Episode 15


translated by hephylax, edited by amidola



Bea: I want you to show me what you’ve got…purely in the musical sense..

Ben: Okay


Timo: No.

He kisses Sophie.

Sophie: Are you on drugs or something?





[Pestalozzi, school yard]


Caro: Was that clear enough? She doesn’t want anything from you.

Sophie doesn’t disagree and Timo leaves.

Caro: What a sick freak. I had no idea he had turned into a stalker.(Isn't that a common Pestalozzi pasttime?)Why didn’t you tell me about it, sweetie? Well, never mind. I hope this time, he got the picture. Are you coming back to my place?

Sophie: Sure

(:-D How am I NOT supposed to be grinning over this? How?:-D Ok,ok..no comment:-) .



[Pestalozzi, auditorium]


Bea: That was good. Thanks. (what are they talking about?)

Hotte: Where is Timo, anyway?

Luzi: No idea.

Emma: Well, it’s not a hard guess, is it? (And hello, young Emma. This is my first time translating you. Yay!)

Hotte: You think he is stuck?

Emma: Uhuh.

Hotte: With Sophie in the bathroom?

Bea: Ben? Do you have a minute?

Ben: Sure.

Bea: That was good. (Yes, you’ve already said that.)

Ben: Thanks.

Bea: Why have you joined the AG? What do you expect?

Ben: Honestly? Nothing. I just got the feeling that the AG could use a little support.

Bea: Honestly? I don’t believe you.

Ben: Well, you’ve been listening to me just now. Does someone who doesn’t like music play like that?

Bea: Ben, I’m trying to build something here. People are constantly coming and going…that…

Ben: Not before there are at least two more awards in the showcase. I know how important that is for some of the people, here.

Bea: Okay.

Ben: Thanks, Frau Vogel. You won’t regret it.

(Oh, yes, she will, probably in the next five minutes,too..)


[Pestalozzi, principal’s office]


Götting: I’m going to need your signature for this.

Frau Krawczyk: A TV shoot? What is it about?

Götting: It’s about a series of reports about comprehensive schools. They are interested in our beach volleyball team. We have Frau Lohmann to thank for that. She called the editor’s attention to our players. I’m sure you agree with me that we can really use the promotion for our school. And you don’t have to take care of anything. Frau Lohmann and I have everything under control.

Frau Krawczyk: Bea, could you join us?

Götting: If you’d just sign here, I’ll leave you two alone.

Frau Krawczyk: Bea, tomorrow an editor of the regional TV station is coming by. I think that would be a great opportunity to present the STAG.

Bea: Tomorrow!?

Götting: What AG? As far as I know, you have just two members, right now.

Bea: By now, there are seven, dear colleague.

Götting: Since when?

Bea: Since today. We’ve found some talented people.

Frau Krawczyk: Great. And just at the right time.

Götting: Talented enough to hand over a presentable performance by tomorrow? Or do you want to humiliate your students (That’s a motivation Götting would completely understand.)Wasn’t there a video going around the other day? You should learn from that experience.

Frau Krawczyk: It’s not necessary to give a performance that is ready for the stage. Just show parts of the rehearsal and introduce the members. It’s about showing that we have a music club once again and that it will continue the successes we had ten years ago.

Bea: We can do that.

Götting: I’m firmly against it. And this wasn’t arranged with the editor this way.

Frau Krawczyk: Either…the STAG gets equal screen time to the volleyball team…or there won’t be a report. Your decision.

Götting: Okay.

Frau Krawczyk signs. Bea smiles.Götting knows he’s in trouble.



[The Vogel home]


(What is Miriam wearing for a simple supper at home?!/Maybe she is still trying to get laid?And yes, I'm still traumatized from last episode..)

Lara: Can I borrow your red shirt tomorrow?

Miriam: What for?

Lara: For school.

Miriam: No way. That’s a party shirt.

Lara: Okay, then I’m going to go partying with it.

Miriam: Certainly not.

Lara: Great! What’s the use of having young parents if…

Miriam: Oh, so now we’re young again. Earlier we were old and urgh… disgusting.

Lara: Gosh Mom, you never wear it anyway.

Miriam: Unfortunately. Because I never go out.

Piet is fully engaged with his supper and doesn’t get the hint. So Miriam takes matters into her own… feet.

Piet: Ow! Why did you kick me?!

Miriam: Because we never go out!

Piet: But you were out with Bea just the other night..

Miriam: But maybe I’d like to go out with my husband for once?

Piet: We can do that.

Miriam: Let’s go out dancing tonight. To Chulos.(Is there NO other club in the great city of Cologne?Glad, that Saal1 took up dancing contests..come to think of that..I'm REALLY glad that Saal1..where were we?)

Piet: Okay. Tonight?! Sorry but I really wanted to clean the transmission of the VW/ Bulli.

Miriam: You can do that. But in one hour we’ll be leaving. No discussion..

Bea comes in.

Miriam: Hey Bea.

Bea: Hey, you’re beaming.(Miribeaming?)

Miriam: Yes. Piet and I are going to go out dancing together tonight. Or at least get something to drink. In any case, we are going out.

Piet: Let’s go out some other time. I don’t really have the head for it today.

Miriam: If you back out now, I’m going to Chulos with Bea.

Piet: With Bea? Well then, do that! We’ll go another time, alright?

Bea: Äh, I can’t tonight.

Lara: I’ll go to Chulos with you tonight. But only if I’m allowed to wear your red top.

Miriam: You’re not going anywhere on a school night.

Lara: Ey, Mom, that’s so unfai….

Miriam: Life is hard and unfair. Live with it. I have to, as well.

Lara: Life is hard and unfair. Live with it. Is that pedagogically sound? (Maybe not, but it's true)

Bea: Your mother is just a little irritated.

Lara: Well, she didn’t have to get married. Then she could go out dancing on her own tonight.

Bea: She could do that regardless.

Lara: But she doesn’t.

Bea: Are you sure?

Lara: Hello? As a woman, alone on the dance floor? How desperate would that be? When Mom is in a bad mood… the only thing she does is laundry.(And all of us know why, now..still traumatized..)

Bea: Oh, and that’s not ‘desperate’, then?

Lara: Okay, Mom is in a bad mood. But she still could have lent me her top.

Bea: You can have mine.

Lara: Really?

(I'm pretty sure, that's not pedagocially sound either..)





[Leona Lewis - "Will Be" is playing]


It’s late, the cleaning ladies are hard at work (Hi Karin!), Timo is standing around cutting an apple and Frau Jäger comes up to the kiosk.

Frau Jäger: I’d like the Laugenstange (soft pretzel stick?). What is he still doing here? Classes have been over for some time.

Kiosk guy(janitor?): Love sickness.

Frau Jäger: At that age, being love sick is the worst. You believe, you won’t survive it. - Bye (At a latter age you know you will survive it, but I don't know if that's actually worse..sorry, I guess they served Nietzsche with breakfast today..)

Karin: Bye.





[David Guetta – "It's the Way You Love Me" is playing]


Sebastian: Your beer. So, tonight you’re here on your own?

Miriam: Äh yes. I just had to get out.

Sebastian: I know the feeling. You want another one?

Miriam: Thanks, but not tonight.

Sebastian: Wait a moment. (he mixes a drink)House speciality. If you want to you can read your future in it.

Miriam: And it’s looking rosy. I know. You’ve already told me yesterday.

Sebastian: Well, you’re here again. Music’s playing, Tony takes over the bar. Come on, let’s dance.

Miriam: I don’t think so.

Sebastian: What’s wrong?

Miriam: Sorry.

She leaves.



[Pestalozzi, big stairs]


Caro: So don’t forget. In the beginning, a simple set and then we have to really kick Vicki’s and Grit’s asses.

Sophie: Okay. When are the photographers showing up, anyway?

Caro: At four. But we’ll have to be there by half-past three. Here are the jerseys.

Ben: Not bad. Is there a game today?

Caro: Just a small practice game for regional TV. No big thing.

Ben: Cool. Let me know when it’s going to be broadcast. There is hardly anything good on.

Caro: So friendly today.

Ben: I’m always friendly.(And Ben had a self illusory clown with his musli today..)

Caro: Well, yesterday you were a little out of it.

Ben: Not my day.

Caro: Yes, you could say that. I’ve been told that you joined the singing and jumping club.

Ben: So? That was actually yesterday’s highlight.

Caro: Oh, and I thought only losers participated.

Ben: Well then, it looks like I’m a loser, too.

Caro: Well, I’d find it pretty uncool to hang with you if everyone knows what else you are up to.

Ben: Caro, this might shock you but the entire world does not always revolve around you.

He winks at Sophieand leaves.

Caro(calls after him): On second thought, it’s true. You are a loser, and a rather big one at that.

That loud announcement stops Michael in his tracks. He acts as if nobody ever said something like that to him, which is pretty unrealistic.

Michael: How am I supposed to interpret that?(How about some verse in pentameter?)



[Pestalozzi, consultation room]


Knock knock.

Michael: Yes, come in.

Ben: Ähm, I’d like to leave early today.

Michael: That depends entirely on how it’s going to go.

Ben: I would love to discuss exciting problems with you and then have long talks about it, but I don’t have any. Sorry.

(He, honest to God, has his cell phone in his hand showing the creepy stalker picture of him and sleeping Bea. All the while Michael is talking, he keeps looking at the picture. How fucked up is that?!Maybe he needs to be reminded of Bea constantly so he will manage to keep his hands off of Michael?Now I'm wondering how much better this scene would be if it had Brian Kinney in it..)

Michael: This morning, it didn’t look like that.

Ben: What do you mean?

Michael: Well, Caro Eichkamp. She was shouting about you being a loser. (Oh Michael, like always you’re completely off-track)

Ben: Caro likes to lose her temper often. That’s not a problem.

Michael: Women of your age are always a problem. (I’m wondering if he said that to Emma as well)

Ben: And does it stay like that or does it change with time?

Michael: It never changes completely but, fortunately, you’ll develop instincts about which woman is worth pursuing and which isn’t. (That’s coming from the right guy./Maybe he has a brochure for that,too?We call it the Victoria's Secret catalogue)

Ben: So, you’ll keep on pursuing?

Michael: How do you mean?

Ben: Bea Vogel. The whole school is talking about it.

Michael: I wouldn’t have expected for you to be interested in the gossip going around. I thought you were more mature.

Ben gets up.

Michael: We aren’t finished yet.

Ben: Oh yes. I am finished.

Michael: It’s your future.

Ben: Exactly.



[Pestalozzi, hallway]


Bea: Oh, by the way, I have good news for you. The regional TV station wants to do a report and we are supposed to take part in it.

Luzi: We’ll be on TV?

Bea: Yes, the editor is going to watch our rehearsal today.

Luzi: Isn’t this a little short on the notice?

Ben: Luzi, you could sing the phone book and it would become a hit.

Bea: That’s my opinion as well. Still, I suggest we’ll meet earlier, today. Would that work for you?



[Pestalozzi, vice-principal’s office]


Götting: It’s not too late to spare the students this humiliation.

Frau Krawczyk: You worry about the students’ well-being?

Götting: Indeed.

Alexandra is listeningin from the open doorway.

Frau Krawczyk: Well, that’s new.

Götting: Our volleyball team hasn’t become this popular without a reason. They’ve trained for months.

Frau Krawczyk: Thanks, but I already know your opinion on this.

Götting: If we could say the same thing about the STAG, I wouldn’t be against it, but we can’t.

Frau Krawczyk: Ah, I have to go.

Götting: And what am I going to tell the editor now?

Frau Krawczyk: You are going to introduce the AG to him!

She leaves through one door, Alexandra enters from the other.

Götting: Hello Alexandra.

Alexandra: All I wanted you to do was to get Krawczyk’s signature. And you manage to have Bea Vogel with her tam-tam group barge in on our report?!

Götting: Alexandra, it’s not my fault if Frau Krawczyk gets Bea Vogel on board.(Götting needs Michael's brochure..)

Alexandra: I initiated the contact with the TV station, I’ve told the editor how important athletic team spirit is… in times where everyone is only thinking of themselves. And then who comes along? Who destroys everything?

Götting: Then Frau Krawczyk and Bea Vogel come along! (Right answer Julian. Well done, you get a gold star/He does?Oh, Alexandra, of course. :-D)

Alexandra: In other words, the vice-principal failed to stand up to an alcoholic and her annoying sidekick.(Now, THAT would be a fun show!)

Götting: God, Alexandra, I’m not principal, yet. I can’t force Krawczyk to sign the permission for the shoot without the Vogel-AG (bird club) being a part of the report.

Alexandra: Okay. My mistake. How was it that I overestimated you once again?

Götting: I should drive home and mow the lawn in peace.

Alexandra: If you can manage that. I have my doubts about it.



[Pestalozzi, near the kiosk]


Sophie: A coke, please. Thanks.

Sophie sees Luzi standing at a table and goes over to her.

Sophie: Hi. Do you know where Timo is? I haven’t seen him all day.

Luzi: Why are you asking me? You are his girlfriend. Or aren’t you? With you two, one can’t ever be sure. He said you wouldn’t talk to him.

Sophie: So you didn’t see him.

Luzi: Did you have a fight? Or did you want to meet in secret again somewhere…in the restroom? For kissing or doing something else… And don’t try to tell me that you wanted to copy his homework.

Sophie: If you see him, just tell him…

Luzi: Yes? What am I supposed to tell him? That you fell in love with Caro? (No need to get so jealous, Luzi/Sorry, I just choked on my coffee, sitting in the middle of a restaurant..)Or that Timo embarrasses you? Or that you love him and you finally realised what a great guy he is?

Sophie: I know that he is a great guy.

Luzi: Oh? Does Caro know that you think like that? Or was that the reason for your fight with Timo? Because she mustn’t find out.

Sophie: That’s none of your god-damn business.

Luzi: Okay. Then don’t ask me where Timo is.(Word!)



[Pestalozzi, auditorium]


Luzi: Okay. How about “A little more lipstick” (And why am I thinking of Helena, all of a sudden?/Sweet memories:-)

Emma: We’ve never sung it before.

Hotte: I think that one is so old-school. And anyway, I don’t want to sing about make-up. (Hotte, I’m there with you, buddy!)

Luzi: Well, then you suggest something. I don’t feel like wasting my time here and looking like a fool on TV.

Emma: They’ll probably laugh at us, anyway. I mean, we haven’t learned a single song.(Emma! Good to have you back)

Bea: Relax. We don’t have to give a perfect performance. It’s just about introducing the AG.

Luzi: And what if they think we’re crap and they report exactly that?

Bea: You are better than you think. Believe me. How about this one? Let’s just try it out. Okay. Song number one. We are just going to listen to it.

Ben: Sorry. Couldn’t manage to come earlier (I was busy pouting)

Luzi: Have you seen Timo?

Ben: I thought he would be here.

Bea: Herr Bergmann, what about your coaching class?

Ben: I talked with Mr. Heisig about everything there was to talk about.

Bea: You know that those are mandatory. If you skip the coaching class you’ll risk an expulsion.

Ben: And I don’t really care.

Luzi: Are you in trouble again with the principal?

Ben: No. but some teachers just get on my nerves. Present teachers excluded, of course.

Bea: Okay.




Timo is suffering alone in the school yard and thinking about calling Sophie.

Sophie is sitting on the sofa in the senior corner thinking about calling Timo. She gets up the nerve to call him. Timo refuses the call.



[Pestalozzi, auditorium]


Bea is fiddling with the new sound system.Unsuccessfully, one should add.

Bea: One second. I almost got it.

Michael comes in. If you missed it, you recognize it by the sudden disapproval on Ben’s face.

Bea: Hey.

Michael: Hey.

Bea: Have you come for moral support for our TV-gig?

Michael: No. I’m here because I have to talk to you about Ben.

Bea: Yes, I already heard. He left early.

Michael: Yes. And that…that doesn’t really make it easier. You know, I don’t want to get him into trouble but if he continues being difficult…I’ll have to take the appropriate steps.

Bea: Michael, then he’ll get kicked out.

Michael: Yes, then he’ll get kicked out. But he has only himself to blame.

Ben: Frau Vogel, can’t we simply start? Without accompaniment?

Bea: Could you wait for a minute?

Michael: Yes.

Bea: Yes, okay. Just pay attention to the rhythm. Okay?

Michael is not only handy with a belt, he also knows which plugs go where on a music system and so…


[Cascada – “Evacuate the dance floor” starts playing]


Michael: Sound system’s working.

Bea: Just listen to it. - Thanks.



[Parking lot of a super market]


Miriam tries to get her groceries into the car but since she is carrying much too much, she drops part of it. A can rolls away and is picked up by Sebastian.

Sebastian: And we meet again, so soon.

Miriam: Hi! Thanks.

Sebastian: A lot of purchases

Miriam: Yes. I rather buy more and not so often.

Sebastian: Say, what was wrong yesterday?

Miriam: Sorry, when I’m in a bad mood, I’m afraid I can’t hide it.

Sebastian: I like that. Why don’t you come by the club in the afternoon sometime? I have more time then. And we can have some coffee in peace.

Miriam: Okay.

Sebastian: Well then, I’m looking forward to it. And don’t wait too long.

He leaves and Piet comes up carrying more stuff.

Piet: Who was that?

Miriam: Him? He just wanted to know what time it is.



[Pestalozzi, hallway]


Götting: The AG has just been established. I don’t know if filming them tomorrow would be worth it.

TV editor: We’ll see.

Götting: You can’t expect anything in the same league as our volleyball team. But the enthusiasm with which Frau Lohmann supports/champions her girls…is unprecedented.



[Pestalozzi, auditorium]


The STAG is rehearsing “Evacuate the dancefloor”

Ben is looking disapprovingly at Bea and Michael.

Bea: I’ll take care of Ben attending his next coaching class. (I’ll send him straight down from the attic./Hahaha!!)

Michael: That’s not enough for me. He has to honestly participate in it.(The attic?Thank you Hephylax, for sending my mind wandering now..)

Ben: Could you get lost already!? The TV-crew could arrive any second! (I don’t know why but this tantrum made me LOL)

Michael: Herr Bergmann, just pretend I’m not here, okay? (That’s something I’m practicing as well. But it’s not easy./It's so much easier when Helena is in the room,too..where were we?)



[Pestalozzi, hallway]


Götting: While Frau Vogel has only been at this school for a short time, Frau Lohmann has been coaching her players for years with a dedication that’s hard to match. – This way, please.



[Pestalozzi, auditorium]


Bea: Ben. Herr Heisig is only here because of you. Because you missed the coaching class.

Ben: I don’t fucking care. Why should I talk about my life with this guy. Him of all people!

Bea: Ben!

Michael: I’d say that the two of us should resolve this outside. (Doesn’t that sound like an invitation to a fist-fight?)

Ben: The two of us won’t resolve anything.

Michael: Oh yes, we will. And we are going to tone it down a little.

Michael puts a hand on Ben’s back to lead him outside.

Ben: Don’t touch me!

Michael: Hey. What…

Ben: And shut up, you asshole!

And what was that!? Ben takes a swing at Michael but somehow misses by a mile and lands on the floor. Even Michael looks a little amused at this pitiful attempt at first. (Me, I’m LOLing again and agreeing with Caro: Ben, you are such a loser.)

By the way, Götting and the TV guy witnessed the whole thing. Oh, the drama!