Episode 156

translated by hephylax

edited by Globe


Previously on Hand aufs Herz


Miriam: Nothing happened to you, nothing happened to Lara. And Michael will get better too. Okay?

Bea: I want to see him.


Bea: I'm just coming from the hospital. I'm not allowed to see Michael and the nurse said that you arranged for that.

Helena: Michael needs his rest. That's why I think it's best if he has no further visitors for the time being. Except family members, of course.

Bea: Helena, what the heck? You two aren't together anymore.

Helena: But I'm still his wife, and that's what I'm going stay. So, do us both a favor and keep away from him.




[Pestalozzi, principal's office]


Bea: Excuse me?

Helena: Didn't you hear me acoustically or can you just not stand to lose?

Bea: Michael is in the ICU. He's in critical condition. You can't use this situation to...

Helena: Yes. I can. I can do whatever I want, and I'll gladly explain to you why. First of all, I'm still his lawfully wedded wife. That means I decide who has any contact with him.

Bea: Yeah...

Helena: Second, I am the principal of this school. And that means I'm making the decisions here as well. And even though you might not want to believe it, my next decision has something to do with you as well, because I'd like you to leave my office now, please.

Bea leaves and slams the door.





Emma: I wanted to help Luzi. I really wanted to but I couldn't. When I opened my eyes, everything was so unreal. Everyone was hanging crookedly in their seat-belt or lying on someone else. I tried to move... but... I couldn't. Then Frau Vogel called my name. She wanted me to free Luzi from her seat-belt. But it was like I was paralyzed. I wanted to help Luzi. All that shouting is no use. I'm just staring at nothing and am not moving. Although... although I want to. I really want to but... I just can't.

Jenny hugs a crying Emma.

Emma: I completely failed. My friends needed me and I did nothing. Maybe we could have saved Herr Götting if I...

Jenny: You didn't fail. You guys were in a bad accident and you were in shock. It isn't your fault that someone died, you hear me?

Emma: I so wanted to help them.

Jenny: I know. And the others know that too.

Emma: I wouldn't be so sure about that.

Jenny: But it's true. Luzi has long since left a message on your voice-mail and apologized.



[Heisig apartment]


Miriam: I don't believe this.

Bea: I should have known. She was just too nice to me from the start. She wanted to know everything about Michael and me.

Miriam: Bea, now don't blame yourself. You didn't do anything wrong.

Bea: I told her everything... about us. That was a mistake, and a big one at that. That probably has been her plan from the beginning, to split up Michael and me. And now? Now he's in the hospital and... I can't go see him.

Miriam: He still has a brother, at least, and he is on his way from Vienna to Cologne.

Sebastian's voice-mail: Message after the beep.

Miriam: Damn. Sebastian, it's me. Please call me back when you get this. It's important, okay? Thanks. See you soon. (to Bea) He'll be back tomorrow morning and then we'll find a solution. I promise, alright? Oh sweetie, come here.

And she hugs her.



[Beschenko home]


Karin, Ben and Luzi are sitting at the table eating supper. Or at least pretending to.

Karin: Say, did you see the oncoming car?

Luzi: No, not at all. I only noticed when Herr Heisig swerved. He was the one driving. And then the impact of... Mr. Götting.

Karin: Did anyone else see anything?

Luzi: No idea.

Karin: I hope so. They have to find the driver and bring him to justice. Maybe someone wrote down the license plate number...

Luzi: I don't know. Apparently there were two cars.

Karin: Two?

Luzi: Yes. One somehow passed the other and that's what forced our bus off the road a little.

Karin: What kind of people force others off the road and then just disappear? I don't get it. How ruthless they were concerning human lives. The punishment can't be harsh enough.

Luzi: I think so too. If I ever meet this ass...

Ben literally jumps up from the table. Bang.

Ben: Sorry. I... I need some fresh air.



[Heisig apartment]


Bea is pacing. Then she is sniffing Michael's jacket which was hanging on the back of a chair. Or maybe she just ran out of tissues and she's crying. And pulling on the jacket. And crying. And lying down and starting to dream.


Bea: Brake!


Meanwhile Ben is sleeping and also dreaming of their almost crash.


And in perfect synchronicity (because they're soul mates and made for each other, blah blah, and also meant to annoy us for many (but not enough) episodes to come), both jerk out of their dreams.


The next morning:


Sebastian: (on the phone) That eased my mind. Thank you. See you soon.

Bea: Good morning.

Sebastian: Morning.

Bea: Why didn't you wake me?

Miriam: Because you needed some sleep. And... because the coffee has only just been made. I was planning on serving it to you in bed.

Bea: I'm awake.

Miriam: You don't look like it, but never mind.

Bea: Thanks.

Miriam: Welcome. How did you sleep?

Bea: So-so. (to Sebastian) Is it alright that I slept here?

Sebastian: Of course it's alright. Miriam already told me everything. I just talked to the hospital. Michael's condition continues to be stable. When you've finished your coffee we can go.

Bea: To see Michael?

Sebastian: Of course to see Michael.

Bea: I'm allowed to see him? How did you manage that?

Sebastian: Just wait and see.

He grins and winks at Miriam who is sharing his chair. Bea runs out of the room to change.



[Beschenko home, kitchen]


Luzi: Morning.

Ben: Morning.

Luzi: Everything alright?

Ben: Why?

Luzi: You don't look so good.

Ben: I didn't sleep well.

Luzi: Me too. Ben?

Ben: Hm?

Luzi: About those car races. You aren't doing that anymore, you and Ronnie, are you?

Ben: Why?

Luzi: Why?! The STAG was just in an accident in which two of our teachers died. I just don't feel... like losing one of my best friends due to something like this. So please promise me that you two will stop this shit and that you won't challenge him to a rematch.

Karin: Is everything alright? What rematch?

Luzi: Nothing. We just had bad dreams.

Karin: I didn't sleep very well, either. May I have the newspaper?

Ben: I'll be off to school then.

He leaves.

Karin: I thought school didn't start until third period.

Luzi: It does, as a matter of fact.





Bea: You think it'll work?

Sebastian: It'll work.

Bea: I have been here every day. They know me. And I'm sure Helena made sure that...

Sebastian: Bea, relax. I'm Michael's brother and I want you to see my brother, so... trust me and let me do my thing. Excuse me?

Nurse: Yes?

Sebastian: We're looking for Michael Heisig's room.

Nurse: And you are?

Sebastian: Sebastian Heisig. His brother.

Nurse: Ah.

Sebastian: And this is my wife.

Nurse: Herr Heisig's wife asked that nobody be allowed into his room...except for his family, of course.

Sebastian: Sure.

Nurse: But only for 5 minutes. Your brother is still very weak.

Sebastian: Of course.

Nurse: Excuse me, I've got to...

And she rushes off.

Bea: (to Sebastian) Thanks.



[Beschenko home, Luzi's room]



Luzi: If you hadn't thrown yourself over me to save me from the explosion...

Timo: Pure selfishness. I still need you.



Luzi starts her mp3-player and Chasing Cars starts playing. She flashes back to her and Timo singing,





Bea and Sebastian are in Michael's room. Michael wakes up.

Bea: Hey.


[Pestalozzi, big stairs]


Photos of Götting and Alexandra have been placed in front of the bulletin board (on which is written: With deepest sympathy) and flowers, candles and notes (Why did this have to happen?) have been placed around them. Ben sees it and again feels very very bad. He exchanges glances with Ronnie and Sophie who are standing on the stairs.

He is so distraught he slams into Frau Krawczyk while walking away and doesn't even apologize. (Of course, that might just be bad manners).


Frau Krawczyk: Ben.


[Hospital, ICU]


Michael: Bea.

Bea: Michael.I love you.



[Pestalozzi, school toilet]


Ben scoops some water in his face and then looks at himself in the mirror. Then he sees the writing on the mirror which says: Sexiest Teacher: A. Lohmann.

The poor dear is just getting it from all sides today. And because he feels so guilty and distraught he commences to damage some school property.


Ben: You pathetic coward.



[Hospital, ICU]


The doctor comes in.

Bea: Hello. He's asleep.

Doctor: We should leave him alone now. Even though his life is no longer in acute danger, he has to rest.

Bea: How long will he still have to stay here?

Doctor: Two more weeks at least. His immune system has been weakened by the surgery. The taxed organs need time to regenerate.

Bea: But nothing more can happen?

Doctor: He's out of the woods.

Bea: Good. May I still [] a moment...

Doctor: Of course. But after that, I must ask you to leave.

Bea: Sure.

The doc leaves.

Bea: (to a sleeping Michael) I am so glad that you made it. Take care of yourself, alright? I don't want to lose you.


[Hospital, outside the ICU]


Helena walks in, Bea walks out. Oops.

Helena: What are you doing here?

Bea: I was visiting my boyfriend.

Helena: Nobody is allowed into Michael's room. I arranged for that with the staff nurse. Who let you into his room?

Bea: We are together. And if I want to see him, I will. (Sure, Bea. It's that easy. Don't know why visiting rights are such a hot button in the LGBT community...)

Helena: Who let you into his room?

Bea: Sebastian. He is his brother. And as a family member he is allowed to see him. Per your own instructions.

Helena: I understand. And in your mind that means that you are also allowed access to his room. That's not how it is, of course, and you know it. Nevertheless you defied my instructions, and that was a big mistake.

Bea: Are you trying to intimidate me?

Helena: That's exactly what I'm trying, and if you're smart you won't underestimate me. Michael is my husband and you are only a tiny episode in his life that will soon be a thing of his past. I will personally make sure of that, and that's no empty threat.

Bea: Thanks for being so honest. But if you believe I would give up Michael because of that... you've underestimated me. I'm not afraid of you. I've been through worse than the harassment of a jealous ex-wife. You can try to do me harm... Be my guest. Maybe you'll even succeed. But Michael won't start loving you again because of that. I'll see you.

And Bea leaves.



[Pestalozzi, schoolyard]


Ben is headed somewhere.

Ronnie: Where are you going?

Ben: Why do you give a fuck?

Ronnie: Hey! Where are you going?

Ben: The accident was our fault. If we hadn't done this race, Lohmann and Götting wouldn't be dead now.

Ronnie: We already went over this. Which one of us was so hot for a rematch?

Ben: Are you shitting me?

Ronnie: Are you shitting me?! Now you shut up and listen to me. We both agreed that it was an accident - an accident! Which happened by chance. None of our cars touched the fucking bus. So it's not our problem if some moron isn't able to brake.

Ben: Some moron? That was Ju... Julian Götting!

Ronnie: I don't care who it was. I don't know him. I'm new at this school. And now tell me that you'll keep your mouth shut and not talk about the race with anybody! Have you thought about what would happen if you blabbed? I tell what would happen, you'd be the asshole to everyone. And you know for whom especially? Bea Vogel.



[Hospital, ICU]


Doctor: Ah, Herr Heisig. Are you feeling okay?

Michael: Great. I'd like to go for a run now.

Doctor: That will have to wait for a little while. But your test results are good. I'm pleased.

Michael: Has Frau Vogel already left?

Doctor: Yes. I've asked her to let you sleep some more. May I ask you a personal question?

Michael: Of course.

Doctor: Is Frau Vogel your partner?

Michael: Yes. Why?

Doctor: Because she's good for you. Let's just say, after your girlfriend's visit your blood pressure was close to normal. Well, anyway, I'm glad that your ex-wife changed her mind.

Michael: Ex-wife? Changed her mind about what?

Doctor: The ban on visitors.

Michael: She did what?



[Pestalozzi, schoolyard]


Ben: What the fuck are you trying to imply? Who told you about Bea? (Way to confirm a possibly vague rumor, moron.)

Ronnie: Who told me isn't important. It seems to be true, though... or you wouldn't be so nervous.

Ben: God, just shut your mouth!

Ronnie: I'm keeping my mouth shut. And you better do the same if you don't want to lose your bed bunny.

Ben: Keep Bea out of this.

Ronnie: You won't have any chance with her anywayif you talk. Say, have you always been into older women?

Ben throws a punch. And hey! The punch actually connects with Ronnie's face. That's more than he ever managed with Michael. Ronnie punches back and then they're grappling with each other. Bea shows up.

Bea: Hey! Hey! Hey, guys! Get away from each other! What are you doing?! Come with me! You too!


[Pestalozzi, school counselor's office]


Where Bea is taking Ben and Ronnie and where Frau Krawczyk is already waiting for some reason.

Bea: Sit! What was that just now? (Silence) Ronald... right? You're new at this school?

Ronnie: Ronnie.

Bea: Ronnie. Something like what happened just now is not a good start. I hope you know that. (to Ben) And you? What's wrong with you? Why are you fighting?

Ronnie: Go ahead. Tell her.

Bea: What's going on?

Ben stands up again and looks at Bea.