Episode 232

(Previously on Hand aufs Herz)


Ben: Please, please, please…

Ben screams.





[At Bea’s appartment]


Bea:I will find you.

Piet:Hey. Why are you packing?

Bea:Piet! I didn’t hear you at all.

Piet:You want to go somewhere?

Bea:Well, want is…

Piet:Well, it doesn’t look like a relaxed vacation!

Bea:I have to go. There’s something I really have to sort out.

Piet:And where are you going? Has it something to do with yesterday?

Bea:Did Miri tell you something?

Piet:No. she didn’t. That’s why I’m worrying about it. Since yesterday you’re in a complete tizzy

Bea:Eh, yes, it has something to do with yesterday, but…I can’t tell you now. Not now.

Piet:You know, I don’t want to interfere in your affairs, but…I’m your brother and if you want to talk about it, I want you to know that you can do that, okay?

Bea:I know. I’ll explain it to you later, okay?

Piet:Okay. Take care of yourself!

Bea:I will.



They hug.



[At the hospital]


Luzi:Well then, get him out of there!

Nurse: That’s not possible. They already started with the surgery. I just told you!

Luzi:Well, and if something goes wrong?

Nurse: Your fiancé is in good hands here. You don’t have to worry at all. The moment he comes out from anesthesia you can see him. You just have to be patient.



[At Bergmann Villa]


Karin:Has there been a message from the kidnappers yet?

Stefan:No, but lots of messages from Ms Vogel. She just sent another SMS.

Karin: She’s worried about Ben.

Stefan:She wants to go to Australia to look for him there.

Karin:And you are going to let her?

Stefan:What else am I supposed to do?

Karin:Tell her the truth?

Stefan:Under no circumstances! It would just endanger Ben! The less people know about it, the safer he is.

Karin: But Australia.

Stefan:As far as I’m concerned Ms Vogel can travel to the end of the world! At least she won’t do any harm then! Mrs. Beschenko. I can’t take any risk. It’s my son. It’s Ben.

Karin puts her hand over his.

Karin:I know.

Stefan:Thank you.



[Pestalozzi, auditorium]


Frank:Can anybody tell me what’s going on here? (Bodo raises his hand. Well they are in school here) Please!

Bodo:Luzi went to the hospital to see Timo. He wants to undergo surgery and she wants to prevent that.

Frank:Well, great!

Bodo:And Emma and Jenny are missing because…

Frank:Yes, it’s okay. I don’t want to know. Well, without Luzi we can’t do anything! I mean we can’t just replace Luzi!

Bodo raises his hand again.

Frank:Bodo. Go ahead.

Bodo:Well, just an idea, but…in post-production everything is possible and you have the technology.

Frank:Yes, yes, so?

Bodo:Maybe we can use a stand in for Luzi at the take.

Johnny:Hehe! Is there anybody here who has a more stupid idea?

Frank:Johnny! Actually why not? Huh?

Johnny:For that, we’d need to have a real Luzi double for starters, wouldn’t we?

Caro:Well…well, I’ve got an idea!


Frank:I think she’s great!

Johnny:She’s not Luzi!

Caro with a black wig and in Luzi clothes.

(Rotflmao! ‘nuff said.)

Caro:Well, the hairstyle is really bad, but this rag looks awesome on me! But I didn’t expect anything else.

Frank:She does come across very well, don’t you think?

Johnny:She’s the only one we have.


Johnny:You’re looking great!

Caro:Told you!

Johnny:Come on! Show us what you’ve got!

Caro:Okay! (She does some moves)

Johnny:Very good! Not bad! Very good! So, and now up the ante, okay? That way! Zack, zack, zack, zack, zack, zack, zack, zack… Exactly! That’s it!

Frank:Well, it works for me!

Johnny:That’s the way we’ll do it! Okay, camera! And go!



[At the Hospital]


Luzi is waiting.


Snow Patrol: Run

I'll sing it one last time for you
and then we really have to go
You've been the only thing that's right
In all I've done

And I can barely look at you
But every single time I do
I know we'll make it anywhere
Away from here

Nurse: You are still here.

Luzi:Are there any problems?

Nurse: I can’t tell you anything about that but I’m sure the surgery will last a few more hours.

Luzi:Okay, then I’ll continue to wait.

Nurse: This here is no waiting area. Well, you can’t do anything for your fiancé here. Just go home!

Light up, light up
As if you have a choice
Even if you cannot hear
My voice
I'll be right beside you dear

[Pestalozzi, auditorium]


Applause from the crewas Caro and the dancers finish the song.

Johnny: Very good. - Kids, you were great!

Frank: Without your dedication we could have forgotten all about this production. So from me as well: thank you so much!

Johnny: And especially to our Luzi double.

Caro: Yeah, you liked that? I could have done it again. I mean, I was just getting warmed up.

Johnny: Warm? That was hotter than hot.

Caro: Well, it’s no surprise, it was all the director. You should see me when I go full out. I mean, for a Luzi cover it was okay but…I can do a lot more.

Johnny: Yes, I believe your every word.

Caro: Well, what do you think, maybe we could meet again later.

Johnny: Ah, that’s not necessary. This here was more than enough.

Caro: Yes, concerning the shooting but…I’d be open to something more. To much more. You understand?

Johnny: I understand. But I’m afraid that…well…you aren’t the right one for the things I want.

Caro: But you just said that I…

Johnny: Darling. You’re barking up the wrong tree. Hm? Don’t take it personal. Okay? Hey guys! You were great!

Bodo: Ha. You’re barking up the wrong tree. I’ll remember that one.

Caro: Oh piss off, you troll.



[Bea’s home]



Ben: You know something? You sound like my father. He doesn’t get it either that I want to decide my future for myself.



Bea starts packing.



[Raumzeit Records]


Frank: Well, I know a great guy for the post-production. The guy is a magician.

Johnny Sky: Well, as long as he can magically make a Luzi out of Kira.

Caro stalks off to Miriam.

Caro: I’ll need a truthful answer. Is something wrong with me?

Miriam: An honest answer? So really honest?

Caro: Of course. Otherwise I wouldn’t ask.

Miriam: Well Caro, sometimes your behavior is…I don’t know…

Caro: I don’t want some kind of psycho-advice. It’s about me. About my body. I mean, is there any reason to not find me sexy?

Miriam: Who cannot find you sexy?

Caro: See here, I did such a genius performance just now as a substitute for Luzi. And well…then I decided to give Johnny a chance and he completely shot me down!

Miriam: No!

Caro: Yes!

Miriam: You really hit on Johnny Sky?

Caro: Yes. And why is that so funny?

Miriam: Well, let me put it this way: our Johnny is more into small, slender bottoms.

Caro: Are you saying my butt is too fat?

Miriam: No, love, your butt isn’t too fat but it is a woman’s butt, after all.

Caro looks to Johnny who can’t keep his hands off of Frank under the pretext of removing a eye lash or something.

Johnny: Hold still. The doctor is on his way…

Frank seems to like it.



[The room]


The kidnappers are playing with their knives and threatening Ben with them.

Kidnapper1: Are you thirsty? Something to drink?

More knife-games, then he takes the tape off Ben’s mouth.

Kidnapper1: Wanna scream again? Wanker. Wanker.

He opens the water bottle and pours some out onto the floor. Ben doesn’t get anything.



[Bea’s home]


Bea finishes packing her things and walks out.



[Sophie’s apartment]


Sophie and Ronnie are watching TV.

Sophie: In a moment there is the scene where he proposes to her.

Ronnie: Great…

Sophie: Boy, what’s up with you?

Ronnie: What are you talking about?

Sophie: You’re not even looking.

Ronnie: I’m looking.

Sophietesting that theory: Oh gosh, the broads are all naked. – And now the zombie vampires will show up.

Sophie: God, what’s up with you?

Ronnie: Why, what should be up?

Sophie: You’re playing around with your fucking cell phone the whole time.

Ronnie: Am I not allowed to check the time anymore, or what?

Sophie: It’s almost four.

Ronnie: Oh, I have to go.

Sophie: Äh, and where are you going?

Ronnie: Away.

Sophie: And where away?

Ronnie: To meet some pals, okay?



[Raumzeit Records]


Luzi: I was at the school but everything was already dismantled.

Frank: Yes, the shooting is over.

Luzi: Oh.

Frank: Oh? Is that…that’s all you can say? I thought I explained to you how important this video shooting was for you. I thought this shooting was important to you too. I mean, this is about your song after all. Okay? It’s about your video, about your goddamn career. Do you think this is all just a joke? Luzi, I’m sick and tired of always getting into these situations with you.

Luzi: And all this is important to me but…but I had to leave.

Frank: Oh, you had to leave. Is this one of those excuses?

Luzi: No, this isn’t an excuse. Timo is in surgery right now and I don’t know if after this he will be able to walk again or be paralyzed from the neck down for the rest of his life. This surgery is mega risky and I of all people was the one to give him the idea.

Frank: Well, fuck…I…I’m sorry.

Luzi: And he’s only having this stupid surgery because of me. I had to go to him and try to get him to reconsider. But I was too late.

Frank: Is he still in surgery?

She nods.

Frank: Then what are you doing here? Go to the hospital and we’ll talk about anything else tomorrow, okay?

Luzi: Yes.



[Bergmann villa]


Stefan: Gosh, why is it taking so long?!?

The phone starts ringing.

Stefan: Yes?

Kidnapper: Do you have the money?

Stefan: Yes.

Kidnapper: Do you know the park at the airport?

Stefan: Yes.

Kidnapper: As soon as we are sure that you aren’t being followed, we’ll give you new instructions.

Stefan: Okay.

Kidnapper: If you try to screw us over your son is dead. If you make a phone call your son is dead. If we even smell plain-clothes cops your son is dead…

Stefan: Yes, I understand! And I’ll follow your instructions.

Kidnapper: You better.

Stefan takes the money and turns to leave.

Karin: Herr Bergmann? Take care of yourself. And bring Ben back home safe and sound.



[Raumzeit Records]


Miriam: Caro, can you please make copies of these for me?

Caro: I’m busy.

Miriam: Hm, I can see that.

Caro: That’s part of my job. Me, I have to look good!

Miriam: It’s urgent!

Caro: All right, give them to me.

While walking Caro breaks a heel and falls.

Caro: Oh, sh*t! Sh*t, sh*t, sh*t! Great. Oh no, not this too!

Her gaze lands on the fridge.

Caro: Very well.
Caro takes out a bottle of champagne, opens it and starts drinking directly from the bottle.

Caro: To this shitty day!

Frank: Cheers! I hope you like the Champagne, Caro, because the bottle costs 300 €.

Caro: Oh, I didn’t know that. I thought nobody wants it, because it’s been standing in the refrigerator for so long and…

Frank: It was a gift. And it was meant for a special occasion.

Caro: Are you going to throw me out now?

Frank: Should I?

Caro: At least it would be in line with the rest of the day.

Frank: That bad?

Caro: Worse!

Frank: Well, you know something? Let’s just say this is a very special occasion. Let’s drink to this! But in style! (that means using glasses!)Here you go. Dear Caro. Caro, I thank you from all of my heart, I thank you for your great achievement! You saved the day, today!



[At the hospital]


Coldplay A Message


My song is love
Love to the loveless, shown
And it goes up
You don't have to be alone

Your heavy heart
Is made of stone


Luzi sees Timo lying in a bed. He has been parked in the hallway of the surgery ward.

Luzi:Timo! Hey!

And it's so hard to see you clearly
You don't have to be on your own
You don't have to be on your own

Nurse: He’s still sedated! We’ll bring him to the intensive care unit now to wake up.

Luzi:Intensive care unit?

Nurse: That’s the normal procedure!


My song is love, is love unknown
And I've got to get that message home



[At the park]


Stefan is waiting for his instructions.



[At the Bergmann Villa]


Bea:Please excuse my intruding, but I decided to fly to Ben to Australia.


Bea:So I want to talk to Mr. Bergmann now. He surely has some information where Ben could be?

Karin: I’m sorry! Mr. Bergmann is not here at the moment.



[At the park]


The phone rings. (Anyone remember the olden times when you still needed a phone booth nearby for these instructions? Those were the days, my friend…)

Stefan:Yes. Yes, I’m here. Yes, I see it. Okay.

He puts the case into the trash bin.

Okay, I’ve done it. So, where can I find my son? Listen! I’ve done everything you wanted. Now I want my…hello, hello!



[At the Bergmann Villa]


Bea:And you? You also don’t know anything? Did Mr. Bergmann give any hints? Anything? Well, okay, please tell him he should call me. I’m going to the airport now.

Karin:Mrs Vogel?


Karin:About Ben.

Bea:What about him?

Karin:He’s not in Australia! He has been kidnapped!