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Hello Jemmafriends,

as you all know we asked you to send in postcards to Kasia/Emma congratulating her to her Coming Out and to Lucy/Jenny to congratulate her to her girlfriend. If you don't know that yet then go back and read this awesome Blog by amidola. The explanation where to mail your postcards to you can find in our Post Office.


To encourage you and to give you ideas how those postcards could look like we want to show you what we sent in over the weekend in the following Blog.

Feel free to mail pictures of your postcards to us (jemmaclips[at]gmx[dot]de) or a link throug the contact form and we'll do a round up of all cards at the end of next week.

(Click on the pictures to enlarge them.)

Dear Emma,

Congratulations to your Coming-Out!

Such a brave step - and that in front of the whole school!

You can be proud of yourself.

Lots of love,


Dear Jenny,

1000 thank yous for being so patient with Emma and for serving as the victim of the giant wave!

Everyone needs such a girlfriend like you by their side.

Lots of love,


Text upper card:

Congratulations to breaking the chains once again.

(Original in German)

Dear Kasia,

it's Emma writing to you. Well, sometimes one gets mail from their character :)

Man, I'm sooo happy. So much so that not even that graffiti on my locker can throw me off balance. And that's also the reason for me writing you - to congratulate us both very much to our Coming-Out. I'm not even able to turn this constant smiling off anymore.  Ey, think a few weeks back, I never would have thought of doing something like this. I, I simply would have been too scared. But since Jenny... - oh wow, how embarrassing my heart starts palpitating only thinking about her. Anyway, what I meant to say was, since Jenny is here, everything somhow changed. It's like a complete new world I'm seeing. It's like she opened my eyes and she gives me space to.., yes, to just come out of my shell and be a completely new Emma. And I like this new spirit she inspired in me. And the Coming-Out was like taking one step further, out of our little secret world into the really really big one, no matter what awaits us there. Doing this was definitely so liberating and I mean to thank you for going through this with me since you took on my role since October. I mean, when I think back - driving license, stage fright and that whole back and forth with Jenny, which took much too long, since I didn't even know how to handle myself anymore and anyway I had no perspective let alone the guts to... - oh man, I must have been such a handful for you. I'm so sorry for that. But you always managed to get my feelings across in a completely unique and convincing way and I want to thank you for that. You're great and I really love you. And I'm looking forward to everything that we will live to see together with Jenny from now on. No matter what will come. And I'm trusting you to pass those tests in flying colors as well. So, again, feel embraced by me and I'm really really happy that you're portraying me.


Lots of love,

yours Emma <3 <3 <3


(Original in German)

Dear Lucy,

it's Jenny writing to you. When Emma was high on her feelings from Coming Out (I was barely able to stop her from painting her room in rainbow colors), she had the idea to write you and Kasia a thank-you letter. Since she spotted such a sweet and enthused smile I wasn't able to say no, of course - you know how that is. Also I found the idea good and cute. So here I am writing to you to tell you that you're doing a great job in portraying me. I'm feeling really comfortable with you and also really appreciate that you managed to not let anyone know about what happened back in London. I mean, not everyone has to know about that, not that I would mind what anyone else might think if they knew. Also now we have Emma and Emma is making everything better and brighter anyway. I'm feeling really good being with her and, yeah, I'm completely in love with her and...actually I never would have thought or expected this...after everything that happened. But like I said, I love Emma and when I'm with her I'm always feeling like a completely new me. Everything that happened I can forget when I'm with her. But, you know, then there are these moments in which we are so close to each other and I'm feeling that my past and why I'm in cologne in the first place is standing between us. And then I'm wondering...actually we could entrust her with it, right? I mean, I hope she won't see me in a different light afterward...But I don't really think she will. Will she?


Come on, would you say something to this, too!


Ugh, letters are stupid.  Who does still write letters in the 21st century (beside Emma...)?! You don't get anything back in that moment and that's fucked up if you currently need help! Well, anyway...that wasn't the reason to write to you at all. I didn't mean to cry my eyes out here. This was terrible. Really german. Anyway, what I really wanted to tell you is, Thank you! Thanks that you're playing my role. I'm really really really pleased with you.


Keep up the good work,

Jenny :-*


Ps: Sorry for this cry-story. Actually I'm really happy.

Send your card on a great journey.
Send your card on a great journey.

 You're feeling inspired now? Great!


Go ahead, buy a card, do a drawing, write a text and send it to Kasia or Lucy.

Don't forget to make a picture of it and send it to us.


And if you're like Jenny and think letters are stupid and that the new way to communicate in the 21st century is via the internet than go ahead and check out the virtual flashmob video we're planning to do. Record a video of you dancing, singing, jumping, fainting, wearing something from the Katie Fucking Fitch 2037 Collection or anything else Jemma-related and send it to us. But pay attention that it's not longer than 15seconds.


Oh, and before we forget, just by the way: Yes, we'll do the Live Chat Translation again on Tuesday!


Have a great day,

Your Team Jemma

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  • #1

    Bern (Montag, 20 Juni 2011 03:08)

    I just kept smiling while reading this entry. How could I not? I'm pretty sure Lucy and Kasia would be touched once they get all the cards. Hey, they might even make a video or just shout "Danke!" or give us "a thousand hugs" right? ;)

    But, reading the letter of Jenny to Lucy kind of had my eyebrows knit together. WHY remind me of London? Now I'm really curious as to Jenny's past. Oh no, spare me the drama! Let me bask in the Jemma goodness for a bit longer. Ha.

  • #2

    Wuschdibusch (Montag, 20 Juni 2011 03:27)

    Woooooot!!! Fantastic work! =D I also love your new idea of Emma writing to Kasia and Jenny writing to Lucy, so hammer hilarious hahaha.
    My contribution(s) will follow soon, probably 2-3 days. Weekend was too busy but I already managed to buy some cards & stamps and spread the word to some friends. Now let me just figure out a few funny things to say. The 15 seconds video is still giving me a headache though but I will ... I must! ... succeed. So thanks again for all your hard work and your inspiration, much appreciated.

    P.S. Come out, come out, wherever you are and start writing and sending in pics and videos, you know you want to lol. =)

  • #3

    verwirrt (Donnerstag, 23 Juni 2011)

    Hallo, nur mal so nebenbei eine Frage: Wenn man an Kasia einen Brief schicken will (oder sogar ein kleines Päckchen?), schickt man es doch an die Agentur Hübchen, oder? Mir ist da allerdings aufgefallen, dass auf Kasias FB-Seite unter Infos eine andere Adresse steht als bei euch. Pariserstr. 20 statt Saarbrücker Str. 29, beides in Berlin. Sind die vielleicht umgezogen oder gibts für Autogramme und Fanpost unterschiedliche Adressen? Ich bin jetzt mal eher geneigt, meine Post an die FB-Adresse zu schicken, aber dachte ich frag euch mal, wisst ihr was genaueres? Hilfe. =S
    Summary: I'm just a bit confused which address to use for sending a letter or even a little parcel to Kasia. =(