Episode 191




[At RaumZeit Records, recording studio]

Ben:And I can prove that your alibi is worth sh*t! And that YOU are responsible for the accident!

Ronnie starts to attack Ben but Ben pushes him back so hard he lands on his butt and slides across the floor.

Bea:Ben, what’s the point of this?

Ben:I just tried to make it clear to Ronnie that he won’t get away with his lies forever.

Bea:Maybe you should try to find an alternative for once instead of beating him up constantly!

Bea:If I were you, I wouldn’t even begin to provoke him! Now let’s go. This is not happening now!


Bea:Ronnie locked us in!




Ben:What a fucker!

Beatrying to use her mobile: I’m not getting a signal.

Ben:Of course not. This is a recording studio. It’s hermetically sealed.

Bea:Now what?

Ben:I could try to kick the door in.

Bea:Please don’t.

Ben:Well, if the boss’ brother locks us in here… We can’t stay here all night, can we? Well…

Ben starts grinnig at Bea.

Bea:But why is he doing this? Without thinking about the consequences?

Ben:No idea.

Bea:He is not doing this just for kicks. There has to be a reason.

Ben pulls out the speeding ticket.

Bea:What is that?

Bea:Looks like a simple radar trap photo, but it’s the proof that Ronnie participated in the race, too. … He’s trying to buy some time to figure out what to do now.

Bea:And how long will he need for that?

Benshrugs: Two beers, three beers, one night?

Bea:Ben. That’s not funny.

Ben:I’m sorry.

Beastarts banging on the door: Hello! Is anybody there?



Ronnieon his mobile: Come on Frank. Pick up, man. It’s important.

Sophie: Ronnie?


Sophie: Nothing.

Ronnie:Hey, wait, man. Sophie… I’m done for, man.

Sophie: What did you fuck up now?

Ronnie:Everything. If I don’t reach Frank, someone else will. And then…

Sophie: Who will reach him then?

Ronnie:Ben. Or the police.

Sophie: I don’t understand a single word.

Ronnie:C’mon, I’ll explain it.

Ronnie grabs her arm but Sophie pulls it away.

Ronnie:What is it now!?

Sophie: You know damn well what. With all that crap you pulled lately…

Ronnie:That’s cool. Then don’t.


[RaumZeit Records, recording studio]


Ben starts playing “If a song could get me you” on a keyboard.

Ben: Do you remember? That is the first song I ever played for you.

Bea: I thought you just played it to be able to join the STAG.

Ben: Yeah, right.

Bea: And back then it sounded a lot better.

Ben: Some stuff happened since then and I didn’t have the time to practice. There were some irritating times, frustrating times…but I have the feeling everything is starting to look up. Well, almost everything.

Ben: Would you sing for me, Frau Vogel?

Bea: Okay.


[At Chulos‘]


Sophie: Hm, why have you locked Ben up there?

Ronnie:Why have I locked them up in there? So that Ben can’t call Frank right away! Damn, I’ve got to play for time!

Sophie:But you can’t leave them in there the whole time! You really have to think about something better!

Ronnie:I have to?

Sophie:Yes, you have to!

Ronnie:Will you come with me?



(Bodo sits in a corner being sad about Lara not coming to the date)

(Lara comes in with some friends)

Lara: Wow, that was awesome!

Friend 1:HE was awesome!

Lara:Who? The drummer or the bassist?

Friend 1:The singer!

Lara:Actually everything was awesome! The concert, the band…everything! Totally awesome!

(Lara sees Bodo)

Lara:Sh*t! Bodo!

Bodo:So you’ve had a great night? Cool!

Lara:I…I really wanted to cancel but…

Bodo:It’s ok.

Lara:Stop! You’ll stay here now.

Bodo:And why?

Lara:Because I’m going to buy you a drink.

(Bodo shakes his head)

Lara:Come one, what would you like? I’ll be right back!



[At RaumZeit Records, music studio]


Bea:It was nice.


Bea:No but. There are no objections to music. It’s quite interesting how many buttons a mixer console has.

Ben:Yes. Fascinating!



Bea:I know, that we…we have been very close to each other at several occasions, lately.

Ben:We lay in a sleeping bag together. We were in the shower together.

Bea: But still! I’m…

Ben:…with Michael and that’s why we can’t do that. Something like this?

Bea:Yes, something like this!

Ben:You don’t even believe it yourself!



Sade*Cherish the day*


[At Michael’s apartment]

(Michael is waiting for Bea to have a candlelight dinner with her. He starts worrying and calls her)


Hello, this is the voicemail of Bea Vogel. I’m not available at the moment but you can leave a message of course. I’ll call you back then.”


Michael:Hi, Bea! I’m, uhm, starting to worry. As you know I’ve cooked something for us and I thought you would be here by now. If you listen to this please call me. See you later!



[At RaumZeit Records, music studio]


Ben: I really don’t understand what you like about this Heisig! Except that he isn’t a student and can’t cost you your job.

Bea:Now you’re being unfair!

Ben:You know exactly that I’m the only one who is always fair! Almost always.

Bea:I won’t talk to you about this now! Maybe we’re going to be here the whole night!

Ben:Ok. Then I’ll sleep in this corner and you in that one. (ironically)Will we manage that?

Bea:Maybe we can do something! Play a game or…or another song!

Ben:Ok. A game. I’ll spin a bottle. The one who the bottle will point to is the woman of my dreams.

Bea:Ben, I really have got other problems at the moment!

Ben:Yes, and one of them is Heisig!

Bea:Yes! Helena Schmidt-Heisig!


Bea:Since she has been working at this school!...I even would have preferred Götting!

Ben:Yes, and what do you want to do about it now?

Bea:I want to become the principal. Do you have a problem with that?

Ben:You as the principal?

Bea:Ben, I know exactly what you want to say! But my life isn’t always just about you! Or about Michael. The Pestalozzi is important to me. And I don’t want people like Helena to change it. To change it in a negative way.

Ben:So just like the motto: The higher my goals are, the faster I forget about my own feelings. And you want to tell me that I’m immature?

Bea: I haven’t said that in a long time now!

Ben: Yes, because I’m not anymore! You want me to lie down here, to sleep and wait until someone opens the door. Ok! But in the meantime you will think about who you really love! Right here. You would be a wonderful principal.


Ben:Of course! But can you please wait until I have graduated?



[At Chulos’]



Lara:Sorry again! I really wanted to go to the movies with you! But then I got those tickets for the concert and...I LOVE Tim Bendzko!

Bodo:I thought you were a fan of The Black Pony.

Lara:So what?

(Bodo gives Lara the autograph of The Black Pony)

Bodo:I’ve wanted to give you this for quite a while already. I just haven’t gotten around to it.

Lara:Wow, how awesome! And...and even with a dedication!

Bodo:Unfortunately I don’t have one of Tim Bendzko's.

Lara:Yes, but I’ve got one of Tim already. But this one is from The Black Pony! This is...this is totally awesome!

Bodo:Cool. You’re welcome! See you!

Lara:Where did you get this from?

Bodo:I got this at the label party of RaumZeit. I got to know Eugen (member of the band).

Lara:Eugen? And you asked him for an autograph just for me?

Bodo:It wasn’t a big deal! We were already talking anyway and...he’s a nice guy! The others, too.

Lara:Why are you always wearing this hat?

Bodo:Because else it would look like this.

(Bodo removes the hat)

Lara:So what?

Bodo:Do you like it?

Lara:Don’t know. Do you mind talking about something else?

Bodo:About The Black Pony?

Lara:Maybe about something completely different.

Bodo:About horoscopes?


Bodo: Until now I didn’t believe in them either.

Lara: And now?

Bodo:It came true.

Lara:Well what did it say?

Bodo:I can’t tell you.



Lara:But if you don’t tell me we won’t be able to talk about it.

Bodo:Ok, uhm, I’m supposed to have an adventure and well, that’s what I’m experiencing right now....sort of.



[At RaumZeit]


Ben:You aren’t really going to call 110, are you?

Guy:No, I’m just calling the ordinary police station.

Ben:Come on, let’s get out of here!

Bea:It’ll make it even worse! I’ll call Michael.

(Ronnie appears)

Ronnie:Hey, it was a false alarm.

Guy:What? False alarm?

Ronnie:(to Sophie)Would you work this out, please? I’ll sort something else out.

(Ronniedrags Ben away??)

Sophie:Uh, yes, well this is Ms. Vogel from our school, of the music club and...


Ben:What do you want? To lock me in again?

Ronnie:Hey, didn’t you have fun with Ms Vogel? And I came back, didn’t I?


Ronnie:Because I hope that you are seeing things more clearly now and you’ll stop blackmailing me.

Ben:I just want you to tell the truth. After all I turned myself in, too!

Ronnie:Hey, dude, do you know how often I’ve already turned myself in? I won’t get away with hours of community service, only!

Ben:Well, it seems to have worked very well until now!

Ronnie:Ey, I’m warning you! If the police get wind of anything…

Ben:Äh, wait a second. You’re warning ME? Hm, strange, and I thought I was the one to have the radar picture. Do you want me to show it to you again? And again: There’s a copy with the police! Otherwise it would be pretty stupid as every driver would only have to tear the picture up and that would be it.

Ronnie:Ok, what do you want?

Ben:You know exactly what I want! I want you to report yourself! Immediately!

Ronnie:I’ve got to tell Frank first!

Ben: Gosh, then do it!

Ronnie:He’s in London! But he’ll be back in a few days.

Ben:Ok. I’ll give you some time. You’ll tell him! But TELL him!

Ronnie:And you won’t go to the cops?

Ben: No. You will do it yourself!

Ronnie: Deal!




[Piet’s Apartment]


Piet: There you are, finally!

Lara:Looks like it.

Piet:And how...how was the concert?

Lara:Totally awesome! I’ll really have to give Sonja a kiss for this! Oh, sorry! But it’ll work out between the two of you again.

Piet: Ha, yes, who knows?

Lara:Come one, she gave me Tim Bendzko tickets. It’s an obvious sign that she still likes you.

Piet:Well I would say it’s an obvious sign that she still likes YOU!

(Lara’s phone rings)

Piet:Who is it?

Lara:I won’t tell you!

Lara: (on the phone) Hey, sweetie!...Sodomy? Ey, that’s something different, isn’t it? Hm, of course I want to see the picture. Hm, I’ve got to hang up now because my papa is annoying me.

(She hangs up)

Piet:So I’m annoying you? Really?

Lara:Uhm, yes. What else are you doing?

Piet:I’m taking parental responsibility. So what’s going on there? Sodomy, huh?

Lara:Are you also reading my diary?

Piet:Yes, but just the extreme things: weight problems, lovesickness...Come on, tell me now. Who is doing such disgusting things?

Lara:Hm, Bodo.

Piet:What? Bodo?

Lara:Yes. Guess who went to the movies with him!

Piet:How am I supposed to know that? Uh, Johnny Depp? Mike Krüger? The Queen?


Piet:Äh, Marco Schreyl! Alice Schwarzer!

Lara:No! It’s not funny!

Piet:Not funny. Mario Barth!

Lara:Mrs Jäger!

Piet:What? Ingrid Jäger?...Is something going on there?

Lara:Hey, I’ve got no idea! But if it’s really true then...then I don’t know either.



[On the streets]


Ben:It’s was really wonderful with you.

Bea:It was exciting.

Ben:In case you ever want to get locked up again someday...no matter when...I’m in! (O_O)

Bea:I’ll let you know.

Ben:Ok, I’ll leave now.


Ben:Once again.


Ben:I know. It’s just...you’ll stay with Michael...even though you love me as much as I love you!




[At RaumZeit Records, music studio]


Sophie:Looks very disorganized! But I think it’s good that you let them leave. Imagine them staying in here the whole night.

Ronnie:Dude, that would be the smallest problem. The guy has a photo from a radar trap, which shows me just before the accident.

Sophie:And if you simply tell your brother the truth?

Ronnie:Oh snap! You really don’t get it? If Frank realizes that I've something to do with the accident I can blow my brains out. Then I will never be allowed to put a foot in here again. I would be dead as far as he’s concerned.

Sophie:And what do you want to do now?

Ronnie:Hm. I’ll come up with something.

Sophie:You sure?

Ronnie:Can you stop asking your f*cking questions and make some suggestions?

Sophie:I think I’d rather go.

(Sophie is walking away)

Ronnie:Ah. I thought we have similar problems. You made a false statement, did you forget about that?

Sophie:But only to help you.

Ronnie:They won’t give a damn! If they get me they will get you, too.




Goldfrapp *Some People*




Ben:I know, I will have a baby with Caro and you’re together with Michael. (Goodness, I just read Luzi..)


Ben:I will spin the bottle. And the one it points to is my dream woman.


Ben: To be together with Heisig is easy and comfortable. It’s a boring standard relationship. That’s why you are comfortable. But that’s not love!


Message on Bea's mobile phone:

I will wait for you. For the rest of my life.                 (Ok, I just swooned)




[At Michael’s apartment]

Michaelopens the door

Bea: Hi.


Bea:(crying)I’m so sorry!

Michael: What, what are you sorry for?

Bea:This with us…it's not working anymore.



(Oh,my! Did she just break up with him?Squeee!)