Your translatress today is IAGSW. Have fun with episode 13 and an Emma who looks like the twin of the Emma who is too shy to sing and who later barely can talk without stammering and Emma-ing around because a dimple-smiling, care bears leggins and giraffe shirt wearing Jenny shows up and takes her breath away constantly…

Editor is hephylax.



Episode 13


Previously on Hand aufs Herz


[At Pestalozzi, restroom]


Bea:What is going on? Why are you so upset?

Michael:Can’t you imagine that I might prefer something nicer than being locked up with you here in the boys’ restroom? After you have turned me down twice!



[In front of Chulos]


Ben:Damn, I’m more than your student!

Bea:Stop it! If someone hears that!

(Ben drags Bea the parking lot)

Ben:Is it better now? With Heisig you also didn’t care about being seen with him!

Bea:There is nothing going on!

(Ben kisses Bea who kisses him back)





[In front of Chulos]


Ben and Bea keep on making out until Bea stops.


Ben:What is it?

(Bea rushes off)




[At Chulos’]


Sebastian is mixing a cocktail for Miriam.


Miriam:Wow! It looks great!

Sebastian:If you want you can read out the future in it.

Miriam:So? What does mine look like?

Sebastian:Rosy. With a touch of blue.

Miriam:And what does blue stand for?

Sebastian:Well…(he points at himself with a blue shirt)

Michael:And can you give me a Coke, too?

Michael:(ironic) I see, you’re very busy.

Sebastian:After all I’m not a teacher.

(Bea appears)

Bea:Miri, can we leave?

Miriam:What, now?

Bea:I’ve to go.

Miriam:But the fun is only just starting.

Michael:Well, she’s complicated. (Bea, a word of advice here: Someone who takes a normal rejection after knowing you for a couple of weeks that badly is not someone you should ever consider dating. Chances are it will lead to controlling behavior, stalking, black-mail and an all-around childish and sullen attitude.)


Sebastian:Don’t you want to take her home?

Miriam:Oh yes, that would be totally cool!

(Bea looks shocked)

Miriam:Well, you want to leave, don’t you?

Sebastian:(to Michael)I thought you weren’t going to stay here for long anyway.

Bea:I don’t have a helmet. I’ll take a cab.

(Sebastian pulls out a helmet from under the bar. //Heh, he really wants to get Miriam alone finally. After all that Ben/Bea/Michael sledge-hammer “courtship”-thingy, Sebastian’s behavior is a rather pleasant change (plus he’s cute) and more proof that the wrong Heisig brother went of to Costa Rica.)

Michael:(not really excited about this whole situation)Yes, I was going to leave anyway.

Sebastian:So no Coke.

Michael:No, thanks. And nothing else either.

(Ben, looking like a drowned rat, is watching Bea and Michael leaving the club.)



[In front of Bea’s apartment]


Bea:Thank you.

Michael:And will you tell me what we were escaping from?

Bea:I was just tired.

Michael:And this is hard to explain.


Michael:But no other man?

Bea:No! (No, I don’t believe man would be the correct word, either.)

Michael:Good….then you’ll go to bed now and…I’ll go home? (He actually phrased that as a question. Did he really think that she might invite him in after all the digs he made at her? Totally delusional. Bea can’t seem to believe his nerve either.)

Bea:Exactly….Ah, wait! The helmet.



[At Vogelhaus]


The Vogel family is having breakfast.


Lara:Papa, let’s go!

(Lara leaves. //She has school. Bea lingers over breakfast. It looks like we’ll get the next “Sorry, I’m late” in the near future.)
Miriam:So? Did you have a nice evening? (Bea nods)Well, this Sebastian, he’s really quite sassy! He was hitting on me the whole time! Do you know what he called me? Nockerl.

Bea:Aren’t those some kind of noodles?

Miriam:Yes, but it sounds charming when he says it. (It’s the accent. That’s why Austrians and South Tyroleans can call me Fräulein (Miss) without my inner feminist flying into a rage.)

Bea:And if it wasn’t his charm then you surely noticed how good he looks. (She gives Miriam a wink)

Miriam:You think? I didn’t give a thought to that at all.

(Piet comes out of the bedroom)

Piet:What didn’t you give a thought to?

Bea:To the Christmas holidays.

Miriam:Are we going to take a trip or not?

Piet:Pff, I don’t know. I’ll keep it in mind. But I’m looking for my car keys.

Miriam:Hm, maybe in the laundry basket, in the jeans?

(Piet leaves)

Miriam:I know what you’re thinking. I could never cheat on Piet! It’s about something completely different here. Since YOU don’t have to worry anymore about guys finding you attractive or not. You can flirt around and when you feel like it then you just pick the guy up. Like yesterday with Michael.

Bea:Me? Michael?



[At Pestalozzi, hallway]


Sophie:Peggy swears that it’s true!

(Luzi overhears them)

Caro:So what?

Sophie:Well, if Vogel and Heisig are leaving the club together, then they have to have something going on with each other!

Caro:Of course they do! I mean the two of them have already done it in the restroom!


Caro:Ask me….not Peggy.

Sophie:Wow, that’s so crazy.

Caro:(extra loudly so that Luzi has to hear it) The ones with the high morals are the worst most of the time!

(Emma comes running to Luzi)

Emma:Have you heard already?

Luzi:Uhm, I’m just about to.

Emma:So? What do you think about it?

Luzi:In the restroom? I don’t know.

Emma:Well, some people are turned on by it! (*Jenny-mode* EMMA MÜLLER! Are you the girl who was too shy to sing a few episodes ago?)

Caro:Your Vogel is a bitch! Accept it!

Emma:(totally excited about the rumor she runs to some others) Hey, have you already heard about it?

(Hotte comes running)

Hotte:Hey, do you know already?
Luzi:Vogel and Heisig?

Hotte:Really? Those two? That’s crazy!

Luzi:And what did you hear?

Hotte:Ah, just that Timo is hooking up with Sophie again.

(Luzi chokes on her drink)



(Hotte goes on telling others.)




[At Vogelhaus]


Miriam:How did it get to that point?

Bea:It’s bad enough that it got to that point at all! Do you still have some coffee? (*teachers…never doing anything but relaxing…)

Miriam:Up there in the cupboard.

Bea:(trying to distract from the topic)Knife…

Miriam:Bea. A kiss like this will happen again as long as you don’t know why it happened.

Bea:HE kissed me! (It didn’t look that clear-cut to me.)

Miriam: Ah, and you couldn’t fight it.

Bea:I tried! (*Oh by letting him taste your lips again? Really, Bea? Really?)

Miriam:Then you should call the police.

Bea:Miri! He overheard that Michael and I were locked up in the restroom. He thought we were…

Miriam:Yes, it would have been better!

Bea:He was totally jealous and wanted to confront me about it.

Miriam:In the club? In front of all the people?
Bea:I dragged him out then.

Miriam: And there he kissed you. And your brain shut itself down completely.

Bea:Yes, for a few seconds.

Miriam:Ok, then he is going to try it again.

Bea:I won’t let him. (Of course not!)



[At Pestalozzi, beach volleyball field]


Caro scores by a serve.


Alexandra:Team 1 wins. Hey, hey, guys, the balls aren’t rolling back by themselves.

(Julian approaches)

Julian: You wanted to talk to me.

Alexandra:Yes. There are some news. The regional TV channel is going to record a segment about schools in NRW (Federal state Nordrhein-Westfalen).

Julian:I assume not about volleyball teams though.

Alexandra:Bob (her fiancé)threw a garden party yesterday.


Alexandra:And there I met the editor.

Julian:Ah, and while having a nice bratwurst (fried sausage, *the Thuringian ones are the best ones btw;)) you rearranged the priorities for the TV coverage a little?

Alexandra: Now he just needs the signature of the school administration.

Julian:I’m going to take care of it. (He starts caressing her back and goes deeper)And, by the way, have you already heard about the new dream couple at our school?

Alexandra:Bea keeps surprising me over and over again. An affair with a colleague. How stupid can one be?

Julian:You said it.



[At Pestalozzi, school yard]


Luzi watches Timo talking with a classmate


Student:Do you have the chemistry homework?

Timo:(shakes his head)Hmh.

Student:I didn’t understand anything.

(The bell rings)

Timo:But it wasn’t that difficult. We can copy it from someone else. See you.

(Luzi approaches him)

Timo:Hey! How are you doing?

Luzi: Are you hooking up with Sophie again?

Timo:No! (*Liar!!) Who says that?


Timo:Hotte is such a jerk.

Luzi:So it’s not true?


Luzi:And why is he saying such crap then?

Timo:I’ve no idea! Come, we’ve got to go.

Luzi:It would also be very stupid to be taken in by her twice. One time is bad enough.


Bea:The break is over. That also applies to you, Mr Bergmann.

(Bea is about to go into the building)

Ben:Stop! We’ve got to talk.


Ben:Just tell me why you kissed me.

Bea:YOU kissed me! My mind went blank for a moment. But it doesn’t mean anything.

Ben:Does Heisig know about it?


Ben:I would confess it to him. That way he at least sees right away how your mind works.

Bea:Ben. There is nothing going on with Michael…with Mr Heisig.

Ben:I saw you two together yesterday.

Bea:He took me home.

Ben:Ah come on! The whole school is talking about you having an affair!



Bea:It can’t be possible. It’s totally absurd.

Ben:To me it sounds like a good explanation of why you don’t want to have anything to do with me anymore.

(Ben leaves Bea speechless who then goes into the building, too)



(Bea tries to avoid him)

Michael:Is everything ok?


Michael:Did I do something to you?

Bea:We don’t want to fuel the flames of gossip even more!

Michael:Which rumors?

Hotte:Uhm, Ms Vogel? (He sees her together with Michael) Oh,…I didn’t want to interrupt. (He leaves with a smile)

Bea:(to Michael) See!

Michael:So does that mean the school imputes us with an affair?

Bea:Yes. The whole school.

Michael:Come again? This is…terrible of course that everybody thinks that the two of us…I mean,… (Yes, that was completely believable.)

Bea:Tss, I’ve to go to Mrs Krawcyk.



[At Pestalozzi, Auditorium]


Timo comes in and starts playing ‘You Are So Beautiful” on the piano. Sophie watches him and comes closer.


Timo:Since when have you been here?

Sophie:Since the first verse.


Sophie:It was really wonderful.

(They start kissing but then notice that Emma and Hotte are watching them)

Sophie:I think someone is watching us.

Timo:Are you serious?


(Tim and Sophie leave the auditorium)



[At Pestalozzi, Mrs Krawcyk’s office]


Mrs Krawcyk: Bea, nobody knows better than you what this school used to show in the field of music.

Bea:That’s why I came back here. To give the students what I was allowed to take with me.

Mrs Krawcyk: This is good. But unfortunately I’m not hearing much of the STAG. Especially no music. (Yes, damnit! We want more singing and less Bean time!)What worries me are the other things that come to my ears instead.

Bea: If you’re referring to the rumors about Mrs Heisig (I believe our dear translatress meant to write Mr. but I can’t bring myself to erase a reference, however unintentional, to the direly missed Helena) and me now…those are just pure gossip.

Mrs Krawcyk: At least, they’re detracting from the other thing.

Bea:Mrs Krawcyk, the STAG really means everything to me! And very soon I’m going to have formed a very talented group.

Mrs Krawcyk: Well, how many have joined in now?

Bea:Well, Alexandra Lohmann has publicy vented on everybody who wanted to join the group. It doesn’t make it easier.

Mrs Krawcyk: How many?

Bea: They are a few?

Mrs Krawcyk: A few?

Bea:With talent! Luzi Beschenko, for example. It’s amazing, how much energy has been slumbering within her over the years without anybody having realized it!

Mrs Krawcyk: The lady who broke into the swimming pool.

Bea: If you get to listen to her you’re going to love her!

Mrs Krawcyk:If…

Bea: Or Timo Özgül. It’s brave for a tough guy to join in ‘Singen und Tanzen’, isn’t it?

Mrs Krawcyk: Ah, why? There are lots of singing and dancing men on TV!

Bea:Yes, but those aren’t bullied by their classmates because Alexandra has incited them to it.

Mrs Krawcyk: We are going to find a way.

Bea:Yes, that’s what I’m saying. Don’t worry.

Mrs Krawcyk:If I can help you somehow…

Bea:Please take care of your own business.

Mrs Krawcyk:Good luck!

(Bea leaves and Mrs Krawcyk tries to fight her urge to drink some vodka again.)



[At Pestalozzi, lounge]


Emma and Hotte are enjoying themselves while drawing a filthy comic of Sophie and Timo when Luzi appears. She sees the comic which reads:


Sophie:Timo really knows his stuff.

Timo:Where did I leave my big marker again?


Emma and Hotte try to sneak away.


Luzi:Hey, you think this is funny?

(They turn around and burst into laughter)


Luzi:You are so childish! (WORD!)

Hotte:Hey! That’s art! Even the Romans used to paint graffitis!

Luzi:THIS is total crap! Because Timo isn’t interested in Sophie anymore!!

Emma:Come one, Van Gogh was misconceived, too.

(Both leave while still laughing out loud. Luzi tries to remove the drawing to no avail.)



(The students receive text messages about people having sex in the restroom.


Message 1:Crazy! Someone is shagging in the restroom!

Message 2:Cool! Who is it?

Message 3:Public humping in the restroom!

Message 4:I bet it’s Götting!


Emma:Hotte? Someone is shagging in the restroom! (*Jenny-mode again* Emma Müller – You scare me!! //And that’s really all there is to say to that.)

Hotte:Kick ass! And who is it?

Emma:I’ve no idea! Maybe Caro and Ben! (And wusch, gone she is)

Hotte:Caro? Nonsense! Guys! Showtime! Someone is humping in the restroom! Who is coming? Public viewing!



[At Pestalozzi, hallway]


Julian Götting stops in front of Mrs Krawcyk’s office with the traffic light.


Götting:The traffic light doesn’t seem to work anymore.

Mrs Jäger:I don’t think so. Otherwise the light wouldn’t be on now.

Götting:It’s been red. For quite some time now.

Mrs Jäger:I’m sure there is a reason for it.

Götting:Who knows. Maybe for once we should enter the room just like that…to check if everything is ok. It could be possible that Mrs Krawcyk doesn’t feel very well.

Mrs Jäger:What does that mean?

Götting:Well, malicious gossip has it that Mrs Krawcyk may have some “health problems.”

Mrs Jäger:Then it’s really malicious gossip!

Götting:Well, whether malicious or not, there’s a always a germ of truth in every rumor.

Mrs Jäger:It’s not a rumor, Mr Götting. It’s defamation! (Exactly, Ingrid. Stand by your woman!)

Götting:Now, no reason to see red so quickly, Mrs Jäger! (His face is illuminated by the red light during this conversation.)

Mrs Jäger:I’m going to leave that to you.



[At Pestalozzi, Mrs Krawcyk’s office]


Mrs Krawcyk is still struggling with her urge to drink but eventually gives in and drinks one cup of Vodka after the other.


[At Pestalozzi, in front of the restroom]

A mob of students is gathered in front of the restroom. Hotte sticks his finger into the lock of the door.


Hotte:Yuck! Chewing gum!


Hotte:Those spoilsports removed the door handle! But I’m still making a bet! Who thinks it’s Caro and Ben?

(Caro approaches)

Caro:Open your eyes, dude!

Emma:Psst! They’re going to hear us!

(Bea comes closer)

Bea:Guys, what kind of gathering is this here?

Emma:Uh, I’ve no idea. I just got here!

Hotte:(to the students) Well, it doesn’t seem to be Vogel.

Bea:Come again??

Lara:Huh, how is it possible that you…uhm…

Bea:Lara, you’re going to go outside for the break!

Lara:No! First I want to know what’s going on in there!

Emma:Me, too.

Hotte:Me, too.



[At Pestalozzi, in the restroom]

Timo and Sophie are making out. And all of the sudden, totally accidentally and coincidentally with neither Timo nor Sophie noticing, Timo’s phone makes a call to…..Luzi.



[At Pestalozzi, school yard]


Luzi:(being outside on the school yard, she picks up) Hey, Timo! Where are you?

(Luzi overhears Timo and Sophie)



[At Pestalozzi, in the restroom]


Timo:You are so great.

Sophie:You, too.

Timo:Sophie, I missed you so much!

Sophie:I missed you, too, Timo.