Episode 212



[Pestalozzi, class room]


Bea collects the exercise books.

Ben writes a note and puts it in his notebook.

Bea opens Ben’s notebook to find the note: “I have a surprise for you”


[Pestalozzi, near the entrance]

Messenger: I have a registered letter for you.

Bea: For me. You sure?

Messenger: If you are Frau Beate Vogel, yes.

Bea opens the envelope and pulls out a map of Berlin and a gift certificate for a hotel room for 2 days/2 nights for Beate Vogel and Ben Bergmann.

Helena walks through the door. A student runs into Bea from behind and the papers go flying. They land, how could it be otherwise, directly at Helena’s feet.

Bea: Hey!

Helena: Good day, Frau Vogel.

She picks up the papers.

Helena: So what’s this then? Someone sent you something nice?






[Pestalozzi, near the entrance]


Messenger: If you would be so kind.

Helena: Frau Vogel, I believe the young man is waiting for your signature.

She signs quickly (I believe with a big X)

Bea: Äh, could I have my letter back? (Oh you are so cool under pressure, Bea. Nobody will notice a thing.)

Helena: That seems to be a very important letter.

Bea: It is. From a friend from Munich.

Helena: Ah, I didn’t know that the city messenger brought packages from Munich to Cologne.

Bea: A friend from Munich who is in Cologne right now.

And she snatches the letter out of Helena’s hand.

Helena: Interesting. Very interesting.

And she walks on, leaving Bea to her heart attack.



[Pestalozzi, at the lockers]


Ronnie: You can’t prove anything. Zero. So you better keep quiet to begin with. Or else…

Jenny: Or else what? Are you threatening me?

Ronnie: Not at all. I’m just looking out for you. And for Emma, too. There is so much that could happen. And your sweetie seems to have had a string of bad luck.

Jenny: Now listen to me, you asshole. You touch Emma one more time or make one stupid remark, and I will bust you. And the same goes for Sophie. You can count on it.

Ronnie: Such big talk with no proof.

Jenny: Again. One mistake and your brother will learn that it was you who sicced the goons on him. And that you are selling drugs. We’ll see how cool you’ll be acting then.

Emma comes back with the coffeeand sees Jenny with Ronnie.

Ronnie: You're gonna regret this.

Jenny: Quite certainly not.

Ronnie passes Emma on the stairs. Emma doesn’t look happy and Jenny tries to smile at her.



[Pestalozzi, schoolyard]


Ben is talking inanely with a schoolmate about tests and when he started learning for them. I don’t want to translate it, it’s not relevant for anything.

It only happens anyway so that he can stand in the background while Bea is calling him from ten meters away.//What they are saying is along the lines of this Ben:A week,really? Student:Yeah.. Ben:How can you study for an exam for an entire week? Student:Bla bla...I guess, this is supposed to convey the image,that Ben is actually super smart or something, if he would only attend school,once in a while..anyways,his phone rings:

Ben: I have to take this. – Hello?

Bea: Don’t turn around. (Because I’m standing behind you staring at you and it would look suspicious.)

But he does turn around. So to keep up the pretense, Bea turns her back on him. (Ha! That is going to confuse anybody who could be watching them.)

Ben: Well, that was close.

Now they stand with their backs to each other.

Bea: You mustn’t put me in such a situation.

Ben: Sorry, but how was I supposed to know that Schmidt-Heisig would walk around the corner in that very moment?(Because she always does?Give her a bell for christmas, will you?)

Bea: That’s exactly the point. We have to expect her anywhere and at all times.

Ben: Except in Berlin.

Bea: But we aren’t in Berlin. We are in Cologne, in the schoolyard.

Ben: Well then, let’s get out of here.

Bea: I haven’t had an opportunity to think about it yet.

Ben: Then don’t think about it. What do you feel like doing? Okay listen. If I don’t hear from you, I’ll pick you up at five this afternoon at your place. I’ll be careful that nobody sees me. Believe me, I won’t risk Schmidt-Heisig finding out and relieving you from the position of vice-principal. This is about the future of the Pestalozzi after all.

Bea: That it is. – Attention. Enemy at the gate.

Yep, Helena is here. (And just when Ben and Bea were looking at each other again. That is not the way to keep this a secret. Quickly turn your backs on each other again, she’ll never suspect a thing.)

Ben: I’ll be at your house at five o’clock.



[Pestalozzi, snack area]


Luzi: Is something the matter?

Mama Beschenko: No! Yes. I…I was just thinking about when you were little…how quickly you’ve grown…and how you are now such a great girl.

Luzi: Mom!

Mama Beschenko: I remember, you were five, you weren’t in school, yet…and you really wanted to have this unicorn, and then you fell in love with this ugly stuffed rabbit that only had one ear…

Luzi: Punky! (Awww, toddler goth girls, gotta love 'em!:-D

Mama Beschenko: Yes, exactly. And tomorrow, you’ll turn eighteen. My little girl has truly become a young woman…whom I am very proud of.



[Pestalozzi, hallway]


Helena: Michael! We haven’t seen each other yet today.

Michael: Now that you mention it, I realize what I have been missing this whole time.

Helena: It’s your own fault. If you were still the vice-principal, we would see each other each morning. We were the perfect team.

Michael: We aren’t anymore.

Helena: It’s alright. I’ve accepted your resignation. Though, it wouldn’t be too late for a resignation from the resignation.

Michael: Helena please. We’ve been over this already.

Helena: I just want the best for the Pestalozzi.

Michael: Of course.

Helena: And that includes the best vice-principal.



[Pestalozzi, snack area]


Mama Beschenko: You haven’t told me yet what you want for your birthday.

Luzi: Well, I already have everything.

Mama Beschenko: Yes, but such an important birthday requires an important gift.

Luzi: Ah yes, but I don’t really want to make a big deal out of my birthday.

Mama Beschenko: Why?

Luzi: Because…this year I’m not really looking forward to being a year older.

Mama Beschenko: Luzi, you’ll be eighteen, not eighty.

Luzi: I know but…until now, I’ve always celebrated every birthday with Timo.

Mama Beschenko: But not this time?

Luzi: Ähm, things between us aren’t going so well at the moment. He still believes that my career is more important to me than…him.

Mama Beschenko: And did you talk to him about it?

Luzi: Of course! Well, I’ve tried. But we fought. He just doesn’t want me to help him or… He wants me to leave him alone.

Mama Beschenko: Just give him some more time.

Luzi: Yes, I will. And that’s why I will celebrate my birthday tomorrow without him.

Mama Beschenko: Things aren’t easy for Timo at the moment but, believe me, it’s all going to work out.



[Pestalozzi, hallway]


Michael: I’m sure that Bea would this position just as well.(No comment, your editor:-)

Helena: Your opinion. I don’t agree.

Michael: I know.

Helena: Besides, there is another candidate.

Michael: Oh yeah?(Oh yeah?Who?Ms.Beschenko?She does hang around school an awful lot..)

Helena: Yes. And if you listen around, Bea would only have an outsider's chance against him.

Michael: Well, then everything is going to fall into place on its own.

Helena: But I would prefer you.

Michael: Helena, please.

Helena: Okay. I admit things didn’t go perfectly with us. And maybe I overwhelmed you a little.

Michael: Yes, and you only have yourself to blame.

Helena: I know. But fortunately these entanglements have been resolved. And as grown-ups it should be possible for us to continue working together reasonably.

Michael: But that’s what we have been doing this whole time, haven’t we?

Helena: Michael, I want you to be vice-principal again.

Michael: Helena…(he shakes his head)

Helena: Think about it. I’m sure you wouldn’t regret it.



[Pestalozzi, class room]


Sophie is a little…tense.

Ronnie: Do you have the money?

Ah, Ronnie is selling “chemistry books” again.

Sophie: Hey. And? Business going well?

Sophie is desperate for her next fix. (Again fine acting by Franciska Friede)

Ronnie: What?

Sophie: Well, you just sold something.

Ronnie: A chemistry book.

Sophie: With dope in it.

Ronnie: Nonsense.

Sophie: Hey, I really need something, the day started out really shitty.

Ronnie: Boy, you’re annoying.

Sophie: I have an English test in a few and a biology quiz tomorrow. I won’t make it without. (But thank god she is not a junkie.)

Ronnie: Hey, relax, will you? Chill out.

Sophie: I had a fight with my mom earlier, over the phone.

Ronnie: So? She’s gone, isn’t she? Or did she cancel your money?

Sophie: No but…

Ronnie: Well, then, everything is easy.

Sophie: Hey, I…I could really use some comfort. I am your girlfriend, aren’t I?

Ronnie: You are really annoying.

Sophie: It doesn’t have to be much.

Ronnie: Forget it.

Sophie: Who else am I supposed to ask? You promised to be there for me.

Ronnie: Okay okay. But be quiet and stop whining.

Sophie: Sure. No problem

Emma and Jenny are entering the classroom.

(Intense looks all around for the rest of this scene. Wow!)

Sophie: So how about it?

Ronnie: Hey. I don’t have anything anymore, after all. Sold everything.

Sophie: You are not serious, are you?

Ronnie: Yes, I am.

Sophie: I don’t believe you. Let’s see.

Sophie tries to frisk his pockets.

Ronnie: Say, are you crazy?!

Sophie: Man, you promised.

Ronnie: Man, I don’t have anything anymore. And that’s that! Okay?

Sophie: Ronnie…

Ronnie: Man, don’t get on my tits.

Sophie: Ronnie…

Ronnie: Say, don’t you get it? Get lost, piss off!



[Pestalozzi, schoolyard]


Timo is on the phone with a doctor.

Timo: Okay, and what exactly should I write down? If I feel anything?

Doctor: Everything that you notice…duration, intensity, every little bit…so that we can get as accurate a picture as possible.

Timo: I don’t get it. The doctor at the hospital said that my injury was irreversible.

Doctor: The dear colleague seems to have made an error, I’d say.

Timo: Okay. And…you think I have a real chance? – You know…that I might be able to walk again some day?

Doctor: Yes, though I’m not able to tell you how good the odds are at the moment.

Timo: Right, okay. I’ll hear from you then?

Doctor: Yes. Good-bye.

Luzi: Hey! I already thought I wouldn’t be seeing you today. Where were you during math?

Timo: Boah, I totally overslept but I have to go to chemistry now. I’ll see you, alright?

Luzi: Tomorrow?

Timo: Toomoorrooow…because…?

Luzi: Nothing. I just thought we could do something together again. Celebrate or something.

Timo: Celebrate? (Timo, the clues she is hitting you with are the size of an elephant!)

Luzi: Yes, because tomorrow is…

Timo: Yeah, tomorrow is…?

Luzi: Ah, nothing. Never mind. Forget it.

Timo: Okay, alright. I have to go to chemistry. I’ll see ya.


[Pestalozzi, teachers’ lounge]

(Which is really the best place to get out your hotel reservations for you and your student. I’m guessing it’s the thrill of knowing Helena could always be anywhere. It spices things up considerably.)


[Pestalozzi, snack area]

Karen Beschenko sees Timo rolling by.


[Pestalozzi, auditorium]

Luzi starts playing the piano


[Pestalozzi, senior corner]

Frau Beschenko: Well, someone didn’t do his homework, hm?

Timo: Hello Frau Beschenko.

Frau Beschenko: Hello Timo, how are you?

Timo: Quite well. I’m rolling through life but I’m starting to finally manage on my own. I’m getting used to it.

Frau Beschenko: But otherwise, everything’s okay?

Timo: Yes, thanks, I’m coping with it. At least, I’m trying, in any case.

Frau Beschenko: I knew you could handle it. If someone can, it would be you.

Timo: And how about you?

Frau Beschenko: Everything’s good. There’s lots of stuff I still have to take care of for tomorrow…for Luzi.

Timo: Mhm, another performance again? Her singing career seems to be quite demanding.

Frau Beschenko: Yes, but I was talking more about her eighteenth birthday.

Timo: Shit! I’m such an idiot.

Frau Beschenko: Didn’t she say anything?

Timo: Noo, although I think she tried to drop hints…but I didn’t get it. Maybe it’s better this way.

Frau Beschenko: Oh, Timo. Luzi’s life has changed a lot but she is still Luzi.



[Pestalozzi, school toilet]

(A location where many great Jemma scenes take place, by the way.

Did you know that those are real toilets and that since the barracks was built in the 1930s, soldiers of the Wehrmacht, Russian army, NVA (GDR army) and Bundeswehr have taken their leaks there for decades? I’ve read somewhere that the smell is supposed to be very authentic still. Ugh!)


Jenny is renewing her lipstick in front of the mirror. (Not kiss-proof, maybe?)

Sophie comes waltzing out of a stall. She’s a little unsteady on her feet.

Jenny: I don’t believe this.

Sophie: What?

Jenny: You just took something, didn’t you?

Sophie: Nonsense.

Jenny: Sophie, don’t fuck with me! I can see it.

Sophie: My god, worry about your own crap! I don’t need a minder.

Jenny: Well, obviously you do. So Ronnie did give you something again, after all.

Sophie: No man, I got it somewhere else.

Jenny: From whom?

Sophie: No idea. Some guy at the station.

Jenny: You don’t know who you are getting your dope from?

Sophie: My god, dope is dope.

Jenny: Man, you are so stupid. Who knows what kind of stuff he gave you?

Sophie: The kind that gets me wicked high.(Deffyyyiiing Graaviiityy..sorry, good translation,weird editor, she does actually say turned on, though,ennuendo,there?)

Jenny: Ach! At least Ronnie finally got it…if he doesn’t give you stuff anymore.

Sophie: Are you telling me that it’s your fault that he doesn’t give me anything anymore?

Jenny’s look. Hooyaa!

Sophie: You’ll regret this.

And Sophie storms out and Emma storms in.

Emma: What happened?

Jenny: Nothing! Sophie just doesn’t get it.

Emma: Jenny?! Is it possible that there is more behind this than just the memory of an old friend?!

Jenny: NO!! I just think it’s totally crappy how that son of a bitch is treating her. He really is the pits.

Emma: She doesn’t have to take it!

Jenny: She is already too far gone to get it!

Emma seems to finally suspect…something and calms down when she realizes Jenny is close to losing it.

Emma: I didn’t mean to upset you. (she hugs Jenny)

(Emma has started working on her own Girlfriend of the Year award, it seems)



[Bea’s apartment]

Bea is packing for the trip to Berlin with Ben. It’s ringing at her door.


Bea:Ah, not yet! I’m not ready yet!

(Bea opens the door)

Michael:Hey. I hope I’m not bothering you. Good. We’ve got to talk.

Bea:What...what is going on?

Michael:It’s uhm...(He sees Beas travelling bag) Are you leaving for a trip?

Bea:Uhm, yes, over the weekend. Nothing special. What happened?

Michael:Bea, I know that Helena wants to keep you from becoming vice-principal.

Bea:That’s not news to me.

Michael:Then you hopefully also know who you’re messing with.

Bea:Uhm, as you know I have got some experiences with Helena.

Michael:Bea, Helena still thinks that there’s still something going on between you and Ben! And she is going to try to prove it.

Bea:Yes, but...

Michael:But I know you didn’t do anything wrong. I know it. I just wanted to warn you.




[At Pestalozzi]


Luzi:(on the phone) Frank hasn’t mentioned anything about it.

Miriam:Yes, this appointment got arranged on very short notice. Actually Jeff Hanson would have had a shoot in L.A. tomorrow..

Luzi:And it got cancelled?

Miriam:No, delayed. And as he’ll still be in Cologne tomorrow...

Luzi:Ah, right.

Miriam:Or is the appointment not convenient for you?

Luzi:Well, actually I was going to do something else tomorrow.

Miriam:This photo shoot is really important, Luzi.

Luzi:Sure. I know.

Miriam:Good. Then, see you tomorrow in the label?

Luzi:Yes, I’ll be there. Bye.



Luzi:Ah, f**k!
Timo:I hope it wasn’t meant personally against me now.

Luzi:Timo, uhm...

Timo:Can you please forgive me once again?


Timo:Because I forgot your birthday and your 18thbirthday at that!

Luzi:Ah gosh, it doesn’t matter, really.

Timo:Yes, it does!

Luzi:No, it’s really no problem!

Timo:Have you planned something already? I mean you only turn 18 once.

(Luzi laughs)

Timo:Well, I would be free the whole day. Hm?

Luzi:Ah, shi.t! I would love to do something with you...

Timo:Aaaand why don’t you just do it then?

Luzi:Because I’ve got a photo shoot. And the appointment just got arranged. And I’ve also agreed to it already.

Timo:I understand. Then obviously you’ll have to do it. Bad timing.

(The bell rings)

Luzi:Uhm. Bye.



[Bea’s apartment]


Bea:Uhm, Helena hasn’t got anything on me. And, uh, it won’t change. I’ll stick to my application (to become vice-principal).


Bea:I don’t like to mess with her but...but the Pestalozzi...it’s important to me.

Michael:Yes, I know. Say, is it possible that you want to get rid of me?

Michael:You seem a bit frantic.

Bea:To be honest: Yes. I...I’m in a rush. And I still have to pack some.

Michael:Well, then why don’t you just tell me?

Bea:I’m in a rush and still need to pick out some clothes.

Michael:As I said, I’m not here to keep you from doing things. Yes. Have a nice weekend! Wherever you will be.

Bea:You, too! Thanks.




[At RaumZeit Records]


Ronnie:Hey, when will my big brother be back?

Secretary:I don’t know. He’s got appointments the whole day and he was also going to go to the police again.

(Sophie arrives//rushes into the room like a very high, very loud, dark tornado..))

Sophie:What kind of a f**king deal is this?!? What is going on between you and Jenny??

Ronnie:HÄ? Are you crazy?

Sophie:You know exactly what I mean! That takes the biscuit!!

Ronnie:Gosh, be quiet!! Now, what do you want?
Sophie:I know exactly why you don’t give me anything (dope) anymore and why you dumped me!

Ronnie:Hello??! I just sent you out to get a breath of fresh air to cool down.

Sophie:Since when have started to let Jenny tell you what to do??

Ronnie:Do I look like I would do that?

Sophie:Why won’t she just leave us alone and mind her own shi.t! She would have enough to do with that!

Ronnie:Now, shut the f**k up! I have no idea what Jenny constantly wants from us. Maybe she’s into your little red curls!

Sophie:That’s bullshi.t! Jenny just can’t accept that other people can handle drugs better than her!

Ronnie:Wait a second. What do you mean ‘than her’?

Sophie:Yes! Jenny was high on drugs!

Ronnie:Really now?

Sophie:Gosh, why else do you think she's in Cologne? Gosh, a new life without drugs...not like in London.

Ronnie:Wow. Jenny is a junkie. Cool!


[Bea’s apartment]


Michael tries to unsuccessfully fire up his bike when he sees Ben arriving with a car. He hides behind a tree. Bea comes out of the house


Bea:I didn’t know that you’ve got your driver’s license back!

Ben:Ahh, it was just five minutes. (they kiss)Are you ready for our little adventure?

Bea:Absolutely! The keys?

Ben:They’re inside.


Ben:Then let’s go!

Bea:Let’s get out of here!