Episode 162



Before on 'Hand aufs Herz'


Our 'Hand aufs Herz' characters mourned the passing of Andrea Lohmann and Julian Götting.


[Inside the church]


Ms. Krawczyk:

We're here today to say our goodbyes to two people we were all very connected with.

Me,as a teacher, I shared a profession and an everyday routine, with them.

One that keeps confronting us with new tasks, challenges and decisions.



Bea was shaken to see Ben and Luzi kissing.


[Outside the church]


Bea: Are you waiting for Ben?

Bergamnn: He wanted to stay behind in the chapel for a bit longer.


- cut -


Bea walks in one Ben and Luzi kissing in the church.


- - - dramatic music - - -




Part 1


[In front of the church]


Michael: Gabriele's speech was very touching.

Helena: Yes, the “Ave Maria” was as well.This must be very hard on you.

Michael: Yes. (He spots Bea coming out of the church) Bea, were there any problems with Ben Bergmann?

Bea: I didn't talk to him, Luzi was with him.I think he was fine.


[Inside the church]


Ben: Wow..what was that?

Luzi: No idea,it just happened.


[In front of the church]


Bea: So, what's up, let's drive home?

Helena: Maybe all of us should drive to Saal1, get something to eat. We could probably all use some food.

Bea: Michael,needs his rest, that's what the doctor said.

Michael: Yes,I'm not really up to par yet.

Helena: It was just an idea. But I'm also up for coming over to your place. The funeral really got to me.I can't be alone right now.

Michael: Yes,alright.



[Hospital – Timo's room]

(Dr. Strausberg enters, a nurse waiting on him.)


Doc: You used the alarm? What happened?Where's Mr.Özgül?

Nurse: He left the hospital!

Doc: That's madness! I've got his results right here!

Nurse: I'm sorry. I tried to stop him!

Doc: Damnit! We must find him!


[Beschenko flat]


Karin: Beschenko?

Doc: It's Dr. Strausberg. I'm Timo Özgül's physician, we weren't able to reach his father,and you're listed as his next of contact in his file. Is that right?

Karin: Yes,it is. His father is out of town at the moment,and I'm very close to the family.

That's why you have my number, if something happens. Is something wrong with Timo? Is he alright?

Doc: He disappeared from the hospital.

Karin: Disappeared from the hospital? How?Why?

Doc: I guess that he's looking for his girlfriend. He desperately wanted to talk to her.

Karin: Then he's looking for Luzi, but she's not here. Is there anything I can do to help?

Doc: Please try to reach her. In the further examinations done today, we've seen that one of his vertebrae is semi fractured.

Karin: Oh no!Is it dangerous? I mean, him running around with a damaged vertebra?

Doc: He needs strict bed rest, or the vertebra might fracture completely!

Karin: Good Lord!

Doc: He really needs to get back to the hospital asap. Do you happen to know where he or your daughter might be?

Karin: I don't know here he might be looking for Luzi. I'll try to find him,thank you for calling me.

Doc: Please hurry,the consequences may be dire!

Karin: Yes, of course. As soon as I know anything, I'll call.Goodbye.

Doc: Thanks.


(Karin calls Luzi.)


[Inside the church]


(Luzi's phone vibrates, but it goes unnoticed since Luzi needed her lips for something else than answering her phone.)

Ben: Do you always do this, when someone is feeling bad?

Luzi: No..only for people who are really important to me.

Ben: I feel honored.

Luzi: Actually,I've never done anything like this before.

I don't know when it happened,but at some point during the past few weeks, I guess, I fell in love with you.

Ben: You're pretty confident about this.

Luzi: So far my fault has always been to not have been honest about my feelings. And since that didn't get me anywhere..

Ben: You're trying the direct approach now..

Luzi: Hey..I've got nothing to loose..


(Ben gets thoughtful and turns slightly away.)


Luzi: Um, it's ok..this is the risk..

Ben: Hey..please don't leave.

Luzi, don't get me wrong,you're a great woman,and I..I'm nothing.

Luzi: That's a question of perspective..

Ben: No,these are hard facts..my life is in chaos right now. But the only good thing that has happened to me in a while has been this, right now.



[Miriam and Sebastian's place(?) or Bea's+Michaels?]


Miriam: Only after you have tried this, you will have an idea of what a real pesto is!

Sebastian: You know that I own a food establishment, right?

Miriam: I thought you own a club, not a gourmet restaurant?


(Bea and Michael enter.)


Miriam: Hey, how did it go? Sorry, dumb question.


(Helena follows.)


Helena: How nice of you to invite me. Hello, Sebastian.

Sebastian: Helena, how unexpected.

Sebastian(to Michael): But that you're back is great!Welcome home, brother!

Michael: Thanks, I'm happy about it, too.

Helena: Well, settle in, get comfortable, you ought to take it easy for now.

Michael: Yes.


Miriam: Invited?

Bea: Yes, that's how she sees it.

Miriam: Why are you letting her do this?

Bea: Cause I don't feel like bickering..who takes better care of Michael..

Helena: Would you like some tea?Sebastian will surely make you one.

Michael: Thanks.

Miriam: Well,someone seems very at home already.

Sebastian: Well, would anyone like some coffee?

Michael: I'd like some very much,thank you.

Bea: Me,too, very much.

Helena: Coffee is great. It means that you're already back on the road to recovery.


Helena: Remember,back when we were at my parents' and you upset your stomach?

Michael: Hardly.

Helena: You felt so bad..but when you got yourself some coffee the next morning, my father said, that if the man is drinking coffee again, he's almost back to normal. And he was right. The same day the two of you went golfing.

Miriam (to Bea): I know it's only a small comfort, but we'll have Spaghetti with self made pesto soon.

Bea: Thanks.



[At school – Offices]


(Ms. Jäger is clearing Ms. Lohmann's and Mr. Göttings shelfs.)


Karin: Ms. Jäger, there you are! I've tried all this time to call you!

Ms. Jäger: I turned my cell off during the funeral and forgot to turn it back on.

Karin: You haven't by any chance seen Timo Özgül during the funeral?

Ms. Jäger: No, I thought he was still at the hospital?

Karin: Yes, he should be, but he ran away and doesn't know that he fractured a vertebra.

Ms. Jäger: Oh,good Lord! The poor boy! That he can even walk with that!

Karin: It's questionable for how long. Miss Jäger we must find him!

Ms. Jäger: Well, where have you searched for him already?

Karin: Only at school.

Ms. Jäger: And..and Luzi..doesn't she know where he is?

Karin: She doesn't pick up her phone..and I only get the answering machine on Timo's phone.

Do you have any idea where he might be?

Ms. Jäger: I would have guessed your place. But if he isn't there then I don't know.




Part 2


[In front of the Beschenko's flat]


(Timo rings the bell and knocks loudly at the door.)


Timo: Luzi!! Are you there? Open up, damnit! Where are you?



Timo(to Luzi): Is there someone else?




(He kicks against the door when no one answers and thus provokes his back to hurt painfully.)



[Bea's/Miriam's place(?)]


Helena: The pesto looks really great. Oh, I see. I'm in your way, I'll let you work in peace.

Miriam: Say, Michael, what about you? Can you eat regular food again, or shall Helena go down to the organic store and buy some vegetables for some hearty soup?

Helena: As I said before, if Michael is drinking coffee again, he's almost back to normal again.

Michael: Miriam, Spaghetti and Pesto is great, thanks.

Miriam: It was worth a try.

Bea: Why don't you just ignore her?

Miriam: What's wrong with you? I don't recognize you.

Bea: I just don't want a confrontation.

Miriam: In any case, you don't need to get treated like this.

Helena: What medication has been prescribed for Michael? What does he need to take??

Bea: Oh, I don't know. We haven't even been to the pharmacy yet.

Helena: Don't worry, Bea can run and get them.

Sebastian: Wait Bea, I'll do it. I have to go to Chulo's, anyways. I'll drop the meds off before.





Sophie: God, if only we wouldn't have drove that race that night..then..

Ronnie: Then a stone would have dropped on their heads the next day.

Jeez, no one knows when the reaper gets you.

Sophie: Are you trying to tell me,that you believe in destiny?

Ronnie: No, but I can't hear the wailing about the two of them anymore!

Sophie: Hey, Ronnie. Two people died because of us!

Ronnie: That's not true. We didn't run them over!

Sophie: No, but without us the bus wouldn't have ended up standing right across the street.

Ronnie: Could we please have another “Flying Kangaroo.”And a whisky for me.

Sophie: Shit. You weren't even at the funeral! I only realized there what that means!

Ronnie: Look, if you can't deal with it you shouldn't go to such events!

Sophie: Event? Ms. Lohmann was my volleyball teacher for two years! I really knew her well.

Ronnie: F*ck, it's not my fault? What can I help it, if Götting can't drive?

Sophie: Are you mad?

Ronnie: Stop it already!

I thought you were a cool girl. It's enough that Ben, that softie, is going crazy.



[Some park]


Luzi: Are you feeling better?

Ben: A little.

Luzi: Why did that funeral throw you like this?

Of course it's bad,and terrible and everything,but there's more,isn't there?

You were already off the lid when you moved out.

Ben: It's kind of complicated right now.

Luzi: Does this have anything to do with your family? You reacted kind of strong when you found out that you were related to Ronnie. You only need to tell me if you want to.

Ben: You probably won't want to have anything to do with me,when you know.

Luzi: That's nonsense. Ben, everyone messes up from time to time.

Ben: Maybe..but not with these kinds of consequences..

Luzi: Alright, I'll sit down, so it won't be able to throw me.


(Luzi takes a look at her cell when it rings)


Luzi: 18 unanswered calls? From my mom?

Ben: Get it!

Luzi: Mom? What's up? - - No, I have no clue where Timo is.. - - What?



[In front of the school]


Emma: Do you know the tale of the Frog King? There's this carriage driver.

Jenny: Ah, the one whose iron bands around his chest burst?

Emma: Yes. That's exactly how it felt in the chapel. All of the horror, the accident,and that I couldn't react..it all just came out..

Jenny: Hm, finally. You know, even if Götting and Lohmann always tried to get rid of STAG, I think they really would have liked it.


(Jemma hug.)


Emma: Timo!

Jenny: Hey! Since when are you out of the hospital?

Timo: Since right now.

Emma: Why didn't you say anything? We would have come and picked you up!

Timo: It all suddenly went pretty fast. Do you know where Luzi is?

Emma: The last time I've seen her was at the funeral.

Jenny: Yes, she wanted to stay with Ben at the chapel.

Timo: Ben?

Emma: Yes, he wasn't feeling that well.

Timo: Ben..Thank you.



[At Miriam/Bea's place(?)]


Bea: It was really good,thank you.

Michael: Yes, that's true. It's a lot better than at the hospital!

Miriam: Hm, ain't I glad to be better than that!

Helena: I have to agree with the general consensus. It was heavenly. Thank you again for the invitation.

Miriam: Yes, but even the most wonderful date comes to an end. I really have to get going now. We should let Michael have the rest he so desperately needs. Shall I drive you?

Helena: No thanks, I'm with my own car, and I still need to discuss something with Bea.

Bea: Yes, and what?

Helena: It's about Ronnie Peters-

Bea: I thought that has all been discussed thoroughly.

Michael: What about this Ronnie Peters?

Helena: Bea has informed me,that Ronnie has had drug problems at his previous school.And I think,that by now, we should do something about it.

Bea: And what?

Helena: With Ben Bergmann, you have made great progress as his counsellor..

Bea: I only did my job..

Helena: With great enthusiasm, as I have heard.

(While Miriam is clearing the table she 'accidentally' pours water over Helena.)

Miriam: Whoops, I am so sorry..Oh boy, now you have to go home, you're soaking wet!



Part 3


[Some park]


(Luzi is trying to reach Timo.)


Luzi: The member is not available..why is this idiot doing something like this?

Ben: No idea, but we have to find him,and fast!

Luzi: But where? He wasn't at my place, he wasn't at school.. his father isn't even here!

Ben: The best will be to inform as many people as possible. That increases the chance for anyone to have seen him.

Luzi: I'll call Emma!

(Luzi calls Emma while Ben calls another friend)

Ben: Hey,it's Ben, have you seen Timo?

Luzi: Emma, Timo desperately needs to get to the hospital..he ran away he...

Ben: Thanks anyways. Wait, please send out a round mail, Timo needs to get to the hospital. Alright,thanks.

Luzi: Emma, he's got a fractured vertebra. - - Emma, don't tear yourself up about this..if you see him then.. - - Yes, that's a good idea. Thank you.

Ben: And?

Luzi: They're starting a search..he was at school and was looking for us..Emma says,that he was behaving a bit strange.




Sebastian: Hey!

Timo: Hey!

Sebastian: Fit again?Michael got out of he hospital today,too.

Timo: Cool, have you seen Luzi and Ben?

Sebastian: No, but I only started a minute ago..ask Sophie, she's been here for a while.


Timo: Hey, Sophie!

Sophie: Timo! I thought you were still..

Timo: Dismissed today. Have you seen Luzi and Ben?

Sophie: Are they playing doubles now?

Timo: Do you know where they are?

Sophie: Isn't Luzi into you anymore?

Timo: That's none of your business.

Sophie: Pretty shitty to get dumped for someone else isn't it?

Timo: Do you know where they are?

Sophie: No idea. I bet they want to be alone and cuddled up someplace nice.



[Bea's place]


Michael: Helena acted like the big shot, I know. But we shouldn't be impressed by that.

Bea: But she wants you back, you know.

Michael: But I don't want her back and you know that, right?


(Bea's having a flashback of Luzi and Ben kissing)


Michael: Bea, I love you and that is what counts.

Bea: You're right.

Michael: The two of us belong together and no one can change that..not even Helena.


[Bergmann Villa]


Mr. Bergmann: There you are. I was worried. Are you alright?

Ben: Everything's fine. Was Timo here?

Mr. Bergmann: No, at least not in the last hour...isn't he still..

Ben: Timo has a fractured vertebra he needs to get to the hospital.

Mr. Bergmann: I see, even though I doubt that he'll show up at the bank. See you later.

(Mr. Bergmann leaves)

Luzi: Hopefully nothing happened to him! What if...he collapsed somewhere and no one finds him!

Ben: You tried everything. Now all we can do is wait.

Luzi: Just wait...

Ben: Hey, everything will be okay.


Timo: So it's true!

Luzi: Timo! We've been looking for you forever.

Ben: Dude, are you insane? You need to get to the hospital!

(Timo shoves Ben)

Timo:I thought you were my friend!


(Timo collapses in pain)


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