German Soap Award 2011

Lucy won the 'female fan prize' of the Soap Award in Hamburg. Congratulations, Lucy!

Soap Award? Ja: Soap Award. Der Soap Award ist ein Preis, der von Fans verliehen wird. Und Lucy hat für ihren ersten Auftritt in einer Soap gleich den ersten Platz abgeräumt und Kasia ist Zweite geworden. Und das mit Abstand, wie Ihr sehen könnt:

Platz 1: Lucy - 15.721 Votes

Platz 2: Kasia - 12.910 Votes

(Und Platz 4: Vanessa Jung - 5.724 Votes)

Auf dieser Seite gibt es ein paar Pics und einen Bericht zum Tag in Hamburg.



Soap Award - A Day in Hamburg

Now, let me preclude this by saying that I actually didn't really intend to go. After basically breaking down in tears in front of Kasia and Lucy on the fan day (You're soohoo great, you have no idea how much your storyline touches all of us... from all over the, say something to your international fans!) I was kind of a little embarrassed to show up AGAIN in front of them... in a completely different city, to boot. Makes one look a little creepy and stalkerish, no?


But then... you know, some people were like: ”Oooh, I can't goo..and there won't be any live reports..and..” Well..I had the weekend off and Hamburg is only a couple of hours by train.. so I decided to meet up with some friends and fans... and to do a live twitter report and maybe another little video..”looking for Chulos” or something of the sort. Maybe.


So, after a lot of undercover work of getting tickets from people I had never seen before, and hanging out for an unproportionate amount of time at the crappiest train station ever, we went to the red carpet to get some pictures.

Welcome to the p!nk Carpet show!
Welcome to the p!nk Carpet show!

Now, this wasn't the Hand aufs Herz and another soap fan day... but the Soap Award for like every soap under the searing Hamburg sun! Which translates to the maybe one hundred fans at the fence being hardly of age to buy liquor... in any country, severely girlish and boy crazy. We were asked, in fact why we weren't all over the well built young men, to whichh we only answered that we were after the well built young women. The teens took it in stride....more handsome good smelling males for them, I guess.

Of course, I met some of the ususal suspects from the crazy Jemma world, cause you know, how we're everywhere and crazily interconnected, in a yet undramatic unsexual way.

Pink Carpet Show

I spent over an hour being squished against the fence while the girl next to me kept explaining who got out of what car and what show they were playing in. The stars were really nice and kept coming over to the fans, which were kept quite a ways away from the actual red, I mean pink carpet.

Finally! After over an hour in the searing sun, Kasia, Lucy, Dennis (Hotte) and Franciska (Sophie) simply strolled around the corner and onto the red carpet.

Dennis, who had tweeted earlier that he had to take Kasia to the barber's first, looked like had come hoppping straight from Vegas, in his dorky and absolutely sweet way, with bowtie and everything, while Kasia was rocking the Marlene Dietrich 30's look. I reaaally need to see Kasia's hairdresser, cause I have been scared to get my hair cut for the past two years, and am now resembling a member of the Kelly family. But damn, Kasia's hair... it keeps making me swoon in a diferent way each and every time!'s the hair..only the hair,of course..'s the hair..only the hair,of course..

She rocked it in a pin stripe suot with a pencil skirt. Lucy was wearing a halterless, golden dress and looked fabulous as always. I never figured out what the feathers were about on that dress, maybe they were to emphasize how she is a golden bird out of paradise?

Anyways, both looked, unsurprisingly enough, stunning. After hopping straight onto the pink carpet, they waved a few times, and then were told to come over and say Hi! To the fans.

So, they almost got run over by one of the Smarts, that carried in the other Stars and stood right in front of us, with time and leisure on their hands. I was a little surprised because after they were both so warm and sweet on the fan day, they seemed a little distant and more professional, while still being flawlessly sweet and nice, of course.


They were suddenly so close and had so much time, that I couldn't think of anything to ask them or say! The only thing I could think of was to ask Kasia to take a picture with me. Yeah, bummer, sorry guys... I couldn't ask them to do another Hi! to their international fans, and I seriously thought they'd be at the meet and greet at the fan party later.


And anyways, while I was still in the throes of blondness, the girl to my other side, another Jemmafan I had briefly met on fan day suddenly started asking Kasia if she had read her email, about the site she wanted to do, gave her a cd with a song she had sung for her and asked if Kasia still had the bracelet she had made for her..and umm...


The fans cheered, and I cheered with them, but the pitch was off, too high, and too creepy, and I don't know..their distance suddenly made a bit more sense..I felt more and more trapped in a Hitchcock movie.

Lady de Winter? Is it you???
Lady de Winter? Is it you???

Remember how I thought that going to Hamburg would seem a bit stalkerish? Some people never had that concern! Eeeek,eeek,eeek. Well, the girls were very endearing and indulging, and took pictures with everyone.

Eek, eeek, eeek...
Eek, eeek, eeek...

Dennis kept taking Kasia's purse, and every time a fan wanted to take a pic with her, he'd go all, ”No, let me!” and took a pic of them. He's like the sweetest guy ever, and I'm a spontaneous fan. He also tweets stuff when he and Kasia hang out, so follow him @dennisschigiol on twitter. The world needs more friends like him. And yes, I decided to pimp the poor guy now.;-)

It's always the guys taking the pictures for us, somehow...
It's always the guys taking the pictures for us, somehow...

At one point Lucy spotted a guy with a Portugal T-Shirt, and asked him if he was from Portugal. My breath caught, cause guys, the girls know that you're out there, and they were looking for you!

Lucy looking for her international fans
Lucy looking for her international fans

They do love their international fans! It turned out,that he was only a fan of the Portuguese soccer team...and deaf.

So, Lucy was all, “Oh, I don't know any sign language... but wait, we did this piece for STAG the other day! How did it go again, Franci?” And she and Franci stumbled their way through “Chasing Cars” in sign language for him.

It was totally adorable and sweet. Even if very obviously stolen from Glee... but I'm not complaining. Looking forward to that ep very much.


So, finally they sauntered off inside, to the soap awards, and we were stuck in our let's get the tickets gear in some other part of the city from where the live screening would take place. My new friend Speedx had VIP tickets, and got to take some pics with the girls inside the hotel.

The so called "Fan Party"

We hurried to the S-Bahn (trains) rushed back to the main train station to get some food, for me to tweet some pics and charge my phone, then we hurried to the car and changed into our evening gear in the middle of the thankfully deserted street.

Fancy enough for the Club?
Fancy enough for the Club?

The club where the live screening and fan party was to be held had a “fancy” dresscode and an age limit of no younger than 18. No problem on all counts.

By the time we made it..the show was over. But it seems like we didn't miss much - there are videos on YT:

I was a little thrown by the club, though... not that I was basically immediately interviewed the moment I had sat down.

“What do you think about the soap award?”

“Uuuhh..(absolutely no clue..) It's something like the Daytime Emmy's right?”(Thank you, Otalia and Guiding Light!!)

"Who's your favorite soap star?"

“Kasia Borek and Lucy Scherer!”

“If you had to decide on one which one would it be, and what would you aks her?”


Well, anyways, I felt a little sorry for the girl who interviewed me, since there were about thirty people in the whole club..most of them who looked like they had barely made the age limit. Actually, one even asked us if she could go inside with us, cause she was underage. Didn't work out, though.

Anyways, we hung out with wildly expensive drinks... and blergh electro, and I got to enjoy the company of some more friends I had made at the fan day.


Not one to pass up a party, we danced a little, knowing that as long as the dancefloor would be empty, the every present camera people wouldn't film us. But a few of the younger girls finally joined us on the dancefloor, I went up to ask the DJ to play a song, he paid me no heed, and suddenly I was ushered back down on the floor and was kind of trapped on there. Cause the “live act” showed up. A boy band. Oh yay. Yippiee..yippiee yay, yay.


So, there were like ten girls on that floor, amongst them two girls in tank tops and I, and a few very, very straight and drunk ones, and a bunch of boys, who thought they were all that and couldn't even sing the froggy refrains live. The camera guy was really trying to do his best to make it all look like THE party of the year, while the other “normal” girls and I tried our best to hide behind teenagers, that were even shorter than we were.

I mean... I have been through some lame things in the course of my life... but this was by far the lamest. You know, how sometimes you dream of something, and then you wake up, and it takes you a while to reorient yourself, and then you was reeeaaally bizarre.


Well, this was really bizarre! And at some point, I grew tired of hiding behind my hair and behind the girl in front of me, and having a microphone shoved into my face by a boy that could not exactly have been my son, but my little nephew, to sing along to a song that I have never heard before in my life. I simply doubled over and laughed.


It would have been a little funnier, I admit, if I wouldn't have been trapped on that dancefloor, that was encircled by bodyguards, (presumably to keep the masses of nonexistent “Varsity Club” fans off the boys' backs”) being filmed against my will. (Things you reeeaally wouldn't want your boss to see...) and in the middle of a lame song that was just absolutely undanceable.


Thankfully, the “magic” didn't last too long, and a couple of actors and actresses from “Anna und die Liebe” or some other soap showed up for some autograph signing.

I went to check that out and to fool around with some of the decorations, and lo and behold... I wasn't being let back to my friends or wildly overpriced drinks.

Hmm..strange pictures in Hamburg's High society clubs
Hmm..strange pictures in Hamburg's High society clubs

Kicked out

“Members only” the guy in the hooded sweatshirt said to me. And a guy with a blue bracelet was let by.. while my red bracelet was a no go. It was eleven PM and we were being kicked out. I managed to convince him to let me get my stuff, and out I went, where I met up with some other fans, that I had met briefly during the fan day. My friends soon followed behind. We were furious. Most had come simply for the fan party and the meet and greet with the stars at said fan party, the red carpet thing was to be a side show, only. And now there we were, at eleven at night kicked out from the party we paid 22 Euros for.


Well, the night was mild, and there was a Lesbian party only a few blocks down, so my friends and new friends decided to go and check that out and to write to the people responsible that we wanted our money back. A group of other fans, however, decided to go to the hotel, where the awards had been held, and where the after show party was taking place. They'd go there to complain, they said. Only to complain.


I strongly disagreed, cause what use would it be to complain to some people there, who had absolutely nothing to do with the whole organization... write a few mails, get a lawyer even, get our money back, and have some more fun together. Go to a real party! Most of all: Leave the girls in peace! Kasia and Lucy! Leave them alone in their free time, in their after hours, partying it up, at almost midnight.


But they wanted to go and complain, only..not pester the girls, so our paths parted. So they went and complained... and finally got the security people to send the stars outside... Lucy at first didn't want to come out, until Rocco (Timo) went in to get her... and then everyone and no one took pictures with them, asked them for hugs and everything. Speedx, who'd come along cause her hotel was around the corner was so traumatized, that her whole Jemma bubble was severely burst.


It was the dark side of fandom... I still strongly disagree with stalking people in their well deserved free time, as do all of our team, and that is why you will not find any of the numerous pictures that of course were posted all over facebook the next day, on the jemmainternational site.


“Oh you look so pretty!” still makes me puke. And "I miss you.." Really? I think that's a bit scary... sorry.


And I am not talking behind people's backs here, cause I told them to their faces, that I was strongly opposed to it and that the girls should be left in peace... well for some people the lines between fiction and reality are a little blurred.

A real party for us

Good times!
Good times!

Anyways, obviously my crew and I weren't there... and it turned out, that Frieda84 had parked her car right around the corner from the Lesbian Club. Now, if that isn't gay instinct! It also turned out, that the majority of the gay girls with us had never been to a Lesbian bar, ever before. So in we went, and I have been overdressed at some Lesbian events, but never THAT overdressed.


The music was fantastabulous, finally, the prices okay, the atmosphere great. It was the sort of monthly party, where goodlooking girls of all kinds spontaneously get up on the tables to dance cause the music is so good, and Becks in hand freak it up on the dancefloor, and holler with happiness at about every new song.


A good party for a “first lesbian party ever” party :-) We danced until we couldn't feel our feet anymore, piled ourselves into Frieda's tiny car and drove around Hamburg until the sun came up, cause we couldn't, for our lives, find the autobahn.


It was a weird day, to be honest, and full of good and bad but it was interesting, and fun!

When Frieda says she'll bring a mattress... she brings a freakin' mattress!
When Frieda says she'll bring a mattress... she brings a freakin' mattress!

We got to see and talk to Lucy and Kasia, even though not when and as expected, we did get to spend some time with each other, and grow more as friends and as a community, even though it also showed some of the darker sides, and that didn't exactly go as planned either, and we returned each to her own city, exhausted and happy.


At this point I'd also like to thank you guys, whom I have never met, for all your love and gratefulness!


You are the best of fans, and even if I must admit, that I was a little shocked, especially after I got back home,and realized, that my pictures had started appearing all over the internet, without credit or source, even the ones I was on, you guys quickly eclipsed all the awkwardness.


This is a teen soap, in its original incarnation... and maybe it's a sign of the times, that some of the kids have a strange relationship to distance and want, and oversharing (i.e. Spoiler pics) but it is also a sign of the times, that we who kind of share a destiny and a love form a community that branches out over oceans and continents.


Lucy and Kasia were looking for you guys... We are thinking of a few ways to let them know, that you're out there.. It's time to get a little more interactive ;-)

The biggest of hugs to you!




P.S.: I'd like to thank Gina for her pics, and her parents for blessing her with genes of tallness, Rike (Frieda) for her driving skills, Ann for a place to sleep, Natzl for dropping by spontaneously, and everybody who danced with me ;-) Speedx, happy to have finally met you, and thx for the insider pics! You guys rock so effin much, it was a pleasure!!!

The gang! Lucy Scherer, Franciska Friede, Dennis Schigiol, Kasia Borek
The gang! Lucy Scherer, Franciska Friede, Dennis Schigiol, Kasia Borek

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