nobody is there.

Jenny: Ok, Watson, tell me about your plan B.

Emma: Ok, how will this drug screening take place exactly?

Jenny: Like a doping check.

Emma shrugs

Jenny: At the Olympic games or the Tour de France?

Emma: I’m not familiar with it.

Jenny: You would have to submit a urine sample under supervision.

Emma: And the drugs are traceable in it for so long? So, when Ronnie administer you the drugs 48 hours ago, then…

Jenny: Well, with Speed, acid or cocaine it’s three days when you rarely take them. Otherwise it’s four weeks. With dope or Benzo even six. I’m familiar with it.

Emma: Yes, uhm…But they wouldn’t found anything in my urine, right?

Jenny: It’s not that easy.

Emma: Will they be with you on the toilets, or what?

Jenny: Well, kind of.

Emma: What do you mean?

Jenny: They are pros! They are expecting you to cheat!

Emma: But it doesn’t mean we can’t do it.

Jenny: I’m afraid it does.

Emma: No. I think you should work on your attitude, otherwise you will be on your way to an Irish rehab center in a few days!

Jenny: I know and that’s why I think we should use this time to do something nice.

Emma: I think we should use this time and find a way to get you out of this.

Jenny: You can be such a terrier.

Emma: And where will this test take place? At the doctor’s?

Jenny: No, they will come to me.


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  • #1

    San (Samstag, 06 August 2011 07:07)

    Sure, they're plotting to cheat a drug test, but they're so cute and lovey dovey doing it. Ein gutes Team!

  • #2

    Clijsters3 (Sonntag, 07 August 2011 11:36)

    Danke for the translations looks like an intense week for our girls.

  • #3

    angie (Mittwoch, 10 August 2011 01:07)

    Emma is the perfectly cute & loyal Watson!!! Go team!

15.08.2011 - Episode 219 - Positive Test

Episode 219
Episode 219

Drug Supervisor: The result is clearly positive.

Stefan: So Jenny did take some drugs.

Drug Supervisor: I’ll forward you the exact test result later but the quick test doesn’t show any doubts already.

Jenny: Stefan, it obviously won’t lead anywhere when I swear to you that Emma told the truth!

Stefan: Jenny, you know what I think about Ronnie. But it’s kind of strange that you make him the scapegoat for this exactly now! The test is clear. And you can’t prove your accusation! Obviously I’ll have to let your parents know about this.

Jenny: Yes, sure!

Drug Supervisor: You’ll receive the test result of the lab by mail.

Stefan: Thank you. I’ll be seeing you the door.

Drug Supervisor: All the best, Jenny!

(The Drug Supervisor and Stefan leave the living room.)

Jenny: (totally devastated, but also kind of mad)So that’s it. Bye, Emma. Bye, Cologne.


16.08.2011 - Episode 220 - Escaping from the Parents

Episode 220
Episode 220

Stefan:(on the phone) Yes, just let me know when you will have arrived…Exactly, I’ll send a car to pick you up...No, no, you don’t have to take the cab. No…

Ben: Where are you going?

Jenny: I’ll be running away. Stefan is talking to my parents at the moment. They totally freaked out because of the screening and tomorrow they will take Cessna to come here.

Ben: They’ll pick you up?

Jenny: Yes, they are going to put me into the clinic and take care that I won’t get lost on the way there.

Ben: Everything will be clarified for sure!

Jenny: No, this is my last chance now!

Ben: Yes, and where are you going now? To Emma?

Jenny: I’ve no idea. Just out of here. (She gives Ben a kiss on his cheek and leaves)Bye!

(Stefan approaches)

Stefan: (on the phone)See you tomorrow then! Bye bye! (to Ben) Ben! I thought I heard somebody talking.

Ben: Yes, it’s possible. I was on the phone with a friend.


17.08.2011 - Episode 221 - As Lodger At Luzi

Episode 221
Episode 221

Luzi: Ok, there you go. And when you’re going to do a pillow fight, please don’t do it too loudly, ok?

Jenny: (laughs) I think we’re rather going to do something else, huh?

Emma: Yes, uhm…uhm it’s really great that..that we can sleep here at your place.

Jenny: Yes. No, I’m really embarrassed that you have to stay in the living room because of us.

Luzi: Ah, nonsense! How often do you think have I already fallen asleep in front of the TV involuntarily?! Uhm, I think I’ll let the two of you alone now.

Jenny: Thank you for everything, Luzi!

Luzi: Sleep well!

Jenny: Uhm, Luzi! I’ve got another favor to ask you.

Luzi: Tell me.

Jenny: Uhm, could you maybe step in for me for the gig of STAG?

Luzi: Ah, right. You can’t be there. Uhm, ok, I’ll do it.

Jenny: Cool, thanks!

Luzi: Sure. Then good night, Emma! Good night, Jenny!

Emma & Jenny:Good night, Luzi!

(Emma and Jenny start to tease each other, to giggle….)


17.08.2011 - Episode 221 - Difficult Conditions

Episode 221
Episode 221

STAG is going to have a gig. But everybody is bothered by his/her own problems.

[At Pestalozzi, school yard]

Timo: STAG feat. Luzi Beschenko! BÄHM! No, seriously now, thanks very much for stepping in for Jenny!
Luzi: It’s impossible to let STAG down at an important gig like this! And you? You’ve started singing again, right?

Timo: Honestly, I thought I’d rather be the support, in the background.

Luzi: Ok.

Timo: (to Emma) Say, have you got some news from Jenny again?

Emma: No, unfortunately I haven’t.

Timo: Damn. It’s really strange.

(Ben joins them)

Ben: Hey! What are you doing?

Bodo: We’re going to sing in ‘High Budget’ today. They are celebrating their anniversary or something like that. Ms Vogel has managed that we’re allowed sing there during class. Cool, right?

(Caro joins them)

Caro: Provided that she’ll show up. Otherwise the party is going to take place without us…and this ‘amazing’ performance.

Bodo: (totally ironic) Awesome how happy you are again for the successes of STAG!

(Bea shows up)

Bea: Sorry for being late. Ben…what are you doing here? Do you want to join us?

Ben: No, no, I’ll need some distance. I mean, from the music and other emotional stuff. I mean…uhm, yes, …stupid…uhm, have fun!

Bea: Yes, we’ve to go. Luzi? What are you doing here?

Luzi: Uhm, I’m stepping in for Jenny.

Bea: It’s nice that you’re going to sing with us again!

Luzi: Yes, I think so, too.

Bea: (to Emma) How is Jenny doing? Will she get well soon?

Emma: Yes. But she won’t return anytime soon.

Bea: Oh, ok…Yes, we’ve to go. The bus is waiting.


17.08.2011 - Episode 221 - Feeling like Running Away

Episode 221
Episode 221

Karin gives Jenny a piece of her mind about running away with Emma just like that.

[At Beschenko’s]

Karin: Good Morning, Jenny!

Jenny: Hi! Good Morning!

Karin: How are you? Could you sleep at least a little?

Jenny: Not really. You’re going to call Mr Bergmann now, right?

Karin: Do you see any phone in my hand? (Jenny is relieved) Would you like some coffee?

Jenny: Yes, please.

Karin: Sit down.

Jenny: Thanks.

Karin: I know how it is…when you just feel like running away. Its’ a nice thought. To run away from everything. But you also have to be aware of what it really means. Giving up on your whole life until now also means to leave all your securities behind.

Jenny: Yes, sure but it also means the absolute freedom. Well, purely theoretically.

Karin: Sure, purely theoretically. But are you really free when you have to escape the whole time? To only be on the run? Especially when you’re doing it with someone else.

(Jenny starts thinking about Karin words)

Karin: I was in love once, too. Whatever your decision will be, think about what it means for the two of you. I’ll be at the villa later. And as I’m a mother too, I can’t and won’t keep the fact from your parents and Mr Bergmann that you were here last night. Ok?

(Jenny nods)

Karin: Though it’s still 3 hours until then.

Jenny: (smiles) Thank you!

Karin: Bye.


18.08.2011 - Episode 222 - Goodbye for a longer Time?

Episode 222
Episode 222

Emma is strongly convinced about running away with Jenny. Thus she says her friends goodbye.

(STAG after the gig)

Woman: Suuuuuper!! Thank you very much!!

Emma: Thank you, too!! But I really have to go now.

Woman: What is going on? Mrs Vogel also left already, during the performance.

Ben: She had to do something important at school.

Emma: Yes, I also have to go home. I, uhm, still have things to do for school.

Woman: Ahh. Ok. (to the others) Don’t you want to have a drink?

Timo: Of course!

Bodo: Of course we want to have a drink! After THIS performance!

Ben: Well, I’m out of here. (to Emma) Do you want us to share a cab?

Emma: Yes! It would be great! Because I’m in a rush.

Ben: Ok.

Emma: Wait.

Ben: I thought you were in a rush.

Emma: I…still…have to say goodbye.

Ben: Ok. I’ll be outside.

(Emma starts saying goodbye to her friends.)

Emma: Bodo.

Bodo: See you later!

Emma: See you later.

Emma: (to Timo) Let me give you a hug!

(Emma wants to give Caro a hug)

Caro: Ah, hands off!!

(Emma sighs and just puts a hand on Caro's shoulder)

Emma: Luzi.

Luzi: Emma.

Emma: You were singing really greatly! Too bad you aren’t in the STAG anymore. Well it’s partly also my fault.

Luzi: It’s ok. Thanks.

Emma: See you!

Luzi: (quietly) Uhm, just leave the keys on the table, ok? (normally again) And when you see Jenny then send her my regards!

Emma: I will.

Luzi: Ok. Bye.

Caro: What is going on with her?

(Everybody shrugs, only Luzi smiles knowing what is going on)


18.08.2011 - Episode 222 - No Way Back?

Episode 222
Episode 222

Jenny’s parents really do want to pick her up and charter her to Ireland.

[At Beschenko’s]

Jenny is writing a letter to Emma while her parents are impatiently waiting for her.

Christin Hartmann: Jenny!

Rolf Hartmann: It’s time.

Jenny: I really didn’t take anything!

Karin: She’s writing to Emma.

Christin: We know. Actually we’ve hoped that this rather unusual relationship would give her a little stability. But obviously we were wrong.

Rolf: Thank you very much for having supported her.

Karin: Supporting is a bit exaggerated. I mean, she is an adult already.

Rolf: Yes, she WOULD LIKE to be one. Jenny, how long do you still take?

Jenny: A second.

Rolf: You’ve already said that.

(Jenny finishes and puts the letter into an envelope.)


19.08.2011 - Episode 223 - Last Rescue Ben

Episode 223
Episode 223

Ben has an idea how to help Emma and Jenny so that she doesn’t have to leave for Ireland.

[In front of the Bergmann Villa]

(Emma is sitting at a light post, crying and totally devastated. Ben comes by.)

Ben: Emma?

Emma: She’s gone.

Ben: Jenny?

Emma: Her parents have picked her up and are going to bring her to a clinic in Ireland. Even though she didn’t take any drugs.

Ben: Shi.t.

Emma: And it’s all the fault of this a**hole!

Ben: Ronnie.

Emma: He slipped her the drugs.

(Ben helps Emma up)

Ben: And nobody wants to believe her.

Emma: I’ve tried everything to prove her innocent but I don’t know…I just don’t know how! Yes, and now she’s on the way to the airport.

Ben: Do you know where she will depart from?

Emma: Yes.

Ben: Wait a moment!

Emma: What are you going to do?

Ben: I’m going to help you prove Jenny innocent! I’ll just go and get my keys for the car.

Emma: But…

Ben: Don’t worry! I got back my driver’s license yesterday.

(Emma’s hope and fighting spirit start sparkling again)


19.08.2011 - Episode 223 - I Have Changed

Episode 223
Episode 223

Jenny takes one last shot at changing her parents’ minds.

(Jenny and her parents arrive at the airport)

Jenny: Mama! I know what you’re thinking but you’re making a mistake!

Rolf: The only one here who made a mistake, darling, is you. And now you’ll learn to take responsibility for it.

Jenny: I didn’t backslid!

Christin: Jenny! We don’t want to hear any excuses anymore.

Jenny: It’s not excuses! It’s the truth!

Rolf: Yes. You’ve always claimed that. ‘No, I don’t take anything…No, it’s not my stuff’. We sent you here because we assumed that - away from your alleged friends - you would get some common sense. We trusted you.

Jenny: But you still can! There is a guy at school. He’s selling the drugs there. I’ve messed with him. He discovered that I used to have something to do with drugs and then...then he screwed me! Then he slipped me something so that EXACTLY THIS would happen!! Please, you have to believe me! I’ve changed! I’ve established something here! I’ve got a girlfriend here! Please don’t take it away from me!

Rolf: I…I would like to believe you but you have lied to us too many times.


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  • #1

    Clijsters3 (Freitag, 12 August 2011 20:41)

    Oh no this is too sad, looks like it's Ben to the rescue. This week is going to be epic I seem to be saying that about every week but it really has hot up over the past couple of weeks. Lucy's acting is wonderful.

  • #2

    San (Samstag, 13 August 2011 06:08)

    Oh, Frau Beschenko, you are so wise. I'm very interested in what Ben's going to do.

  • #3

    Alice (Samstag, 13 August 2011 12:01)

    When will the english sub's be up?

  • #4

    Andi (Samstag, 13 August 2011 12:59)

    What a week behind and ahead of us! High five for HAH writers!

  • #5

    Tintin (Samstag, 13 August 2011 17:22)

    Thanks for the preview clips and I can't wait for the next episodes! =)

  • #6

    Clijsters3 (Sonntag, 14 August 2011 11:19)

    I must say I'm loving the clip from ep. 221 with Jemma at Luzi's it's good to see them happy especially after watching the clips after where there's a lot of sadness.

  • #7

    San (Sonntag, 14 August 2011 22:55)

    @Clijsters3 Me too!!! They are so freakin adorable and playful.

  • #8

    Andi (Montag, 15 August 2011 10:09)

    My favourite scene is with Luzi's mother, that's a significant conversation... oh I really love her character, her relationship with her daughter or everyone else around her! :)

  • #9

    Clijsters3 (Dienstag, 16 August 2011 17:09)

    @San glad you agree! They are such a good couple, there's no awkwardness (is that even spelt right?!) between them unlike some actresses playing a lesbian role I could mention. These last few weeks are going to be Jemma epic.

  • #10

    Red (Dienstag, 16 August 2011 20:08)

    OMG! Ben and his bum fluff to the rescue! Each week just gets better. Why the hell did they cancel this after so short a time, when 'Neighbours' has been churning out crap for 26 years?!?!

  • #11

    LIZ from USA (Mittwoch, 17 August 2011 02:13)

    I want to know Red why as well did they cancel this show. It is really good and even crazy Americans like myself like watching it as well. Of course, it is not easy to get the full episodes to watch at times, but when I have been able to find has been really good, and every week seems to get better. So why is it getting canceled? And like Emma wanting to help Jenny right there anything that anyone can do to stop the cancellation of this show? Is it totally too late to save the show?


  • #12

    Red (Mittwoch, 17 August 2011 19:58)

    So if crazy Americans like Liz and sane Brits ;o) like me are watching Hand aufs Herz all we’re left to wonder is why the target audience in Germany isn’t watching. Still, I’ve learned a damn site more German these past few weeks than I learnt in school. Maybe if my teacher had looked like Jenny or Emma, or even Bea or Helena, dammit I’m not fussy...

  • #13

    Liz from USA (Freitag, 19 August 2011 04:16) your comment above I am straight and love this show and the Jemma storyline. However, I love the Ben and Bea, and Luzi and Timo stories as well. Love is love...even if it is just in a storyline on a television show. This show has been so much fun to watch. My German is terrible, but I have learned a lot just by actually watching this show. I just think if SAT1 realized how many people outside of Germany watch their show, they might reconsider canceling it. I think they must know but still feel it is not profitable enough to keep it going. I wish we knew what the real reason was...if money, why not open it up to the international fans. Technology today has many sites and places online to set up viewing the episodes and maybe pay a small price. I would if it meant for the actors to get paid...if that is the real issue. Not sure what the issue or issues are really. It sucks either way. :o(