Episode 174

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    showler (Sonntag, 12 Juni 2011 13:36)

    The song was great as usual (pity the time constraints always cut the songs down to partial versions). I'm amazed that nobody has caught on to Jemma's relationship the way they look at each other all the time. I guess that's the "presumption of heterosexuality" at work. Or just plot driven stupidity :)

    I'm surprised they're not having Emma come out to the STAG first. I fully expected her to tell Hotte first and the STAG second (especially since Bodo and Luzi already know). I'm also vaguely surprised they haven't had any scenes with Bodo, Luzi, Jenny and Emma where Emma could relax a little.

    I was hoping that Emma coming out to STAG would provide a chance to see a good side of Caro ("villains" are always best when they have depth). It would have been interesting to see her not react at all to the news...not see it as a weapon or gossip or even anything worth remarking on. Perhaps she'll work on saving Sophie and we'll get to see her good side then?

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    eyelesstrees (Sonntag, 12 Juni 2011 14:47)

    I think it's brilliant how Jenny and Emma don't say a word to each other during the song and yet Emma manages to express: she's my girlfiend - she's so lovely; she's amazing- eek I'm a bit scared cos this is a really big deal eek, where am I - oh yeah, in the music room oops; she really is lovely and at this moment I'm really ,really happy. And Jenny just looks back and because she she knows exactly where both she and Emma are at she just smiles a smile that says: you are lovely, I know where you are at and that's so sweet and I'm completley dependable.

    And not one word is spoken! A very big bit brilliant at acting with their eyes and so well directed and edited.

    Loved the bit about 'let's see a film' too- just to fill in for us that they are spending time together in the evenings. Nicely written.

  • #3

    Yvette (Montag, 13 Juni 2011 13:04)

    Those eyes...they speak volumes. Jenny should have melted on the spot.

  • #4

    Nico (Dienstag, 14 Juni 2011 23:06)

    the Italian translation?

  • #5

    Nico (Mittwoch, 15 Juni 2011 22:37)

    Thanks for the translation in Italian