Episode 115

translated by hephylax

edited by Globe



Previously on Hand aufs Herz


And we start with Jemma. Ah, life (and HaHe) should always be like this.


Emma: What the hell is your problem with me?!

And Jenny swoops in. FIRST KISS!

Jenny: That's my problem with you.

Jenny runs off and Emma smiles that awesome smile.


Ben: Will someone tell me what's going on here? Why are you hugging my girlfriend? You think that's normal?

Caro: I lost our child, that's what's wrong.

Ben: You lost the baby.

Caro: Because you abandoned me.





[Bergmann villa]


Ben: I didn’t abandon you.

Caro: And what about Australia? You wanted to just take off.

Ben: But that doesn’t have anything to do with us.

Caro: You would have walked out on me, me and the baby.

Stefan: Caro…

Caro: Leave me be. You didn’t care about me. The only thing that mattered to you was to prove Bea Vogel’s innocence.

Ben: Please stop talking about Bea…you’re getting all worked up over nothing.

Caro: I’m getting all worked up over nothing? The same way I’m just imagining that I lost our child?

Ben: No but…one isn’t connected in any way to the other.

Caro: I saw you two…the way you said good-bye.

Ben: You saw…

Caro: I did. That was the moment the pain started. And now our child is dead! (Drama! Yawn.)


Ben hugs Caro.



[Pestalozzi, hallway]


Emma strolls through the hallways deep in thought. (And who can blame her; especially when it means Jemma flashbacks for us). Pink’s “Love song” is playing.


[Flashback] (It’s the exact same scene as 2 minutes ago during the “Previously on” but it’s their first kiss, so who cares? Bring it on.)

Emma: What the hell is your problem with me?!

And kiss!

Jenny: That's my problem with you.

Jenny runs off and Emma smiles that awesome smile.



Emma runs into Hotte.


Emma: Oh! Sorry.

Hotte: And what are you dreaming about?

Emma: Me? Uh, I…I’m not dreaming. I’m just in thought.

Hotte: Well, my dream is over.

Emma: What?

Hotte: Well, Jenny.

Emma: What about Jenny?!

Hotte: You were right. She isn’t interested in me.

Emma: In you…

Hotte: Have you seen her kissing anyone else around here?

Emma: No!! (I had my eyes closed.)Uh, can we talk about something else?

Hotte: Like what?

Emma: Uh…

Hotte: Is everything really alright?

Emma: Yes, yeah… ah forget it, I need some coffee.

Hotte: I’m buying; that way we can talk some more.



[Bergmann villa]


Ben: Maybe we should call a doctor. (to Stefan)Man, say something too, will you!?

Stefan: What am I supposed to say?

Ben: No idea. Then do something. Call a doctor.

Stefan: She just came from the doctor’s.

Ben: So?

Stefan: How about you take her up to your room for a start?

Ben: Yes…You should lie down. Okay. Careful.


Some looks are exchanged between Stefan and Caro over Ben’s shoulderas he helps her up.



[Pestalozzi, school office]


Timo: Hello, Frau Jäger.

Frau Jäger: Oh hi, Timo. What’s up?

Timo: Um…I know this might be a little too much to ask…I just don’t know who else there is left to ask… You are the only person we can still trust, now that Frau Vogel and Frau Krawczyk aren’t here anymore. And…you’ve helped us before.


Frau Jäger smiles her smile and walks over to the key cabinet. She opens the door and takes out the keys when Götting comes out of his office.


Götting: What’s going on here?

Timo: Uh…I w…

Götting: Frau Jäger, you know very well that the students aren’t allowed to rehearse in the auditorium without supervision.

Frau Jäger: Of course. And I just told Mr. Özgül that there is no way that I can’t give him this key here.

Timo: Yes. I thought Frau Jäger might be able to make an exception but…she just pointed out to me that she wasn’t able to do anything without someone to supervise us. Thanks anyway.


He walks around the next corner where Luzi is waiting for him.


Luzi: Now what?

Timo: We’ll wait. We’ll get the keys later.


They watch Frau Jäger putting the key back in the cabinet.



[Bergmann villa, Ben’s room]


Ben: I’m calling the school and letting them know.

Caro: Thanks.

Ben: Be right back.


He leaves and Caro makes herself comfortable smiling contentedly. The door opens and Stefan enters.


Caro: What?!

Stefan: I didn’t know you had it in you to be so cunning.

Caro: Why? I didn’t lie. The baby is gone, and believe me, it wasn’t fun.

Stefan: That may be. But that doesn’t give you the right to convince Ben that it’s his fault.

Caro: And why are you so upset? You aren’t normally this moral. And apart from that, this has been our deal from the beginning.

Stefan: Manipulating Ben in such a way was never part of the deal. He’s got nothing to do with this. And I won’t allow you to carry this game of yours too far, Caro.

Caro: Well, then go talk to him. Tell him the truth. Tell him that it was your child. We’ll see what happens then.



[Pestalozzi, counseling room]


Michael: Herr Götting … is there a problem?

Götting: Ben Bergmann just called me.

Michael: What did he want?

Götting: Caro Eichkamp had a miscarriage.

Michael: What? When did that happen?

Götting: I don’t know. Bergmann sounded very distraught, so I assume it happened just now.

Michael: That’s terrible.

Götting: Yes, such a terrible experience doesn’t leave anyone unaffected, especially not at that age. That’s why I wanted to ask you in your capacity as guidance counsellor…

Michael: Of course I’ll talk to Caro. Sure.

Götting: And Ben, too. I suspect the situation isn’t any easier for him.

Michael: Of course.

Götting: Maybe it wouldn’t hurt to have one-on-one sessions beforehand. (That’s Götting playing matchmaker for Bichael, right?)For a young man it’s no easy task to support his girlfriend in such a difficult situation, especially since both of them wanted the child.

Michael: Yes, I think I know what should be done in this kind of situation.

Götting: I thought so too, since as the guidance counsellor you’ve been trained for these cases.

Michael: Yes.

Götting: Then you’ll take care of everything else?

Michael: I will.

Götting: Thanks, and you’ll keep me posted, won’t you?

Michael: I will do that as well.



[Pestalozzi, teacher’s corridor]


[Music: Vampire Weekend - "Run"]

Timo steals the keys to the auditorium



[Pestalozzi, school yard]


Emma is sitting on the Jemma Coming Out Monument. (How appropriate)


Luzi: Hey, we can rehearse again!

Emma: Oh yeah?

Luzi: Yeah. Timo got his hands on the key to the auditorium and we’re having a rehearsal this evening…when everybody has left.

Emma: Okay…

Luzi: Wow, that sounded really enthusiastic.

Emma: What? Uh…I’m glad.

Luzi: Yes, I can see that. Pure anticipation.

Emma: It’s just … Hotte.

Luzi: What about Hotte?

Emma: He got turned down.

Luzi: But that’s nothing new.

Emma: By Jenny.

Luzi: He just really has a talent for making himself miserable.

Emma: What do you mean?

Luzi: Well, his choice in women…first Caro, then Jenny…

Emma: So?

Luzi: Geez, Jenny is from London! She’s been all over the world already…she wouldn’t settle for one of us.

Emma: You’re right. It was probably just a fun distraction for her.

Luzi: But it’s good that Hotte realized that from the start, isn’t it, so he can just move on and doesn’t have to keep asking himself if there is or was something…

Emma: Do you think…Jenny could also kiss a girl? Well, I mean just…well, just hypothetically? She does seem to be into experimenting.

Luzi: Sure, I can see Jenny doing that.

Emma: But, just like that, without any feelings?

Luzi: God, Emma. Jenny isn’t someone who is waiting around for the love of her life. She tries stuff out and…well, if she wants to know what it’s like to kiss a woman, then she’ll just kiss a woman. That’s not a bad thing, is it? I mean, just because we can’t understand that…Jenny just isn’t like us.

(Not like you in what way exactly? I mean, this is coming from Luzi. Who has kissed a woman before. Just like that. In a restroom. Or did Emma…excuse me, is Emma going to make that up on the spot?)



[Vogel home, Bea’s room]


Michael: I am sure that you’re hungry.

Bea: Sure I’m hungry. Don’t you have classes?

Michael: I have a free period.

He sees an open map of Australia lying on the table.

Michael: Australia? Are you planning on leaving me? (Hope springs eternal for a Jemmaling.)

Bea: I’ve been thinking this whole time about where Jens might be. He’s probably somewhere on the East Coast.

Michael: Bea, the East Coast of Australia is very long.

Bea: Yes, I know, but he isn’t in one of those tourist spots. (Wow, that narrows it down considerably, of course.)No idea, I… I just need some leads… for Ben.

Michael: I think the odds of finding this Jens in Australia are rather small.

Bea: But it’s my only chance.



[Bergmann villa, kitchen]


Ben is unable to fill a hot water bottle with hot water. (Because he is so distraugh-augh-aught.)


Ben: Fuck!

Stefan: You mustn’t beat yourself up like this.

Ben: Easy for you to say.

Stefan: You know, Ben…sometimes it’s important to take a step back.

Ben: And how is that supposed to work?

Stefan: It’s not your fault that Caro lost the baby.

Ben: How can you know that?

Stefan: Things like that just happen. There doesn’t have to be a reason.

Ben: Caro doesn’t see it like that. And contrary to the two of us, she can judge this, since she is the one who was pregnant.

Stefan: Yes, she was pregnant. And because of that she had a certain power over you. And now she’s using her miscarriage to get you to stay with her.

Ben: Of course you’d see it like that, but the truth is… I fucked up and that’s why she lost the child. And now we have to live with that.



[Vogel home, Bea’s room]


Michael: You can’t put this responsibility on Ben’s shoulders. You just can’t.

Bea: He offered. Believe me, if there was any other way… I would even prevent him from looking for Jens for me.

Michael: There are other ways. Horst Fuhrmann is an exceptional lawyer. He’ll get you out of this, believe me.

Bea: Without evidence?

Michael: Well, without evidence they won’t be able to convict you. Don’t get too set on this whole Australia idea. Please.

Bea: Let’s eat.

Michael: Bea, I don’t think Ben is going to go to Australia.

Bea: Why? Did something happen?

Michael: Caro had a miscarriage.



[Bergmann villa]


Stefan: What did you do to her that was so bad, hm? You wanted to go to Australia, okay, that was a crazy idea. And your weakness for Frau Vogel probably isn’t that charming from Caro’s point of view. But Ben, one doesn’t miscarry because of that. One really doesn’t.

Ben: You don’t understand. I accept responsibility if I did something wrong. I’m going to take care of Caro from now on. That’s the least I can do.



[Vogel home, Bea’s room]


Bea: And do you know how the two of them are?

Michael: Not so good. Götting asked me to help the two them.

Bea: Are you able to do that? I mean…to talk with Ben about something like that?

Michael: Yes, I’m still able to keep personal and business matters separate. I want to help them, yes. I mean that I’m going to be there for them in my role as guidance counsellor… despite what happened with you and Ben. (Yes, we all know how well he separates personal and business matters.)

Bea: Should I try to talk to him?

Michael: Honest answer? (That idea is almost as good as your plan to attend Franziska’s funeral.)



[Pestalozzi, at the lockers]


Emma is putting stuff into her locker when Jenny comes down the stairs.


Jenny: Emma.

Emma: Oh...! Hi, Jenny.

Jenny: Are you alright?

Emma: Uh…y-yes, sure, why?

Jenny: Well…I got the feeling that…that our kiss confused you a little bit.

Emma: Nooo.

Jenny: Well, it blew me away.

Emma: Oh. Uh…okay.

Jenny: What’s wrong?

Emma: Nothing. What could be wrong?

Jenny: Was it too fast for you?

Emma: Uh…no…Everything’s alright. I…um…just don’t have time right now. I…I have to go.


And Emma hurries up the stairs, but not without glancing back at Jenny and almost faltering.



[Pestalozzi, auditorium]


Emma: I don’t know if I think this is alright.

Timo: Would you prefer not to rehearse at all? I’m sure we’ll stand a great chance for Sister Act, then.

Luzi: God, Emma, instead of thanking Timo…

Emma: Hey, just because we’re an AG (club) doesn’t mean we have to agree on everything.

Hotte: She’s been weird like this all day.

Emma: You don’t have to take your bad mood out on me.

Hotte: Me?! I’m not in a bad mood.

Luzi: I think, she means because of Jenny…

Emma: Argh, why do all of you have to talk about Jenny?!

Luzi: God, Emma, if you don’t feel like rehearsing, just say so. But do us a favour and just let us start.

Emma: I want to rehearse.

Luzi: Ok, great. Then let’s start.

Timo: Okay…five, six, seven, eight…



[Bergmann villa, Ben’s room]


Ben: Are you feeling better?

Caro: Some.

Ben: I’m sorry.

Caro: It’s okay.

Ben: It’s not. I mean…that you had to witness the kiss between Bea and me…

Caro: I don’t want to talk about that.

Ben: Then let me just make one thing clear - the kiss didn’t mean anything.

Caro: Don’t lie to me.

Ben: In that moment it did, but not anymore. Really. Things are over between me and Bea. I’m so sorry that something terrible like this had to happen before I finally got that. I wish I would have realized it earlier.

Caro: I didn’t mean to blame you. I was just so confused…I had just started to look forward to having our baby and…

Ben: I was an asshole. Caro, I’m sorry.

Caro: Stop blaming yourself.

Ben: But I was only thinking about myself. Caro, if you give me one more chance, we can make it.

Caro: And how?

Ben: By persevering, sticking together, being there for each other… Caro, I promise you, I’ll do anything, really anything, so that you feel better again. Honest.

Caro: Of course I’ll give you another chance.



[Pestalozzi, auditorium]


STAG perform “If a song could get me you”


Emma stops singing.The others turn to her.


Emma: Fuuuck.

Luzi: What now?

Emma: Well, just look inconspicuously to the door.

They do. It’s the janitor.


Timo: Fuck. We’re screwed.

Hotte: Uh, we’ll just say that our supervisor is on a bathroom break.

Luzi: Forget it. That’s much too obvious.


The janitor looks at them and then just leaves.


Luzi: That…that didn’t really happen just now, did it?

Hotte: He isn’t throwing us out.

Timo: Looks like we have a new fan.

Emma: Awesome.

Hotte: Must be our performance. Guys, we are good.

Emma: I agree.

Luzi: Well, then I say we continue.



[Pestalozzi, hallway]


Frau Jäger is waiting for the janitor.


Frau Jäger: So? Is everything alright in the auditorium?

Janitor: All’s quiet, no reason to panic. Don’t worry.

Frau Jäger: Good. Thanks for saving me a trip. As you know, I’m duty-bound to maintain order. I have to report any incidents.

Janitor: But I don’t.

Frau Jäger: Then I can go home without worrying.

Janitor: Okay, take care.

Frau Jäger: And you have a nice evening. Bye.

(Ingrid is da bomb, isn’t she?)



[Bergmann villa]


(Oh look, Bea decided to do the sensible thing. Not!)

Ben: What are you doing here? This isn’t a good time.

Bea: I know. I heard about what happened. I…I wanted to know how Caro is feeling. And you.

Ben: She just lost her baby, how can she be? And I’m feeling shitty too… because it’s my fault.

Bea: What? Why?

Ben: She saw us that evening, from my room. She saw us kissing. And that affected her so much that she lost the baby. And if you happened to stop by to ask if I’m still planning to go to Australia to look for your ex-boyfriend? No, I’m not. I’m staying with Caro. (Self-righteous Ben is back. How I didn’t miss him. She didn’t ask you to do that in the fist place, brat.)

Bea: That’s not why I’m here.

Ben: Fine. Then leave!

Bea: Ben, what happened to you two is horrible, but it’s not your fault.

Ben: It’s my fault. And yours.... (Excuse me???)

Bea: But…that’s…

Ben: … because I just wasn’t able to quit you. I’ve already made too many mistakes because of you. (Okay, so how is your mental weakness Bea’s fault?)This with us should never have happened, and that’s why it’s over now. (That might have been more impressive if Bea hadn’t been preaching the same thing to him for the last 100 episodes.)

Bea: Ben…

Ben: I don’t love you anymore, and I don’t want to ever see you again. So do me a favour and get out of my life! (Who was actively and annoyingly pursuing whom from the beginning? Hint: It wasn’t Bea “Ben, we mustn’t. I’m your teacher” Vogel. I’m waiting for him to shout: And stop with your constant declarations of love.)