Episode 18

translated by Lied, edited a little bit by hephylax ;-)


[Previously on Hand aufs Herz]


[Pestalozzi Hallway in front of the teacher's offices]

Ben:You're not my teacher. You're the woman I want to be with.

Bea: Ben.

Ben: Don't tell me you didn't feel the same the last time we kissed. I love you.

Bea: Ben. Everything of this...it's madness.

Ben: Well then I'm mad, but how can you..stay so rational!?

(Aw, his puppy dog eyes)

Bea: If you don't watch out, you'll really flunk out of school.

Ben: Sometimes I think that would be the best. (Wow, they really managed to repeat this dialogue for 234 episodes!) Let's pretend I wouldn't be your student anymore, would you be together with me then?


Du-dun. And welcome back everyone to another episode of Hand aufs Herz!


What will she say?!? 'Yes, I'd run away to Australia with you!' Maybe?

Let's find out after the [Intro]


[Pestalozzi Hallway – always a good place to discuss your love life]

Bea:Ben, this..we talked about all of this already. (YES, exactly. But it never gets old.)

Ben:And since then nothing has changed?

Bea: No. Nothing changed. You're my student. I'm you're teacher. Period. (Emma is hotter when saying 'Period' and much more convincing, too.)


Bea: Yes.

Ben:If you really don't feel anything for me, I'm wondering why you're putting all this effort into this - you flirt with Heisig, you try to keep this distance between us. And I'm asking myself why then you are kissing me anyway. But maybe you should be asking yourself that. I know what I want. But you apparently don't.


Ben leaves and Bea is all shaken. I bet now she'll be too late for a STAG meeting.



[Piet's Garage]

The fight of the last episode continues. Why didn't they get a bit of screentime in the 'previously'? Because it's a bit confusing without it. Oh right, it was B&B time.

Piet:I have no idea what's going on here! Since Bea has been back...

Miriam:Bea has nothing to do with this. (Sadly. It would make Bea so much more interesting.)This whole tinkering around you're doing here, it's all just an excuse. If we really wanted to travel, we would have done it long ago. One day it's Lara, then it's the money we don't have and now it's the bus which doesn't get ready. But we are living now. And I’m really fed up with hoping for something to happen which...which will never happen anyway.

(This, I think is another storyline they really did well with. Their split up. It's such a true story.)



[The Bar / Headmaster office]

Krawczyk is feeling tremendously shitty while watching Götting's interview about their school again. Sulk away, madame.(The camera guy seems to have joined my second favorite principal (Helena, I’ll gladly launch a thousand ships so you’ll come back sooner and liven up the boredom that are the Ben/Bea/Michael scenes. I’ll even wear a little bell just for you) for a cup or two from her legendary blue thermos. We end up with an almost 45° angle several times.)




Götting: If you'd allow me to give you the regards of our headmaster, Ms. Krawczyk, first. Unfortunately, she is prevented for some reason again and sends her regrets. But therefore our school shines brightly in the field of sports - under the leadership of Alexandra Lohmann. You saw it yourself, the beach volleyball team is our pride and joy.


Krawczyk: You won't break me, asshole. (*glug-glug-glug*)



[Streets of Cologne – the perfect meeting point for a business meeting]

At a bakery called 'Hofer' Michael bought coffee for his date with Wendtland and puts it on the bar table on the street.


Dr. Wendtland:I'm sorry that you had to wait this long for me, but I was held up.

Michael: Not a problem. I did see you coming.

Dr. Wendtland: You can guess why I meant to talk to you this urgently?

Michael: The television coverage.

Dr. Wendtland: Yes. - Well, I...

Michael: Ms. Krawczyk does not have an alcohol problem. She also does not have a problem leading this school. The only problem she has is a disloyal and presumptuous deputy headmaster. You sent me to this school to check if the accusations were true, but the only person who really deserves disciplinary actions is Götting himself.

Dr. Wendtland:Well, a lot of my colleagues have a different opinion.

Michael:Those colleagues aren't on location, though.

Dr. Wendtland:You know what? The best will be to see it for myself. Maybe this Götting really should be put a stop to. - Oh, and I forwarded your application for a transfer. In two weeks you will be gone.

(Oops, Michael doesn't look happy. Did he want to be jerked around by Bea some more after all? ^^)



[Volleyball court]

What a sight!!! The STAG are on the volleyball field to train with the volleyball girls. Hahaha Oh this will be fun. Just look at the potato sack, not only Emma, but also Luzi is wearing. And all are dressed dark, like this is a funeral. Well, it very well might be. I mean, volleyball field..ring any bells? (Btw, I think I didn't say this for much too long and this is a moment this needs to be said, this scene just calls for it! So here we go. WHERE IS JENNY?....I'm caaalm. 55 Episodes.)


Alexandra:Gather! Because of the game yesterday, we'll take it easy today. We'll start with some stretching. Except for: You! (Luzi)You! (Hotte)You! (Timo)Aaand you! (Emma)(I LOVE HER!!! No, not Emma. I mean, her, too. But Lohmann. Look at her smug content smile!) You will be doing circuit training.

Timo: This isn't fair. We danced yesterday and the others only played totally relaxed a bit of volleyball for the cameras.

Alexandra:Oh, how stupid of me. You're completely right. Everyone who would like to dance, really needs strong legs. (Why does she have to mention legs after I just thought of Jenny?) Timo just volunteered to do 100 burpees. Is there anyone else who feels treated below their capabilities?( Sweet, sweet revenge. <3 )

Luzi: Are you serious? (You really have to ask?! Luzi you're amazing, but apparently dumb as bread. Though it's lovely you want to be the knight for your damsel...or something like that.)

Alexandra: You know the rules. 5 rounds, 6 stations, without a break. Who doesn't follow the rules will get to know how fair I really can be. (Pls Luzi, act up again. I want to see that!)


They start to train [to Outkast’s Call the law] and here we have some of the best seconds of Hahe lol

Station 1: Push ups. (Alex is standing behind them counting with much joy: 1,2, ...6? Then she jumps back to 5...hmm...she counts as she pleases haha)

Station 2: Skipping (Meanwhile the volleyball team stretches like in Stag's Genie in a Bottle choreography)

Station 3: Jumping a bench (Stag starts to get sweaty and out of breath, while the volleyball girls keep doing synchronous stretching with happy smiles. What Alexandra thinks of that? "It's a pity when you don't have enough training." She loves every second, as we all do.)



Noooo!!! We leave them and go to shots of cologne. There were three more stations we wanted, no, needed(!) to see.



[In front of a Supermarket]

Miriam tries to get a cart free so she can use it but fails. Luckily her smooth and much too good looking admirer shows up.


Sebastian: May I help you?

Miriam:Hello. My coin doesn't fit in there.

(Well, don't worry, he got it by putting his own coin in the cart.)

Sebastian: Are you always grocery shopping at this place?

Miriam:Yes. Always.

Sebastian: It's too bad that you didn't have time the other day. At Chulos? We had a casual date.

Miriam: Yes, I was there.

Sebastian: Really? When?

Miriam:In the afternoon. But you already went away with someone.

Sebastian: Oh, yes, right. I had been waiting on you the whole time and then a (girl)friend showed up. (Turn on the green jealous eyes of Miriam)She's flying to New Zealand for a few weeks. Honeymoon. (Oh, honeymoon, not his girlfriend. Oops, assumptions much? Wait..you're married yourself, Miriam!)I’m taking care of her flowers. Yeah, and then we did the whole key exchange thing and...well I though you wouldn't show up anymore.

Miriam:Well, as I said, I was there.

Sebastian: Bad timing.

(Miriam laughs – Oh you're so smitten)

Sebastian:What about a coffee? Now? (Translation: Me. You. Date. - It's not the 'Me. You. Talk/Apology' thing of Jemma guys. Just wanted to make sure you follow along ;) )

Miriam: Hey, actually I just wanted to go shopping. (If the cart in my hands and standing in front of the supermarket didn't give it away yet.)

Sebastian: Oh, come on. A quick one. (hmm, was this a deliberate innuendo?)

Miriam: Okay. Alright.

(All gentlemen like, he puts the cart back, takes the coin back out and gives it to Miriam, their hands lingering when he puts it in her palm.)

Sebastian:For the next time.

Miriam:Thank you.



[On the streets of Cologne]

That 'Hofer' bakery is making some money in this episode. It's Miriam+Sebastian's casual coffee date and he just comes with a coffee in his hands out to rejoin Miriam at their table.


Sebastian: So, I'm standing there, soaked with sweat. She's sitting on the horse, my nose bloody, since I just ran against the stirrup, and all I get out is, (in Austrian accent) 'Well, imagine you would have had a pony, that would have gone terribly wrong.'(literally in German: That would have gone really into the pants)

(He gestures from his nose to his groin when Miriam doesn't get it. Then she does and laughs)

Miriam: No! Oh my god.

(Sebastian covers his face in embarrassment)

Miriam:Did you see her again?

Sebastian:Right the next day I packed my bags and left Austria and ended up here in Cologne. So this was it. The most embarrassing moment of my life.

Miriam:At least it brought you here.

Sebastian:I never saw it like that before. But you're right. Without this accident we wouldn't be standing here.

('We're falling in love' glances are being exchanged)

Sebastian: But now let's talk about you. What was your most embarrassing moment?


Sebastian: Was it that bad?
Miriam: Even more bad than that.

Sebastian: Come on.

(Lara drives by on her bicycle and stops)

Miriam: So I was fourteen and...

Lara: What are you doing here?

Miriam: Lara! (Haha, the way she's saying it like Lara is doing something forbidden...riding home on her bike! ;D ) And what are you doing here?

Lara:I'm coming from school and am on my way home?

Miriam: I was shopping and I ran into Sebastian.

Sebastian: Hello.

Lara: Hello...I guess we'll see each other.

(She drives away. She must have noticed Miriam's obvious 'fuck I'm caught in my not yet cheating activities'.)

Sebastian: Is everything alright?
Miriam: Yes, yes of course. I..I really have to go shopping now though.

Sebastian: Yes, and I have to go to the club. Maybe you'll come around again some time.

Miriam:Thanks for the coffee.


Miriam: See you.



[Pestalozzi Auditorium]

Stag are rehearsing 'Genie in a Bottle' but something seems to be wrong. Emma's twisted with pain faces are the best though. I really felt with her. Also #Hahe still had money to afford three Stag props to dance around.


Bea: Guys! What's up with you? Choreography means dancing! Yesterday it was so great.

Luzi: Yesterday was before today. (Such wise words.)

Timo:Yesterday was payment day.

Emma:Circuit Training. (And she speaks! Finally. Let's swoon a bit.)//Swooning!

Luzi: Six stations, five rounds and no break.

Hotte: While the others could relax, Lohmann made all of the STs regret our performance.

Emma: Yes. And Luzi and Timo also had to do 100 burpees. (Aw, the world is unfair, Emma, I know. Your little, nice, stupid, colorful Emma world got smashed a bit. Come and hop into my pocket now, I'll keep you warm and safe.)

Timo:Yep, gives you strong legs.(Stop talking about legs when THEYaren't there!)

Luzi:I don't even feel mine anymore.

Bea: It's always the same.

(Sweet music starts to play, and now pay attention people. Bea is having one of her moments in which she's doing one of her world known 'we're outsider' speeches which make you go 'Oh, she's so telling the truth here.')

Bea: People think we are freaks. (Save me!)Because we make music. Because we are somehow different. And then...when we have success. I mean, a lot of success. Ongoing success. When we are winning contests and carry an audience. When they put out their lighters and scream for an encore. Then everyone says, 'I always liked them.' (Futre Caro Quote: “The STAG is okay.”)

Yes, to stand on the stage means to put oneself out there. But it doesn't work without it. Because we are, who we are. And who shows that, is getting respect. And that happens faster than you think. (Let's do an honorary Emma chant here for her upcoming respect worthiness.)

Okay, let's call it a day for today.


(I always have the feeling the writers are talking to us in the Bea speeches, explaining the show and the world to us ^^ )


Everyone starts packing. But Luzi has something left to say to her idol.

Luzi:Ms. Vogel? - Thank you.


(Yes, thank you #Hahe writers. Thank you.)



[Vogel Home]

It's lunch time and everyone pokes around in their food while you can here a clock go faintly 'tick-tick-tick-tick-tick' in the background.


Piet:So,Lara, how is it going at school?

Lara: Okay?

Piet: Nice. - And what else? Is there something new?

(She looks weird at him.)

Lara: No. No, nothing. Nothing new.

Piet: Well, maybe you met a nice boy or something.

Lara: Oah, papa!

Piet:What? It could have been possible. - Well, okay, I'll be going again then. I..I'm still getting a supply of mutton.

(Before he goes he touches Lara's shoulder.)
Piet:And help her with clearing the table.

(Lara ponders and I believe she feels tears already brewing inside her, ready to spring from her eyes. Finally she decides to broach the subject and stands up.)

Lara:Mama, what's going on here?

Miriam:What's supposed to be going on?

Lara:Papa is putting his plate away, he said I should help you clearing the table and he even asked how my day was at school!

Miriam:That's rather nice, don't you think?

Lara: I find it rather scary.

(Miriam keeps quiet)

Lara: Did you cheat on papa?

Miriam: What? How did you get this idea?

Lara: Papa really tries and you, you and this barkeeper, you...

Miriam: That's completely nonsense. I told you, we met at the supermarket by chance. Besides, how do you know that Sebastian is a barkeeper?

Lara: I don't know-,...I just do.

Miriam:You are sixteen years old and are not supposed to be hanging around in any bars!

Lara:Yeah, sure, figures.



[Pestalozzi – Foyer Stairs]

Dr. Wendtland wanders into the school to take a look at the situation with Krawczyk himself. Julian spots him and immediately takes him under his wings.


Julian:Mr. Wendtland. Well, if this isn't a surprise.

Wendtland: Mr. Götting.

Julian: May I ask to what do we owe this pleasure?

Wendtland:You know that very well.

Julian: I suppose you are here to take a look at the tarnished health of our headmistress for yourself.

Wendtland:Besides other things. You did point that problem out very distinctively in your tv interview.

Julian: I just don't know for how long we can keep her addiction a secret anymore. So you may understand my appearance as a cry for help. But what really matters to me is the well-being of this school. Does Ms. Krawczyk know about your visit, yet?

Wendtland: I wasn't able to reach her yet.

(Julian nods understanding and then waves Ben over to them, which is a very poor decision on his part. Why give Krawczyk a headstart?)

Julian:Ben, Ben! Come on over. Would you be so kind as to try to find out where Ms. Krawczyk is at the moment? And tell her that Mr. Wendtland from the school authority needs to speak with her immediately.


Julian: I hope he will find her. It's not always that easy.



[Pestalozzi – Teacher's Rooms Hallway]

In front of Ms. Krawczyk's office, one of the greatest props - the traffic light - is turned to red. Ben looks around and slowly pushes the door open anyway, peeking in. He spots Ms. Krawczyk doing some pull-ups on her Wodka bottle, trying to find her way out from under her desk.


Ben:What...what are you doing there?
Krawczyk:What I'm doing here?(pushing herself up to her legs, and arguing by waving the bottle around) I'm the headmistress of this goddamned school. And this is still my office. So get out of here.

Ben checks the hallway once more.

Ben:Ms. Krawczyk

Krawczyk:I said, get out!

Instead he gets in, since he likes to do the opposite of what women tell him. Meanwhile Krawczyk feels pretty shitty and collapses onto her office chair.

Ben: Shit.

Ben preps her for the Wendtland visit by getting her to drink water.

Ben:Okay, okay..this Wendtland could be here any minute.

Krawczyk: There's no sense in this anyway.

Ben:Ms. Krawczyk, please just keep drinking, okay?

(There's a knock at the door.)

Ben:It's red!! Just a moment!

Bea enters and they stand perplexed in front of each other for a bit.

Bea:What are you doing here?

Ben doesn't need to say a word. The scene is self-explanatory.

Bea:Och, Ms. Krawczyk...

Ben:Some guy from the school authority is on his way here. We must hurry.

Bea:Uh, yes!

And now our supposedly super couple gets to be all super hero-y together, working hand in hand and without much words to get Ms. Krawczyk presentable for Wendtland to the sound of 'Closer' by Kings of Leon. And this is the second perfect scene (the one with Stag working out being the first) in this ep which just shows and speaks without much words. It's better than ten pages of dialog. You see the care, the solidarity of B&B and Ms. Krawczyk who is in total wonder of what these two around her are doing (for her) while still being in this state of delirium which we get to experience with her.

So Bea and Ben, the rescuing cavalry, start to put pain meds into her.

Bea:Headache pill.

Clean up the office.

Bea:The bottle.

Get her rehydrated.

Ben:And drink.

Making her look all pretty and decent by putting on make up, brushing her hair and putting her into her blazer.

Ben:Ms. Krawczyk? Okay, let's get her up for a moment. - Real slow.

And at last, getting her breath, to quote Jenny, 'April Fresh' by popping a gum into her mouth.

Ben:Open up your mouth. And chew. Great.



[Pestalozzi – Foyer Stairs]

Julian:And through the private investments the success of our volleyball team is as good as secured for the upcoming year. - And there is the woman who formed this successful team in the first place.

(Alexandra comes down the stairs)

Julian: May I introduce? Alexandra Lohmann. Dr. Wendtland. – Dr. Wendtland is here to get an impression of the situation at our school. I really enthused about our volleyball team in front of him.

(Alexandra is spotting a 1000 Watt smile)

Wendtland:He did.

(After a weird pause, Julian motions for them to head upstairs)


Wendtland:Wasn't this school famous for their glee club once, too? I heard a former student is teaching them now and wants to continue their former success.

Julian:That's an idea of Ms. Krawczyk which only partly finds support from the colleagues. While we are putting our effort in to lead this school into the future, our headmistress would prefer to go back into the past.

Alexandra:But it's not only that. If Ms. Vogel’s club keeps getting overly sponsored, the interests of the other students will keep falling by the wayside.

Wendtland: Is that so?

Alexandra:Her club has not more than a handful of members. In my opinion teachers should be used more reasonable than that.

Julian: Yes, on that point I will have to agree with Ms. Lohmann.

(And there in the background, I think that is that the guy who gave Jemma a hard time in the school yard in 175 when they were holding hands.)

Wendtland:Yes, and about that I'd like to talk with Ms. Krawczyk in person now.

Julian:Of course.


[Pestalozzi – Teacher's rooms Hallway]

Bea comes out of the side door of the headmaster office and walks past the secretary desk where a teacher stands who she informs->


Bea:Ms. Krawczyk is not to be disturbed.


But the devil is already on his way to open the other door of the office. But Bea spots him with Wendlandt in time.


Bea:Mr. Götting!

Julian:Is Ms. Krawczyk in there?

Bea:Um, yes, but she is not to be disturbed.

Julian: Yeah, sure.

(He pushes her away and opens the door)

Ben: STOP, not yet!!! (Why do I feel like these lines and how he leans over Krawczyk there suggests that they are walking in on something entirely else?)

Anyway, we find out, Krawczyk feels hunky-dory and is looking overly well and ready to welcome Wendtland.

Krawczyk:I was on the phone.

She hangs up her phone.

Krawczyk: Klaus.


Krawczyk: It's so nice of you to just come by. - Please, excuse this. (having to have wait)

They kiss each other on the cheek and Wendtland says 'Oh, April Fresh!'. No, he doesn't but the breath test came out positive anyway, the gum did its work and Ben is all 'holds breath'...phew!

Krawczyk: I still had to help a student choose his advanced courses. (Lying Rule #23: Use a minimum of lies, so that you won't get tangled up in them. Especially if you used a different one ten seconds before. - I think she really needs to take the course 'Evil, Lies and Intrigue' by Götting.)

Wendtland: Yes, your students always have been more important to you than I.

Krawczyk: Did Mr. Götting show you around already?

Wendtland: Yes, he was very keen on giving me an impression of your school.

Krawczyk: Thanks, Mr. Götting. Then you can go back to your class again now.

Götting nods, grinding his teeth. Bea desperately tries to hide her smile. So does Ben.

Krawczyk:May I offer you something to drink? (Screwdriver, Touch Down, White Russian, Bloody Mary, Wodka Tonic....Well, anything with Wodka, really.)


Bea and Ben leave the office and watch Götting walk into his office for a cry.


Bea: Phew, this was close. Thanks.

Ben: Just so you know, I didn't do this for you. If Krawczyk gets the chop and Götting takes the tiller, it's easy to imagine what will happen then. (R-E-V-O-L-U-T-I-O-N! - ahem, sry.//YES! But alas, we need Jenny for that. Oh where art thou, Jenny?) Pressure to perform, elite formation, no singing and dancing anymore...Everyone will be in a bad mood because of this boring unity stuff. Who would want to do their Abi at a school like that?

He winks at her – 'Yup, I'll be doing my Abi here. Forget what I said before.'. Bea smiles, is surprised by him once again. Ben does a lol! swing of his hips while he walks away and it's a lil tiny bit like this->

Bea laughs.


'Snow Patrol – Open your Eyes' starts to play and Bea sits on the books aka the Jemma Coming Out Monument and thinks and ponders, coming out to herself.


We're shown some places of Cologne again, letting the thoughts and everything sink in before we go to:


[Vogel Home – Dinner Table]

Bea sits at the dinner table and...

Miriam: You only have to talk to another guy once and your daughter already imputes you to be cheating. I mean sure between Piet and I it's not going that well at the moment....


Ah, no wait! Let's do another flashback first. - Miriam Fade Out, Bea thoughts Fade In.



In front of the school. Ben reaches to touch her neck.

Ben:Between us is more than just a cheap one night stand. At least for me. I love you.


In front of Chulos, they grab and kiss each other.



Miriam Fade In, Bea thoughts Fade Out.


Miriam: And then with a bar keeper, of all people. I mean, honestly? - Hey, say, are you even listening to me?

Bea:Yes, sure.

Miriam:Then what did I just say?

Bea: I'm in love.

Miriam: No. That's exactly what I did not say. (realization and shock sets in)What did you just say?

Bea:I'm in love. … With Ben.



No! What? Oh my god! - And more on that in the next episode of Hand aufs Herz! ;)


But until then. Swing your hips, peeps!