Episode 203


Previously on Hand aufs Herz:

[Pestalozzi, consultation room]

Michael: Bea! Do you have a moment for me, there's something I’d like to discuss with you.
Bea: What do you want?
(Ben eavesdrops on them)
Michael: The days I spent without you - each of these days seemed so empty and meaningless to me. And do you know why? Because you weren’t by my side. Bea, I love you and I don’t want it to be over.


Michael: The two of us, we belong together, I’ve realized that now. Do you understand that?
Bea: Michael, I … I really have to go to class.
Michael: Are we going to see each other afterwards?
Bea: I don’t think so. I’ve already got plans.
Michael: You don’t.
Bea: You know exactly how difficult the break-up was for me.
Michael: Yes yes, I know that our relationship seemed to be too complicated for you. I know that you couldn’t find a solution for being able to approach the whole thing more light-heartedly again, but … (Yes, Michael, Bea should just try a little harder to regain the trust in you that she lost when you slept with Helena. She was just too weak to hang in there. But it looks like your willing to give her another chance. Great guy you are!)  
Bea: Stop analyzing me.
Michael: Okay, I’ll stop. Then let’s just go away. I’ve got a motorcycle; I will get a sidecar for us. Let’s run away together. Bea!

[Pestalozzi, auditorium]

Jenny: Boah ey! This woman is full of shit. I’m sure she intentionally arranged for everything to become more expansive now, right? First they want 2500€ then 5000. And if we have that, she'll want to have 10.000.
Emma: Yeah, but I do think that 5000€ will be enough.
Jenny: Yes, maybe. But we don't have that kind of money.
Bodo: Maybe we could bake cakes?
Jenny: Oh, and then we’ll sell 2000 pieces for 1.50 Euros each?
Bodo: Or another concert?
Emma: We’ll manage somehow.
Timo: You don’t have to. It won’t be so bad to go to a school for the disabled.
Bodo: No!
Timo: Dude, relax! I've tried and it just doesn't work. The whole fuss about me is starting to annoy me. So let's just not make a big deal out of it. It's ok for me.

[Pestalozzi, consultation room]

Bea: Michael … Venice has left a lasting impression on you.
Michael: In a way I’m a new man. But seriously…look, we are both mature enough. We know that things don’t always go the way we want them to. But I can do something to improve the way things are going.
Bea: With a sidecar?
Michael: With a sidecar, with, with, with nature in the Provence, spending the night under the open sky, whatever. Bea, the two of us are unbeatable. I realized that while watching all those couples floating along that Grand Canal. In those moments, I missed you more than I have ever missed anyone before. Give us another chance.
Bea: That’s not possible.
Michael: Why not? Is there someone else? (There is of course, but aside from that, how about not wanting an insanely jealous and cheating partner?)
Bea: No, no, of course not. I’m happy to just have a bit of time to myself.
Michael: Nobody else; not even …?
Bea: No, nobody.
Michael: I’m sorry, I just wanted to know.
Bea: Now you know.
(Ben storms furiously away)
Helena: Oops, hello.
(Helena is now eavesdropping)
Michael: Yes thanks, I’m happy about that but …

[Pestalozzi, the big staircase]
(Timo looks down the stairs.)
Timo quietly: Shit.
(He looks around, hesitates, then asks loudly without addressing anyone specific.)
Timo: Could someone help me?
(Two guys pick him up and carry him down the stairs.)

[Pestalozzi, consultation room]

Michael: Bea, wait.
Bea: I, I really have to go to class.
Bea opens the door (at ami: and Helena practically falls into Bea’s arms. But the presence of Michael interrupts this touching moment). ( Hahaha poor Ami. Good that she's not doing the editing today. She'd be all over this.)
Helena: Oops.
Bea: Oops.
Helena: Oh I … Michael, you are back again.
Michael: Yes, I am; but I’m in the middle of talking to Bea.
Helena: Well, in that case I don’t want to interrupt you.
Bea: Err no, no stay; I have to prepare something for the AG anyway.
Helena: Speaking of … perhaps you could deliver a message to Mr Bergmann: He should please refrain from prowling the hallways after counseling sessions.
Bea: Prowling?
Helena: Yes, just now he seemed to be rather furious. I hope there isn’t any trouble again?
Bea: No, of course not. I’ll take care of it.

[Raumzeit Records]

Frank: Luzi, this is an interview, you don’t have to wet your pants.
Luzi: I know, but yesterday I totally screwed up, too.
Frank: Yes, he just got a bit personal.
Luzi: That’s what happens in interviews, right?
Frank: Luzi, the trick simply is to remain cool. You can dodge a question, you just have to hide it.
Luzi: I’m not a politician though.
Frank: Then imagine being a politician. That helps sometimes.
Luzi: If you say so.
Frank: Okay, listen. Err Luzi, I’ve heard you had an abortion; is that true?
Luzi: What? That’s a total lie!
Frank: Okay, first rule: Don’t get snotty.
Luzi: Okay, that is totally untrue. Who is saying something like that?
Frank: Second rule: Don’t answer a question with a question. Simply embrace the question and then you try to rather skillfully evade it.
Luzi: Ermm and how?
Frank: Tell them something about your family … how awesome they are, how nice they are, that they are supporting you with your career. And: Always keep smiling at the same time. (Where is Jenny when you need her? Smile, smile, smile! - I don't have just the smile, smile, smile handy. But this will perfectly do, too. Though I wouldn't recommend Luzi to flirt with that weirdo who'll interview her.) 

Thanks dani87leah for making this for me :)
Thanks dani87leah for making this for me :)

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Frank: Huh, yes? The reporter, you can hate him – but the camera, you gotta love.
Luzi: I will try.
Frank: Luzi, Nobody is expecting you to lie but if you don’t want people to look into your heart, then those tricks sometimes help.
(reporter enters Raumzeit)
Caro: Glad you could make it.
Reporter: Hello.

[Pestalozzi, staff room]

Helena: Excuse me, if I say something like that but you don’t exactly look relaxed. How was the Teatro La Fenice?
Michael: No idea, I didn’t visit it.
Helena: Actually, that is a sin.
Michael: I don’t care. And in case you didn’t notice, I don’t feel like talking about Venice. Apparently, I first have to settle in here. We can gladly continue our small talk tomorrow.
Helena: Not necessary. I can see, what’s happening. You are chasing after someone who you’ve already lost. That hurts. And it is so redundant.
Michael: And that’s coming from you?
Helena: You are right, that’s a bitter lesson. But the sooner you learn it, the better.

[Raumzeit Records]

Reporter: You appear to be very natural. Do you have to make an effort for that?
Luzi: Err, in fact, being unnatural is a lot harder. I mean, there are enough dolled up plastic stars.
Reporter: You see yourself as a star then?
Luzi: Nah, I see myself as someone who likes to make music and that is simply the greatest thing on earth.
Reporter: Has it actually always been your dream to become a singer?
Luzi: Let’s just say, I had started singing before I started talking. Therefore …
Reporter: And there’s been nobody to promote you?
Luzi: There has been sure, my mother and my teacher. They’ve always been there for me, they’ve always believed in me. And there’s simply never been a ”good” or ”bad”, there’s always been just fun.
Reporter: And you don’t come from a particularly wealthy family, do you?
Luzi: Oh I do, our family is incredibly rich.
Reporter: Oh really?
Luzi: Well, wealth doesn’t necessarily equal us having a lot of money.
Reporter: I agree, of course.

[Pestalozzi, schoolyard]

Bodo: Looks like a bit of a yawn.
Timo: Always depends on the people who are there.
Bodo: And the people here?
Timo: It's not like I'll never see you again.
Bodo: But this here … this is your school.
Timo: Dude, you don’t have to tell me what I had here, okay? It was the most awesome time. But now there simply starts a new chapter in my life.
Bodo: Another new chapter? I mean, isn’t it enough that you’re sitting in a wheelchair now?
Timo: Yes, but I can’t just pretend nothing happened. Man, I'll never dance again, never sing again. I can’t even climb down those few fucking stairs.
Bodo: Don’t you want to fight for once?
Timo: Fight, dude? I’m fighting already!
Bodo: Yes, I know.
Timo: Perhaps I’ll start playing basketball again. I mean, looks pretty cool, doesn’t it? Believe me, the time here was the best thing … that happened to me. See ya, okay?
Bodo: And what about biology?
Timo: Biology? Doesn’t really matter now.
Bodo: Timo!
Timo: I have to take care of registration-stuff, knock yourself out.
Student: Didn’t he use to be with Luzi? I think she had a total crush on him but he had a fling with a redhead … Sophie, yes exactly.

[Raumzeit Records]

Reporter: Then let us get to your latest single now: “1000 Tage Regen”. To me the song appears to be very, very personal and when we last met we unfortunately were interrupted but I still would like to know, Luzi: Did you write the song for anyone in particular? Perhaps for your boyfriend or your ex-boyfriend or your first big love? Come on, tell us. There really is someone you’re thinking of when you sing the song.
Luzi: Yes, there is someone.
Reporter: Who is the lucky guy? Come on Luzi, tell us.
Luzi: It is um, well actually I’m thinking of all people who’ve ever fallen in love.
Reporter: Nobody else?
Luzi: Well, that’s quite a lot, isn’t it?
Reporter: Yes good, but that’s still too much of a generalization for me. You know, our readers, they would like to learn a bit more about you and your life.
Luzi: Well, I just fully concentrate on my music and my career.
Reporter: Thank you very much for the conversation, Luzi. Andy, take a couple of pictures now.

[Pestalozzi, at the lockers]

Bea: Hey. Mrs Schmidt-Heisig told me that you almost knocked her down in the hallway.
Ben: She certainly deserves it, doesn’t she?
Bea: What were you doing in the hallway?
Ben: What I was doing in the hallway? What a stupid question is that?
Bea: Did you eavesdrop on Michael and me?
Ben: And what if? What would I have heard then?
Bea: How he asked me to give myself and him a second chance.
Ben: Oh yes. And perhaps also how you denied me. Oh no no no no no, there’s no one. No and I’m happy about it.
Bea: You know very well that I had to lie.
Ben: To Heisig? He already knows anyways.
Bea: Ben, it’s not gonna work this way.
Ben: What? With us?
Bea: With your academic achievement.
(Bea pulls Ben aside)
Bea: Do you know now what I mean? One wrong word and that’s it with my job and your graduation!
Ben: I’ve understood all that. But what I have not understood: How should things between us continue in your opinion?
Bea: We have to try to pull ourselves together. At least until your graduation …
Ben: No! We’ve already tried that. We try avoiding each other until we are not able to take it anymore. Then we jump each other’s bones. I won’t participate in that anymore. If you really love me, there will be a different way. More honest and without Heisig messing things up for us; because that hurts like hell. I want you to decide. Now.
Ben: I’d really like for things to be different, too. But you, you are an individual who wears his heart on his sleeve. That’s far too risky.
Ben: Here we go again. You think I wouldn’t be able to keep it a secret?
Bea: That’s blatantly obvious.
Ben: If you gave me a chance I could do it. I know, I said I would wait for you. I take it back. I want you to decide.

[Raumzeit Records]

Lara: Hi Bodo.
Bodo: What are you doing here?
Lara: Hi Mum.
Miriam: Lara, hi.
Lara: Is everything all right?
Bodo: Sure. Hello Mrs Vogel.
Miriam: Hi. How are you?
Bodo: Good. I …
Miriam: Are you here together?
Lara: Nonsense. I’m just collecting your signature for the school trip.  
Miriam: Yes all right, you’ll get that. And you?     
Bodo: In fact, I wanted to see Luzi.            
Miriam: I’m afraid that’s rather bad timing at the moment, she is in a meeting.              
Bodo: Isn’t there a possibility to go and fetch her somehow?  It’s really important.       
Miriam: Sorry.

[Frank’s office]

Frank: What?
Luzi: The interview went extremely bad. I reacted in a totally dumb way when the subject suddenly changed to Ti… to more private stuff.
Frank: Well I thought it was okay. I think that you are pretty okay in general.
Luzi: Thanks.
Frank: Here Luzi.
Luzi: What’s that?
Frank: Some money in advance.
Luzi: Wow.
Frank: Go indulge.
Luzi: Absolutely. I saw a dress which would really suit my mother and, and such a necklace, you could fantastically combine with it and then I stood in front of the shop's window and was thinking we would never be able to afford that and now …
Frank: Luzi, what I meant was you should treat yourself to something.       
Luzi: Yes that’s exactly what I’m doing. I treat myself to treat my mother.     
Frank: It should be enough for that, shouldn’t it?        
Luzi: Yes and for a lot more, too. I just want to thank her for once.           
Frank: Good. Listen, I’m going to drive into the city centre now. I can give you a lift and then we’ll be able to discuss a few more things.        
Luzi: Super.
Frank: Very good.
(they enter the lobby)
Lara: Thanks.
Miriam: But you better behave, right?      
Lara: Sure.
Bodo: Luzi!
Luzi: Bodo, sorry, I really don’t have any time at the moment.          
Bodo: It’s about Timo. The elevator can’t be built and now he wants to attend a different school.                     
Luzi: What?
Bodo: Can’t you talk to him once more?                         
Frank: I don’t want to rush you but the shops will be closing soon.                                
Luzi: Err, we will talk tomorrow, okay?              
Bodo: It will be too late then.                            

[Pestalozzi, auditorium]

Caro: Oh cake, awesome!
Emma: Very awesome.
Bea: What’s wrong?    
Jenny: Well, you don’t look particularly happy yourself.
Bea: I’ve got a bad conscience. I wanted to apologize to you for being late for your performance yesterday. I err was busy, private stuff.               
Jenny: Have you sorted everything out?      
Bea: More or less. What’s on your minds?
Caro: Nothing. We are fine. (starts coughing)
Jenny: Don’t choke.
Emma: Schmidt-Heisig arranged for the modifications of the elevator  to cost twice as much.            

Bea: What?
Timo: In fact, I’m only here to say goodbye.       
Bea: No.
Timo: I just gave my notice of departure.                  
Bea: This is not acceptable. And where is Luzi anways?                      
Bodo: That’s the next thing we wanted to tell you. Luzi is gone.                   

[Beschenko home]

Where should I wear that then?                      
Luzi: Phew err, in the opera? In the theatre? A… at a candlelight dinner with your daughter? While shopping? Or maybe with these shoes here?                        
Karin: While shopping? Are you crazy? How much did it actually cost?              
Luzi: Don’t worry about it. I received some money in advance.                        
Karin: But you will also treat yourself to some things you’ve always dreamed of?           
Luzi: Yes, sure.
Karin: You are definitely crazy.  
Luzi: Yes, as a matter of fact, I had also planned to buy you a necklace but…                              
Karin: Don’t you ever do that again. It’s totally irresponsible.                         
Luzi: I know.
(they are laughing)
Luzi: Now try it on.
Karin: I don’t know.

[Pestalozzi, auditorium]

Bea: I hope you realize that we have to get Luzi back. I mean, she can launch her career at Raumzeit, she’s got every right to do so, but the (ST)AG without Luzi that’s like…
Caro: Coffee without cake.
Bea: Timo, just to make it clear: I don’t want you to give up and just leave; there’s something we can do.                     
Timo: Ms Vogel, you don’t really have to do that. It’s okay with me. Well, I gotta go.           
Bea: Just like that? And you are waiting for a miracle? It won’t happen.            
Bodo: Well.
Bea: Luzi.
Luzi: Don’t worry, I don’t intend to return, I’m here for a different purpose. Errm this is the money from my TV gig. Well, what’s left from it.               
Timo: And what do you want me to do with it?
Luzi: Timo, that’s not just pocket money. Well, for the modifications of the elevator, it should be enough for that.        
Timo: Wow, that …
Bodo: That’s awesome! Problem solved I’d say!                       
Timo: You meant well, but Luzi, I don’t want that.                 
Luzi: But it’s exactly the amount of money which is still missing. With this the costs for the modifications are completely covered.               
Timo: Yes, but I’ve already decided to leave. The school, the other school is really cool. I think it simply is better this way. Perhaps you’d better give the money to your mother, I’m sure she can make good use of it.
Luzi: I discussed it with her and she approves of me donating the money to the school.        
Timo: Thanks, that’s super sweet but: no. And you, you don’t have to worry about me anymore. Timo-solos two till twenty got cancelled. But I’d like you to know that I very much appreciate what you’ve done for me. I will never forget that. But my time here is actually up.                         

Bea: Are you sure? With Luzi’s money the modifications would be finished in a couple of days and you’d be able to stay.                   
Timo: Like I said, I’ve made up my mind.       
Luzi: Okay pfff,  what am I still doing here?                                  

[Pestalozzi, at the school entrance]

Good morning.
Ben: The morning can’t be good if it starts like this.                        
Michael: Yes, I’ve got a similar opinion. It’s come to my attention that a lot of stuff happened here while I was away.                     
Ben: A lot of stuff.
Michael: Well well. Well, in that case, it’s good that I’m back.             
(Michael grabs  Ben‘s Arm)
Michael: You do know you’re putting Ms Vogel’s job at risk with your shenanigans, don’t you?     
Ben: If you carry on grabbing my arm, you will put your job at risk.       
Michael: Is there still something going on between you and Ms Vogel?                     
Ben: Do you want the truth?
Michael: Yes, that’s what I want.