Episode 1

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Episode 1 (yep, Emma with dark hair!)
Episode 1 (yep, Emma with dark hair!)


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  • #1

    KIKKY (Montag, 12 September 2011 21:57)

    U are great!!!!!!!!
    Thank u sooo much!!!!

  • #2

    Cynthia (Montag, 12 September 2011 22:27)

    awwwww emma's fringe in the screenshots

  • #3

    Kirsty (Montag, 12 September 2011 22:47)

    You guys are the best! Thank you so much.

  • #4

    amidola (Montag, 12 September 2011 22:49)

    Guys, the Team German crew would like to know, if you even want and need their transcripts, so it would be nice and kind of you to speak up on the matter:-)

  • #5

    Alex (Dienstag, 13 September 2011 01:38)

    I can't wait to actually watch these episodes but for now just reading the transcript is fun! So Luzi is actually on the volleyball team? She's pretty critical of them later so I'm surprised she started out with them. Also, major bonus points for the "my stepmother is an alien" reference. haha

  • #6

    San (Dienstag, 13 September 2011 04:56)

    @TeamGerman I find the German translations incredibly useful. I personally like to refer to them to recognize the words and what is actually being said. Please stay! You are much needed. *kisses*

  • #7

    Libellule (Dienstag, 13 September 2011 06:33)

    I don't know when I'll be able to see these episodes, but it doesn't matter; the transcript with the screenshots is more than enough for me to recreate the story in my head. Plus I'm so happy for the opportunity to read some more hilarious notes. :)

    So Bea was part of a band called "The Singing Lunettes"? Seriously? I'm still laughing at that, as lunettes mean glasses in French. The Singing Glasses, hahaha, this band has to be created now! For a few seconds I was wondering if it was intended and then I remembered the brilliant writing team of this show; so yeah, most probably intended.
    And imagining somebody screaming "murderer!" at a "singing glasses lady" has me kept on laughing.

  • #8

    Libellule (Dienstag, 13 September 2011 06:48)

    Hotte, my dear magician, you're back! How I missed your sweet dorkiness! :)
    Talking about magics, Emma in her early (hair)style looked like she was coming straight out (pun intented :p) from Lord of the Ring...

  • #9

    Libellule (Dienstag, 13 September 2011 06:53)

    Transcript note of the day:
    Ben: Really? I already know all the important things about you.
    (meaning: You like Gin Tonic, which means you have Lesbian inclinations, which means, I am going to be wearing a lot of plaid..)

    Again, so happy to read these notes. You rock!

  • #10

    Tintin (Dienstag, 13 September 2011 08:05)

    I miss Emma! Thank you! =)

  • #11

    Prou (Dienstag, 13 September 2011 08:39)

    You are great! Thanks a lot! Now i have a very good reason to get up in the morning...
    Please keep the German translations, to be able to know what they say is so much better.
    DANKE!! You are the best!

  • #12

    Kirsty (Dienstag, 13 September 2011 12:38)

    Please keep the German translations if you don't mind. It helps when I'm trying to learn new words and phrases. So, excited, am going to watch this again tonight and this time I will know what they're saying :) Thank you!

  • #13

    Wired (Dienstag, 13 September 2011 14:52)

    Translation of episode 1!! Yay! Even though I can't watch it at all (I don't have the DVD) I love reading the translation - especially with Ami's comments. The Ben stalker comment and spitting up on the train was funny! Anyways, love the pictures of dark haired Kasia. Boy she can change her look quite alot can't she? I love it!

    thanks so much!

  • #14

    San (Dienstag, 13 September 2011 15:22)

    My DVDs are still in transit!! I want to see young, Xena-hair Bea perform "Push It" soooooo bad. Tell me that it's as funny and awesome as I'm picturing? Lie to me if you have to. The heated past of Bealexandra is fun to picture as well - very messy breakup :)

  • #15

    JK (Dienstag, 13 September 2011 18:21)

    The DVDs just came in today's mail! Thanks so much for the English translations!

  • #16

    Anns (Dienstag, 13 September 2011 18:58)

    Damn you Amazon.de. Need mah DVDs nao.

  • #17

    Kirsty (Dienstag, 13 September 2011 22:36)

    I miss Alexandra. I wish they'd kept her, and just think what they could've done in a second season. Maybe some kind of Bea-Helena-Alexandra love triangle. Aaah- or Alexena, there's a power couple...
    Anyway, Emma rocked Dreams and it was great with Luzi and Hotte joined in- have you seen the 'official' video for this on ytube? Very sweet.
    Those 'other STAG member'extras were a bit wooden though! Had no-one told them what they should be doing?!
    I'm glad we have these old episodes to work through and can stay together picking through things for a good while longer :))

  • #18

    Clijsters3 (Mittwoch, 14 September 2011 11:08)

    Danke for the translations, I don't have the box set but it's great reading the script and looking at the screenshots. Please keep the German translations as it's really useful when trying to learn German.

    HaH certainly liked their flashbacks didn't they?!

  • #19

    tamu13 (Donnerstag, 15 September 2011 15:40)

    thanks so much for translation.. so I'm not lost here while watching it :)

  • #20

    tamu13 (Donnerstag, 15 September 2011 16:16)

    wondering.. why Bea not use a German car :D

  • #21

    San (Donnerstag, 15 September 2011 16:46)

    @tamu13 I wonder if they meant to compare Bea to Helen Stewart in Bad Girls. She also drove a red Peugeot and had an affair with someone under her authority :) I could be over thinking it, but it does seem like an awful coincidence.

  • #22

    tamu13 (Donnerstag, 15 September 2011 17:37)

    @San.. sorry.. I'm not watching Bad Girls yet.. so I can't give my opinion ;)
    then about Bea's Xena Hair.. I have captured some picts.. I can e-mail it if you want :)

  • #23

    San (Donnerstag, 15 September 2011 18:51)

    @tamu13 It's just a ridiculous theory that I'm throwing out there. Screencaps *jumping up and down*!!! I wonder if there's a good way to share screencaps through the site.

    If it actually was Helen's red Peugeot, it makes for yet another delicious Bea back story.

  • #24

    San (Donnerstag, 15 September 2011 19:11)

    Just so you know, my DVDs have been delivered, and I will be charging into the apartment office this evening demanding, in no uncertain terms, that they give them to me. *squeel*

  • #25

    tamu13 (Donnerstag, 15 September 2011 19:26)

    ok then.. enjoy new stories of HaHe :)
    discuss it later after you watched

  • #26

    tamu13 (Donnerstag, 15 September 2011 20:40)

    Bea + Ben just like first episode of Grey's Anatomy!
    Emma first singing :)
    definately Dreams by Gabrielle add to my playlist :D

  • #27

    carol2010 (Dienstag, 20 September 2011 06:05)

    Now I have both Box 1 and Box 2, I really hope there is enough demand for your so necessary (for me) translations. I don't speak any German. Can I return the favour somehow? I can mail you all Canadian maple syrup! I feel selfish, but I am loving these early episodes.

  • #28

    Jessie (Mittwoch, 21 September 2011 20:55)

    When can we watch the episodes?!
    I love you guys!!! <3