Jemmainternational does Sat.1 Live Chat

Foto: Sat 1
Foto: Sat 1

You want to follow the Live Chat with Lucy and Kasia but don't speak German?

Don't worry, we're here for you and will do live translations.

You want to know how that works? Then read on ...

As you all know on Tuesday at 7pm (CEST), 10am (PDT), 1pm (EDT), 2am (JST) etc. etc. etc. Lucy and Kasia will do a Live Chat on How to join that chat we explained to you here.


While that will go on we will do a Live Translation Chat.


There will be one room in which we translate and post the answers and questions of the chat. Only we will be able to send messages while you, our guests, will only be able to read, so that things won't get out of hand and stay well-arranged.


In another room we want to give you the chance to chat with each other and converse about the happenings of the LiveChat. In that room moderators of our team will be present with whom you can talk with, too.


The names to the chatrooms we will publish tomorrow around 5-6pm (CEST) on the "Home" site of our homepage and from then on there will be someone present from out team.


So much for theory. Which chat we will use and how you get in, we'll explain in a moment. But first, if you are unable to join the chat, since the world is unfair and at the time the chat will take place you'll be at work, in your sweetest dream or most beautiful nightmares, don't fret. We will post the complete chat (answers+questions) here on eventually even on the same day here.

Jemmainternational Chat Instructions

The chat will be free (obviously, but if you want to pay send your money to 769-... kidding) and there will be no registration required.


Where to go?

We will use a chatroom from


This is how the homepage looks and what you must do:

(click on the pics to expand them)

Tip: Click on "Expand" in the upper right corner, so that the window gets bigger.


Once you connect, the room 'Jemmachatroom1' open:


To join another room (you can be in more than one room at the same time) you click on "List Rooms" and type in 'Jemmachatroom2' in the box next to 'Join Room' and afterwards click on join room:


In your right sidebar there will be two rooms you can switch back and forth between now:


So will you join us in the madness tomorrow? We hope everything will work out and we are looking forward to meet up with you.


Your Team Jemma

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  • #1

    Carol2010 (Montag, 06 Juni 2011 23:45)

    Wow, you are all amazing!

  • #2

    susan (Mittwoch, 08 Juni 2011 12:26)

    While waiting for this famous chat, we came up with the idea to meet on this site on this friday at 7 pm German time.
    At least all the HaH fans can chat peacefully in one place ;)

  • #3

    radioclare (Dienstag, 21 Juni 2011 03:58)

    can't wait! I hope I can make this look like I'm working. :p

  • #4

    _kefi (Dienstag, 21 Juni 2011 20:14)

    that was great!!!!TNX!!!!

  • #5

    Cathy (Mittwoch, 22 Juni 2011 01:56)

    I am at the chatroom now and can't wait