Episode 10

Translator: Lifescrazes

Editor: Lied


[Previously on Hand aufs Herz]


[Bea and Michael at the Chulos]

Bea: Actually, we should be on a first-name basis - now that we've told each other our innermost secrets

Michael: Great! Michael

Bea: Bea [laughs as they shake hands]

[Ben's watching them jealously as they kiss each other on the cheeks]


Michael: You're fascinating...

Bea: Am I?

[Michael moves in to kiss Bea]




[Bea pulls back]

Bea: I am sorry, we … We shouldn't do that! (Look at her morals. Teacher no, pupil go! ;D )


[Bea and Caro outside ofChulos, he opens the door of his car for her, she kisses him, he has a very weird look on his face]

(The Caro+Ben melody is such a win)


[Back at the Chulos with Bea and Michael]

Michael: All this back and forth, Bea, I don't understand it. When I am finally at your speed you make a full stop and I am standing there like a twat. I can't cope with that...

[He pays and wants to leave, Bea holds him back]

Bea: Um, thank you for the very nice evening

Michael: It's been a pleasure


[Not like the movies – Katy Perry]


[Caro and Ben having sex in the car, while Bea's alone at the bar]


Caro: Where did you learn that?

Ben: Here and there.

Caro: I didn't really want to know it that precisely.


[At school, Sophie wants to walk over to Timo, but Caro enters]

Caro: I got the winners bracket. 

Sophie: We didn't have a game today?!

Caro: I did, but what kind of game! Come with me...

Sophie: What's up?

Caro: You won't believe what happened yesterday! I met with Ben...


[At the teachers' lounge, Bea walks over to Michael]

Bea: Good morning

Michael: Morning...

[This is screaming awkwardness]

Bea: So, did you get home safely yesterday?

Michael: Yes, I did... It was kind of late

Bea: Yeah, I hardly got out of bed today, too... Um... about yesterday... Your idea with the singing... That was nice

Michael: It was a pleasure!

Bea: Um yeah, the ministry of culture thought of something new... Sometimes I really think nobody there ever actively taught... Did you see point six?

Michael: I'll surely do that, but now I got an appointment with Frau Krawcyk, you'll excuse me!?

[He walks over the Frau Krawcyk, who's waiting in front of her office]

Frau Krawcyk: Hello Herr Heisig!

Michael: Morning Frau Krawcyk

Frau Krawcyk: Fine, so we can begin now!

[In her office, Ben is already waiting]


Michael: Please [motions for Ben to sit down]

Frau Krawcyk: You know why you're here?

Ben: Nope!

Frau Krawcyk: As you know, it's been decided that you can stay at this school. But it will hardly surprise you that your little trip to the pool will have consequences!

Ben: Yes, it does. Because I thought with the payment of the damage the whole thing would be off the stove!

Frau Krawcyk: Nonetheless we are under the impression that you are not evaluating the consequences of your action correctly

Michael: And your reaction confirms this impression in a way. You may thank your stars that it was refrained from pressing charges against you.

Ben: If you say so...

Frau Krawcyk: We don't really care how you see this. Fact is that you've acted grossly negligent and that will have consequences for you! This school may be known to give students a second chance, but it's still just a chance and no charter.

Ben: I'm not planning on breaking into the pool anytime soon again. I will seize the chance, as you like to call it... Happy?

Michael: Not quite...

Ben: So what shall I do? Scrub the pool or write “You mustn't commit burglary and incite your schoolmates to party!” a hundred times? (Haha, he's not quite looking like Bart Simpson, is he?)

Frau Krawcyk: I don't think you're in the position to make jokes!

Michael: Look, Herr Bergmann, we have a great interest in you doing your Abitur at this school, and none in stealing your time with useless punishments...

Ben: But...?

Frau Krawcyk: We want to offer you our support

Ben: [laughs] And what does that look like? I'll get an escorting service?

Michael: No, you'll get something else... You'll get conversation service...

Ben: You'll put me in therapy?

Frau Krawcyk: That would exceed our competences by far. Internally, we've named the whole thing “coaching”

Michael: The two of us will from now on meet once a week and talk about why: a) you waste your energies so senselessly and what you b) could do to not ruin your future with that.

Ben: Do I have the possibility to say no?

Michael: Not really


[Student Lounge]

Caro: It was as if he read my mind. It all fitted. And he was so affectionate... You probably haven't experienced that yet, hu?!

Sophie: [watching Timo] I think I did...

Caro: He was really different than the boys I usually had... Kind of mature and grown-up...

[Sophie laughs about Timo who misses his mouth with the straw of his drink]

Caro: Don't you believe me?

Sophie: Of course I do!

Caro: And he's totally crazy for me!

Sophie: That's surely because you're so much more mature than all the other girls!

Caro: Right! That could be it!

 [Luzi joins Timo]

Caro: Aww... Like will to like. That's a perfect match. I mean, that ugly bitch should be happy she got anyone at all – just like him! [laughs]

(Oh yes, that's the maturity Sophie spoke of... ;))


[Michael and Frau Krawcyk leave her office]

Michael: So you got no concrete plans? I mean, there gotta be some kind of guidelines?!

Frau Krawcyk: No, just do as you think best, I wholeheartedly trust you

Michael: Okay, if you prefer that

Frau Krawcyk: I do. [Michael exits, Frau Krawcyk walks over to Bea] Bea, got a second? Herr Heisig will support Herr Bergmann from now on with counseling hours.

Bea: Do you really think that'll get you somewhere with Ben?

Frau Krawcyk: I actually just wanted to inform you about my decision, not discuss it with you. [She wants to leave]

Bea: And I thought that teachers who care for their pupils would find an attentive ear at this school!

Frau Krawcyk: Exactly! And that's why Ben Bergmann gets the chance you stood up for so fervently!

Bea: I am sorry! I didn't mean to offend you with that! I was just surprised about your reaction! In the past you would have voted like I did.

Frau Krawcyk: If you suggest that I changed, I can only agree with you! Some goals and ideals just bite the dust in everyday life.

[She tries to leave again, but Bea literally closes the door right in front of her nose]

Bea: Frau Krawcyk! I know your position is one of the toughest! I don't even want to know what you had to go through in the last few years! Especially since Herr Götting is here! I can understand that you are gutted, but I don't understand that you don't fight against it!

Frau Krawcyk: Fight against what?

Bea: You know exactly what I mean! It was the middle of the day and you were very-

Frau Krawcyk: I know what I was!

Bea: There are already rumours!

Frau Krawcyk: Planted by a vice-principal who wants my post, just use your mind for once!

Bea: I'm just worrying!

Frau Krawcyk: You don't need to! Because in contrast to you I know exactly where my limits are!


[Ben steps in a class room, Caro right behind him]

Caro: Hey!

Ben: Hey.

Caro: So, you remember me? I'm the woman from yesterday night!

Ben: [smiles] I can remember that.

Caro: How's it coming along, are we on for tonight? By pure chance I still got time.

Ben: [indifferent] But I don't...

Caro: Something more important than me?

Ben: Happens every now and then... But we can repeat that sometime, just not today...


[At the auditorium, no-one there but Bea and Luzi]

Bea: Okay! We'll wait for a few more minutes, then we'll start!

Luzi: And with who? It's no use without Timo! He promised he'd come!


[In the halls]

Timo: Ben, wait a second!

Ben: What's up?

Timo: Maybe you noticed that I signed up for ST...

Ben: I already wondered what Luzi got on you

Timo: Yeah, I know, it isn't exactly popular right now

Ben: I'd rather say it is the social exodus!

Timo: And that's exactly what's gotta change!

Ben: Luzi does have something on you!

Timo: Luzi is a good friend, I want to help her!

Ben: Cute. Why are you telling me all this?

Timo: Listen, I thought if maybe a few cool people would join the music AG, the image would change and then others would come, too!

Ben: You want me to participate?!

Timo: Yeah, actually it's quite cool...

Ben: Sorry, Timo, but “cool” looks a little different for me...

Timo: Now don't talk it down, give it a try at least! Or are you afraid you might be fucked with?

Ben: It's not about that, but jumping about on weird stages and make silly performances... I mean, if it were a real band at least!

Timo: Hey, you could score with Frau Vogel! In your situation, every supporter counts, don't they?

Ben: Sorry, I've not sunken that low, yet...


[Back in the auditorium]

Bea: Luzi, don't you want to warm your chords already?

Timo: [finally there] Wow, it's all happening here, hu?!

Luzi: Finally! I already thought you'd let me down!

Timo: How could I?! Without me, the “AG singing and dancing” would be totally screwed!

Bea: Please, before the lesson is all over! I'd say we start with a few singing exercises so we can see what Timo's pitch of voice is... In C.

Luzi: Let's go.


[At Volleyball practice]

Frau Lohmann: Nice... nice, Caro! Okay! Pass, dig, pass... Sophie!! Ahh, Sophie, what was that?! You pass like that, look over there!

Caro: If it goes on like this, those two freaks will go to Mallorca! (Really? Where do they have the money from?)

Sophie: But they are really good!

Caro: Still I don't feel like having to look at a pimple-face every morning!

Sophie: Don't come down for breakfast then!

Caro: Go! Take the right position! And don't screw it up again! [She looks really angry and hits one of the other girls with the ball...] Oh! I'm so sorry! [… clearly on purpose] That ball slipped me!

Frau Lohmann: Put your feet up for a while, okay?! Well, next team please, with the same ambition as Caro!

Caro: That's how you solve problems... [She and Sophie take a break, Sophie pulls Timo's sweater out of her bag] Oh, is that new? Cool, let me see! [tries to grab it, but Sophie pulls it away] What was that about?!

Sophie: I... just wanted to put that on myself

Caro: Yeah... It's pretty cold today... Looks pretty much like a potato sack though... Aww, there! She's standing again!


[Timo and Luzi singing Kiss from a Rose in the auditorium, Sophie is watching from the outside of the transparent stalking windows] (Who else got a feeling they didn't do enough singing exercises? Sorry, but that is just a little bit too high-pitched for Timo in the beginning, don't you think?! They do harmonise nicely though)//(They harmonise very nicely, not just in the singing. It's amazing how their love story lasts the whole season and it never really blooms. Makes me appreciate Jemma just the more.)

Bea: Wow, that... that was pretty good!

Timo: I didn't even know I could do that!

Luzi: Told you so!

Timo: Yeah, and as always, you've been right!

Luzi: Are we finished for today, then?

Bea: Yeah, I just wanted to talk to you about a few things... [Luzi and Timo exchanging glances] But we can do that another time.

Timo: I gotta study for physics anyway

[Timo is about to leave]

Luzi: Timo?

Timo: Hm...?

Luzi: Thanks...

Timo: No problem!

Bea: I was thinking...


[Outside the auditorium]

Sophie: Hello

Timo: Hello... [He recognizes his sweater] That is mine!

Sophie: Yeah... I found that in the hall...

Timo: Must have fallen out of my backpack... Thanks for finding – I mean, bringing it...

Sophie: I am sorry...

Timo: What, with the sweater?

Sophie: No... with us...

Timo: I actually thought that we were pretty good together until your text...

Sophie: We were...

Timo: Why did you break up with me then?

Sophie: Caro...

Timo: Why do you put up with that?

Sophie: She's my friend...

Timo: That's not what I consider a friend!

Sophie: Yeah, you! But with Caro... it isn't that easy... She can really mess you up if she doesn't like you.

Timo: Yeah, I already noticed...

Sophie: I couldn't cope with that... It was really nice talking to you again...

[She kisses his cheek]

(Aw, Sophie, if you had some balls you could be quite nice.)


[Hurts – Blood, tears and gold]


[Bea comes into the teachers' lounge, where Frau Lohmann is sitting]

Bea: Hello...

Frau Lohmann: You didn't think it was gonna be that hard, did you?!

Bea: What do you mean?

Frau Lohmann: You probably thought your return would be like “Came, saw, conquered” [Michael is watching them]… But times have changed! Even for Bea Vogel!

Bea: Maybe...

Frau Lohmann: For sure! Not without a reason your music-AG is as good as failed... Luckily this school has a brilliant and presentable volleyball-team!

Bea: Be happy!

[Frau Lohmann leaves]

Michael: And long live the feud.

Bea: Actually, I don't really feel like getting down to that level...

Michael: I think you did pretty well...

Bea: Doesn't always work unfortunately...

Michael: Tja...

Bea: I heard you're giving Ben counseling hours now?

Michael: Yeah, Krawcyk doesn't want him to just get away and that way he's under better control...

Bea: And what are you talking about?

Michael: Well, first I will try to find out why that dude's always standing in his own way...

Bea: I think that is some kind of authority thing...

Michael: Well, I think it's more some kind of rich, spoiled son thing... He thinks he can get away with everything

Bea: He's not that bad...

Michael: Tell me, why are you so interested in this?!

Bea: Oh, just because...

Michael: Would you like to do these counseling hours?

Bea: No! For God's sake!

Michael: I can talk to Frau Krawcyk, no problem at all...

Bea: No! I just wanted to make conversation...

Michael: Ah... Well then!


[Caro is sitting on the giant books outside the school, Timo comes along]

Caro: Hey! Did you see Sophie anywhere?
Timo: [keeps walking to unlock his bike] No! She's not talking to me anymore, in case you haven't noticed!

Caro: Yeah, better that way... [recognizes the sweater] Is that your sweater?

Timo: Yes! Well spotted! Is something wrong?

Caro: I see...


[Timo rides his bike home, Caro goes back inside to find Sophie at the vending machines]


Caro: Been looking for you everywhere? Where have you been?

Sophie: At the secretariat, I still had to hand Biology in...

Caro: And where is your new sweater?

Sophie: Left it in my locker!

Caro: Yeah? I thought you were cold?!

Sophie: Not anymore!

Caro: Did Timo fire you up that much?

Sophie: Haven't seen him in ages!

Caro: Just met him... He's wearing the same tent of a sweater... Looked just like yours!

Sophie: Okay, I met him and gave back the sweater, where is the problem?!

Caro: The problem is that you lied to me!

Sophie: Nonsense, I had it with me and I was cold and I wanted to wear it myself, that's it!

Caro: Well I believe that you hid that from me because you still dig that idiot!

Sophie: That's bullshit!

Caro: Watch it! You have to decide where you stand! And I advise you, think twice! Because if you choose the wrong side... It will fare you just as the other losers creeping through these halls... I will finish you!