Epsiode 216



[Pestalozzi, locker room]

Sophie puts something in Jenny’s water bottle.


[Pestalozzi, on the big stairs]

Ronnie: Have fun on your trip. The first one after such a break is always the best

Jenny: You didn’t do this.

Ronnie: Enjoy your flight. And have a soft landing.


[Michael’s apartment]

Michael: Bea has made her decision, and so have I.

Helena: I’m happy to hear that.


[Pestalozzi, teachers’ lounge]

Michael: Listen, when I left your house on Friday, I saw Ben Bergmann driving up and the two of you leaving together. So you are together again.



Dramatic music and now please everyone sing:

And if this is what we've got, then what we've got is gold,

we're shining bright and I want you, I want you to know...”

Today I'm a bit nostalgic, this episode is soo good. Have fun with it.

(Against what you might believe later on, your editor is not ami today.)


[Pestalozzi, teachers’ lounge]


Bea: You’re stalking me? (Oh c’mon Bea, he is getting creepy but he left your apartment only a minute before you kissed Ben in full view on the street.///Yeah, but he totally Is a stalker, exhibit a)

Michael: That wasn’t even necessary. The two of you were impossible to miss.

Bea: And because of that you conclude that we are together again?

Michael: Bea, what else am I supposed to do? Should I give you my blessing and ignore that you are together with a student?

Bea: You only saw me getting into the car with Ben. That doesn’t mean anything.

Michael: I wish you were better at lying.

Bea: You are imagining things. Break-ups are difficult but I thought you were over it. Obviously, I was wrong.

Michael: Bea, just tell me how it really was. Did you spend your weekend with Bergmann junior, yes or no?

Bea: Michael, that’s enough. You have to finally start living your own life…without me.

Michael: I will, don’t worry. I just want you to answer this one question. After that, I will leave you alone.

Bea: No, I didn’t spend the weekend with Ben. – Ben doesn’t have his driver’s licence anymore…I drove him to a (girl)friend. (And that's why he was driving to you himself first Haha)

Michael: To a (girl)friend.

Bea: I know I shouldn’t have done that because I’m his teacher, but it’s not forbidden to do a student a favour. Does that answer your question?

Michael: Yes, I now know how it is

Bea: Well, okay then.



[Pestalozzi, on the big stairs]


Jenny: What did you mix in here?! Tell me now.

Ronnie: Why do you want to know? Ahh, I understand. So you can order some more when you are back on it again, right?

Jenny: You are such an asshole.

Ronnie: Tsk tsk tsk, well now…now don’t bite the hand that feeds you. I’ll give you a special discount…that normally only good friends of mine get.

Jenny: Get lost, you asshole.

Ronnie: Okay, I’ll let you be. Have fun. Oh, and this is how it’s going to go: You will never threaten me again. Or else my little warning shot will be just the beginning.


[Pestalozzi, Helena’s office]

Knock knock

Helena: Come in.

Frau Jäger: Oh, I’m sorry, I thought you were alone. I can come back later.

Helena: Now you just stay here. What is it?

Frau Jäger: Herr Wendtland called. He is on his way here to talk to you about the candidates for the position of vice-principal.

Helena: Well, couldn’t you have put him through or at least have consulted with me. I have no time for this appointment right now.

Frau Jäger: Herr Wendtland insisted on coming over right away. He wants to get to know the candidates as soon as possible.

Helena: Oh well, okay. Thank you. – So, you heard her. If we don’t find proof for this ridiculous affair as soon as possible, Wendtland will make Bea vice-principal.

Michael: But I don’t have any. And that’s why my word won’t be enough.

Helena: But there has to be something. Some tiny evidence that this innocent smile of your ex-lover is just a false front. Which would fool somebody like Wendtland, of course. – Michael? Why have you fallen silent? Are you already regretting that you sided with me to bring about Bea’s downfall?

Michael: No I don’t regret anything. And we will find a way. I am absolutely sure about that.



[Pestalozzi, school toilet]


Jenny is kneeling in a stall, probably throwing up.

She comes out and throws water on her face.

Flashback to her London club coke snorting days.

(Oh just watch it and admire Lucy Scherer’s acting, will ya)



[Pestalozzi, teachers’ lounge]


(Worst let-down scene cut ever. We go from the intensity of Lucy Scherer’s drugged up Jenny to the “bla” that is the kissy-lips photo of Ben and Bea which Bea admires openly in the public teachers’ lounge. Bea, you want to get caught, don’t you? Preferably by Helena? Or is this code for “Ben and Bea are similar to a bad drug trip”?/// lol!)


Helena: Frau Vogel. I just saw on the lesson plan that you have two free periods right now. And obviously you aren’t doing anything meaningful anyway.

Bea: Are you monitoring the off time behaviour of all your employees now or may I see this as special treatment? (Reow, the flirting.)

Helena: You can see that any way you wish. (And we will, thank you.)But I am only here to give you a special assignment which I am sure you will be happy to fulfil.

Bea: I can’t wait to hear it. (Me neither!)

Helena: Ben Bergmann’s performance in math leaves a lot to be desired. I want you to use the following two hours to sit down with him and fill in all the knowledge gaps that have to be filled. (Oh man, this was an anti climax for the Belena Team.)

Bea: Why he of all people? There are other students who would need this a lot more.

Helena: Oh, then we should see to these students as well. But today, it’s Ben Bergmann’s turn. I want him to graduate with good grades. I want that for all of my students. And it is nice for you to be able to do your part, isn’t it?Ben knows about this and is already expecting you. (I'm sure he is and I'm already mortified to watch that scene in a bit...I'm sure there's cheesiness coming up.)



[Pestalozzi, school toilet]


Jenny is pretty far gone already.Emma storms in.

Emma: There you are. Why didn’t you come, I’ve been waiting for you outside this whole time. I saw the video and I’m not only angry…that you took drugs but that you…that you didn’t tell me anything about it. I mean, what the hell? I’m sure you could talk about it with Sophie just fine but you don’t say a word to me. How do you think I felt when Ronnie…?

Jenny starts to slide down to the floor.

Emma: Jenny? Hey, what’s wrong? Hey!

Jenny mumbles something.

Emma: Have you taken drugs? Say, are you crazy?

Jenny mumbles again (…”everything’s spinning”…)

Emma: Oh boy, why are you doing shit like this?

Jenny mumbles something about “water”

Emma: Come. Come on, we can do this. I’ll take you home.

She gets Jenny to her feet and drags her out.



[Pestalozzi, consultation room]


Bea: We have the points A, B, C, P and Q. We are looking for the plane E and the straight line G. P and Q are…



[Pestalozzi, Helena’s office]


Helena: Frau Vogel makes up for her potential lack of experience with her creativity, dedication and the direct approach to her students.

Herr Wendtland: You mean, for instance, like her work with the students of the music club?

Helena: Yes. Frau Vogel runs the STAG with great enthusiasm. And she is very popular with the students, especially the male ones.

Herr Wendtland: Well, I can imagine. Of course they are happy that there is such a beautiful teacher sitting in front of them.

Helena: Of course. And Frau Vogel herself seems to really enjoy the popularity she receives.

Herr Wendtland: And how am I supposed to understand this?

Helena: Well, exactly as you just said yourself. The students are glad to have such a young (female) teacher and they trust her.


In the meantime, Michael is on the look-out for evidence by going through Bea’s inbox.


Herr Wendtland: Aha. Are there concrete examples for such a…bond of trust?

Herr Wendtland: Well, you know how quickly one can find oneself in dangerous waters. And how quickly careers can end if suspicions of unprofessional lack of distance come up.

Helena: Ach, you misunderstood me there. I was talking about rumours that are quickly squashed. For me, Frau Vogel is an excellent and estimated pedagogue, first of all. We could visit her in class.

Herr Wendtland: Yes.


Michael has worked his way up to rifling through Bea’s bag.



[Pestalozzi, consultation room]


Ben: I think I’ve got it.

Bea: Well, that was fast.

He has written down “I love you”

Bea: No, that’s not the right answer unfortunately. Not for this problem.

Ben: Bummer. And I thought I could use this formula anywhere.

They are in very close proximity. So who has to come through the door? Yes! It’s the principal of all our hearts.///Surprise! And didn't I say this was going to be cheesy? I'm a fortune teller, too.

Helena: Frau Vogel, Dr. Wendtland would like to assure himself of the quality of your lessons. You don’t object, do you?

Bea: Of course not. Please come in.

Herr Wendtland: You are giving your students private lessons?

Bea: Not all of them. But with Ben…with Mr. Bergmann it’s quite beneficial to repeat last year’s lessons. And for me, it’s a good verification of my teaching methods. And to be able to incorporate the results into my normal lessons, I have asked Frau Jäger to record this lesson. Pedagogical self-monitoring.

Frau Jäger: Hello. (Ingriiiiiid! Ah, I love it!//Jäger ftw!)

Herr Wendtland: Hello. That’s a really great idea.


Michael is still snooping around hectically.


Herr Wendtland: You didn’t tell me about this.

Bea: I didn’t have the opportunity to talk to Frau Schmidt-Heisig about it, yet. But I know that she is always pretty open to my teaching approaches. Am I right?

Helena: Yes, of course. (These scenes are becoming that much better seeing them with a double meaning!)

Bea: I would hope, of course, that this sort of self-revision gets integrated into everyday school life, in the future…if I should get the opportunity to influence things like this.

Herr Wendtland: Well, that could happen faster than you might think.



[Bergmann villa, Jenny’s room]


Emma takes care of her sweetie.She makes her tea, wipes away her sweat and gazes adoringly at her. (She doesn’t use the tea to wash Jenny by the way. That’s a different cup.)


(I have to bring in a geeky note here because it was the first thought I had when I watched Emma wring out the washrag the way she did. Emma is Aragorn! ;-)


From min 0:40 on.)


(Dear Heather Hogan, it's time to award the new girlfriend of the year, isn't it? Or simply put Jenny+Emma together on a podium. I miss your recaps, Your Editor.)


[Pestalozzi, Helena’s office]


Helena: You again. We only just saw each other. (She's missing you, silly.)

Bea: Maybe in the future this will happen more often than we would like.

Helena: If you are hinting at your career as vice-principal with this, nothing has been decided yet. So don’t get your hopes up to high.

Bea: Herr Wendtland did seem to be very impressed with his teaching visitation. Even if it wasn’t in any way the teaching that you wanted to show him, right?

Helena: I don’t know what you’re talking about.

Bea: Oh really? And you haven’t been trying for days to prevent me from becoming vice-principal? I can even understand you. If I became vice-principal, it would be difficult to push through your project with Stefan Bergmann. And you would have to forego a lot of money…because I would prevent you from demolishing this school just to enrich yourself.

Helena: How you are always up on your moral high horse… Nice.

Bea: I’m just preparing you for what will happen. Have a nice day.



[Bergmann villa, Jenny’s room]


Jenny: Emma…

Emma: How long have you been awake already?

Jenny: Just now. How did I get here?

Emma: I brought you here.

Jenny: The water bottle. Of course.

Emma: You should have told me.

Jenny: Ronnie put drugs into my bottle, I really didn’t know anything about it…

Emma: That’s not what I meant. I’m talking about your time in London. I saw the video…where you did a line in some club…coke or something…

Jenny: A video?

Emma(nods):Ronnie…he gave me the link.

Jenny: This pig.

Emma: Yes, well, it’s Ronnie. But this is not about him right now. Why didn’t you ever say anything?

Jenny: Because I didn’t want you to see me like this. Because I didn’t want you to ever know how I behaved/that I was on drugs back then (can mean either)…and you wouldn’t have understood it anyway, Emma.

Emma: But you didn’t even try…

Jenny: When Sophie was so fucked up you thought it was...weird and...disgusting.

Emma: That’s not true at all. I…I just couldn’t understand why you took care of her like that. I was simply jealous. - You were the friend, weren’t you? The one with drug problems…and that’s why you were helping Sophie.

Jenny: Junkies stick together, that’s how you see it, right?

Emma: I mean, you’ve had the same experiences and it makes sense that you would…(together)…

Jenny: Together through thick and thin, right?

Emma: Well…

Jenny: Emma! Emma, you have no idea. You are sitting in your small, stupid, nice, colorful Emma world looking out with your big eyes to see what’s happening out there in the world. And now you want to understand this here as well.

Emma: But…

Jenny: You haven’t the faintest idea, Emma.

Emma: Yeah, I…I’ll see about something to eat, then.



[Pestalozzi, teachers’ lounge]


Success! Michael has found the photo.//Took him long enough. I thought Bea had framed it and put it on her desk in the teachers room.


Herr Wendtland: We both know how quickly such a rumour can spread, and how much it can harm a teacher.

Frau Krawcyk: Yes, that’s true.

Herr Wendtland: And that it has to be a teacher who does her work with so much motivation and enthusiasm…

Frau Krawcyk: Which was the reason I wanted Frau Vogel to start teaching at this school.

Herr Wendtland: And she of all people gets accused of lacking distance towards her male students.

Frau Krawcyk: Frau Vogel has a very good relationship with most of her students. Maybe some colleagues are jealous of her.

Herr Wendtland: Maybe, but surely not Frau Schmidt-Heisig.

Frau Krawcyk: Of course not. The two of them simply have two very different temperaments. Maybe the principal is simply irritated by Bea’s open and emotional character.

Herr Wendtland: Yes, maybe. But still you have to handle such rumours carefully.

Frau Krawcyk: Herr Heisig. Why don’t you tell Mr. Wendtland what a thoughtful and responsible colleague we have in Frau Vogel?

Michael: Yes, at least that is what people say about her. – I’m sorry, I can’t judge this. I’m not sitting in on her lessons, I’m not her student.

Herr Wendtland: But that’s exactly what Frau Vogel wants to change. It is her idea to do teaching visitations in changing constellations…as a kind of self-revision. Then Frau Vogel can prove to you how good she is.

Michael: I’m sorry, what did you say?

Herr Wendtland: I said, then Frau Vogel can prove to you how good she is.

Michael: Yes…yes. Proofs are always a good thing after all.



[Bergmann villa, Jenny’s room]


Emma comes in. Jenny is lying with her back to the door (one of the doors, anyway). She’s crying!

Emma: I made you some soup. I thought it would be good for you to get something into your stomach.

You’re right. I have no idea. I don’t know what it’s like to be on drugs. And I don’t know how to get out of it again, either. I…I once tried not to eat sweets for a month. (Oh, Emma, you’re so cute and you even got Jenny to smile a little//Well, I was laughing so hard!).

Emma: Yeah well, you probably can’t compare the two. It’s probably very hard not to get addicted again…well, to stay clean…

Jenny: You aren’t thinking badly of me?

Emma: Noo, why should I?

Jenny: Well, because…because I was a junkie…something like a junkie.

Emma: I don’t care about what you were. You are my Jenny and I love you, this and everything else included. I want you to know that…that you can trust me and...that we don’t have any secrets…Okay?

Jenny: Mhm.

Emma: Soup?

Jenny: Do you want to hear the whole story? I mean, how it was in London back then?

Emma: Yes.

Jenny: But I’ll have to go further back a little.

Emma: Well, I don’t have any other plans today.

Jenny: It’s not a fairy tale with a happy ending or something like that, though.

Emma: Well, you are here, aren’t you?

Jenny: And I got the dream woman.

Emma: Who will always be there for you.

Jenny: So…happy end, after all.


(Yep, me dead. That's all.)


[Pestalozzi, schoolyard]

Bea: Guys, you know very well that playing football in the schoolyard isn’t allowed. - You can get the ball back after school.

She sees Michael starring creepily at her.//AGAIN? Do I have to post the pic again?

Bea: Äh, Lea? I’ve made inquiries for your plans to go abroad. An exchange semester shouldn’t be a problem.

Lea: Great. Thanks, Frau Vogel.

Bea: You're welcome.

She looks up and Michael is gone.



[Pestalozzi, hallway]


Ronnie comes up to Sophie and grabs her cell phone.

Ronnie: Okay, who is the guy you are cheating with on me?!

Sophie: Ronnie, stop the bullshit.

Ronnie: “Okay, I’ll be there at eight”. Where will you be at eight?

Sophie: My mom is in Cologne and she wants to go to dinner with me. Do you have a problem with that?

Ronnie: Why didn’t you just say so. Actually, I was planning on inviting you to dinner. Jenny drank the whole bottle you put in the locker room.

Sophie: It worked?

Ronnie: That woman will never get in my way again. Right now she is probably thinking about where to get her next fix.

Sophie: So you think she will have a complete relapse?

Ronnie: Once a junkie, always a junkie.

Sophie: Well then I can let her know where she will be able get her dope in the future.

Ronnie: Have I already told you how sexy you are looking today?



[Bergmann villa, Jenny’s room]


Jenny: I was so mad at my parents when they told me I had to go to Cologne. But now I love them for it…or I wouldn’t have met you.

Emma: Wow…that…that you managed…to kick the habit and put it behind you…I mean, after such a heavy thing you went through…you can deal with someone like Ronnie as easy as anything. Besides, you’re not alone.

Jenny: Yeah…

Emma: I’m here as well.

Jenny: Ronnie isn’t the problem.

Emma: Then what is?

Jenny: I have to go to a drug screening once a month…and the result is sent to my parents and their lawyer. That means if I’ve taken drugs then…

Emma: Then what?

Jenny: Then I’ll get sent to the drug rehab clinic in Ireland.

Emma: But…it wasn’t your fault this time.

Jenny: Doesn’t matter.

Emma: They can’t do that. It’s not your fault. Ronnie gave…Ronnie gave you that stuff.

Jenny: Emma, they won’t believe me. I’ve lied much too often for that.

Emma: Yeah, and what will happen with us then?





Helena: Who are you watching? Of course. Our highly esteemed colleague Frau Vogel and our good friend Dr. Wendtland. If this keeps up, this woman will really manage to become vice-principal after all. Unless…

Michael: Unless we have evidence.


Du-dum. Dramatic end. 216, thank you for being so good.