Episode 156

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Bea is taken aback when Helena denies her to see Michael. She says she can't do that and fears Michael to die and then she'd never have seen him again. Bea and Miriam discuss Helena's actions. Miriam has the idea to call Sebastian, Michael's brother, to find a way to get Bea to visit Michael. The next morning Sebastian is back and takes Bea to the hospital, pretending her to be his wife. Bea visits Michael who is barely conscious, but recognizes her and tells her he loves her. The doctor tells Bea Michael is in no live danger anymore but needs rest. Helena sees Bea coming out from Michael's room, being angry that she tricked her way into his room. She threatens he, telling her she will soon be gone from Michael's life. Bea tells her she's not scared, she has gone through worse than being threatened by a jealous ex-wife.


Emma tells Jenny about the accident and how she felt. She starts to cry when she recounts that she wanted to help,  but couldn't. Jenny pulls her in her arms. When Emma says she failed as a friend and that maybe they could've saved Mr. Götting if only she would have done something, Jenny pulls back and tells her sternly that it is not her fault and that she didn't fail. She assures her that she and the others know that she would have liked to help, but since she was under a shock she couldn't.


At the Beschenko's Luzi, Karin and Ben have dinner and are talking about the accident. Ben feels worse and worse listening to them and hurriedly leaves the room. At night Ben is haunted by nightmares and flashbacks of the accident, as is Bea - worrying about Michael. The next morning Luzi tells Ben he doesn't look well and asks him to stop doing those races, since she doesn't want him to put himself in danger. Luzi thinks of Timo and how he saved her by having thrown himself over her when the car exploded. At school Ben feels horrible seeing the pictures, candles and letters that were put up for Mr. Götting and Ms. Lohmann. He runs to the restroom, seeing 'Sexiest Teacher - A. Lohmann' being written on the mirror. He tells himself what a despicable coward he is. On the school ground Ronnie stops Ben, intimidating him once again. They get into a fight after Ronnie provoked Ben. Bea breaks them up. When Bea asks what is up, Ronnie challenges Ben to tell her since that is what he said he wanted to do the whole time.


Michael wakes properly up. The doctor tells him that his girlfriend is doing him good physically and that he thinks it's good that his wife stopped banning everyone from visiting him. Michael is taken aback by that news.


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