Episode 203

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Episode 203
Episode 203








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  • #1

    shareher (Freitag, 22 Juli 2011 21:15)

    by the way, does anyone know why HH seemed to stop doing recaps on AE? When she wrote about the show being cancelled she promised to keep recapping but there's been nothing since...
    I love them!

  • #2

    amidola (Freitag, 22 Juli 2011 23:43)

    Asked her yesterday, she's working on it. I strongly suspect a Potterinterference;-)

  • #3

    Ammy (Samstag, 23 Juli 2011 00:04)

    It's so sad seeing everyone with their sad faces on all episode. Why can't it all just be Rainbows and Unicorns?!?......oh, wait....I forgot...this is a soap. Well...damn it! My day just isn't complete without seeing Lucy smile! I guess I'm just gonna have to re-watch the Born This Way song again....thank god for tight leather and half finger gloves!

  • #4

    angie (Samstag, 23 Juli 2011 06:10)

    That "smile" gif - precious!!

  • #5

    San (Samstag, 23 Juli 2011 08:53)

    Now we know how to eliminate Caro from the picture. Free Cake and Coffee laced with "oregano", it would be so easy.

  • #6

    dropkick (Samstag, 23 Juli 2011 10:05)

    Ugh, Michael, just go away. You're just getting in the way of the real love story, by which of course I mean Bea and Helena.