Goodbye it is,then.

Time to say Goodbye in September
Time to say Goodbye in September

Hi guys,

No pretty pictures, no words and no fancy descriptions can express how I feel today.

It's official. Hand aufs Herz has been canceled.

And with it the world that Jemma lives in ceases to be.

Why oh why do I feel as though something great, something wonderful, something special has been taken from me?


Because it has.


The Pestalozzi school has been a very special place, one where "normal" has become a pun. A place that had managed that feat. Finally. Not to differentiate, not to trip into the trap of cliches, of sensationalism and of featuring "the" lesbian storyline. It has always just been about Jenny and Emma arguing and fighting and falling in love.


Thank you, it has been a  "Wohltat" and a pleasure.




Official statement by Joachim Kosack (SAT1):

We are ending our daily show "Hand aufs Herz" after its first season at the beginning of September.Despite having given viewers plenty of time to find this wonderful show,and working relentlessly,with the whole production team on its format, the ratings have remained far underneath the channel's average.Even the great success,that "Hand aufs Herz" had online, couldn't compensate the difficulties in finding a viewing audience for TV.



Let the people at SAT1 know how much the show has meant to you, and why (they have quite a lot of crappy shows that keep on survining.miraculously and honestly,I don't think they are aware of the social impact,this has had! So what I'm trying to say:Be Nice!;-)

They also have facebook and twitter (@sat1)


Gay flashmob anyone?




Don't forget to say Hi! and thanks to the Hand aufs Herz peeps!



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    LAIN Xatedigo (Montag, 27 Juni 2011 13:56)

    Its the worst new but the life continue. Good luck for all!

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    Andi (Montag, 27 Juni 2011 15:29)

    I can't believe it... the worst news ever... I can hear my heart breaking into pieces...
    altough I sort of understand and sort of not. HAH has a huge internatioal audiance, but online and not on TV, so It's somewhat understandable why the CHANNEL's ratings are so low. But the online viewers don't count?

    I really-really believed that the show is gonna be renewed for a second season, so no words can express how disappointed I am right now... but still they DID a really great job with the show, and I'm very grateful for that and for you guys!!! :)))

    Kisses from Budapest
    Ps.: I want that flashmob sooo bad right now! So we show them how much we care!

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    fofolle (Montag, 27 Juni 2011 15:30)

    I just saw the sad news :( i'm so disappointed!!!!!!

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    Clijsters3 (Montag, 27 Juni 2011 15:31)

    I can't believe it i'm actually in shock right now. Hopefully it will be a happy ending for a lesbian couple for once. Thank you to all your hard work with translations and everything else you've done and I can't wait for the final episodes. Kasia and Lucy and the whole cast look to be really close so I hope they stay friends. I might never see them again as I don't live in Germany and would never have even heard of them if it wasn't for HaH. I'm off for a lie down to let the news sink in, unless of course it's all a joke but i guess it's not.

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    Carol Berry Carol2010 (Montag, 27 Juni 2011 16:38)

    Let's not forget to enjoy together the remaining episodes! There is still lots of Jemma to enjoy! We are all strong.

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    hoppe (Montag, 27 Juni 2011 17:53)

    Amidola: "Why oh why do I feel as though something great, something wonderful, something special has been taken from me?"
    That's exactly how I feel! It was/is something big and beautiful, because it's about love and trying to be true, about being connected all over the world because of this. For me its not only about Jemma, it's about something bigger which is carried through them, but also through the entire show and it's writing and through us. (LOL dunno if through is right word ghere... by?)
    okay, lots of love to everyone!

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    infinity (Montag, 27 Juni 2011 19:30)

    Ist doch Mist...*Bierflasche raushole, um die pure Enttäuschung, Wut und Trauer runterzuspülen* Und ich war heute soweit, dass ich die Jemma-Szenen ins Russische übersetzen wollte, damit auch russische Fans es in ihrer Sprache genießen können. Alles zum Katz jetzt...einfach nur ohne Worte das ganze((( Wer soll denn bitte jetzt noch Sat1 gucken, ist doch völliger Quatsch sonst, was dort gezeigt wird.Schade für alle Fans, Schauspieler und alle, die an der Produktion beteilgit waren und die Serie zu dem gemacht haben, was die ist/war. Die Verantwortlichen von Sat1 soll man in die Wüste schicken für solche schwache Entscheidungen. Echt traurig alles...

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    Helen (Montag, 27 Juni 2011 23:11)

    hOLA.... desde México, un saludo cordial y afectuosos, bueno tendré que decir que estoy decepcionada pero feliz, la verdad no soy fan de loas musicales y mucho menos de una serie que es Glee, PERO SIN EMBARGO HAND AUFS HERZ rebaso mi nivel de gusto, me gustan los personajes y sobre todo JEMMA que son reconocidas a nivel INTERNACIONAL por alguna razón estoy aquí. Espero que en algún momento lo consideren y vean la posibilidad de que siga al aire, para todo hay una solución. Gracias por todo.

    JEMMA POR SIMPRE..... <3

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    Andy (Dienstag, 28 Juni 2011 03:26)

    OMG I don't even know where to start, guess what I want to say is that this is such a bad, painfull news =(
    They're not just taking away a show but such a great story from us... it just what Amidola said in such true emotional words: "I feel as though something great, something wonderful, something special has been taken from me"!!
    I guess what we should do now is just enjoy every Jemma scene from the remaining episodes and get used to the idea of a week without our beautiful Jemma!!!
    Thanks Amidola, Lied and all the crew for your hard work and for loving this story as much a I do!!

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    Bern (Dienstag, 28 Juni 2011 06:08)

    Usually I go to this website in the morning (my time) to get my daily dose of HaH, but today was different... Maybe that held a foreboding I should have paid closer attention to.

    When I opened the site, what greeted me were the words "it's over." At first I thought the season has come to an end but unfortunately, what it meant was the whole show. Just like the majority of fans, I felt extremely saddened by the news. It was like something reached inside my chest and squeezed my heart so tight. Yes, I know that sounds silly, heck, I felt silly having had typed it out! But it's true. As with any other thing that has captivated you, once it ends (no matter if it was foreseen and inevitable), you just can't help but feel bad.

    I have never been a part of a community like this. And as such, part of my feeling sad is the thought of not having to see Ami and Lied fight in chatrooms about who translates what, or Lied's humorous lessons at German, or the fan chats I have participated in.

    Those things have actually caused a genuine smile to appear on my face. Even after several hours have passed following the chats, it still makes me laugh when I think about various comments.

    I know that we've still got barely three months of this show, but it still sucks when all that's in the back of your mind is its imminent end.

    I have to thank everyone who contributed to this - firstly to the jennyandemma group who were the reason I even heard of Hand aufs Herz in the first place! Also to the people here at jemmainternational who picked up the pieces and glued us all back together when we thought it was the end of the world after YouTube removed all Jemma-related videos.

    Oh, and of course to the whole HaH team and Sat1. I still am grateful for them removing the geoblocking from their website. Just sad that it couldn't last longer. (Perhaps they should make HaH a webseries instead? I mean, judging from the online response and international fans, that could be a hit.)

    Everything has been amazing. I hope we all don't become strangers.

    Lots of love from California,

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    killronnie (Dienstag, 28 Juni 2011 08:37)

    oh no! NOW how am I going to learn German?!

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    Mm (Dienstag, 28 Juni 2011 13:49)

    Does anyone know how they're going to end it?

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    Renee St (Dienstag, 28 Juni 2011 14:02)

    When I heard that HaH was being cancelled it left me in despair, and even after a day its still not that much better. I originally became interested because of the Jemma storyline, but now I love it for every storyline. The Jemma storyline touched something in my heart and I'm going to treasure it for a long time. This show has a very special place in my heart and I feel like I'm losing some great friends. But let's enjoy the next two months!

    You guys are still doing translations of the episodes... right?

    Lots of love from Canada! :)

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    Sam (Mittwoch, 29 Juni 2011 01:25)

    What????? It can't be true:(

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    kay (Mittwoch, 29 Juni 2011 14:58)

    ok. there honestly is no easier way to say this: it totally sucks.

    i understand the pain and the anguish most people are feeling, and i also understand how we might think that flooding SAT1's inbox might be a good idea. but honestly, if we REALLY want to start a revolution and save this show, would any of our opinions truly matter to the big bosses losing money over this show? sadly, no.

    i also wish i can say that i understand some of the despair most of you feel, but hey guys, it's really truly NOT OVER YET. there are two months left... two precious months to possibly revolutionize the TV business and possibly save a show we all love. because let's face it: why are they cancelling the show? low viewership. people aren't watching the show for reasons beyond us. maybe they don't like it, maybe they don't know about it, whatever. the point is, NO ONE IS WATCHING THE BEST SHOW ON EARTH ON THEIR BLOODY TV SETS. end of story.

    so what needs to happen in these two months? people in germany need to go watch HAHE on TV. and people in germany need to get the word out to other people in germany to watch HAHE on TV. so hey, seriously: if you happen to live in germany, if you get access to SAT1 on TV, watch HAHE on tv. if you live in germany, tell your friends, tell your cousins, tell your coworkers, tell your grandma, or hey, you can even organize a whole party at your pad, just to watch HAHE together. if you don't live in germany, tell people you know in germany to watch the show. heck, if you're feeling artistic, make some stickers, or buttons, or flyers... anything to let people know to turn on their TV at 6pm. because in this end, all this free shameless advertising done by YOU will be the only way to save the show. there's not much point letting SAT1 know what they already know: they know they've got a great gem on their hands, but unfortunately the rest of germany don't have a clue, and they are what matters most to a broadcasting company.

    and guys? look how far this has gotten in a mere few months. that's just proof that hey, we can do it... or more precisely, we have done it before, and we can do it again.

    it ain't over til it's over right? right.

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    Tintin (Mittwoch, 29 Juni 2011 17:51)

    As the saying goes, all good things must come to an end, we'll keep watching the last few episodes, thank you so much jemmainternational.

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    yanina (Mittwoch, 29 Juni 2011 22:07)

    noooooooo que mal , no es justo !!!!
    estria buenisimo trabajar para que la serie siga al menos por la web ,dado que al estar al otro lado del continente uno mucho no puede colaborar para que la serie continue ,solo resta decir tengan piedad de la gente que la sigue desde otras partes del mudo ,ejemplo ARGENTINA .
    pd: emma es lo mas !!!

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    Eyelesstrees (Donnerstag, 30 Juni 2011 00:50)

    @kay (post #15)

    Well said!!