Episode 176

[Previously on Hand aufs Herz]


Jenny: Well it’s not about changing anything, it’s about being honest, confessing.

Ben: But what if the truth makes things even worse?

Jenny: I don’t get that… how should that work?


Ben: Wrong... I talked to Bea this morning, I saw how happy she was walking to school with you. And I told her that I was happy for her. Bea trusts you. She deserves the truth.

Michael: And you are going to tell her?

Ben: No, you will.




[In front of Bea's house]


Michael: What gives you that idea anyways?

Ben: Doesn’t matter… The fact is – you cheated on Bea. And even if I hadn’t already been 100% sure, your face speaks volumes!

Michael: Really… then look closely, because my face also tells you that you shouldn’t mess with my business, Mr. Bergmann.

Ben: But I have to if you don’t have the balls to tell the truth, Mr. Heisig!

Michael: Oh I wouldn’t stretch too far regarding “having balls” – since it took you two weeks to confess your illegal race including hit and run,.You have been silent about having killed two people!

Ben: You’re right – I’ve been just as cowardly as you are now. But I'm deeply ashamed!

Michael: Good thing you’ve confessed. That’s really brave, I give you great credit for that but it doesn’t give you the right to act as some kind of new moral authority!

Ben: I'm acting as anything… I just think that Bea deserves better than a guy who doesn’t really love her.

Michael: Okay it really is none of your business but just so you get it… I love Ms. Vogel.

Ben: Right… then why are you sleeping with your ex? Oh and… just to make sure we’re on the same page – if you don’t tell her, I will!



[Pestalozzi - Foyer]


Jenny: I’d totally want to come to the hospital with you but if I don’t cram this Math stuff till tomorrow, Ms Vogel will show no more mercy!

Emma: Yeah I’ll say hi to Timo for you, he’ll understand. Just join me tomorrow!

Jenny: Are you still worried about what happened earlier?

Emma: No!

Jenny: You are!

Emma: I just don’t want you to think –

Jenny: Do you know what I think? We’re together and this makes me absolutely happy! Whether it’s written in some newspaper or if only the two of us know about it,really doesn't matter to me!

(Emma means to kiss her)

Jenny: Oh oh oh oh… not in public.

Emma: There’s no one here…?!

Jenny: Someone could show up any second and then our little secret would be over and out immediately… Huh buddy?



[Raumzeit Records]


Frank: Well, ok, I'll admit it, swapping clothes wasn't the greatest idea. White and gold just aren't your colors.

Caro: One needs to be able to wear something like this.

Luzi: One has to want to wear it. And outside of the red light business branch, there just aren't that many people who'd be willing to tune themselves up like this voluntarily.

Caro: Are you crazy?My outfit isn't whorish in the least!

Luzi: It's amazing, how quickly you comprehend complex facts and deduce the correct statement!

Frank:It would make me terribly happy,by the way, if we could resolve this little styling question without any bloodshed. There's absolutely nothing wrong with your outfit, it's a cool understatement!

Caro: Someone get me a transportable puke container..

Frank:But for the stage we need something ubercool, something trendy,something cool, sexy..

To say it in anglogerman: „It's shopping time!“

Look, here's my credit card.

Luzi:Wow, that means I can go ahead and buy anything I want?

Frank: Well, your vocal coach will arrive soon, that's why I'd recommend that Caro will make a preselection.

Luzi:Caro? Are you crazy? When Caro is done, Cologne will be out of sequins!



Frank:I'm sure that Caro is aware, that the clothes are for you,and not her.

Caro:Of course!I'm a pro after all!


Luzi: Glitterexplosion!

Frank:It's supposed to only be a small preselection!

Caro: See you later!And trust me, I know what I'm doing!



Michael: Hey!

Sebastian: I.hate.vacuuming!

Michael: Then leave it be!

Sebastian: I have to keep busy with something while my girlfriend assists her music producer and flirts with rockstars.

Michael: Do I hear jealousy? Would you rather,that Miriam polishes glasses and earns small tips at Saal1?

Sebastian:What was so wrong with her job at Saal 1?

Michael: Nothing. But may I remind you,that Miriam's marriage failed because her husband didn't want to loose the housewife in her?

Sebastian: That's something completely different!

Michael: I don't think so! He didn't get that she wanted to move on, jobwise..and that freedom is something you ought to grant her!

Sebastian: Yeah..you're right.

Michael: It's a woman, they don't like being caged.

Sebastian: It's alright..when you don't feel like going to school anymore, you should definitely go into couples therapy!

Michael: Great, then I could treat myself.

Sebastian: Hm?

Michael: I messed up big time. I slept with Helena.

Sebastian: Why?

Michael: Good question..really good question!



[Hospital – Timo's room]


Emma: I hope you don’t have this one yet.

Timo: No… how awesome is that?! Didn’t even know it was already out! You shouldn’t have spent so much money…

Emma: Well it’s from Jenny as well… Hi from her, by the way, she couldn’t come with me today, she’ll visit you tomorrow.

Timo: Well that won’t happen…

Bodo: Why? Are we already annoying the hell out of you with our constant visiting?

Timo: Dude, not at all… maybe my family is… they’re really sweet but a bit too much. I’ll miss you!

Emma: “Miss you”??

Timo: The doc said that I’ve been lying around here too long and now he's going to send me to rehab.

Bodo: But you’re already getting physical therapy?

Timo: Yeah but he said this was only the slow burn program. From now it’s full-time rehab with daily muscle and wheelchair exercises.

Emma: Yeah but aren’t we allowed to visit you there?

Timo: You are, but the ways is a bit far… this rehab hospital is one of the best in Europe..deluxe, but it’s on a country estate in Bavaria.

Bodo: But you’ll return to school…

Timo: We’ll see how it goes…

*phone rings*

Emma: Does Luzi know already?

Timo: Luzi should focus on her music right now…

Emma: You can’t just walk away without saying anything!

Timo: I won’t… I’ll be wheeled away…

Emma: That’s not funny, Timo.

Timo: I think it is!…

Emma: Call her at least.

Timo: I don't thjink it'S such a bad idea if everyone looks after themselves for a change…



Michael:It was the old classic. We were reminiscing...our marriage wasn't all bad,you know..

Sebastian: And then you got a bit sentimental?

Michael: A bit..

Sebastian: Which,of course Helena took advantage of immediately.

Michael: It was just,for one moment like old times..and we got carried away by that feeling.

Sebastian: Which would imply that Helena is capable of feelings. Don't kid yourself! What you heard that night wasn't passion,but Helena's whoops of victory,cause she's got you back in the palm of her hand. She's blackmailing you,isn't she?

Michael: Not her..the little Bergmann is. Somehow he got caught wind of the whole thing,don't ask me how..and now he's putting me on the spot: Either I'll tell Bea, or he will.

Sebastian: Honestly,I think he's right, you should tell Bea.

Michael: I damn well know that!

Sebastian: Then tell her! Could it be, that this thing with Helena..that it dug something up..feelingwise?

Michael: No, I meant to tell her, but when she returned from that camp..she knew that I was jealous because of the whole Bergmann thing..but she swore to me, that nothing happened..she was so honest and loving..

Sebastian: And since then?

Michael: Since then,I simply didn't manage to tell her..and now I have simply waited too long..you know?



[Hospital – Timo's room]


Timo: Of course,I'd rather have stayed here! On the other hand..in the clinic..there'll only be people who are like me, who can't walk anymore!

I think it's really admirable how you're just floating this.

Timo: There are still moments when I feel really shitty.You just haven't seen me in full force frustration mode yet, like Bodo or Luzi have. And some things only hit me by and by. I mean..what it really means not to be able to walk anymore. Never to be able to rock out at Chulo's anymore..never to be able to play soccer again..I know there's handicapped sports ..sure..but it's just not the same. But who knows, I mean, I've never done that before..who knows, maybe it's cool?

Emma: It probably is.

Timo: But it's not all bad..I 've learned a lot through the accident. It may sound a little cheesy, but you know..I 've only now realized just how precious every single minute is. One is always so busy with all kinds of stuff and keeps procrastinating the important things.

Just because it really means something to you, doesn't mean it's easy. So initially, you're not doing anything about it …


Timo: And then,at some point, it's just too late. Like with me and Luzi . This whole back and fro..just because I couldn't commit to her..and when finally I realized,that she's the one..it was too late..

Emma: Timo, it's never too late!

Timo: It is..for a healthy Timo that could carry her on his hands..it is!

Emma: Luzi doesn't care that you're in a wheelchair!

Timo: But I care!


[Luzi's room]

Caro: Could it be, that you have a small capitalistic consumption problem?

(Caro makes Luzi try on a bunch of dresses)



[Hospital - Timo's room]


Timo: Are we leaving already?

Nurse: Yes, but take your time in saying goodbye to your friends.

Timo: Thank you. Well,when I'm back, we'll do a little race..I'll compete against anything with wheels,motorcycles,bikes,skateboards..

Bodo: Even inline skates?

Timo: Whatever you want..til then I'll be a wheely pro, I'll outrace you all! Say, who were you talking you all this time? The chick from last time?

Bodo:No, wishful thinking..it was only my stressy aunt..

Emma: From Hamburg?

Bodo: No...she's from..but who cares! Someone's ready to go on a trip! Call me up,dude!

Timo: Sure,but I'll hear from you tomorrow evening anyways, cause you won't get math..

Emma: I'll think of you..and I'll miss you. What you said before..about waiting..you have no idea how important that was for me..thank you.

Timo: Sure , any time..and remember, when you get a fortune cookie with no leaflet in it..call me, and you'll get the wisdom of the day for free!

Emma: I'll get back to you on that! Shall I say Hi to Luzi from you?

(Timo shakes his head)



[Luzi's room]


Caro: And where exactly is the difference to the last funeral outfit?

Luzi: Hey, that dress is totally fine.

Caro: For a wallflower maybe.

Luzi: Excuse me, but you chose all of these outfits.

Caro: Here. Colorful.

Luzi: Take it away. That's causing eye-cancer.

Caro: When will this get into your head? Colorful is the new black.

Luzi: Yes and cheap is the new classy. You don't have to follow every lapse of taste.

Caro: Lapse of taste? This dress is from the hottest label in Europe. Even Lady Gaga wears it!

Luzi: Hmm, she also performs dressed as a condom on stage and covers herself with meat.

Caro: And is on every single front page the next day.

Luzi: Hey, don't you get it? I want to impress people with my music.

Caro: Yeah, that you'll have to do, because this optical recognition value won't work if you're wearing a burqa.

Luzi: Pf, I don't care.

Caro: But I do. I have the job to get you into a cool stage outfit from Frank and that...that doesn't work at all.

Luzi: I won't listen to this any longer.

Caro: Stop, wait.

Luzi: What?

Caro: I have an idea. Take this off.

Luzi: Are you crazy? No, I won't.

Caro: Don't make such a fuss. I don't want you to wear any of these things.

Luzi: But?

Caro: Turn this around.

(They struggle for a bit, somehow without undressing)

Luzi: Hey, watch out. You're strangling me!

Caro: Don't be such a baby.

(Caro managed to turn the shirt back to front)

Caro: Wow, unbelievable. You look like...like a woman.



Bea: Good morning. Oh come on, you're not really angry just because I sent you home yesterday.

Michael: No, no. We agreed on that before. Bea, I'd like to ask you something. When you were with Ben at this camp...wasn't it hard to say no to him?

Bea: Michael, I told you that it's not like I don't care about Ben, but I chose you and I don't know what else I can do or say to make you believe me.

Michael: You don't have to do or say anything. It's just about the situation with Ben.

Bea: I know what it is about, but I don't know what you want.

Michael: You're alone, there is this familiarity. I could understand it..if one becomes weak.

Bea: What do you want to tell me with this? I did not give in to him. If there are any problems with us? You can trust me. I'm always truthful with you. My first big love, Jens, he cheated on me. And that he waited forever before telling me broke my heart. Don't worry, it's whole again, but I would never do this to you. Never.

Michael: Yes.



[Pestalozzi - Hallways]


Bodo:Today Timo is sent to rehab. It's strange that he'll be gone. I've gotten used to going to visit him after school everyday.

Emma:I just find it so brave and he's so strong to take his future into his own hands.

Bodo:Yes, it's a big deal. Especially since there were moments in which he was done with the world. But no surprise there.

Emma:Exactly. If you think about what he has to deal with. He'll never be able to walk. I'm so ashamed for being such a coward. I'm worrying about what everyone will think about me and Jenny the whole time because I'm scared of being dissed. Even though she doesn't pressure me at all. I mean because of my fear what people might think about us. And she's only doing this for me. She doesn't have any problem at all with this while I'm really annoyed by this whole secretiveness right now.

Bodo:You mean you want to out yourself?

Emma:Yes. I mean, maybe.

Bodo: I think that's great.

Emma:I'm completely overthinking this while everyone is taking this easy.

(Bodo accidentally touches a guys hand while climbing the stairs.)

Guy:Hey, jerk. Don't touch me.

Bodo:Sorry, I didn't mean to.

Guy: Well, hopefully. This gayness is an absolute no-go. Pervert.

Bodo: Hey, take it easy, yeah? - Okay, maybe not everyone will be super cool when you'll out yourself as a lesbian couple. One or two remarks you'll might get, too – who the man in bed is, and, um, if they can watch or something...

Emma: Stop it.

Bodo:But you're above such things, hm? They're complete idiots anyway and also in a few weeks they'll have a new topic to gossip about and will leave you alone.




[Luzi's room]


Caro:??? black kajal, dramatic lashes.

Luzi:I thought we only accentuate my lips.

Caro: Cherry red? - Sometimes less is more.

Luzi: Aah, and that's coming from you.





Bodo: And what if you'll first only tell the STAG about you? Like a test? We're a team after all.

Emma: Yes, that's what I thought about first, too. Then we'll at least won't get any stupid comments. Except from Caro maybe.

Bodo: I don't believe that. And even if... She'll notice soon enough that in that case she'll be hitting her head against a brick wall.

Emma: Then at least we don't have to hide anymore. As long as it's just us. - Jenny? I had an idea.

(Bea enters)

Bea: Hello guys. There's a tiny change of plans for today. I thought we'll show the Pestalozzi how much we've grown by giving a small spontaneous concert on the schoolyard.

Emma: What? Now?

Bea:Yes. In the main recess. Only one song.

Emma: But all the students are out there and they will listen to us.

Bea:Yeah, that was the plan. Luzi, you'd probably like to practice a little, too, right?

Jenny:Hey. We'll rock the house and the yard. You don't have to be afraid.

Emma: Perhaps not because of that.


[in the schoolyard]

Bea: Guys. Just imagine that the books are the stage. We're doing the same choreo,ok?


Jenny: Come on, we can do this! We could do the song in our sleep!


Emma. Yes, maybe... but I...!


Bea: May I ask for your attention? The STAG is performing! Lovefool from the Cardigans!