Episode 183



[Previously on Hand aufs Herz]

Goon:Okay, let’s start. Let’s work you over real good.

Goon:What is your problem with having a little fun? It can be really great with us boys, too.




[On the streets]

Emma still has a hand over her mouth. She tries to say something.Goon Number 3 is still filming via Emma’s mobile phone

Goon:What are you saying?

Emma tries to speak again.

Goon:I can’t understand you.

Goon takes his hand away from Emma’s face.

Emma:Let me go.

Goon: No way. I know you like it. What do you have against men, anyway? Sweetie.

Goon starts kissing or licking her ear and lets his hand move from her shoulder over her breast to between her legs

Emma:Stop it! Stop it!

The look-out goon whistles and they back off a little.

Goon:Dance for us. C’mon.

They push her from one to the other.

Goon: C’mon. C’mon.


[Pestalozzi, in the hallway]

Jenny’s phone rings. She gets the video from Emma’s phone.


[On the streets]

Goon:Remember, little lesbian slut, the next time you will not get away so easily.


[Pestalozzi, in the hallway]

Jenny is flipping out over the video. Sophie passes by.

Sophie:Hey. You alright?

Jennydesperate: Emma…


[Luzi’s apartment]


Frau Beschenko:Hello.Gives Luzi a large envelope. That arrived by courier. It’s from RaumZeit.

Luzi:The recording contract?

Frau Beschenko:That would be my guess, too.

Luzi:Artist’s exclusive contract… Wow, am an artist. And I’m exclusive.

Frau Beschenko:Absolutely.

Luzi reads legalese copyright mumbo jumbo.

Frau Beschenko:And?

Luzi:No idea. Lead desert. Just paragraphs.

Frau Beschenko:You would have to have studied law. We should have the contract checked.

Luzi:By a lawyer?

Frau Beschenko:Mhm.

Luzi:Do you know how much that costs?

Frau Beschenko:I believe I have an idea about who could help us.




[Pestalozzi, in the hallway]

Jennyon the phone, frantic: Emma, man. Man, pick up. Ey, answer the phone. Where are you? It’s completely insane. I received a video from you. Where could she be? Who would do such shit, ey? What the hell is this!?! I’m calling the police.

Sophie: Wai-wai-wait. You see that?

Jenny:No, what is it?

Sophie: Well, the church. I know where the church is.


[Saal 1]

Herr Bergmann:C’mon. Eat something.

Ben:My last meal?

Herr Bergmann:Ben, you don’t have anything to worry about. We are well prepared for the trial tomorrow and we have a very good lawyer. Of course it would be good if we could proof Ronnie’s involvement but with the wrong alibi by his girlfriend… But in the end, it’s not important for your situation. Important is that you will make a good and believable impression tomorrow in court.

Ben:Then I’d better leave the clown’s nose at home.

Herr Bergmann:Ben. You’ve chosen this road. Now you will have to follow it.

Ben:And I will. But excuse me if I don’t feel like gorging myself right now. I’m feeling more like puking.

Luzi and her mother enter

Frau Beschenko:Good evening. We really don’t want to disturb you.

Herr Bergmann: You don’t. Hello, Frau Beschenko. You said it was about a contract?

Frau Beschenkoto Ben:You have your trial tomorrow.

Herr Bergmann:Yes. So, what exactly is this about?

Frau Beschenko:Luzi’s recording contract. I know, it’s not your specialty but you are well versed in contracts and tricks. I thought maybe you could just have a look.

Herr Bergmann:Yes. I’ve always wanted to take a look at my brother-in-law’s work.

Ben:Recording contract…Congratulations.

Luzi: Thanks.




[Michael’s apartment]

Bea: Helena didn’t suspend Ben.

Michael: No. all the same, I’m still of the opinion that it is wrong to grant him one special treatment after another. Every normal student would have been thrown out long before.

Bea: Ben took responsibility for his actions. He is in court tomorrow because of this.

Bea: Is it too much to ask to support a student in such a situation? Does one have to put obstacles in his way?

Michael: A student…

Bea: No, not this topic again. We already did this. No more jealousy. I don’t want to discuss this with you again. Bea: As you know, Ihaven’t gone to bed with Ben, again. But you and Helena…

Michael: Oh yes, but my story can be brought up once more. Fine.

Bea: We are running around in circles.

Michael: Yes, obviously.


[On the streets]

Emma is still sitting on the ground where the goons left her.

Jenny and Sophiefrom farther away: Emma! Emma?

Sophie: There she is.

Jenny: Emma! Emma, what happened? Are you alright? What kind of crap was that?

Emma:No idea

Jenny: Emma? Did they do something with you? Emma really starts to cry.Oh, I’m here. She takes Emma into her arms.

Emma:I’m sure it was them, those assholes.

Sophie: Who were they?

Jenny: Emma, did you recognize anyone? Hm?

Emma:Why are you here?

Jenny: They sent us a video. From your mobile phone.

Emma:My mobile…

Sophie: That can’t be a coincidence, they have to know you. Why else would you have gotten the video.

Flashback to the attack

Emma:The one who made the video…

Jenny: Uhm?

Emma:I believe that was Ronnie.




[Saal 1]

Herr Bergmann:Yes, there is nothing objectionable in here. My brother-in-law seems to mean well for you. The licensing agreement with 10% of the HAP is really generous since Luzi is just starting.

Frau Beschenko:HAP?

Herr Bergmann:Yes, that is the trade price (HändlerAbgabePreis), a share of profits. Even though I don’t know this sector very well, the mechanisms are pretty much the same everywhere. The advance payment is pretty small. But Luzi will make money starting from the first sold album and has a say in the marketing. In the long run, that’s really good. No, the contract is great.

Frau Beschenko:Thanks. You have really helped us out a lot.

Herr Bergmann:Gladly, if I’m able.

Frau Beschenko:Then we don’t want to bother you any longer. Ben, good luck for tomorrow.

Ben: Thank you very much.

Luzi: Ben…all the best.

Ben:You too.


[On the streets]

Jenny: That wanker, ey! That fucking… I’m calling the police.

Sophie: Hey, now wait a minute. The guys wore masks and Emma said herself that she wasn’t certain.

Jenny: Of course it was Ronny. That’s crystal clear. First the drugs,…

Sophie: Ronnie wouldn’t do this.

Jenny: He threatened me.

Sophie: Yes, but he didn’t really mean it.

Jenny: Sophie, are you really that naïve?

Sophie: Just because he sometimes smokes weed?

Jenny: Sometimes smokes weed???

Sophie: OK, he deals in drugs but that doesn’t make him a hardened criminal.

Jenny: Much worse. He is a totally dangerous psychopath.

Sophie: That’s complete bullshit. You don’t even know him.

Jenny: No, and I don’t want to get to know him. I’m calling the police right now.

Emma: Jenny… I want to go home.

Jenny: But we can’t…

Emma: Just take me home please.

Sophie: Jenny. Jenny, I’ll talk to Ronnie. You’ll see, it wasn’t him.


It is night and Bea and Ben can’t sleep in their respective homes.


[In front of the courthouse]

Herr Bergmannon the phone: I’ve clearly stated: no appointments today. If the director of the state bank thinks he has to come, then he should do that. But he mustn’t count on me. I don’t care, Lennard. My family is more important. Exactly. Give him my regards and tell him to make an appointment the next time. Bye.

Looks at Ben in a suit

Herr Bergmann:That I’m still alive to see that…

Ben:I just wanted to say the same thing.

Herr Bergmann:Are you ready? Ben shrugs.Good. Then let’s go inside.

Ben: Papa?

Herr Bergmann:Yes?

Ben:Thank you for everything.


[Raumzeit Records]

Frau Beschenko:You are completely sure about this?

Luzi:Because that is such a different world?

Frau Beschenko: Uhm

Luzi:Man, sure. It’s going to be great. For me, for you, for us.

Frau Beschenko:But this is not about me, Luzi.

Luzi:You mean because I’m the singer, or what?

Frau Beschenko:Laughs: My little Luzi is going to make it big.

Frau Beschenko: I’m sorry. I’m terrible.

Frau Beschenko:There is something on your…

Frau Beschenko:Just joking. I’ll pull myself together, now.

Frank:Hey, Luzi. Nice to see you. Frau Beschenko, hello. Well? So, then you have come to a decision.

Luzi:Yes, I’ve made up my mind. I’m going to sign.

Frank:Then we shouldn’t waste any time. So, there you go. To Frau Beschenko:And since Luzi isn’t of age yet, I’ll need you to sign it after her.

They sign the contract.

Frank:Well, then I’m looking forward to a successful cooperation.




[Pestalozzi, in the hallway]

Jenny:We can’t just put up with this. We have to go to the police now and press charges.

Emma:I don’t want to make a big deal out of it.

Jenny:But I just want to help you.

Emma:Then simply let me forget it, okay?

Jenny:Okay. Okay, we’ll do it the way you want.

They hug.In the background Ronnie comes up the stairs and meets two guys.

Ronnie:Hey guys, I’ve got to show you something…

Emma sees him, Jenny sees Emma’s face, looks back, sees Ronnie too and rushes over to him.

Jennypushes Ronnie: Man, ey! You fucker!

Emma:Jenny! Jenny, stop it. Emma holds Jenny back.

Ronnie:What’s the deal? Alles klar. You

Jenny:No damnit!

Emma:Don’t take him on.

Ronnie:Keep your broad a bit more on a leash, man.

Emma pulls Jenny away from Ronnie, then just leaves her standing there.




Sophie:And what did you do yesterday evening?

Ronnie:I was out and about with a few pals.

Sophie:You didn’t happen to run into Emma and totally laid into her/psyched her out?

Ronnie:Hä, say, are you off your rocker? Did you have a bad dream, or what?


[Pestalozzi, auditorium]

Jenny:I just think that we shouldn’t let him intimidate us.

Emma:We shouldn’t provoke Ronnie. Plus, I don’t know if it was him. Please, I just don’t want this.

Bea:Good morning. Let’s not waste any time. I want to start right away.


[Pestalozzi, in the hallway]

Sophie:Ronnie, simply tell me the truth. This isn’t funny anymore, okay

Ronnie:I agree with you there. First, the bitch ruins my deal and swears at me and now she’s making up lies about me.

Sophie:I’ve seen the video.

Ronnie:Yes, so? Was I in it? No? What a miracle. Man, I’ve got nothing to do with it. Do you believe those lesbian sluts more than me, or what? Please, how pathetic is that.


[Pestalozzi, auditorium]

Bea:Caro, maybe you can sing the first verse and the two of you the chorus

Luzi enters

Luzi:I have signed it.

Bea:The recording contract?


Caro:So she found the courage after all.

Luzi:Man, I’ve got a contract with Raumzeit Records, that’s a reason to party.


[Pestalozzi, in the hallway]

Sophie:Emma was feeling really shitty, okay?

Ronnie:Tough luck! Even so, I don’t know what kind of retards did this. And if you don’t believe me you can piss off.


[Saal 1]

Lawyer:For now, we can be pretty satisfied with the way the trial is going.

Herr Bergmann:So you think Ben has a good chance?

Lawyer:Well, at least, Ben has luck with regards to the judge.

Herr Bergmann:So, you know the judge?

Lawyer:I have experienced him in several trials. He is fair.

Herr Bergmann:That’s why it was so easy to adjourn the trial until tomorrow.

Lawyer:No. The court should have already been given a social prognosis for Ben. Someone in the school must have been sleeping. That’s the reason.

Herr Bergmann:And could that reflect negatively on Ben’s verdict?

Lawyer:On the contrary. Such rushed expert opinions can easily be appealed and are therefore rather positive most of the time.

Herr Bergmann:It will be. I’m pretty sure.

Lawyer:I understand. You have good connections to the head of the school.

Herr Bergmann:Yes.

Lawyer:Well, then Ben only has to look his best in court.

Herr Bergmann:He will.

Herr Bergmann:Thank you very much for the good work.

Lawyer:Thank you. Then we will see each other in court. Ben.


[Pestalozzi, auditorium]

Bea:May I?

Luzi:Yes, sure. Before I went to RaumZeit Records with my mom, Stefan Bergmann checked the contract. He thought it was really OK.

Bodo:And, how does it feel to sign such a thing?

Caro:And how does it feel to write down your own name with a pen in your hand?

Luzi:It’s great. And I have a say in the music selection. Which was very important to me.

Jenny:Wicked, Luzi. To you.


[Pestalozzi, in the hallway]

Sophie takes out her mobile phone.

Ronnie:And what’s that going to be?

Sophie:I’m calling Emma.

Something rings in Ronnie’s pocket.

[Pestalozzi, auditorium]

Luzi:Is something wrong?

Bea:Thanks. Uh, I don’t want to lessen your joy, and maybe you already know it.


Bea:As per this paragraph, you are obliged to perform or release a song solely for Raumzeit Records as a solo artist and not as a member of a group.

Luzi:But…that can’t be.

Bea:It’s written right here.

Luzi:I’m not allowed to perform with STAG anymore.


[In the hallway]

Ronnie takes out the mobile and shuts it off.

Sophie:Why do you have Emma’s mobile?

Ronnie:Hey, no idea. I’ve found it.

Sophie:Found it? Do you have any idea what you have done to Emma? She was completely distressed.

Ronnie:I’ve got nothing to do with it. You have to believe me.

Sophie:You are lying. Like always when your head is on the line. Exactly like the thing with Ben.

Ronnie:That was different.

Sophie:No, it wasn’t. But you know something? I’m going to clear that thing up.

Ronnie:You don’t have the guts.

Sophie:Yes, I do. I’ll go to the police and tell them the truth. About the race, the accident and about you.